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Sign up to a 24-Month 200GB $99 SIM Plan, Get $1200 Voucher for an Eligible Mobile Phone @ Vodafone (Tele Sale or in-Store)


Essentially - Get the iPhone 13 (assuming 128gb) for $149 upfront.
That’s with a $1200 voucher when you stay connected on our 24 month SIM Promo Plan.
128GB capacity. Total min cost $2525. T&C apply.
Get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G for $0 upfront.
That’s with $300 off RRP plus a $1200 voucher when you stay connected on our 24 month SIM Promo Plan.

Call 1300 138 902 or instore only.

You’ll get a phone voucher when you sign up to one of the SIM Promo Plans.
Purchase an eligible phone outright when you sign up and get a $1200 voucher with our 24 month $99 SIM Promo Plan

or a $400 voucher with 12 month $89 SIM Promo Plan.

SIM Promo Plans come with 200GB Max Speed data, then infinite data at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps.

Not eligible for Bundle & Save. Early exit fees and T&C apply.

Eligible phones  
iPhone 13 Mini 128GB iPhone 13 Mini 256GB iPhone 13 Mini 512GB
iPhone 13 128GB iPhone 13 256GB iPhone 13 512GB
iPhone 13 Pro 128GB iPhone 13 Pro 256GB iPhone 13 Pro 512GB
iPhone 13 Pro 1TB
iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB
iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB
iPhone 12 64GB iPhone 12 128GB iPhone 12 256GB
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 512GB
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 128GB Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 256GB
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 256GB
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G 128GB Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G 256GB
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 128GB Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GB Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 512GB

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  • +6

    Buying the phone outright and going on boost/circles/kogan/aldi etc will be significantly cheaper than paying $99 a month for 2 years.
    And you aren't locked in to a 2 year contract.

    • -3

      have you got a 200gb per month plan for $50 link handy

      • +7

        If anyone really needed that much data then I suspect the 500gb for $65 with optus would be much more attractive, or the telstra 180 gb for $65. Perhaps you live in an area that has good Vodafone coverage and nothing else, but wherever I have experienced Vodafone it has been awful.

        Plus locked in for two years? No thanks.

        Edit: Vodafone even offers $200gb for $50 lol. Why would anyone even sign up for this.

        • -1

          no $1200 Voucher !
          I am actually on the Optus $65 with a discounted Galaxy from previous offer. but there's no extra sweetener with those deal at the moment, nearest is the JB and Telstra one.

          • +2

            @Sevenofnine: OK so let me confirm here :
            You want to sign up to pay $99 a month for two years. You want to do this because they are offering you $1200 off a phone (not a voucher). This offering comes with no flexibility. If your usage needs change? Too bad. If you can't afford the bill? Too bad. Want to change providers? Too bad.

            For the exact same price, you could pay retail for the phone upfront and then 50$ a month for the same plan, but you're not locked in for two years. You can change as your needs require.

            Or, you could do as others have said and get the phone 15% off with gift cards.

            This. Is. Not. A. Deal. It simply equals what is already available in the market. The $1200 'discount' is marketing, and it's worked so well on you.

            • @bloopzorm9: Agreeing with you…didn’t know they’re offering the $50 fir $200gb as a flexible option. I am looking at the offer from Apple store mentioned by twitch1979…. Better value.

        200gb for $50 p/m. (Unlimited data at upto 10Mbps)

  • +14

    $1349 - $1200 = $149
    $99 x 24 = $2376
    Total: $2525 = $105.21pm over 24m = No Deal

    • where is the value of the iPhone 13 in this ?

      • iphone 13 128GB rrp $1349

        • +1

          Not to mention, you can usually get it below rrp (eg: 15% off via gc)…

        • ($2525 - $1329) / 24 = aprox. $50 ! for an iPhone 13 and 200gb per month

          • @Sevenofnine: lol you're not reading it right,
            iPhone 13 $1349 - $1200 credit = $149
            $99 monthly fee x 24months = $2376
            Total: $2525

            • +1

              @RogueWolf: yes, total cost is $2525 not including the iPhone 13.
              This deal included the iPhone, so you'll need to add the value of the iPhone in your calculation.

              • +1

                @Sevenofnine: Ok I see what you are getting at, if you were to buy the phone outright at full rrp you are getting a 200GB sim for $49pm over 24m, end of the day majority dont need anywhere near 200gb & the phone can be purchased cheaper than rrp with gift cards etc.., & sim plans can go as low as $!0pm depending how much data one needs, if you need 200gb also compare to JB have 200GB sim deals, last one was $69pm & $400 gift card, worked out to $35.60pm

                • @RogueWolf: this is the best large data plan with a new iPhone out there.
                  You neg the deal because this is not what you're after buying, not because this is not the best deal.

                  • @Sevenofnine: its just smart marketing but you're not seeing it, why would I lock myself in for 2yrs when voda already offer 200GB sim for $50pm no lock in & I could buy the phone outright?

                    • -1

                      @RogueWolf: you don't get the 24 warranty for the phone !

                      • @Sevenofnine: iPhone comes standard with 1yr apple warranty & 2nd year consumer warranty, also purchase with certain credit cards & get free screen replacement, accidental damage, lost/stolen, price protection, extended warranty

          • @Sevenofnine: you've miscalculated the cost here mate.

            They've created a $99 plan that isnt even as good as their $50 plan and forcing you to sign up for 24 months and pretending its saving you money.

            Dodgy tactics at best.

            • -2

              @misunderstood98: That's why there is a $1200 Voucher !

              • +1

                @Sevenofnine: Maybe think of it this way:

                1. If you take the $50/month 200gb no contract for the full 24 months it's 24 x $50 = $1200 total.

                2. If you take the $99/month it's $99 x 24 = $2376 total

                Now, if you remove the $50/month $1200, from the $99 month deal or $2376, you get a difference of having to pay an extra $1176 for the $99/month deal. Now left factor the value of the voucher: $1200, you've paid an extra $1176 to receive a $1200 voucher.

                So it's pretty close, for a saving of $24 you're locked into Voda for 2 years and are unable to obtain a cheaper that RRP iPhone from Voda, but you don't have pay up front. Judging by Ozb deals you can easily get $50 off the phone, or even 10% with the various gift card deals, and that sadly make this not a deal.

  • +2

    You can still get $1000 off any iPhone on a Vodafone $69/month plan at apple stores

  • +4

    that's why i love ozbargain. it's really helpful/intuitive for the ppl who are not good at math, like myself.

    So i always follow the votes. Any deal with neg vote but i don't see why means I got tricked.

  • -1

    I think this deal is better

    This deal you are paying over $700 more but only getting $200 extra in voucher.


    In my case, I use the line to work from home, and Telstra is the worse in my area (near Ramsgate park). I don't stream 4K all day so I don't need unlimited NBN. The apple store deal works perfect for me. By not having NBN it basically cancel out the $69 monthly charge.

    This is how the rest of the number works (for me):

    ($2219 upfront + $319 Apple Care) - $1000 Discount - $150 gift card discount - $69*24 (Company pay for phone bill) = $268 ahead

    Add an estimate trade in for $800 in two years time than I have $1k in my pocket and a iPhone 13 pro to use for free for two years…..

    Optus is far superior on network (fastest so far in many area I tested) and that $65 500G sim is a great deal. However they treat customer like dogs. I decided to switch to Vodafone because I know the speed is not great but good enough for me. Also there is no carrier deal with Optus. I think they will have to change soon though now that both Telstra and Vodafone is adopting this model.

  • This is still on, my question is has anyone managed to get $1300 off without having to sign up to those plan for example they allowed you to sing up to another one or maybe you are already on another one

    • That is a solid NO.

      The point of this plain / the Apple store carrier deal is to give you a heavy discount on a handset but lock you into a specific plan which the carrier makes higher margin. Comment from Nalar above is a very good way of illustrating the exact number of these deals.

      In short, if you have work to pay for your plan, this will be great deal (Value wise the Apple store carrier deal is much better). If you are paying the plan yourself and cannot stay away from NBN, then this is no deal.

      • thanks mate, yeah on a $120 vodo plan paying $60 for 500gb and then unlimited 25mbps so feel it is a great deal but speed always seems a bit slow so thinking of changing, this would have made me stay if I could do it

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