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[PC, Epic] Inscryption $23.16 ($8.16 after $15 Coupon) @ Epic Games


First time poster, long time bargainer. Be kind!

Thanks to dealbot for posting the $15 Epic Games coupon.

Currently a discount already on the game, but with coupon it drops to $8.16

A fantastic deal on one of the best games released this year. Polygon named it their #1 game of 2021

EDIT: A lot of the fun is the surprise twists. For maximum bang-for-buck, do not look up narrative spoilers

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  • +4

    Great game, not what you expect. Don't look up spoilers.

    • The demo on steam doesn't even get to the good part.

      For 8 bucks it's worth playing through.

  • +1

    Really want to try this out.. unfortunately I only have my m1 macbook pro and on EG, it says the game only runs on window currently :(

  • +2

    Fun game and really hooks you in (pun intended).
    Not scary at all and keeps surprising you.

    • I hate horror and can confirm no jump scares, but there is a creepiness…

  • brilliant game. absolute bargain.

  • Is this similar to Slay the Spire, but with more puzzles/thought required?

    I'd look up some videos but ENSLAVER says not to ;)

    • +2

      I would not describe this as a rouguelike… think more like Pokemon, however the main mechanic is card game, you build a deck, and have different fights.

      Do not look up narrative spoilers, try out the demo on steam if you like, but there is more than the cabin ;)

      • +1

        Damn I was into this setting until I realised its a card-based game. I'm out

        • Nearly all reviews for this are euphoric so I bought it but…. like you card games don't do anything for me and never have. Putting mental effort into this card goes with that etc is not something I can get enthused about at all. I endured half an hour of painful confusion then requested a refund.

  • +1

    Really enjoyable, super creepy, highly recommend to people who enjoy deckbuilder games, play with a good set of speakers at night.

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