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First Choice Liquor: 25% Upsized Cashback (27% with CR Max, Was 3%, $30 Cap) @ Cashrewards


Stack with $10 off $100 Spend using "TENOFF" :)

Excellent increase from Cashrewards on First Choice Liquor in preparation for the holidays.

27% Cashback for those enrolled in the Cashrewards / ANZ Max program, 25% for everyone else. $30 max cap per member.

As always, enjoy :)

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • +1

    Bloody hell literally just made a purchase this afternoon :')

    • +12

      Buy some more to drown your sorrows.

    • +1

      Why? They literally do cashback weekly

      • +2

        Agreed. I never buy liquor unless there is a cashback deal.

        • +2

          Purchase was for a party I am heading off to…thought I'd do a click and collect so I can pick it up on the way and while still getting little bit of cash back thankfully not a big purchase.

  • +3

    Thanks ..bought two dimples for $90 using TENOFF
    $40 - 700ml
    $60 - 1000ml

  • +1

    Glenlivet 15yo $67.50

  • +1

    The ANZ Max stuff is a crap shoot and works half the time. It's the uncertainty that gets you.

    • really. I have the card linked and have never used it yet…..and completely forgot to use the ANZ card for this deal….just mindlessly used Paypal as usual and then d'oh! smack head. I got the $10 off and bonus 2000 points, but still lol those extra $2….

  • -1

    Anyone received tracking yet from Cashrewards?

    • My purchase last week didn't track on cashrewards and I raised a ticket, hopefully will be sorted out. Nil issues with shopback a few days later, almost tracked immidiatly. Yes, I did all the right steps.

    • +1

      Purchased 30mins ago and no tracking yet

      • Please see my comment here. Thanks.

        • To others, my tracking came through 10.34am, so looks like progressively fixing like tightarse has mentioned.

    • I haven’t. Did u get it .?

  • Thanks OP, I’m really glad I didn’t place the order yesterday!

  • Great deal. Thanks. We're away until the end of the month. Its probably not practical to get it delivered to us on holiday as we're moving around and there are no stores from which to pick up nearby. Has anybody tried arranging for First Choice to keep an order past the one-week (appx) period for click and collect (after which they cancel and return the order) ?

    • +1

      Yes. Just call and let them know

  • +11

    Guys, there’s a sales reporting delay with the affiliate network responsible for First Choice Liquor (Rakuten Linkshare). A ticket has been logged with them already. It won’t affect your purchase, but we’re unsure yet when sales will start reporting through. Will keep you posted :)

    • Thanks TA!

    • +1

      Will the tenoff coupon affect the cashback?

      • +2

        Still valid, if you click on the link its a discount code on the cashrewards list

      • TENOFF is listed on CR as a valid promo code. Should be no issue

    • +2

      Working @4am, you deserve a pay rise arse!!!

    • +5

      For transparency, a technical update: Affiliate network Rakuten (Linkshare) has confirmed an intermittent issue with their API endpoint that's throwing 504 errors. This issue also impacts sales reporting for other stores such as Chemist Warehouse, Cotton On, Liquorland, Petbarn etc, and affecting other rewards partners worldwide (apparently). The reporting delay could be ongoing through the weekend, so we kindly ask you to be patient. I hate tech issues more than you know, and hopefully they'll resolve quickly. Please accept my/our apologies for the inconvenience. Have a wonderful weekend :)

      Edit: most transactions made up to and including 7:30am AEDT have just reported through.

      • I got notified about 45 minutes ago that my transaction has been tracked. TA thanks for your tireless work … hope you get some sleep soon mate!!

      • Thanks for the followup TA.

        Can confirm the delay was about 6 hours for myself. Transaction was made about 8 1/2 hours ago.

  • We are away for 10 days, how long can first choice liquor hold the C&C for us?

    • 7 days at most retailers

    • from their order page >> "First Choice will store your purchases for 5 business days for you to collect before it is returned to stock and your credit card refunded the purchase price. Ensure you collect your orders in time. "

    • Just get it delivered, even if you choose express it will take alot more than 10 days.

      • If you choose to click and collect then you can just abandon it if the cashback doesn't track. How do you return a delivered order if cashback doesn't track?

    • +2

      you can ring customer service for online orders and tell them what is going on and they will put in a note and notify the store when you will be in, that way it won't be cancelled.

  • +4

    My Liver says enough is enough. I just there just yesterday getting the Pepperjack Shiraz on special. Would have been a steal with the 25% off and TENOFF

  • +11

    25% cash back
    $10 off $100 spend (first choice)
    $10 off $100 spend (AMEX)
    2000 Flybuys points ($10) with $50 spend @ first choice


    check your accounts people!!

    On a $100 spend that is $52.70 cashback

    • Big thanks for this. I was gonna hold fire givem that I’ve placed 3 orders previously within the last month but this deal was hard to pass, even if I have drinks ready for the New Year!

    • Amex deal?

      • I got the Flybuys deal but not Amex

      • Yes you need to save the offer in amex before paying with your Amex card on checkout

        • Maybe an old one I have already used.

    • Unfortunately I couldn't get the TENOFF code to work with my AMEX, I had to use PayPal to get the code to work. Even though my PayPal is linked to AMEX, not sure that will qualify for the $10 off $100 spend AMEX deal but here's hoping!

      • It won't, has to be direct.

    • No AMEX deal, but I have a deal for 10pts per dollar spend on my AMEX.
      No idea what 900 amex pts are worth.

    • That FlyBuy deal is Targeted or for everyone ???

  • Add on Tenoff ends Sunday

  • The promo code you used is no longer valid and has been removed. Please review your cart and retry your transaction….

    Anyone else having problems using TENOFF?

    • +1

      Worked for me just ordered ten minutes ago

    • Did u make $100 ? That’s minimum spend.

      • 🙄

  • +1

    This should also stack with Flybuys 2000 points with $100 spend promo? I'm awaiting tracking confirmation if it does.
    $10 off + 2000 Flybuys (=$10) + 27% cashback (using ANZ card) = not bad

    • Flybuys and CR are independent so it should stack

    • +1

      it tells you when you make the order that you have received 2000 flybuys points (banner at the bottom of sales page)

  • +3

    Cashback $30 cap is at $132 purchase inc GST. Discount inc GST is 22.73%.

  • -1

    bloody hell, made sure I had the money in ANZ, then promptly forgot to use ANZ to pay lol. So used to using paypal, just habit. as soon as I paid it was a D'oh moment….oh well, at least I have bonus 2000 flybuys and the $10 off as well

  • Can someone please confirm TENOFF is working for them? Trying to spend $115 - $10 and the transaction fails because TENOFF is no longer valid…..

    • +1

      Working for me OK.

    • TENOFF not working for me trying for $132 pickup/delivery

    • worked for me fine $134 pickup

    • same but then used paypal and it worked

  • tenoff working for me on $107 & $113.

    • Can I ask what you bought please? Im trying with 2 bottles of scotch and using AMEX

      • +1

        Two slabs of beer and some red wine. $110.50 -> $100.50 (just enough for my 2,000 FB pts offer.)

        I just tried two random bottles of scotch and tenoff worked for me in Vic.

        • Yeah but once you go through with the transaction it just fails. RIP.

          • @Repstar: I used paypal with my Diners and the price stayed discounted.

            • @BBF: I bought 3 tequilas, used tenoff code and paid with Amex. No problem for me

  • TENOFF worked on $120 so paid $110. Hopefully the 27% CB tracks, paid using linked ANZ card…

    ~$40 each for 700ml GG vodka is good value.


    • Literally did the identical order haha

      Tracked fine

  • TENOFF didnt work for me initially as i bought two cases of beers plus one white wine for $110. However, i removed the white wine and the coupon applied and then I just add back my white wine and comes back to $110, the coupon still applied and paid with ANZ card total $100.

    Maybe apply the coupon first before you add stuff to your cart

    • that's weird

  • 6x st hallet faith shiraz
    6 X the ned sauv blanc

    Came in 135.5

    Shade over the 30$ limit, but ill take the hit

    Cheers OP

  • TENOFF not working for WA pickup

    'The promo code you used is no longer valid and has been removed. Please review your cart and retry your transaction (ref# 61175429)'

    • +1

      It’s working for me, few seconds ago for pick up I’m in WA

      • Weird, I tried both a $110 and a $134 purchase and no luck. Will try again later today.

        • Yep. Exact same problem. I called them and they said we would just refund your order $10. Didn’t go through with it as doing that would probably invalidate the cashback anyway.

  • Weird, it Showed 1500 fb points as well for double black

    • I got it too plus a targeted bonus on flybuys account for 2 k points.
      Works out to be $25 per bottle after all cash backs for me.

  • +1

    Anyone had order tracked yet?

    • Mine has not tracked yet, almost 2 hours since the purchase

      • Please see my two comments in the post explaining the delays. Thanks.

        • Got it it took eight hours but all good now

          • @Dsp: Thanks for confirming. Yep, one huge batch reported just after 10am, and now the next one reported at 5pm. Far cry from the regular instant tracking, but hopefully will all get sorted across the next few days.

            • @tightarse: if i already have a pending cashback from purchase but the transaction is being refunded. Can i make a second order and will this track?

            • @tightarse: Had my first ever weird tracking. Bought $114 of stuff, but tracked at $80?? (ANZ Max as well if it helps). Don't intend to pick up until Christmas Eve, so plenty of time. I'll leave it for 3 days, then lodge if needed.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of transactions?

  • Want to pay with Flypay (bonus 4000 points) but getting 'network error'. Anyone else?

    • +1

      Its buggy as (called flypay as its shit). I just bought a james squire 6 pack for $9.60 from coles / $12 liquorland using flypay to get the 4k points out the way…which i will no doubt need to call up to get.

  • Anyone else have an order track at the wrong price? Tracked within a couple of hours but came through as $0.10 cash back after I spent close to $100

    • Mine finally tracked from 10:15.
      Value only off by a few cents for just over $100. Probably gst rounding stuff. Maybe lost 2c CR.

  • Nice! Thanks! Just picked up 2 bottles of Four Pillars Gin for $48 each! (2 bottles = $126 after TENOFF code - then just got confirmation of the $30 cashback )

  • sweet. also just got a flybuys offer- spend $50 get 2000 points

  • Thanks. Ordered a Gentleman Jack 1L for pick-up. Seems to be a decent price. Waiting for CR to track before picking up.

  • Unfortunately I can't get it to work with my AMEX, so I can't take advantage of the bonus pts.

    The promo code you used is no longer valid and has been removed. Please review your cart and retry your transaction (ref# 61181871)

    • I think they are blocking AMEX because of the AMEX spend $100 save $10 offer. Such dodgy practice.

        • +4

          This is OzBargain mate. Stacking discounts is what we do here. Drop your membership card off at the door thanks.

          • @Repstar: Exactly, and in the past AMEX is separate!

          • @Repstar: Indeed but blocking Double stacking I do not see as being "Dodgy" as they are giving you the $10 without having to use your Amex (life is easier).
            Perhaps speak to Amex if it is their offer and grab the $10 from them?

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