This was posted 5 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Oral-B Variety Replacement Brush Heads 4 Pack $14.99 ($13.49 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


I was looking for Cross action replacement brush and found these deals. If someone finds cheaper Cross action brush heads please let me know in the comments.

Oral-B Cross Action Replacement Electric Toothbrush Heads Refills, 4 Pack - $19.49 ($17.54 S&S)

The main deal for 4 packs for $13.49 was posted previously.

Other deals with Oral B Toothbrush Heads

Oral-B Sensitive Replacement Electric Toothbrush Heads Refills, 2 Pack - $8.25 ($7.43 S&S)

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Precision Clean Replacement Brush Heads, 10 Count - $36.95 ($33.26 S&S)

Oral-B Precision Clean Replacement Electric Toothbrush Heads Refills, 6 Pack - $23.99 ($21.59 S&S)

Oral-B Precision Clean Replacement Brush Heads 3 Pack - $12.50 ($11.25 S&S)

Oral-B EB20-2 Precision Clean 2Pk, 2 count - $8.39 ($7.55 S&S)

Refer to this link if you are unsure which toothbrush head is good for you. Thanks to User @NoiceMemes.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Hey Op, a month ago Costco had 16 heads replacement for $49.

    • -4

      Thanks mate, I was unsure to pull the trigger based on the comment which says its made in china, hence uncertain about the quality.

      • +2

        is this even relevant these days given there are still many quality stuff being made in China?

      • Well, I am not one to check where things are from (guilty as charged), but I bought the costco pack and I have no complaints.

  • +3

    Do the different heads really matter

    • hmm…

    • I found the cross action works best for me compared to the precision clean ones which tended to not really get between my teeth but I guess all that depends on your technique.

    • The current evidence in the literature have suggested that Oral-B powered brushes (oscillating-rotating motions) are the most effective for plaque removal. Furthermore, it also appears that the Cross-Action head is the superior of the different heads at plaque removal that are commercially available.

      • +2

        Yes, but always get a sensitive brush. Brush longer and your gums will thank you in 20 years.

      • +1

        "..No matter how good you are with a toothbrush, dental floss is the only way to remove plaque between your teeth and keep tartar out of these hard-to-reach areas…"

    • That's what she said

  • The last lot i got from Chemist Warehouse, 2 of the 4 pack failed after a few days. Never had a failure in over 20 years.

    Apart from some KOGAN ones i got, they all failed within 2 uses.

    • +2

      Failed? Like how? I thought they are pretty simple mechanical devices and I never had any problems with them before.

      • +1

        I bought a bottle of water the other day and it failed.

        • +1

          "This water is making me thirsty!"

      • The brush head stops rotating/oscilating.

        I may have kept it as i was going to complain. If i have, I'll post a video.

    • How do the brush heads fail in two days? The after market ones obviously don't last as long but that's matter of bristle quality… I'm not sure how it can fail in two days?…fail means they stop working.. They get stuck or what?

  • Floss action is where its at. What is your fave?

    • Cross action for plaque removal…I use pickster thingies for flossing…

  • +1

    Ordered. Thanks op.
    I'm new to the electric toothbrush game and was looking for a variety pack to decide which head suits me best.

  • +1

    Thanks. Bought 2x 4pk Floss Action and a 2pk Sensitive Clean. My dentist said I scrub my teeth a lot (you're suppose to be gentle) and use harder brushheads so trying Sensitive Clean. Floss Action worked like a beauty in the past.

    Thanks to regular Ozb deals, my sister and I now have 2 years worth of brushheads.

  • I buy cheapie (generic) 10 packs from ebay for $10- and they seem to work fine…..maybe I am missing something!

    • They may be better now.

      When I used to do it years ago, and buy the China cheapies, the oscillating part would sperate slightly from the main plastic bit after a while and catch the sides of my cheek, pinching and sometimes ripping small chunks from my cheeks and tongue.

      And because I don't need the insides of my mouth epilady'd I went back to original, too scared to go back.

      • +1

        Like any super cheapie, I probably just got lucky! I could order them again and they may be rubbish.

  • I only use cross action that came with the toothbrush, but sometimes it makes my gum bleeds. Any recommendation? Cheers!

    • +1

      Try the Gum Care model?


  • Not related to this deal, but I noted at Coles the other day that Oral-B has a free toothbrush (base, like the electric part) which "is not for resale" but free if you buy it with a 6 pack of toothbrush heads. Has this been talked about on OzBargain?

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