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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 $500 off + $500 Trade-in Bonus - 128GB $499, 256GB $599 @ Samsung


Thanks to Tohnio same as this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670276

Samsung Z Flip3
128GB (RRP $1499) - $999
256GB (RRP $1599) - $1099

Trade-in bonus information

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  • -1

    Bonus Samsung care

  • +8

    Great price but battery life 🤔

    • -9

      Who wants a big heavy and thick phone.

      It has wireless charging btw

      My Flip 3 never drops below 70%

  • +1

    Only if you have something to trade

    • +61

      Ill trade my gf for this! She cant flip

      • +32

        but can she bend?

      • -4

        How much is samsung offering. Ill double it

        • that means no discount

        • +3

          You will regret. Her maintenance is triple of this price, each week

    • +4

      is there a list of acceptable tradein Phones ?

  • +1

    what happens if not sending the old phone?

    • Read the previous threads

    • +13

      Here we ask again

    • They just add the value of the agreed trade-in to your credit card.

      So, you get the trade-in bonus and keep your old phone.

    • +1

      I didn't send one before when buying s21 ultra and they charged me only the trade-in value, the bonus stayed. But some people recently pointed out that wording of the terms changed and it suggests that the bonus might be charged this time. I was still not charged anything for my flip purchase from ~3 weeks ago (for not sending the phone) so I can't confirm what happens.

      • +3

        I did the Fold 3 deal a few weeks/month ago, so far I've only been charge the trade-in phone cost from Ausurion, no other changes on bonuses/vouchers. AFAIK its with the most recent T&C's

        • Did they notify you before charging you?

          • +1

            @edrift: A bunch of emails warning about the charge (and how much they'll charge) but that was about it. Nothing in the email about the admin fee / vouchers etc.

        • Did they send you anything with the phone like a return mailbag? We did not get one from the last flip 3 day a couple of weeks or so ago.

          • @cykezero: Nah, I got sent an auspost label to print out via email.

            • @lookaneagle: Ah ok, I assume it's return postage paid?

              • @cykezero: Yeah its paid, i think the post office provides the packaging if i remember correctly (i did a trade-up a year ago)

                • @lookaneagle: Maybe they were better then. No email and neither Samsung not Ausrion are willing to take responsibility for sending one out

                  • @cykezero: Even better, I think some people have slipped through the radar and never got charged/requested their phone back, maybe check past posts on the other deals. I think I got my email as soon as Startrack delivered it, titled "xxx, time to return your device".

                    • @lookaneagle: Yeah I haven't read that yet but then again there are a lot of posts to read!
                      I suppose if we haven't been charged and it's been 2 weeks we might be in the clear.

      • Nah. They are charging the trade in amount and the admin fee of $60 or $70. Not the bonus. You get the bonus.

        • You sure ?

          • -2

            @ubcool: Nah the king is confused no 60 anywhere

      • +1

        yes, I found the current wording is:
        "If you do not to return your device in 7 days , you will be automatically charged the value of the trade-in credit plus a $60 (AUD) administration fee. Samsung may also charge you for any additional bonus credit which was applied to your order."
        Wondering if you were charged by that $60 admin fee?

        • Thanks sanrs.

        • @sanrs where did you see this sentence? I couldn't find it in samsung's terms and conditions

    • +8

      just got my last warning from samsung:

      "Please ensure you return your device within the next 48 hours, otherwise you will be charged a non-return fee of $10 to your nominated credit card."

      I am keeping my iphone 7 and parting with $10

    • In my case I never received any instructions on how to send the old phone in, and it's been over a week now. I guess I've slipped through the cracks somehow.

      Based off previous threads though you get charged the value of the trade-in and maybe some admin-fee of $60. There is a warning on the website that says you may get charged the trade-in bonus but I don't think anyone's been hit by that yet.

  • +1

    Some are still waiting deliver and they are selling again.. hmm….

  • +2

    The $ symbol goes before the numbers, OP

    • +2


    • 50 dollar or 50 cent?

  • remind that no more vouchers can be applied this time,tried but not work

    • +1

      Did you try to add something to your cart before applying the voucher? I had to last time

    • Not even the $50 signup voucher?

      • +1

        Should work if you add something else like a cable or case.

    • +1

      EDS code doesn't stack, it kills the trade in credit

  • Guess my birthday is today 😁

  • +1

    Using mine now from the last deal. Just set it up so can't comment on battery life.

    • Im sure it is as hot as pie!

      • +1

        Not as tasty though

  • Installed the Samsung Trade-Up with the Pixel 3 and got "We're sorry but your device is ineligible for the Samsung Trade-up program"

    • Needs to be an XL
      Your device:GOOGLE PIXEL 3 XL 128GBTrade in estimate*$25
      *Estimate based on your meeting the conditions on the right. To finalise your trade-in download the app.

  • Anyone know if this is a good upgrade from the note 10+? I've seen the specs and feel it's pretty similar but wanna get other opinions too

    • Does the omission of the microsd card slot matter to you?

      • +1

        🥲 probably not

        • +1

          I was on the same predicament at the last jbhifi deal - was comparing both the flip and the pixel 6 pro since my note10+s battery was going cactus and just used it as an excuse to change.

          Between the Flip and the Note10+, found they were pretty much similar - i.e. screen estate, the camera, the quality of the screen - but obviously you lose the stylus and microsd card.

          bonus points for having a proper snapdragon processor rather then the exynos (assuming you got the AU version). Sure the note 10+'s exynos was fine for day-to-day use but it definitely struggled with genshin impact.

          perhaps head down to jbhifi/sansung kiosk/mobile phone shop to play around with it to see if it suits your needs?

          In the end - i got a pixel 6 pro. i personally couldnt get over the screen crease, but i do love that flip form factor…

          • +1

            @l4nn13: Relevant story! I too play genshin impact. I got the AU version sadly. Thanks for sharing, don't think I'll get it cause I do enjoy my super fast 45w charging.

            Let's see what deals we get with the S22 👀

  • +1

    brah, same shit. "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment". Selected Online and used incognito mode.

    • Same here!

      • +1

        got a reply from chat, said has to be credit card. even though it validated, it won't go through if is not a credit card….

        • I used a visa debit card from the last deal with no issues.

          • @Tohnio: Yep can confirm is the issue with imei. The support doesn't know.

      • +1

        Happened to me after using imei that was already used before, try a new one.

    • +1

      Won't work if you have used that phone for trade in before.

  • So lowest you can pay is 499 for 128gb? Even if trade in device is worth say $400

    • +2

      That's the maximum you'll pay, if your device is $400, you'll pay $99.

    • +2

      No, in that case you only pay $99.

    • +1

      No if your device is worth say $100 you will get that plus $500 bonus credit making it $600 trade in all up
      phone $999
      minus bonus credit $500
      minus Trade value $100
      You pay $399

      • My device is worth $695, I have to pay $404.

    • Thanks all

  • +1

    Got this from the last deal - love the phone and the battery has been good so far

    • Ive got it and the battery seems about the same as my 3 year old Note 9. But at this price it certainly isn't a deal breaker and I was already used to leaving phone on charge at work/home.

      • hows the camera compared to the note 9?

        • +1

          From a layman pov, there was a noticeable improvement in camera from note 9

    • +1

      just curious, how long does the battery lasts? its only 3300 mah

      • I have over a day on general usage. As always i turn off most app notifications, turn down screen brightness. General usage includes calls, texts, internet browsing and music through Amazon

  • +4

    I received mine from last deal and really like it. It is so much lighter than my pixel 6 pro. It is also more friendly for one hand use. The battery life is not that great but it isn't a big issue for me.

    • I didn't find the battery on Pixel 6 pro that good either. I fee like charging with Samsung 45W charger takes longer (close to 2 hours to full) than 18W Pixel charger (23W is Max apparently which is too slow for 2021/2022)

      • Totally agree with you on the pixel 6 battery and charging time. Google cheaped out this gen and the hardware is really under par. I really missed the days when Huawei was competing for the high end market.

  • +2

    These will drop in value quicker than we expected

  • +1

    I don't get the bonus $500 credit applied at checkout.
    Only the trade in credit for the phone.

    • +1

      Did you put in any other code? take them out you should see the 500 credit.

      • +1

        No other codes.
        Only the Trade In code.

    • Same here

      • Same, when I will trade in my s21+, can't get bouns $500 off..

    • It happened to me in the last sale. Keep trying or else try a different browser or laptop. It will work

  • +3

    Got my phone last week and the external display already has a scratch on it and I've been VERY careful with the phone. Gorilla Glass Victus is rubbish. Anyone got a screen protector for the external display they can recommend?

    Oh, and coming from a S10 with a 3400mah battery I'm actually pretty happy with the Z Flip3 battery life so far. Expected it to be rubbish.

  • They've offered me $695 on my S21Ultra, so I should get the $500 trade-in bonus, but they want $404 from me today.

    So, if I don't send my phone, they will charge my card the $695, and I end up paying $1099?

    What happened to the trade-in bonus?

    • That doesn't sound right. The starting price is $499 with as long as you have trade-in activated (any phone). Not sure what happens when your phone value is higher than the remaining value….

      • That's what I was thinking too; what if they actually owe me money!

        • I would just ask the support to confirm.

          • @kekw: I am trying my best. Was 16th in the queue, and it booted me when I got to #1.

      • Starting price for me is $999.
        The $500 bonus is not applied.
        The S21 Ultra 5G gave me a $510 trade in bonus. So they applied that to $999 -$510

        • What happens if you add something extra to cart so that the value > $0?

  • Getting: Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

    • Issue with code. delete app, restart phone, re-install and try again. I had to do few times, mostly it happens when same IMEI is used too..

  • Now, where to get a case for it that are not $60? Any recommendation is appreciated.

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