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[WA] GLAD to be GREEN 120 Resealable Snack Bags (50% Plant-Based) $0.97 In-Store @ Costco Perth (Membership Required)


Saw this in store today. No idea what the regular price was but I'm certain it is a deal because a regular (non-plant based) ones cost two dollars on sale I think for a 60ct box.

I don't normally go out of my way to buy environmental friendly stuff but there is no excuse not to buy these (except if you have no use for them) because it's kind to the wallet and enviroment. Mainly the wallet.

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  • 120 carat bags! Who could resist!

    • I'm sure it means "counts". It's too much work for Americans to remember pieces, rolls, sticks, etc.

      • Little bit of casual racism against our American friends.

        • truth is truth not racism 🙂

  • Is this available in VIC Costco?

  • +1

    Aren't all plastic plant based since they are made from petroleum/oil, which in turn are pre-historic plants?

  • Same price in Costco casula

  • Same price in Adelaide.

  • Proce changes after 21st?

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