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CyberPower 8 Outlet + 2 USB Surge Protector $29 + $9.90 Delivery ($0 SYD C&C) @ PCByte


Not the cheapest this year but under the $30 mark to warrant a post.
$29.00 pick up in store Auburn NSW, not sure how much delivery is.

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    Cheaper at centercom

  • I need a surge protector to protect my pool equipment circuits (pump, chlorinator etc), Would this be suitable?

    • Probably a good idea. My chlorinator died last week and pretty darn expensive to replace.

      • Unsure if this is up to the task in terms of kilojules.

  • Thank you OP. Will check tomolo

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    Wondering what happened to those surge protectors with like ‘up to $10000 warranty if they don’t work’ type deals.

    Are the pt still a thing

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    I have one of these and things would crackle when I plugged them in or pulled them out, and the indoor antenna would zap me when I touched it. Looking at how well these rate I imagine I just got a dud.

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      Just had a few CyberPower items fail test&tag last week. Improper earthing.

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      Yeah mine do the same.

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      I have two and both crackle too - am a bit concerned

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      That's because these are cheap shit and nobody should use them!

      Seriously.. Stop using it. Then open it up and post the pics of the internals. I no longer have one to do so myself. Then maybe these ozb posts would stop!

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    Waiting for Amazon to price match

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    3 for $75 + shipping from shopping express. Also might be able to do price beat from office works.

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    For those in Brisbane.

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    For those with eBay Plus, it's $32 delivered here with the code PLUSEOY if you've yet to use it.

    • Argh! So, PLUSEOY can only be used once like the AFTERPAY10 code?

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        Yep, once per Plus account.

        There's a few other listings which have it for around $34 though with PLUSDEC5.

    • Thanks for sharing. Bought via your eBay link.

    • Thanks bought two for $57.60!

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    not sure if i need this or not, but seems like a lot of people need it, so i need it.
    thank you, in for 1.

  • Thanks. Just ordered one from Scorptec (click and collect from macquarie park was easier for me) :)

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    The comments above regarding crackling and piping noises are not very reassuring. I would prefer to spend a little more and buy something like this which has a $50,000 connected devices warranty:


    Saving money is great but so is reliability and having a guarantee.

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      Still no individual switches for each plug. What is this this? Year 2000? We are 21+ years behind

      All the crap design and cheap models come to Australia

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        Still no individual switches for each plug. What is this this? Year 2000? We are 21+ years behind

        I like power boards with the individual switches too but I'd say the overall trend is laziness + leave-everything-on-cos-it's-"smart", means it matters even less for people.

        Some things are better in the past anyway, like flagship phones with headphone jacks, external memory and replaceable batteries :P

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          Yeah that’s right. This trend is not good at all.I know there are smart power boards these days but still individual switches are so much better

    • thanks missed those posts above

    • Not sure if this would be much better when that is rated for 900 Joules of surge protection for while this board is rated for 2750

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        Have had 2 Belkin ones for several years now. No cracking or popping, buzzing or humming.

        Pretty nicely made units to be honest.

        USB ports are still trash though lol.

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      The ebay link shows the cyberpopwer has a $50,000 warranty too…..just saying: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/NeQAAOSwTF1dXNjq/s-l1600.jpg

      • Probably many T&C you won't be able to claim it

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          Possibly, but I kinda thought that would apply to most companies tho…..

    • Saving money is great but so is reliability and having a guarantee.

      The surge protection (joules) rating of the CyberPower model is way higher than the Belkin. Unless they are lying through their teeth?

    • I've got two of these that are fine without Poppin or crackling. You've got to ask how many happy customers with them that don't leave comments (applies to everything).

      I think the box has X amount equipment covered, no idea if applicable in Aus or who underwrites it, or if anyone has ever tried claiming on these.

  • Amazon $33

  • I want to know still where to buy one with surge protection plus individual switching, power board.

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    Seem like average price.

  • This is cheaper with surge protection n 4 usbs


    Combine with $15 off lattitude promo for $60 purchase

    • The Sansai only has 4 outlets and 375J surge protection, compared to the 8 outlet CyberPower with 2750J protection.

      • Good point! Any minimum J we need? Thanks

        • Not sure on that front, it would depend on what you’re protecting and what you’re trying to protect from. Maybe someone with more knowledge than me could chime in.

    • Sansai is known to be poor quality

      • They were pretty good for a brand stocked by cheap as chips….

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    Arlec 12 Outlet Power Board With Surge Protection

    • Well… Pretty sure someone will say it's crap lol.. M which may be true

      • I checked the 28 reviews on bunnings and the only gripe was there was no hole in the back for wall mounting, so bought one tonight

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    bought 2 with ebay plus voucher PLUSEOY for $57.20 delivered by express post here on ebay

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