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Mijia Gosund CP5 Pro Smart Power Strip GaN Charger, 4 AC Outlets, 65W Dual USB-C PD, USB-A US$49.99 (~A$70) Delivered @ Banggood



  • CP5 Pro brings 65W GaN fast charging technology. Power of USB-C C1 and C2 single ports can reach 65W MAX. Laptops that support USB-C, such as Xiaomi notebooks, no longer need a separate charging head to power the laptop. USB-A can reach 60W MAX.

  • It is equipped with one master control and 4 independent physical switches.

  • As a smart power strip, it can be intervened in Mijia App to achieve smart control. Electrical appliances can be shut down on Mijia App. USB ports can be also powered off on Mijia App.

  • The four five-hole sockets and USB ports can be renamed in Mijia. For example, our S1 socket is a TV. We can directly rename and change the icon. After setting, we can better distinguish the electrical appliances corresponding to each socket.

  • CP5 Pro brings power statistics and real-time power consumption functions, allowing us to understand which appliances in the house use the most electricity.

  • Timer switch and countdown function can be controlled individually.

  • Not only has the power-off memory and child lock function, but even the indicator light on the plug strip can be turned on or off. For example, if some friends don't like the light on the plug strip at night, they can directly turn off the indicator light, which is very user-friendly.

  • You can set daily and monthly power usage reminders. If the set power consumption is exceeded, a reminder will be issued. It is very suitable for users with tiered electricity prices and helps to use electricity reasonably.

  • In terms of intelligent linkage, when the humidity is too low, the power strip will automatically turn on humidifier.

  • When the device is overloaded, when the AC socket is protected, and when the USB port is protected, the power will be automatically cut off and a notification will be sent to the mobile phone.

  • When the total power is higher than a certain wattage, a notification is sent to the mobile phone, or the power is cut off.

  • Use the Mijia Night Light 2 Bluetooth version or Mijia Human Sensor 2, when the bedroom environment is dark (usually when the light is turned off to sleep), turn off the power strip indicator to prevent disturbing sleep.

Package includes:

1 x Gosund CP5 Pro Smart Power Strip
1 x 100W USB-C To USB-C Cable

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Brand Gosund
Model CP5 Pro
Name Gosund Smart Power Strip
Plug Type CN 3-Pin Plug / AU 3-Pin Plug
Color White
Max Rated Power 2500W
Input 250V~50/10A Max
USB output 60W Max
USB-C1/USB-C2 output 65W Max
Wireless type Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz
Cable length 1.8M
Product size 282 x 55 x 32mm
Working temperature -20℃~40℃

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  • +2

    These are handy but be careful as they are likely non compliant given the socket configuration.

    • -1

      So switch it off at the wall before you unplug it.

    • +1

      they are likely non compliant

      They certainly won't be Australian certified.
      Although TBH some of the stuff i see at Bunnings/Kmart/BigW are certified but probably shouldn't be.

  • I rate xiaomi products a lot but these power boards are a very sketchy area as they definitely don't comply to local regs. With the heat associated with 65W charging, you'll want to keep this very well ventilated. Don't let doonas or anything like that smother it. Bunnings and kmart selling local products that are poor quality will still be covered under their insurance but banggood will not be giving even the slightest (profanity).

  • Has anyone got one of these and successfully connected to the Mija Home app? im having a terrible time. Firstly its not listed as a specific device and then goes through entire process and states successful but lists 0 devices……

    • UPDATE: Was able to get working using the 'Mi Home' app on iOS, trick was to make sure I had location set as "China Mainland' so that the CP5pro was listed as a device

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