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Google Pixel 6 128GB $0 Upfront with Telstra Plan 80GB $69/Month for 24 Months (in-Store, Porting Customer) @ JB Hi-Fi


I was just in the Melrose Park JB Hi-Fi trying to sign up to the $399 Upfront Google Pixel 6 deal with the 12 month Telstra Plan, when the Sales Rep told me there is a Family & Friends deal available for $0 Upfront if you choose the 24 month Telstra Plan with 80GB included for $69 a month.

You do need to be porting in to Telstra from a provider other than Telstra, Boost and Belong and have been away from the listed providers for at least 30 days.

I have no photo of this deal as he showed me on his screen and he wouldn't actually sign me up as I've only been away from Telstra for 3 weeks, but thought it might help others.

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  • this looks good

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    In normal you could get $500 gift card for 12 months so you end up getting $1000 for 24 month

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        Wow. If there ever was a bizarre reply that would be it.

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          How is that bizarre? Educate me

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    JB is being funny lately. Not a great offer but thanks for the post.

  • Great deal depending if your already on a similar Telstra plan or similar plan with another provider and deciding to port over

    $69 plan per month × 24 months = total cost $1656 over 2 years ($0 for Pixel 6)

    My example I'm in a 80gb Optus Postpaid plan paying $50 per month (but has more features + bonus 20gb data for 1 year)

    Difference in plan costs $69 - $50 = $19

    $19 per month x 24 months = total cost $456 over 2 years ($0 for Pixel 6)

    So certainly worth it for me but my Optus plan has few added grand fathered features I don't want too loose 👍😁

    If your deciding to move over from NBN to 4G/5G simcard in a portable 4G/5G wifi modem for home use,.. one can data share if they need data at home for other home wifi devices, seperate cheapest data 4G simcard plans start usually from $15 per month (no contracts) for Telstra, Optus and Vodafine, might work out cheaper over NBN and bonus if you have fast 4G/5G in your area, everyone's situation is different and of course depends what your using the internet for, families would struggle with only 80gb of fast data

    (edit: above might be better on JB-HIFI's 12 month Telstra deal)

    • You forgot to mention ($0 for Pixel 6)

    • Are there any good offers for the 4/5g simcard? My sister doesn't have a good connection so wondering if I should get her one

  • wahts etc on this?

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    Wonder if they'd take someone from a current prepaid plan

    • Yes you can port over your number over from another prepaid provider to this Telstra Postpaid plan with no problems basically you'd be considered as a new customer (not sure about Telstra prepaid but certainly not a Telstra, Boost and Belong postpaid customer, saying that best head over to JB and double check with them,. they'll only say no if not possible)

  • Not a deal

    • ?

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      It's technically a deal because it's cheaper than paying an expensive plan + expensive phone but that doesn't mean it's a good deal for most.

      Some people still like this way of purchasing and are happy to pay more to avoid an upfront payment or using BNPL platforms.

      Could also be a good deal if someone doesn't need a lot of data and this replaces their NBN.

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    This is a good deal IMO. The phone itself costs $999, but with this deal the total cost after 2 years with Telstra it's $1656, meaning your only paying $27.37/month (on the assumption you bought the phone outright) with a sizeable monthly data quota.

  • Nice.

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    Their normal deals page mentions….customers who connect a NEW service to Telstra…. So you can sign up and transfer your number to this if you are already a customer and your contract has expired

    • Can confirm, I just signed up on one of their plans yesterday and did this.

      • I have an existing telstra plan. Call it 123.

        So I can sign up to a new plan with new number 457, and then post 123 across to replace 456?

        • So you've got plan "current", go sign up to plan "new"….cancel plan "current" and move that phone number over to plan "new".
          With me they had to do it in that order as if they don't, then they cant release the number to move it across.

          • @silr20: Thank you.

            I'll go talky to them and see if they will allow that as that current number is with Telstra.. that's how they explain it to me before anyway. 😀

  • But, is this only available if you know someone that works at JB Hi-fi? Friends and family deal?

    • I make friends with every sales person I meet :P

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        same. I try to socialise. It won't hurt. Plus you get to talk to someone. haha.

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        I do call them bro. So "family".. just like a Touretto

  • Does this have the same expiry date as the $399 12 month offer? 24/12?
    Looks like a winner with no up front cost

    Cheers for the heads up

    • I just got my Pixel 6 from JB HiFi, apparently this offer ends today.

  • I picked mine up today, it's a good deal. had to port my number out to another provider for a day to get this deal

  • Offers Ends today. Saw at the counter that they out $1000 on a gift card and scan it through.

    • Cheers for the update,
      I'm on my way soon.
      Did u get a wireless charger too? Which one?

      • Dam, did you get a wireless charger?

  • Damn, based on comments looks like I missed this. Hopefully there will be something similar next week (boxing day), I can be very friendly.

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