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Panasonic DP-UB420 4K Blu-ray Player $133 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks to be great pricing for the Panasonic DP-UB420GNK 4K Blu-ray Player, possibly the cheapest we've seen?

Lowest price according to 3xCamels - https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B07RLZZ4M6

Also beating out JB sale pricing https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/panasonic-dp-ub420-smart-...

RRP - $ 419.00 according to Panasonic - https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/home-entertainment/blu...

No Dolby Vision for what its worth, but at this price for a mid-range 4k player…

EDIT: Looks to be low/out-of stock now
As @ProfBon pointed out you can also buy at this price from Appliance Central - https://www.appliancecentral.com.au/dp-ub420gnk-panasonic-ultra-hd-blu-ray-player?language=en&currency=AUD OOS

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Can it stream Netflix ?

    • +10

      4K internet video distribution is now supported by content such as NETFLIX, Prime Video and YouTube, a wide variety of high-quality content is at your fingertips.

      Appears it can…

    • +7

      a typical 'post question quite obviously answered in the deal' comment from jv

      • +9

        Hope it saves others time in having to read through all the specs.

        • +1

          … Time which has been consumed having to read through all your comments littered through the posts.

          • +1


            having to read through all your comments

            You don't 'have to' Ulysses…

    • Hahaha that was funny jv
      Not sure why these humourless (profanity) negative vote

  • +1

    No Dolby Vision :(

  • +4

    Yeah think I’m going to jump on this one, haven’t had a bluray player as yet and this price is decent! Especially since it can do Prime, that’s a bonus. Panasonic is good.

    • +36

      Yeah think I’m going to jump on this one

      That is likely to void the warranty.

      • thank you captain!

      • +2

        Likely to damage the device, too

  • +3

    Thanks OP, have been looking at this model for a while and almost bought at Harvey Norman last night for $245. Arriving at my door tomorrow.

    • Hi, Amazon delivery supervisor here, please provide your address with an iTunes gift card before tomorrow to win a prize.

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        Would you like to borrow my username?

  • +1

    one reviewer says it's not region free?

    • +3

      4K UHD discs are region free except for a very few that have cropped up this year. This player is not Blu-ray or dvd region free though.

      • Do you know of any that are region free (for blu ray and/or dvd)?

        • For this series of Panasonic models you can pay for a hacked custom firmware but I haven't really looked in to it yet.

          Alternatively you can buy this region free Laser Blu-ray player from Big W. Not sure how good it is though.

          • +1

            @SpinningPlates: Thanks for that. I meant a 4k player which was also Blu ray/DVD region free?

          • +1

            @SpinningPlates: They pretty sh*tty player, but a backup none the less.

          • @SpinningPlates: Can that Laser one play VCD as well? That's the format before DVD came in popular in Asia

        • You can set DVD players to region 0, which should work for most discs, but potentially not all. From what I remember, BD never had a region 0, but many players let you switch region as often as you like. Some would only do so in the service menu though.

        • +2

          I bought the 820 a month or so ago. It was not region free for dvd out of the box. You need to take it to a Panasonic service centre where they will change it to region free for free while you wait.

        • +1

          Theres plenty of websites that have the codes for each player to make them region free. Its basically a cheat code you put in through the remote. Just google it

  • +3

    Just get a second hand XBox one x for $250 that will give you more enjoyment than wiping dust off your 4K bluray

    • +1

      Where tf are you finding a One X used for $250? The One S can do 4K Blu-ray for probably that price though

      • +1

        I've seen a few for that price on gummie and FB. You have to be hot off the mark as they sell faster than toilet paper (well past tense) Usually ppl offload their old stock due to XBSX etc

    • +2

      Yeah, I was just thinking the same, and Xbox One X is a better choice on many levels.
      I use mine for Blu-ray (not that I buy many now), Netflix, Amazon Prime, HeyU, Optus Sport, Apple TV+, ABC iView and Stan…ohhhhh and gaming, of course :)

      • +1

        Well, think about it. How slow will the OS be on the Panasonic? They're sluggish and their apps aren't better either. Buy the xbox, games are cheap second hand, OS is fast and snappy etc. Bluray is dead IMO. If you have many then the xbox is a better choice.

  • Is it just me or are door stops expensive these days?

    • LMAO! Might be too light to stop a door. These things are mostly empty.

      • +1

        Good point

  • +2

    Can we connect this to a plasma TV? My Plasma isn’t 4k.

    • +1

      Yes. it is retrospective of technology but it will be limited to the max resolution of your TV. So in your case 1080p (via HDMI). Defeats the purpose of buying one unless you want to upgrade your TV. You can get DVD players for half that price

      • +1

        For those of us without 4K tv's etc. will this be as effective as a regular blu-ray player?

        Everything I have is Panasonic and have been more than happy with the brand. I have a blu-ray player already, and a 3D tv, but we mostly use Amazon Prime or Disney these days fir movies etc. Was considering giving son the old blu-ray and upgrading mine, to one day … get a 4K tv, so imagine this would be handy to have. Great price too.

        • +2

          will this be as effective as a regular blu-ray player?


          • +1

            @vinni9284: Yes, but a 1080p bluray player can be had for as little as 25 bucks at the local OP shop

      • +1

        But a dvd player won't play any bluray discs.
        So this would be a great unit if you have blurays

        • +1

          Correct. I'm referencing to an older 1080p TV and price however a cheap bluray player is better than a DVD

    • +1

      Yer. as long as it has HDMI connection.

  • +1

    Well spotted OP !

  • Wowza! What a bargain

  • +3

    Good player for those $8.79 UHDs from Amazon.

  • Amazing price!

    Got this for $299 from JB over a year ago.

  • +1


  • Amazon is quoting me $370. Has this deal expired?

  • +3

    I have this model, bought a few years ago Boxing Day for $139. It is fantastic, and only way to watch 4K properly.

    • Betta than Disney 4k / dolby vision / HDR blah blah

  • +1

    Ub820 much better image quality? Worth the extra?

    • Can you get it for anywhere close to the price of this one ?

      • Not much except slightly faster interface and Dolby Vision support. But its almost 3.5x the price at $449 at Good Guys

        • Wonder if there's much noticeable difference with either the UB420 or UB820 to an Xbox…

          • @Tikester: Where I've noticed a difference in dedicated 4K players over the xbox is the noise when it's playing the disc … all 4K's are loud towards the centre of the disk as it has to rotate faster but some of the dedicated players seem to do it in a way that don't sound like a jet engine. Not sure about this one.

      • I cannot but if no dolby vision then might as well use a console to play 4k?

        Not sure if imaging will be big upgrade for the 820 compared to this. Read good reviews regarding the 820.

    • +1

      The 820 is a marginally better built player. It has Dolby Vision and has a led display at the front is about twice the width of the 420. Besides that the players are much the same. Both are excellent at colour reproduction with 4:4:4 and have HDR 10+

  • +1

    Typical Appliance Central wont ship this to Tasmania

    • +3

      It's understandable, being a different country

  • +1

    Damn that's an epic price for the UB420!

    It's got dual HDMI out, so can do HDMI1 direct to your TV & HDMI2 to an older (non-eARC) receiver.

    • +3

      Just to clarify..One of the HDMI ports is audio only, the other HDMI is both audio and picture.

  • +1

    Just snagged one of these to use with my Samsung QLED. :) I've heard that DVDs are much better than streaming services in terms of audio and video quality, so why not give it a go aye?

    • +1

      Yeah 480i DVD quality blows 4k outta the water.

    • Samsung make great TVs, but I think OLED and Dolby vision content is the best

  • i missed it! :(

    • +1

      Appliance Central! Backorder though.

      • oh thanks! its alright, im not in a hurry ;)

        • Hope you got it!

  • CAn Ps3 console play region free needed blu ray? how?

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