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50 Disposable 3-Layer Face Masks $5 C&C /+ Delivery @ Mitre 10

  1. Note e-gift card may not arrive instantly
  2. Purchase e-gift card (minimum $10) with 10% discount
  3. Purchase face masks using e-gift card (minimum 2)

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  • +4

    I've done my own research,,,,,,,,

    and this seems to be the cheapest ever

    • -2

      Considering surgical "face masks" offer absolutely NO PROTECTION for air born viruses such as Delta and Omicron this is a total waste of money.

      Surgical masks are just a "splash guard". Nothing more!

      Surgical masks only (partially) work for COVID-19 Alpha and beta.strains which are no longer in circulation.
      Therefore Its NOT CHEAP when its totally ineffective.
      Hence my NEGATIVE vote - No offense meant to the poster

      Its about time the public was educated about the effectiveness of face masks vs proper face sealing, particle filtering respirators.
      You should be looking at P2 (N95) respirators (as a minimum standard) as recommended by the CDC in USA.


      Unless you are aware of their extreme limitations and only wear them to "tick the box"

      These "Certified" Protector P2 Respirators from Bunnings (Pkt of 10 for $29.95 / $3ea) are EXCELLENT QUALITY and come HIGHLY RECOMMENCED as they provide a nice snug air-tight fit and have a built-in exhalation valve making them much more comfortable for longer term use

      MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and stay safe wearing these high quality Protector P2 respirators from your local Bunnings store

      • Anything is better than nothing. Good luck getting people to use a $3 mask every time they wanna leave the house.

      • Care to cite your references?

        CAPS is not EVIDENCE

        PS: Valved masks are a no.

  • +1

    I am bored of blue masks now. So I just bought white for a change.

    • +3

      Don’t wear it the wrong way 👍

      • 🤡

  • How long does it take for egift card to arrive?

    • 15min for me.

  • -1

    Min 2 boxes or minimum 2 gc??

    EDIT: nvm thx OP bought 8 boxes

  • +18

    Thanks Christmas gift sorted

  • -2

    Checkout says: "Coupon "egiftzqcmxl" does not exist!"


    • lol u gotta buy the gift card man and then once delivered to ur email use it to buy the mask

  • +1

    ridiculously cheap.

    • -2

      Ridiculously expensive when they don't work !
      Can always use them as face wipes though.

      • Still wrong

  • -2

    Annoyed they required my phone number.

    The ‘?’ says for delivery instructions which of course makes no sense for a gift card.

  • +1

    $10 delivery

  • Anyone know how the quality and sizing of these masks are?

    • Google GB/T32610-2016 would be a start.

    • i bought pack of 50 in last deal … as good as the blue ones …. and it’s not looking like mask wearing is going away soon , some places have complimentary masks if people forget in car (supercheap and bunnings) or the elastic breaks but most places dont ….. so you just needs masks …..with a pack of 50 l left some in car, some in back pack, etc.

  • These masks aren’t as great quality as others as they get quite scratchy after a while. They’re fine for short wears.

  • Cheers OP

    Gave them a shot

  • +5

    wondering what is more polluting of waterways and ingested by wildlife ….. face masks or shopping bags ….

    • Fake tan

    • Probably face masks now.

    • Plastic straws (◔‿◔)

  • I’ve been wearing these for months already. Only complaint is the nose bridge part is hard to bend to avoid gaps.

    • +16

      You should probably take it off occasionally for a break.

  • +1

    Cant help but wonder how effective these low quality masks are. This style seems like they could blow away in a slight breeze

    • No one's stopping you from buying the higher quality ones from Chemist Warehouse.

  • Is the nose bendable part metal or plastic? Masks with plastic ones are so annoying.

    • soft nose clip. I assume its plastic.
      You get what you pay for

  • Great find.
    Needed this as ACT announced mandatory facemasks indoors

    • It seems they don’t ship to ACT :/

      • I did click and collect at queanbeyan but order got cancelled

  • Aware these likely aren't the greatest quality, but these will be good back up masks for if I forget my reusable one/in the wash etc.

  • Bought 3 packs with gift card. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP bought 2

  • Seems gone…

  • Thanks OP bought 2 yesterday

  • Got email saying its cancelled due to no stock and processing refunds.

  • +1

    Go in store to have a look. Managed to grab a couple of boxes today without ordering online.

    Edit: the nose bridge piece seems to be plastic. I didn't even know this was a thing. Should've stocked up during the healthcare Xpress sale as those were much better quality for a cheaper price.

  • Has anyone received a confirmation email that their order is ready to pick up yet?

  • I still have not received my order.

  • I rang them they said no stock and won’t be getting any more of these products

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