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Free - 300,000 Rewards Points (Redeemable for $30 Amazon Gift Card) with Referral Sign Up @ TikTok


Sign ups via TikTok rewards are boosted to $30 worth of points which can be redeemed for a $30 Amazon Gift Card.

  1. Open Tiktok, sign in and visit the rewards icon.
  2. Create a new account on a family or friends device and enter your unique sign up code from your main account.
  3. Claim the points in the app and link your Amazon Account. The gift card balance will appear in your amazon straight away!

Edit: for those wondering how to enter the code after sign up, go to the rewards section of the new account and click Earn points - then there will be a field for the referral code of the main account, then an option to follow that account. Points should show up instantly.

Edit 2: users are having issues because they are not using a separate device new to TikTok

Referees can receive 5,000 Reward Points for creating content on the Platform and using the hashtag #GiveJoyGetRewards in the video caption during the first 10 days on Platform, starting from the day of registration.

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  • +1

    So you can claim once per amazon account

    • +2

      It looks like after your first sign up referral it won't allow you to redeem another Amazon GC, but instead can donate it to the charities listed there.

      • Makes sense

      • Can you sell the Gift card code?

      • I managed to get 2 lots of $30 vouchers though

    • Anyone know if items on Amazon paid via Amazon giftcards are eligible for cashback?

      So basically does it stack? I buy a Amz giftcard from cashrewards giftcard store, then use it to purchase an item on Amazon during a cashback event?

  • +61

    Id rather foreign security agencies get my personal information from facebook like everyone else does.

    • +6

      but do u get $30 for it though

  • +56

    Thx Chinese government!

    • +1

      Hahaha…..you should dance or have someone dance in front of the tank-man background. Not to make light of the incident but to pissed off the CCP.

    • hi

    • this is certified bing chilling comment.


  • Where is the rewards section. (desktop browser)?

    • +2

      Might only be on the app. Look for the gift icon in My account

      • yeah mobile only. thanks was looking for link and googling just found lots of T&C pages

  • +5

    great deal for those who love all the xiaomi deals

  • +1

    Something went wrong, try again later.

    Did they end it already?

    • Same error for me as well

      • Did you use 2 mobile devices?

    • And you used 2 mobile devices?

  • -8

    Say NO to China

    • +7

      Say NO to Bezos, oh wait, no, this is ozbargain. YES TO BEZOS!

      • Long Live Bezos !

        • +1


      • -1

        UP with MINISKIRTS! 👆👗

    • +3

      and most of the item you use are Made in China, including the one you are wearing now, i assume :)

      • +12

        It's too hot for clothes today. Take that China

        • Any sunscreen? Sunglasses? Undies?

          • +9

            @[Deactivated]: Nope, just laying nude on my Australian Buffalo grass like a boss, in the shade provided by an Australian gum tree.

            • +3

              @cook99: The ants go marching in one by one, hurrah, hurrah

        • +3

          Not even undies? Hahaha….hopefully, much less stuffs in the future and companies will move to Vietnam or Cambodia and Laos.

        • your phone? maybe the material your house is built

    • +5

      everything youre wearing and most likely the phone and laptop youre typing this on is made in china. will you stop using it?

      are all your clothes and possessions made in oz/elsewhere?

      • +9

        True, and most of the discounted item posted in OzB are likely made in china :)

        Bargaining is bargaining, politics have nothing to do with this :)

      • -1

        Made in Taiwan - a proud nation which is NOT part of China.

          • +6

            @send2riven: Based on your logic you could then say that "Australia is not a country because they speak in English, write in English, etc.".

            I think it is fair to accept that Taiwan deserves the right of self-determination and it is only up to the Taiwanese people to decide whether to become an island nation or merge with communist China.

          • +1


            It is certainly not a country.


          • @send2riven: Taiwan is a beautiful COUNTRY, filled with beautiful citizens of Taiwan. If you don't know the difference then educate yourself. And their culture, traditions and values are not the same. They also have a separate dialect so again language is also not the same. And from what I've seen, it is definitely not dirtier. Why is it "certainly not a country?", You sound so sure and would love to know your reasons as i don't think pork has to do with it.

    • +7

      China: NO to you, too.

    • +3

      F THE CCP

    • Take your clothes off.

    • What's the difference between this comment and the comment above?

  • +9

    Claim the points in the app and link your Amazon Account.

    This is the bit that bothers me

    • +6

      I've stopped using all these link to Google, Microsoft and Amazon baits. For $30 you must be giving them way more. This is China we are talking about. It's like Donny Chieng says "our new year's greeting is 'may you get rich! Not happy new year but may you get rich!!!"

      • +3


        • This letters are right next to each other 😂 but you are of course correct. Btw I watched that epic between Agassi and Sampras in the late nineties at the AO. Greatest sporting event I have seen aside from the 2008 and 2014 AFL Grand finals (Hawthorn supporter 😋).

      • Speaking of the phrase, to be precise it is actually "Happy new year AND Congratulations AND May you get rich".

        • -1

          I'm sure you'll do fantastic on your standup comedy exams.

  • +37

    But what's the cost of selling your soul to TikTok?

    Forget the China thing for a moment. This is a video site for attention-hungry adolescents to accelerate their mental illnesses. Is supporting such a concept worth $30?

    • +31

      OzBargain answer is "Yes".

    • +10

      $30 + lots of girls showing boobs for attention

      • +1

        $30 wont be enough to cover your legal fees

        • They'll probably get their ass kicked in prison when people find out they looked at naked little girls.

    • +1

      Oh, I feel so bad selling Luke Skywalker to TikTok.
      Inviting Obi-Wan Kenobi next.

  • Moral complexities…

  • +9

    I don't think its as deep as these comments are indicating.. Just sign up with false details claim your free money and delete the app

    • +1

      Doesn't work on putting code in. "Something went wrong. Try again later"

    • +2

      You have to link to an amazon account which has your credit card details that you use to buy stuff. They are not stupid.

      • Are you literally suggesting that TikTok will steal and commit fraud?

        • I'm saying you can't fake your details. Unless you also want to make a fake credit card.

    • But what if the MSS snatch me and render me to Manchuria before I can delete it??

  • +25

    I sold my wife info for $30. Cheers

    • +3

      I sold my Ducks info for $30. Cheers

    • And I sold your wife's info for $24.99. Cheers

    • +1

      I read, I sold my wife in for $30. Cheers

    • I someone finds me rich wife, I will give them 1/2 of the money & the wife ;)

  • +7

    How many social credits do I get?

    • +9

      Are you a young woman? Are you good at tennis? If your answer is yes then you will get one million social credits to the Winnie the Pooh park.

    • +1

      Do I need to speak Mandarin to show how "educated" I am, Mr. Chairman?

      • -3

        Nope. Its enough info from your statement. Get educated mate…. Try google. They seem like a friendly bunch. lol

        • +13

          Get educated mate…. Try google

          The irony especially in the China context.

          Can the Chinese also get educated by accessing Google freely without VPN and using non-censored search engines?

        • +2

          What a great argument
          “You’re wrong and uneducated. Go find out why by yourself”

        • Mate! Have you been watching their tourism videos?

    • +1

      Hey Xinping, is that you?

      • Its D. Trump. Now get on your knees and worship god.

        • Xinping facking as Trump for another $30.. carry on, no one is watching

          • @digitaltango: You did. lol. You took time to reply.. naughty naughty…. santa is going to be upset with you this year..

            • @ruztynail: I value my time, there are plenty of China loving commets I was loling at

              • +4

                @digitaltango: Don’t pretend like you value your time. You’re in the comments section like the rest of us!

    • Haters gonna hate

    • +1

      Triple LOL, if you read your own comment again, shows educated other are

      • quadruple LOL. missed English classes much? good command of English there mate. Ms England is proud of you

  • seems too good to be true

    • Might want to re read the original post

  • How long does it take for the points to show up? Just signed up using referral link and there was no section to use the code

    • Im having the exact same issue

    • How I read it is you get $30 if you referr your friends, so you just gave someone $30. Am I wrong?

      • No no no, YOU sign up a fiends/family's device using YOUR unique code, just like step 2 says, so you were way off with your crazy logic

        • Ok, but I don’t get why I need to use someone else’s device…

          • @cloudy: Well we don't actually own anything, so there's that.

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