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LG C1 65" OLED TV OLED65C1PTB $2888 + Delivery / Free Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


Better than Good Guys deal so you can probably play them off against each other.

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    What has been the previous low?

    • Maybe a $100 cheaper during Black Friday.

      • Didn't have stacks of 15% home card then. So this would be cheaper.

        This or Sony one?

        • Sony if you can afford to pay more.
          I have the A90J myself and it's truly amazing with LG essentially releasing the same Oled TV for 3 year's now

          • @DisabledUser416759: What makes the sony one worth more? The LGs might be similar… But they're already amazing from the start

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              @Simovixet: The Sony's processor is far superior especially at upscaling low resolution programming like free to air TV and it's HDR highlights.
              Essentially the processor works with the content to produce the best results possible where the LG cannot get close

              • @DisabledUser416759: Does Sony still use android on their OLEDS?
                I have the 9000f….great tv….the operating system is horrid and takes forever so had to buy a shield.

                • @Flognuts: Nope they use the much improved Google OS..
                  It has all the apps you could dream of like Android but now more snappier and user friendly especially if you already use Google home account

              • @DisabledUser416759: Fair enough about the low red stuff. Not quite my use case but if you watch a lot of F2A TV then I could see the appeal!

                The results on Rtings certainly don't indicate any reason to pay extra for a Sony unless I am missing something?
                They're crazy close and both great. Don't pay extra haha


          • @DisabledUser416759: Do the Sony ones have VRR now?

            • @mackdiddy: Not yet but 'apparently ' it's coming…
              Tbh I've come from LG C9/CX/C1 to now A90J and I don't miss the VRR option….
              My LG's had noticeable 'screen flicker' when VRR was on connected to my XBSX….

              • @DisabledUser416759: Fair enough. Not like Sony has actually got VRR working on PS5 anyway, would just be in case I cable up my PC to it. Cheers.

                • @mackdiddy: Sony uses full 48Gbps bandwidth unlike the 40gbps present on LG's…unless ofc you find a C9 that still uses full bandwidth hdmi 2.1 48Gbps ….maybe one day TV'S will get display ports for PC
                  I still think the C9 is better than C1 as it's a brighter panel too for SDR and HDR

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                    @DisabledUser416759: Have to agree. I had a C8 and then upgraded to a C1. C8 picture was way brighter for all content. C1 crushes black (in SDR and HDR) even after having it professionally calibrated. Am thinking of contacting LG.

          • @DisabledUser416759: I sincerely doubt that the Sony is worth paying an additional $2,000 for such marginal, if any, improvements over the LG.

            • @Veritas7: It depends..your not getting an EVO panel unless you get a 77" or 83" C1…
              65" A90J and 65" G1 are only panels in that size that benefit from the newer EVO panel

              • @DisabledUser416759: Sorry that's incorrect, I bought the 65 C1 in the last deal and it has an EVO WBE panel

                • @lachhelix: how do i check what panel i have?

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                  @lachhelix: I also brought c1 in the last deal and it's a Evo panel

                  • @Jdmmps: The C1 has a software restriction even if it has an EVO..only the G1 or Sony's benefit from EVO

                    • @DisabledUser416759: Agree. The only benefit is of reduced burn in with EVO.

                      • @Jdmmps: Every Oled should have a heatsink like the A90J in my opinion..its fantastic at reducing image retention and the possibility of burn-in

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                          @DisabledUser416759: We seem to have watched the same 20 or so tech review videos on the various OLEDs before pulling the trigger on our respective purchases LOL. Like I said yesterday, if I had a spare 2k laying around I would have gone for A90j, but I didn't and the deals going on at the Black Friday sales were insane. From what I understood (from the reviews) the heatsink was to disperse heat from the panel, thus allowing the EVO panel to run hotter (without damage) and display higher brightness for the LG G1 and the Sony A80J/A90J. I didn't think it did anything to help with burn in. Both manufactures use software to help prevent this issue (eg Pixel clean, screen move). BTW good work with answering peoples questions I found your responses accurate and helpful. However I would say you got extremely unlucky with your C1 panel/tv you purchased and then returned, which is understandably skewing your opinion on the TV. I can only speak from my own experience with my sister having the G1 (she wanted to wall mount it) and me the C1 and I can't tell the difference in brightness. My C1 has been flawless for movies and gaming and I couldn't recommend it more for those considering this TV. My only gripe is no Android TV.

                          • @Jdmmps: You don't need an extra 2k..the A80J is essentially the same as an A90J minus a heatsink and has the same awesome XR processor which is their major selling point with the best motion and out of the box accuracy.
                            I would choose a Sony a80j over a C1 any day of the week but I'm borderline Videophile ..lol

                • @lachhelix: The LG C1 has a software restriction unlike the A80J..
                  The Sony A80J/A90J and LG G1only benefits from EVO panel's

                  • @DisabledUser416759: Yes I know that it is software limited but you said that none of the 65 C1 come with an EVO panel, which is incorrect lol

                    • @lachhelix: Software limited and no heatsink…EVO does nothing on a C1 sorry…the C9 was better full 48Gbps and brighter

            • -1

              @Veritas7: There's a reason the Sony A90J won King of TV'S 2021 and multiple awards for bestvTV this year…..
              If you appreciate the level of detail,processing and accuracy its a clear winner..The A90J is a master series and is pre- calibrated..a professional calibration will set you back quite a hefty sum.
              I could go on… but Sony simply have better QC and your gonna get good panel uniformity unlike with LG which is a crapshoot in the panel lottery

              • +2

                @DisabledUser416759: Agree with this comment. If you can afford the extra 2k the A90j is the TV to get. But for most people the cost vs benefits doesn't stack up for the A90j and the C1 would come up on top.

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                  @Jdmmps: If your not paying for a calibration the extra is worth it for an A80J/A90J plus the quality control Sony do with every panel and they use a special filter to remove pink tinting..
                  Again it's a panel lottery with LG with possibility of dead or stuck pixels,pink tinting,vignetting,banding,posterization,venetian blind or grid lines and overall bad screen uniformity….
                  I'd rather not have the hassle of returning back bad panels in the hope of getting a good one and not knowing if it's actually using an EVO panel that has a software restriction anyway on C1 locking out the benefits…
                  You just don't know what your gonna get in a crapshoot with LG

                  • @DisabledUser416759: You certainly sound like you're associated with Sony ๐Ÿ˜‚

                    • @lachhelix: Not at all I just appreciate good quality and I've owned 3 LG Oled's before my Sony A90J..
                      The C1 is a downgrade from the older C9 its dimmer with a gimmick game bar no one uses
                      The A80J is only $3495 atm and I would pay the extra over a 65"C1 that you won't get for weeks on backorder

        • Is it still possible to get those cards 15% off?

  • Hope these get cheaper during boxing day sales

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      This is from the boxing day sale

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        Always has been ๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿš€

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        This is Sparta

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        Next year he meant lol

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    How are these for super bright rooms (windows all around)?

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      It's fine for everyday telly during the day in bright rooms. If your watching movies then darker looks better.

      • Not really I returned one and got the Sony A90J instead and it's barely bright enough for my living area..A90J is the brightest out there currently and my old LG C9 was brighter than the C1

        • The A90J is barely bright enough or the C1 was? That A90J is a different price bracket, it's $5K, can't really compare to the C1, almost double the price.

    • +4

      I find them highly reflective, like a mirror.

      • Yeah I don't have that issue. Probably highly dependent on window and tv orientation, window size etc etc…

        • +1

          I'm sure it does, just a warning since they said they have a bright room, in terms of the picture though, especially at night, nothing on the current market beats an OLED especially now they are at these prices.

          • +1

            @yacman: The 2022 LG Oled's are getting a brand new gen5 processor ..
            hence the low prices on C1 and LG trying to flog em off,they've been on sale practically all year on and off especially compared to Sony and Samsung's

          • @yacman: What would you recommend for a bright room directly opposite a window, budget is $2K - $3K? Don't care about picture quality, care about brightness for a bright room.

            • @bleeder: Samsung qn90a is perfect for a bright room at 1600 nits and has anti- glare filter

              • +1

                @DisabledUser416759: @Delinquent thanks, just been looking at that one based on OzBargain comments. Unfortunately not Boxing Day specials, it's going for $4K at the moment..

                • @bleeder: Ok yeah it was actually down to $2700 recently the 65" but Appliancesonline have it for $3040…
                  Hisense U8G is one of the brightest TV's on the market too but the processor isn't as good as Samsung's

            • @bleeder: If your not going to go OLED then the Sony 900 or 950 series are highly regarded.

              If your not into next gen gaming then the 950 has the better picture. If your lucky enough to find a cheap โ€œhโ€ series (2020) then their bezel is steel (not plastic like the โ€œjโ€ 2021 model) and the picture is still really good.

              900 series has HDMI 2.1 with firmware updates for VRR but do your own research based on the features you need and want.

    • -1

      Yea I have one in a bright room with huge windows and doors and it's plenty bright enough for me

    • +1

      Not great,go the Samsung qn90a instead

    • You will need to pull your blinds in order to see the image. That is why for my new place, I am actually thinking of not going OLED as it has glass doors all around.

    • +1

      Not good , and I own one. Go for Samsung Neo QLED. OLEDs are best for dim rooms

  • Let the games begin…:D

  • +15

    Purchased for $3330 last week.

    Jumped on JB chat and was immediately refunded the difference to match the sale price.

    Happy days!

    • +1

      Jbhifi has a chat?!

      • +2

        Yup. Itโ€™s hard to find, if you browse products a small speech bubble circle appears bottom right of the page

        • Nice one!

  • +7

    Waiting for the 77!

    • Worth the wait.

  • +2

    Myer has this for $2999 - 5% cashrewards + myer points - am I correct that this works out to be a better deal than JB?

  • +4

    Don't buy it yet, wait until 5pm if you have Zip.

  • Any deals on smaller size (40" - 43")?

    • +1

      Smallest OLED TV is 48".

      • -1

        Looking at the Samsung Frame 43"

    • +1

      Need to wait for C2 generation LG OLEDs for a smaller size panel.

  • +8

    I was able to negotiate this deal at JB Hi-Fi during the BF sales.

    $2550 delivered, hopefully this helps some of you looking to purchase this time round.


    • How you manage to negotiate?

      • +2

        Used some of the receipts posted during BF sales and asked if they could do any better.

        Also here's a better receipt with dates:


        • Just tried calling my local Jb in QLD and the bloke said unless someone else got cheaper online he is not able to make it any cheaper ..thanks for your help though .cheers

          • +2

            @Sunnyoz: That sounds like a pretty lame excuse :(

            Hopefully other people share if they were successful or not.

          • @Sunnyoz: $2,880 from Video pro, save $8!!!

        • I wasn't successful either. Thanks anyway

        • Tried at Jb hifi springvale and the guy played dumb.
          Also tried calling Knox asking for a better price on the boxing day sales and got a no.

    • Is it really possible to use it til today?

      • No harm in trying. $2888 was the advertised price during BF sales, so they have room to move…

    • +2

      Thanks for posting this, I was able to get $2600 delivered with your receipt, much appreciated.

      • +1

        Good to hear mate! :)

      • @ben oost: can you share your receipt as well? I may get better luck with two receipts. Thanks in advance

          • @ben oost: Total based on the item + delivery should be $2700. How did it become $2600 at the bottom of the receipt?

            • @bfg100k: $2541 + $59 = $2600?

              • +1

                @ben oost: Ah sorry. The print wasnโ€™t clear. I thought the price was $2641. Thatโ€™s a fantastic price you have negotiated. I could only get them to drop it by $20 ๐Ÿ˜ž. I should really hand in my ozbargain badgeโ€ฆ

                • @bfg100k: Ahh yeah, it isnt that clear. Seems like it's really dependent on which sales person you deal with, which is kinda unfortunate considering it should be a little more standardised across stores :/

                  • @ben oost: My sales person wasn't from the TV section, I was originally dealing with him for the Telstra port in offer with $500 gift card - then asked about the TV.

                    Wonder if the sales people from the TV section have a hard floor they can go down to or a target they have to reach?

                    • @Juzz51: Yeah maybe, it seemed like my guy couldnt actually put through the price without going to get approval from his manager. Although I dunno if that was more for show or if he actually needed approval to lower below a certain threshold.

      • anychance you could post your receipt please since its more recent.

  • +1

    Not a TV connoisseur so question WILL definitely be noobish. However has anyone asked how does this compares to:

    1) Samsung 65'' QN90A

    2) Sony 65'' X90J

    Am I even comparing the same tier/level of models by the different brands??

    Hardly/Don't games on TV. Our TV usage are mainly optus sport's football/soccer matches, netflix, youtube.


    • +3

      Dude, this is one of the best TVs you can get. Go look at all 3 irl and choose what you like better.

    • +1

      In your case, the Sony is the best, the C1 is best for gamers.

      • +2

        The Sony he linked is the X90J, it is an LED and is most certainly not better than the C1.

        • +2

          Damnit, I read it as A90, C1 is better.

          • +1

            @GTR12: Pretty sure the Sony X90j and Samsung qn90a are cheaper and they are way brighter too for a well lit room

            • @DisabledUser416759: Thank you @GTR12 and @Delinquent. This conversation is good as it points out the models in my earlier comments are not apple-to-apple comparison and i apologies for that.

              So in essence, i should have been using A90J to compare instead of the X90J? My fault as A90J did not pop up on my search given it's about $5K which doubles the price ranges that i was filtering to compare against LG C1. :)

              Again reading the comment here, its looking like C1 is greater than XJ90J and QN90A for certain. However A90J is greater than the three lot, including C1?

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