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Kraken X15 F i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB 1TB NVMe SSD RTX3070 Gaming Laptop $1999 + Delivery & More @ BPC Technology


Good morning guys! How's your boxing day safari going!

It's been ten months since we launched the new krakenPower Gaming PC series, and We really appreciate your support for the Kraken Gaming Series this year. And today, we are happy to bring you the Kraken Gaming Laptop Series!

1. Kraken X15 F Gaming Laptop i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB(1X16GB) 1TB NVMe SSD $1999 + Delivery
We rec this model as the best value.

2. Kraken X15 Q Gaming Laptop i7-11800H QHD 165HZ 32GB(2X16GB) 2TB NVMe SSD $2499 + Delivery Now $2399
Decent QHD gaming but good value for design students as well.

And the series also come with RTX3060 Models as well:

3. Kraken M15 Q Gaming Laptop i7-11800H QHD 165HZ 16GB(2X8GB) 1TB $1599 + Delivery Sold out

4. Kraken M15 F Gaming Laptop i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB(2X8GB) 512GB $1499 + Delivery

And we have a limited gaming PC prize draw for the laptop purchase as well, don't miss it!

BTW, based on the courier service update, our shipping service will be back to normal from Jan 3th.

Happy Shopping!

BPC Team

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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        Thanks, sadly did not help the coil whine. assuming it will go away over time.

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    Chucked an extra 16gb stick the same as stock in mine. Makes a huge difference especially when using the laptop screen via the igpu. 84 up to 123fps for a 46% increase in performance. Handy 10% increase on the HDMI as well. It's almost criminal to limit these with single channel.


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    Without applying any changes, when the laptop was flat on the table, the temperature was up to 85C or 90C when playing CSGO so I bought a laptop desk mount and the temperature decreased to 80C. I feel more comfortable with this behaviour, I will stick to the laptop.

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    Hi All - I have been stalking this thread for a while now and need some help please.

    I went for the X15 Q version and it arrived last week. I have spent the past couple days updating all of the relevant software and implemented all of the tips generously provided by the Ozb'ers (ty, by the way!) Finally finished copying over some games from Steam, Epic and Battle.net and last night fired up the first game only to realise that I neglected to take into account the move from a Displayport/HDMI combo for my 2 external monitors (one of them being capable of 165Hz refresh) from my old 1070 gtx setup.

    I connected them both up to the laptop with no issues - one via the HDMI port and the other via the USB-C port through an adaptor. It's only when I thought my big screen looked a bit meh, that I realised the issue.

    TL;DR - can anyone recommend an appropriate cable for DisplayPort to either HDMI or USB-C up to 165Hz? My Google searches have proved less than conclusive so I've come to you guys for help please.

    Many thanks!!

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    Another new driver pack. https://www.intel.com.au/content/www/au/en/download/649904/i...
    Driver Pack for Intel NUC X15 Laptop Kit-Win10_Win11-Februrary 2022-1.3

    Drivers Updated:
    Audio 1.3 to Audio 1.4
    Contains the following drivers and versions:

    GNA Scoring Accelerator-
    HID Event Filter-
    NUC Software Studio Uniwill Driver-
    Rapid Storage (RST)-
    SD Card Reader-10.0.22000.31269
    Thunderbolt-1.41.11930 (84)
    Touchpad FW Update-

  • Deal says expired but the discount is still on the website xD.

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    I'm having terrible battery life on my X15 F model (3070, FHD). Even on the low power mode (the mode with no LED) I get maybe 90 minutes just doing general browsing. I've tried reducing my screen refresh rate to 60hz and turned the lightbar off but it didn't really make a difference.

    I'm on Windows 11 by the way. Any others having similar issues, or suggestions for things I can try? I was going to try a fresh install of Windows next. The laptop is great apart from this issue.

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