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Kraken X15 F i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB 1TB NVMe SSD RTX3070 Gaming Laptop $1999 + Delivery & More @ BPC Technology


Good morning guys! How's your boxing day safari going!

It's been ten months since we launched the new krakenPower Gaming PC series, and We really appreciate your support for the Kraken Gaming Series this year. And today, we are happy to bring you the Kraken Gaming Laptop Series!

1. Kraken X15 F Gaming Laptop i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB(1X16GB) 1TB NVMe SSD $1999 + Delivery
We rec this model as the best value.

2. Kraken X15 Q Gaming Laptop i7-11800H QHD 165HZ 32GB(2X16GB) 2TB NVMe SSD $2499 + Delivery Now $2399
Decent QHD gaming but good value for design students as well.

And the series also come with RTX3060 Models as well:

3. Kraken M15 Q Gaming Laptop i7-11800H QHD 165HZ 16GB(2X8GB) 1TB $1599 + Delivery Sold out

4. Kraken M15 F Gaming Laptop i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB(2X8GB) 512GB $1499 + Delivery

And we have a limited gaming PC prize draw for the laptop purchase as well, don't miss it!

BTW, based on the courier service update, our shipping service will be back to normal from Jan 3th.

Happy Shopping!

BPC Team

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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                                    @MidnightCMDR: windows 10 is preinstalled

                                    not licensed, but product key is in an envelope inside the box so you can activate yourself

                                    I just reinstalled W11 from scratch using the license code provided

              • @BillybobBarmcake: Hi BillybobBarmcake,

                Sorry for the late reply. Would that be possible to share your order number through the PM, so I can check with the sales team?

                BPC Team

  • Hi, I am looking at M15 Q model, just checking the 1TB SSD included is sata rather than nvme? And no webcam included is that correct? Would I be able to replace ram with 2x8gb 3600 Crucial Ballistix? What quality keyboard can I expect on the M model opposed to the X models? Finally as I would also want to use for university/work, any rough idea of expected battery life if not gaming, using power saving features etc? Thanks in advance!

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      Can check the Intel NUC X15 specs as well here: https://www.intel.com.au/content/www/au/en/products/docs/boa...

      - Ram: "Dual channel DDR4-3200 SODIMMs, 64 GB max", I think the kit you referred to is a desktop memory kit, rather than a laptop (SODIMM) kit. Make sure you get SODIMM, DDR4 ram, supports max 3200Hz and 2x32GB.
      - keyboard looks to be the same as they both use the same X15 barebones system (I.e. same optical mechanical keyboard)
      - battery life: check the Jarrod's Tech review, seems like around 400min watching YouTube on battery saving mode. Seems decent compared to other 11800H laptops (has a big 92Whr battery), but ryzen 5800H laptops get much better battery life for the same battery capacity (~700min under same conditions). Can possibly undervolt, limit boost/TDP, etc to improve it.

      • Thanks for all the info! Ah true about the ram, I guess I would leave as is then, unless the included dimms are single rank and an upgrade would give substantial benefit. Might be worth buying a cheap nvme SSD and installing that as the boot drive too

        I think I might go for it as an all rounder and just hope battery life holds up for day-to-day use, does seem like pretty good value compared to other options out there. Although could wait for CES 2022 as another commenter mentioned above, but then am waiting for availability & reviews etc to come out for those…

        Lack of a mux switch is a downside but from what I've read I could hook this up to a monitor and get similarly improved performance in games that way too?

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          Not actually too much difference between single and dual rank. There is, however, a significant difference between x8 and x16 ram (I.e. memory bank configuration) - where the reduced latency with x8 gives about 10% better fps than x16 memory).
          Though I think dual rank usually guarantees x8 configuration.

          And on lack of mux switch and external monitor - yes, the hdmi port connects directly to the gpu and gives the best performance as it bypasses the igpu.

          Also, according to the Jarrod's Tech review, the usb-c thunderbolt port (which supports DisplayPort) also connects directly to the gpu so might be able to get Adaptive Sync to a compatible monitor.

    • Is it actually a SATA SSD? How did you find out?

      • just assuming its sata because of the lower price compared to other models where nvme ssd is listed

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      Hi Belacqua,

      The SSD is M.2 NVMe model, the speed for read & write are 3500MB/s Read, 2900MB/s Write.

      And thas awesam for answering the rest of the questions!

      BPC Team

      • KC2500?

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    Hi Rep. Can you confirm if no.3 above has webcam please ? Can anyone please advice if no 3 above is an overkill for work like number crunching, running sql reports and watching Netflix. I m happy with Qled to future proof a bit. Is this stronger built then Lenovo's or Dell latitudes pleeeeasssee?? TIA

    • +2

      Not the rep but….

      Because it's using the Intel NUC X15, has a 720p webcam (mediocre quality based on the Jarrod's Tech youtube review posted above).

      Probably is overkill for the use cases you noted - even with resource-intensive number crunching + SQL reports you'd only need a decent CPU + enough memory, whereas this laptop is great because it also comes with a full powered laptop GPU.

      By Qled I assume you mean QHD screen? On a 15.6in sized screen it's a nice to have - it'll look sharper but you probably won't fit more text on the screen compared to FHD. That being said I haven't been able to find detailed specs on the FHD 240hz screen whereas the QHD panel model is known and is decent.

      I'm looking at it as a relatively portable (<2kg) combined work + gaming laptop, with reasonable battery life and thunderbolt 4 to use with a dock (with external monitors + other peripherals).

      IMHO if its just for productivity and you use it as a laptop frequently, I'd prioritise screen quality, portability and battery life - and there are probably better options out there (also with significantly better webcams).

      • +1

        Awoo.. thank you so much. Happy New Year to you and yours mate.

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    @budgetpc - looking at the M15 Q: is the ram x8 or x16? (Not the GB capacity, I mean the memory chip configuration)

    If x16, are they already all pre-built or is it possible to change the memory configuration and pay the difference? (I.e. either to come with no ram, or with a single 16gb 3200hz stick, or x8 memory)

    • -1


    • +2

      Hi Awesam,

      For the M Series Model, the ram is 8GB X8.

      Unfortunately, we don't offer any custom upgrade on the M Series Laptop at the moment.

      Do let me know if you have further questions :).

      BPC Team

      • Perfect, and thanks!

      • hey u guys never answered me - can we pay in full now and get it invoiced out from 16th Jan or a later date? ( i dont mind getting it delivered later as well as long as i can get an invoice written out with the date later than the 15th Jan).

        • Hi khoed792,

          Sorry for the delay.

          Have you contacted our Sales team regarding this? If not, can you send the enquiries over PM or FB?

          BPC Team

          • @BPC Technology: Yeap thanks spoke to James and Dennis who confirmed that once I place the order today, the invoice will be automatically updated but once the laptop is ready for pick up in around 2weeks time, I can get the team to issue me a new invoice with a later date (ie 20th Jan)

  • How does warranty work ? If device is faulty, do we send back to your company?

    How long is the warranty ?

  • Possible to get it on ebay store with this coupon?

  • Hi @budgetpc, any news on when laptops that are ready to dispatch are being sent out? I had the QC Pass ready for dispatch email on the 30/12/21 and have paid for Fastway courier but no further emails. My order on your website still says Processing.

  • hi @budgetpc can we pay in full now and get it invoiced out from 16th Jan or a later date? ( i dont mind getting it delivered later as well as long as i can get an invoice written out with the date later than the 15th Jan

  • Anyone who followed CES 2022 willing to weigh in on whether M15 Q model is still a good deal? Upgrades for laptops this year seem pretty big with either AMD or Intel

    • Depends on on how soon you need the laptop and how much you want to spend. There are some amazing upgrades coming but I think they will cost a lot more than the M models here…

      • Yeah my thoughts are similar, cheers

  • hey do they come with a windows licence?

    • Hmm I swear the website used to say Windows 10 Home but I can't see it anymore… now you have me worried about it

      • it's under specs as "supported operating system", but that's just supported, doesn't say that it comes with one

        quote: "Supported Operating Systems
        Windows 10 Home"

    • On their website it says Windows 10 Home:https://www.bpctech.com.au/kraken-m15-q-kraken-m15-q-gaming-laptop.html#specifications.tab
      I rang and ask them, they confirm it comes with Windows 10.
      Hope this helps.

      • fantastic thanks a lot! which model did you get?

        • I am still thinking the M15 Q 3060 QHD model

          • +1

            @AEZ: solid value. cheapest x15 barebones with same specs QHD 3060 (no SSD, no RAM, no Windows) is $1899 at Umart, I almost bought it without knowing about this deal, but decided that ozbargain is the bottomless well of wisdom, shall we check if there were better deals and this option came up.

  • Did anyone receive it? I don't think these guys have this in stock

    • +2

      I placed an order for one today, they said it needs to be "assembled", and should be ready for pickup "early next week"

      I went for the 1999 option (240hz FHD & 3070)

    • On the website it says its still in stock. I bought mine and they sent me an email saying its processing ("getting all parts ready"). Next thing will be to build it and dispatch it so I'm pretty sure they do have it in stock.

      • Web site lets you add 5000 models of the same laptop to the cart and checkout. If they need time to build it from the NUC kit then they should advertise build time like they do for kraken desktops

        • Yeah the lead time should've been more obvious, I don't remember seeing it anywhere on the site before purchasing. They give an estimate of 2 weeks once the confirmation email comes through.

          Ordered on Thursday, got a "parts reserved" message on Friday. Their tracking system has building and QC.

          Hoping it gets here a bit faster than the 2 week build and possible 2 week delivery… My old laptop died and it's holidays…

    • My delivery is due between the 12th and 14th

    • Mine ordered on the 6th, completed QC today and hopefully will be posted tomorrow. If I was a local I could've picked it up.

  • +1

    So… What are ppl deciding after the CES 2022 release of the the Intel processor?

    • I don't care about that, just the GPU

      I flipped my old laptop just after CES announcement as it went from 1 gen old to 2 gen old

      1999 is an awesome price for a 3070 and I am grabbing that

      I'll flip it in a few months without a big loss and maybe buy something with new Intel CPU, maybe not. but whatever it is, it won't be as cheap, so I am not waiting for that

      usually I buy last gen because it's just as good, but costs much less

    • I figured I'm not getting a full powered 3070 for a better price regardless. Sure something might pop up, but odds on me actually managing to buy it before stock is gone… I don't have time to jump through hoops trying to get a laptop (mine died on New Years while away from home).

      Nearly took the (massive) spec hit and just bought whatever was at Harvey Norman/JBHIFI for $2000 so I'd have a computer…

      • what ddid ya end up getting in the end?

        • The $1999 one.

          I don't need battery life an amazing screen or a mux switch, just power and portability. $2000 was my cap. Almost went the dell outlet for an Alienware M15 R5 Ryzen for $2200, but checking reviews this had better performance and thermals. Legion 5 pro 3070 at $2500ish was my first choice, but there was no stock and even the best priced historically was a hard stretch.

          I was having a hard time choosing between it and the 3060 qhd model listed but in the end decided power trumped screen when it's on the TV most of the time anyway.

          It will spend most days plugged in, on a cooling pad, hooked up to a TV and surround sound system. I have an ultra portable 15+ hour battery life laptop for work (work owned and managed/monitored) and a Chromebook with around 14 hours life for browsing light weight stuff.

          • @johndoh89: im thinking of getting one for video n photo editing, do you think legion will be better option?

            • @khoed792: Without specs on the screens you may find these don't have the colour accuracy for serious editing. The qhd is reviewed here

              I'm not even sure the Legion has that great of a screen for that purpose you probably want to try and find one of the oleds with 100% dci colour if possible. I think Asus, Razor and Gigabyte have models.

              If I were to buy one of these for serious graphics work and not connecting it to an external screen I'd get the QHD if these models were my only choice. It is only 95% srgb, which is low for graphics work.

              • +1

                @johndoh89: as far as I am aware, no "crap" FHD 240Hz panels exist in the wild, the panel making industry just simply hasn't caught up yet. there's plenty options of "crap" panels in 120hz, 144hz range (low brightness, poor color space coverage, slow GtG refresh etc.), but nothing like that in 240hz range: there are only 8 panels out there (6 from Sharp, and one each from AUO and BOE), and all of them seem decent at least in specsheets (300nit, full sRGB coverage, GtG is 9ms or under), so I think 240Hz FHD is also a safe enough bet

                full sRGB coverage is good enough for photo and video work, as long as you target online media output

                printing is a different story of course, but you'll most likely use an external monitor for that anyway

                • @shabaka: ahh wouldn't you want to go for QHD instead of FHD for graphic design + movie + work excelspread sheet work + gaming?
                  he says if you're solely using it for gaming then go for FHD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDsohbWSHFc

                  • @khoed792: the previous laptop I had was 300Hz FHD 17.3"

                    honestly, I tried QHD panels in laptops, and it does make some sense in the 17.3" form factor, but at 15.6" I would rather have smoother picture (higher FPS and Hz) than more pixels. honestly I see no difference between QHD and FHD at the comfortable viewing distance, so why bother, I just go for FHD with higher Hz when given a chance.

                    also, my use is half gaming half photo/video work, and gaming is probably more important to me at this stage, and I do have a good external monitor for editing if I like

                    • @shabaka: Good points and one of the reasons I went FHD as well. I have a Dell XPS 15 UHD and programs have to be scaled up in size to be usable… thanks for the info about the 240Hz panels, since buying unseen it's one thing I've been worrying about before mine arrives. I chose the RTX3060 though…

                      • @Aqueous: yeah.. I could have saved $$ a bit and go 3060 but I had a budget of $2k and almost went for Intel branded X15 with 3060 and QHD from Umart for $1900 (barebones)

                        but then I saw this deal and thought oh wow. plus SSD plus RAM (even if it's one channel who cares I have my own kit) plus Windows and 3070 instead of 3060 for just $100 more. sold! and I am actually more comfortable with FHD instead of QHD as explained above, so I am ultra happy

                        let's just hope this thing is quality because if not it's going straight back

                        • @shabaka: Yeah I was the same except the umart deal wasn't there until recently. Could get the barebones rtx3060 240Hz from computer alliance for $2070, then saw this on Ozbargain, pure fluke. Yep fingers crossed 🤞

                    • @shabaka: aside from the monitor (as i do not play games at all) - do you think that extra $400 justifies the upgrade from 1 to 2Tb ssd + 16 to 32gb ram increase?

                      • @khoed792: I think it depends on whether you have components already or not

                        I already have a great 3200hz 32gb 16x2 set of RAM and 2x 1tb SSD, so paying for those makes no sense in my case

                        and I don't need the QHD panel either

                        if you don't have any of those components it's actually good deal to upgrade to 2399

  • seriously though, @budgetpc

    could you please run the HWinfo on the 3070 FHD one and tell us the exact 240hz panel model installed?

    • try calling them - keep us posted with their response on this 240hz panel

      • Intel specsheet says this:

        "Narrow Bezel IPS 15.6” FHD, 16:9 ratio, 240Hz, LED backlight,
        Response Time=5ms nominal"

        I don't think they would be able to find out. often people selling PC's aren't tech savvy

        • Was thinking of buying but most info (from posters) on this thread seems to be coming from youtube or google. Noticed OP has not confirmed nor deny much of the info. If only OP attempt to provide clarity, would be more incline to purchase.

          • @LurvinOZB: yeah I just got off the phone and they aren't able to provide this info. they say panel model might vary between batches etc.

            I will update this thread when I het mine, but that will be Friday the earliest

            • +2

              @shabaka: Mine has been built and passed QC and is up to processing today. Which apparently means they send it asap.

              I'll probably do a quick mini review when I get mine and post up if no one beats me to it.

              • @johndoh89: +1
                youtube review please

                • @ChiMot: I've never done a YouTube review in my life and I hate the sound of my own voice, but I'll probably put something basic together. Some benchmarks, photos, maybe a video, proper specs list.

                  I don't have any fancy tools to test colour accuracy etc that require external tools.

                  • @johndoh89: ah you know, just running HWinfo and noting the panel will do a lot

                    because we can then just look up reviews with the same panel on notebookcheck or laptopmedia

                    • @shabaka: That's about the depth of the review I was planning.
                      Hwinfo specs, some benchmarks, maybe a photo/video of it.

                      • @johndoh89: fantastic, I hope you like the new laptop!

                        I will follow up with the store if it's going to be ready for me to pick up on Friday (I am away on a business trip)

                        till then I think I will rest easy since the only thing I am worried about so far is the panel, and I think it can't be a bad one if they chose something readily available on the market (there are only 8 panels of FHD at 240hz)

                        one of them (by AU Optronics) is likely to be out, as it's a 500nit panel that goes into designer laptops and covers Adobe RGB (10 bit colour)

                        the rest are your run of the mill gaming panels that went into older gen of Razer Blade 15 when they carried FHD 240hz

                        so it can't be bad really. either one of the Sharp ones, or the BOE. both are stocked at the big suppliers

                        • @shabaka: Yeah if it was AUO they'd certainly be stating the specs as a selling point.

                          The Sharp panels seem to be all pretty similar and the BOE seems to be around the same. The QHD panel is a BOE, but that doesn't mean much.

                          Oddly enough it doesn't look like any of the panels are 5ms gtg according to the below:


                          • @johndoh89: I think Intel wasn't sure which exact panel they are going to get either, I don't think they handled the actual put-together

                            probably an average number

                            • @shabaka: Yeah, which makes me think it is one of the Sharp ones they probably just get whatever Sharp the supplier has in stock at the time.

                          • @johndoh89: my payment is confirmed (was a bank transfer), mine is being "assembled" now

                            I wonder what 1tb SSD gets installed

              • @johndoh89: you got same as I did, right? $1999 3070 FHD

  • hey guys i'm a cheap student looking for a decent laptop for my 2nd year of architecture and was considering the $1599 M15 Q (the one with the 3060 and QHD res). I was wondering for your guys opinions, as it looks like quite a decent deal for the price.

    I have a 3080 desktop pc at home(i7-7700k looking to upgrade to DDR5-ready rig also some time this year) so I am just wanting something that can do some decent AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, Lumion, Photoshop etc. works for the times I'm at campus and needing to do some work in between waiting for the next studio/lecture and finishing some tasks before heading home (takes me about 60-90mins by train to get home).

    I realise that there were some announcements for newer gen for Lenovo Legion series coming next month and the popular zephyrus G14/G15 later in 2022(I was keen on getting a Legion or zephyrus laptop until I saw this deal), so I am not sure if I should grab this M15 Q now or not. I kinda think I won't be getting anything as good for 1,500~2000AUD any time soon though.

    For the upcming semester one, I believe RMIT city campus is looking forward to having face-to-face classes, where restrictions allow, too. But if it ends up being mostly online, I would rather not spend of course hehe.

    TLDR; do you guys think the M15 Q is a good deal and I should pull the trigger on it? I just need a laptop for architecture classes for when I am on campus as I do have a pretty good desktop PC at home and would rather dump more money into that system.

    • hard to say, would a 15.6" laptop work for those purposes? in terms of screen size

      if so, I think it's a good deal. at least you won't find a full power 3060 with a good 165Hz QHD panel for this price

      quality is another question, I only saw the JT YouTube review, not much else out there, this thing is so new. odd Intel is rolling this out now, just before CES announcement when it was slated to become last gen almost immediately after release. maybe took a while to sort out the kinks of 3rd party licensing for resellers like XPG, BPC Tech here etc.

      • 15.6" is more than enough to work with IMO anyway. And in the studios at campus, we can hook it up to the available monitors and projectors etc. In fact, I was looking at the Zephyrus G14 just for the portability for a bit hehe.

        Yeah, I'm pretty sure I watched the same review too (although he was reviewing the 3070, 32GB RAM one) and it seemed pretty convincing that it was good value, but even this one with the RTX3060/2x8GB RAM/QHD 165Hz for $1599 feels pretty good too.

        I really just don't want to spend too much on the laptop, just need it for occasional stay at campus as I'd rather pump more money into my desktop at home since I'll probably spend lots of late nights using that for school work anyway.

        I'll likely end up buying the $1599 M15 Q — seems like quite the deal and probably won't get something similar or better specs for around the same price, at least not between now and March (when classes get going).

        • yeah, I was tossing up between the 3060 and 3070 config and decided that it's better to have 3070 for just a bit more

          3060 configs are amazing at this price, with alloy build and good panels

          • @shabaka: you going for the X15 Q (32GB RAM WITH qhd 165 Hz) or the X15 F (16gb 240 Hz FHD)?

            I had considered paying $400 more for the FHD/16GB/3070 in the X15 F, but trying to cheap out as much as possible as well since it won't be my "main" machine, just one for when I am not home or want to work outside of my bedroom lol

            edit: not really looking to game on it

            • @GrsySandwich33: I think these are a great deal and BPC beat other retailers into discounting them before the new gen Alder Lake ones come out in Q2

              • @Aqueous: are you encouraging me to go for the $1599 one now as it's great value for my uses, or suggesting I wait for the refresh with the newer stuff in approx. Q2 which could be around the same price?

                • @GrsySandwich33: I think the new ones will be much dearer and these are a good deal, but that is just my opinion

                  • @Aqueous: sorry, what do you mean by "dearer"? English isnt my first language
                    thanks for your input though! I will take them into consideration

                    • @GrsySandwich33: I think you'll be paying over $2000 for the new Intel Alder Lake X15 NUC barebones RTX3060 with no ram, no ssd, and no windows OS. You'll get a better processor (12th gen 14 core?) but after adding ram, ssd and OS you'll be close to $2500 or the RTX3070 version will cost even more.

                      Just read the new ones coming out have a much smaller battery too:
                      "The integrated battery will no longer be a 95 Wh model and instead will feature 46 Wh or 62 Wh variants depending on the display"
                      I like the look of these current ones better for my purposes…

                      Sorry mate hope that all makes sense

                      • @Aqueous: nono that does make sense and I am of the same opinion that they'll def be $2000+ and so the $1599 3060 one is very good value for someone like me who is just looking to use as a 2nd device when I am not home using my main desktop where I'd like most of my money for upgrades to go anyway

                        Thanks again, sorta just wanted some 2nd opinions to make myself feel more confident about the deal hjehe

            • @GrsySandwich33: I went for the 3070 / FHD 240Hz config. I like the higher refresh rates, and don't care about QHD in 15.6" form factor. at this size difference will be minimal, while extra load on the GPU and battery will be considerable

              FHD only at 15.6".

              • @shabaka: fair. I will check out the 3060 vs 3070 in these laptops in regards to the apps that I use like 3D rendering and photoshop, CAD etc. and if the performance jump is big enough to justify the $400 increase for the 3070, I'll grab that instead for sure (the FHD 3070 one).

                • @GrsySandwich33: Just FYI I bought the 3060 FHD 240Hz for best battery life of the bunch…

                • @GrsySandwich33: and by the way, considering that this is the same as Xenia 15 laptop (same X15 chassis, just different RAM and SSD), 3070 model BPC sell for $2299 is same as what MWave is selling for $1k more and calls that a sale


                  • @shabaka: Wow good find! I didn't know where you could get the XPG version.
                    Looks like the Alder Lake version of Intel X15 NUC won't have the 240Hz as an option either…

  • +2

    Got mine. BOE 1440P panel. Everything is good except the speakers which have 0 bass. And volume is low.

    • how's the build quality? which one did you get, 3060 or 3070?

      how does the keyboard feel?

      is the laptop loud? hot?

      • +1

        Coming from Macbooks, I would say build quality is good and I like the hinge and screen quality. Touchpad feels like macbooks except for clicks of course. Very good performance on battery. Its hot but not too loud. Fans are pleasent. Keyboard is good but needs some getting used to. No audible noise on headphone jack when used with my very sensitive sennheiser ie300's. There might not be enough power on headphone port to drive bigger over the ear headphones with high volume

        I bought it as a gift. I would by one for myself if the speakers are good because I watch youtube on my laptop a lot and I want good speakers

        • thanks a lot IE 7 😜

          now we only need to find out the quality of the 240hz FHD panel

        • what's the SSD model you got? is it 1tb

            • @InternetExplorer: wow! I hope to see the same in my build

              that is generous. I mean OK it's not a Gen4 NVMe which this puppy supports. but it's not a throway QLC or something else slow moving like P1 or NV1 or some obscure Corsair

              KC2500 is a solid drive and is good to remain the boot drive. I will stick my 980 (dramless Samsung) into the second slot as it has my games on it, and keep my current boot A2000 in external enclosure. fantastic

      • Got 3060 $1599 model

    • Thanks for the info. May I ask, when did you order? And did you use express or the free BPC shipping?

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