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Sony OLED 83" A90J Television $8285 Delivered @ Sony Store


Been eyeing for this TV for ages and finally pulled the trigger, hoping it is a good deal. Thought I'd try and share it.

Sony OLED 83inch A90J Television for $8285 @ (Currently 10% Cashrewards for Sony website).

Purchased with Cashrewards works out to be approx. $7531.88 + free shipping.

Happy boxing day all.

Update: Cashrewards has been reduced to 2%.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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    BE WARNED, Cashreward is known for rejecting Cashback, especially from SONY, this happen to me twice on Sony TV on the Sony website in the last 3 years.

    • That is a worry. I assume by the time it's rejected you could have your TV and be unable to cancel or return as well?

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        I got an email after it tracked my transaction for the amount $xx, then when the day come 3months down the track, they rejected them and made up some lame excuses that it does not meet their requirement..blah..blah..blah, even though all my requirement are met. Not worth it. I find Shopback work much better and they will pay you.

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          Agreed, I've had some odd last minute rejections. As soon as I mention it here though I get PMs from a certain user asking me to remove my posts in exchange for the matter to be "looked in to". They get told to G&GF as this is what should happen anyway. Shopback is way better.

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      If, as sween64 states below, the TV price without cashrewards is the same as other boxing day sales, then the worse you end up if cashrewards doesn't cough up is with a good deal, whereas if they do then it is a really good deal.

      I've used cashrewards twice before with success but on other websites. I just used cashrewards today with Sony, for a receiver not this TV, and I already have an email back from cashrewards telling me what I will be paid in 100 or so days, ie. so far so good. Again, the price I paid pre-cashrewards is the best I could find in today's sales anyway, so cashrewards is just potential gravy for me.

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        I behave in a similar way. Cash back is a sweetener for most deals, I will try to find the best price for large purchases pre-cash back.

        Having said that, using the iOS app of CR or SB I think I've only had 1 tracking issues over dozens of purchases.

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      From experience Cashreward pays out small amounts immediately, and finds excuses not to pay larger amounts. Forever waiting….

  • Same price at JB and HN. But I guess the 10/11% cb sweetens the deal.

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    Go on, get one for the Kid's room too…

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    Nice deal and If I knew Sony's promises of actually working VRR would come through I would buy it this second.

    But having researched and watched way many things on TV's, a lot of knowledgeable people say it's the limited chipset in this TV that can't do working gaming features even though Sony won't admit it. And it will fixed in the 2022 models with a new chip.

    If I spend this sort of money on a TV I want it to be a great at everything and not have to compromise.

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      I'm thinking the same, also hoping initial prices come down a bit on next year's models

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        If you are not in a hurry for upgrade, check QDOLED next year, it looks promising. But 2022 only seems to have 55/65inch QDOLED with a high price tag due to low yield rate(~50%). Bigger size will eventually come, and hopefully VRR flickering issue fixed on Oled by then.

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    Those cashback websites are not honest at all.

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      Being frugal isn't about being cheap, it's about getting the best value for YOUR money. If you can't afford an $8k tv, it's not for you but it could be for someone else, so can we stop gatekeeping deals?

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    $8000 and it doesn't even do VRR?

  • -3

    thanks OP, bought 3

    1 for lounge, 1 for master bedroom and 1 for guest room

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    For those who don't want to play Cashback roulette: $7870 with eBay plus

  • Is there a discount for 2?

  • Why are Sony TV's substantially more expensive than LG Pleads?

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      Main reasons are manufacture cost and brand value.

      All WRGB OLED panels are manufactured by LG display, so Sony buys panels from LG, with LG's profit margin.
      Also, sony acoustic surface costs more.

      However, A90J is same panel as LG G1, and LG G1 only has up to 77inch because of gallery design.
      so cerntainly A90J 83 inch is more expensive than LG C1 83inch or LG G1 77inch.

      For the brand, Sony is more wellknown and has more reputation worldwide, so they can set a higher price tag and still has enough sales volumn.

      This price of A90J is reasonable, if you want best movie experience and not playing much gaming.

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    Is this good for the PS5?

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      LG OLED TVs would be a bit better for gaming but Sony OLED TVs aren't far off.

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        True until Sony rolls out VRR - then LG becomes the inferior budget option due to Sony superior motion, OOTB colour accuracy, HDR.

        But given how they have gone with VRR so far, probably not gonna happen for 2021 Sony TVs.

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