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Logitech MX Master Mouse $66.56 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Not quite the cheapest it’s been but still a good price for a very popular mouse.

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This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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    spend a bit more and get the Mx Master 3 for $109

    The original mx master has this glitch where your mouse will stop working if you switch devices


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      Agreed, pay the extra $40~ and have it last longer (original has a tendency to have the scroll break), future proof with USB C charging and better forward/back key placement.

      • Surprised that you mentioned the forward/back key placement. It's my only complaint so far since switching from original MX to MX 3. But I'm sure I'll get used to it haha

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        I found the opposite, the mx3 I have already had to replace 2 of them where as my original is still working fine apart from the silver on the wheel starting to fade visually, functionally it's still perfect. Also on all of my MX3 I have had to take apart to fix the thumb button from getting stuck which has happened at varying times through using them. Still think it's a good mouse but personally wouldn't pay 60% more for it.

        • What, you mean the mx3 still has the glitch when you change devices?

          • @Homr: No, never had that problem on either version when using the unifier USB however I did have some issues a while back with Bluetooth on the original, was referring to the quality and having it "last longer". While I think about it I have also had lag issues with both versions using USB 3 ports which I have read up on and seems to be a common issue when using other USB 3 ports on the same header, but have them on USB 2 and don't have any issues

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          Seriously with the thumb button still? I have the MX1 and MX2. The former has outlasted the latter because the thumb pad button gets stuck on the MX2. I'm surprised they still haven't addressed that flaw for the MX3. I swear they made a popular mouse with the MX1 and then realised they needed to introduce some planned obsolescence to get people buying more.

      • I've been using these mouses since they were released and never had an issue with the scroll breaking. I've had them just stop responding - I think I'm on my third once since they launched, but never had a problem with the scroll. Before the MX Master I was using the original MX Revo which had the same scroll wheel. I'd been using those for about 10 years (had to replace some micro switches and batteries) but the scrolls never stopped working.

    • Where is the master 3 for 109?

        • They price match Dicksmith? Its it import version?

          • @Jklaro: Yeh they priced matched for me.

            They said no at first but they allowed me at the end after I did some smooth talking. I mentioned that I called up head office to enquire who said yes and also quoted their policy below which mentions that they price match online stores.


          • +1

            @Jklaro: It's very hit and miss, depends on the staff member who serves you. Their general policy is to price match as long as it's not a grey import (which this one is - noted in the Description tab).

            From experience, some won't care if it is and will still price match regardless, or if you're really unlucky, they'll refuse to price match Dick Smith/Kogan even if it specifically says it's Aus stock.

            • @MitchyD1989: oh right, it does too. I might gotten lucky then. They did have a quick scroll on the dick smith site and didn't see that bit. They focused on the warranty & return section

        • 🤔 Why pricematch at officeworks instead of just getting it from there?

          Is it because of shipping/pickup/etc? ​ Not liking dicksmith?

    • +1

      From experience, I wouldn't recommend the v3 over the v1. Unless you plan to get the MX Keys in the future (it pairs with the 3).

      I say this because I got the v1 through work in 2015 and its never skipped a beat since (I still use it daily). Over the years I've procured the 2s and the 3 for colleagues and they'd frequently complain about the mouse freezing or cutting out. As in, randomly while working/using the mouse it just drops out. In most cases, this is resolved by using the bundled dongle. Otherwise it works okay for them.

      On the other hand, my v1 has been used with many PCs / phone / tablets over normal bluetooth pairing and I've never had a "freeze" or any similar issue ever. I don't even know where my dongle is…

      The v1 is just good quality…. (in my experience)

      • the V1 is great if it wasn't for the stupid design flaw.


        • Thanks for the heads up. Haven't experienced this yet myself though.

          • @Warehouse: It only happens if u change devices. If you're only using 1 device then you wont have this problem.

            I switch between my home desktop and work laptop all the time so this issue pisses me right off.

      • I got v2 and yes sometimes it got cut off suddenly no idea why.
        Didnt happen previously until recently I connected to surface book as 2nd device ( to replace surface pro).
        Could be coincidence though.
        It's connected via Bluetooth to all PCs

        • Does using the dongle make any difference for you? If it means anything, my colleagues that had issues were either using the Surface Pro (first gen) or the HP Pro X2…

          • @Warehouse: Hmmm didn't try dongle .. interesting. Maybe Bluetooth interference..?

      • +1

        Never had any issues as well with v1 rocking it since 2015. So good that I have 2 for on the go + at home. Using it on windows and mac.

      • I could eventually use the v3 after they re-positioned the forward/back buttons and fixed the thumb scroller. The v1 sat in the box for 3 years as a replacement for the revolution mx.

    • Yeah I love how quiet the scroll is on the 3, night and day compared to the 2

    • My original MX Master has been my main work mouse since 2014 and is still going strong.

      I have the MX Master 2S and 3 here too, the 2S was a nice step up and just feels like a newer MX Master, the scroll wheel in the 3 feels weird and I've not got used to it and don't use it so much. I sort of wish they would bring that clutch scroll mechanism to the G502 Hero range and then I think I'd have a perfect mouse ;)

  • +2

    It's a great mouse for this price. Bought one pre Xmas… Took 4 days from shipping to delivery… They used DHL.

  • Picked one up, thank you! <3

  • Been like this for a while though

  • Recommendations for full size keyboard (preferably multi device) other than MX Keys?

    • Logitech G915 or G613

      I got the G613, one of the best purchases I've made. Couldn't be more happier and my type speed has gone up because of it

      G613 on special


      • +2

        I would avoid anything with Toner Romer G switches though. They don't have a good reputation long term. I thought it wouldn't bother me so hot one anyways and what do you know. 13 months after purchase Everytime I hit W or K it registers as a double press. Very very poor long term performance.

        • Warranty is 2 years, send it back?

      • My G613 had keys start to double-press just after end of warranty period. Compressed air didn't do anything. I wouldn't bother with a Logitech mechanical again. Replaced it with a Keychron K10.

  • +3

    not sure what issues the others face - but mine is working perfectly well.

    edit - and to justify that type of 60% premium (to upgrade to the MX3) is not worth it for 99% of users.

  • How good is this for a mac user? Can't survive without gesture support

    • Just got the MX bundle today (MX Master 3 + MX Keys), doesn't appear to fully support gestures like the magic mouse does. e.g. I can use horizontal scroll to dismiss notifications, but not to pin/delete threads in Messages.

      Not a dealbreaker for me though, really happy with it overall.

  • This is my daily driver (office work, use a different mouse for gaming).

    Good mouse, ergonomic, and the automatic switch between ratcheting scroll vs free-wheel mode makes scrolling pages a breeze.
    The dial thing near the thumb is great for volume control.

    One big problem for me is the side button (forward button) being too small for my thumb to easily press, which has been adressed in 2 and 3.

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    Still on my mx master from 5/6 years ago

    • +1

      Still using the grandaddy, an MX 5500 Revolution. Have had to solder a fresh microswitch for left click, but otherwise it's doing fine. USB recharging would be nice, tho ;-)

  • Hi I’m looking for a portable mouse for a new MacBook Pro

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    • +1

      All of them are portable.

  • How do they even still ahve stock, are they still making this or just old stock lying around?

    If you're really on a budget I would get this anyway, still ahve mine and it's working fine. It has a nice bronze accent vs the grey of the mx3. Feel wise they're about the same.

    • Surely old stock. The MX2 was so similar that I can't see why they'd continue making both.

  • +1 Just picked up a MX3 Master from OW for $103 (price matched).

    Installing the blotware now, would have liked the mouse to carry a little extra weight. Bit on the light side for my preference…

    • Wait, does OW pbg from Amazon..? 😮

      • PB DSE/Kogan. Just depends which store you go to and the agent you get.

  • Great mouse. I bought one earlier in the year through work for $49, and since left and bought my own for $60 a month ago when Amazon had the $10 gift voucher with a MasterCard spend deal.

  • Weird question, but do the MX Master mice have hardware acceleration? I'm used to only buying gaming-branded mice since those sensors (supposedly) don't have in-built acceleration, and I find it a lot easier to use a mouse when there's zero acceleration.

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