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Amazon Kindle 8GB (10th Gen) - Black $109 + Delivery ($0 eBay Plus) @ Big W eBay


Meet the all-new Kindle, now with a built-in adjustable front light so you can read indoors and outdoors and at more times of day. Purpose-built for reading, Kindle features a glare-free touchscreen display that reads like real paper, even in direct sunlight.

Note: I don't see any comment in the listing about it being waterproof…

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    I’ve got the shits with my echo studio so Amazon is in the naughty corner

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    Just an FYI newest is 11th gen which came out a few months ago

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      Thats the Paperwhite, this is just a normal kindle. There is no normal 11th Gen Kindle yet. Better value is the Paperwhite, it was $160 for the new one during Black Friday.

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        My daughter has paper white and I was going to get her sister this until I read your comment.

      • $50 more for the paper white was better value?

        • Worth it

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          $50 more gets you double the RAM, better processor, larger screen, more than double the screen resolution, usb-c charging, almost double PPI, better battery life. Seems like a no brainer to be comparing the Kindle 10th Gen with the latest Paperwhite. I would wait to get it for $160 again and not pay the 230 RRP.

  • Does it do audible yet?

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      This is not the mobile device you are looking for ..

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      Yes it does but no headphone jack so you need to use Bluetooth headphones. It also only supports amazon.com or amazon.co.uk Audible libraries so if you are using an Australian Audible account no luck for you.

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    Re "I don't see any comment in the listing about it being waterproof" - that's because this is the base Kindle with a front light. The back lit Paper white is the waterproof one. Just fyi.

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      They're all frontlit, its the nature of the reflective e-ink screens.
      The paperwhite in the 10th gen had a higher resolution screen than the base model and water resisteance. Both had a cool white frontlight
      11th Gen paperwhite has (vs 10th gen paperwhite) a larger screen and the adjustable colour temp frontlight that was previously limited to the oasis model.

      If you have any previous gen kindle and contact amazon support to report any kind of issue with it whatsoever, they'll give you a 15% refund on the purchase of a new one, I've done it twice (both when it was already on sale).

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        full % cashback also with Amazon devices.

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        fantastic I didn't know that! just did that

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    does the CPU and RAM get better every year?

    I have a 3rd gen Paperwhite and I put the entire Malazan 10 volume book series onto it (as one ebook) and it couldn't handle it (each book is about 1200 pages on average). It was super laggy and froze.

    • Just split the 10 volumes into seperate files?

      • i don't know how to do that. It was sold as one volume. I could have bought them separately though but it would have cost more.

  • Would this be good for just a casual book reader? I'm a librarian with Council and so read a lot of books but not too much, maybe one book a week/fortnight?. I've been reading physical for as long as I can remember but eBooks are on the rise due to COVID-19 and whatnot… Just also wanted to know if the kindle as Libby/BorrowBox support for library card holders? If not, then all good, I guess I can afford the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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      No Libby/borrow box support

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      Get a kobo instead. Overdrive support directly from the device and ability to transfer books from borrowbox using Adobe Digital editions.

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      The Kindle is not borrower-friendly as Amazon wants you to spend money buying ebooks instead of borrowing them. It’s antithetical to the public library concept 😰.

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        @tacos4brekkie. Just discovering the world of available ebooks. Also possible to join multiple libraries to access wider collections. If in NSW, City of Sydney library allows joining and access to digital collection open to any NSW resident. With Kobo, able to have multiple libraries with overdrive, I believe although yet to test this out (https://tedbrakob.medium.com/how-to-use-kobo-overdrive-integ...).

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          Another good option is to use a program called Calibre. Allows you to transfer any format book onto your Kindle. Been using Calibre for years and recommend it. Fairly sure it’s freeware too

        • cheers mate. any suggestions for the Kobo's paperwhite 11th gen counterpart? Got no idea about their model lineup. So it's an Overdrive App on eReaders but on any other mobile device it's Libby? Seems a bit weird and disjointed but I'll take a free book when I can get it!

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            @tacos4brekkie: I've just gotten a Kobo Clara HD for the kids. Was about $155. 6 inch, good backlight, not waterproof but we won't be reading in the rain or by a pool. Yes Overdrive (Libby) is in the Kobo. Accesses books directly via Wifi. Borrowbox at our library you have to borrow on web catalogue, download file, open in Adobe Digital Editions, do one-off authorisation of your Kobo, then transfer to the Kobo via cable.

      • It priviliges those who have money. For sure, authors also need to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. We have 23 copies of Trent Dalton's Love Stories on our shelves but over 80 reservations. Those at the end of the line will probably have to wait over a year to get their copy to borrow. If you don't mind waiting, public libraries are great!

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          I've never heard of that book before. Why is there such a big demand for it?

          • @bakemon0: @bakemon0 - This was just an example of any popular book that's recently come out - demand is huge and public libraries can only buy so many copies as allotted to our budget by Council. We can't buy 80 copies, only 20-30 usually. Imagine Matthew Reilly's 'The One Impossible Labyrinth', I think we bought 29 copies and there are nearly 90 reserves for it. It's just a supply and demand thing, since this is normal demand but we are almost always short in supply.

            Love Stories is a book I'm reading right now. It's a non-fiction by Trent Dalton, a Brisbane-based author who one day got a folding table, couple of folding chairs and a typewriter, sat down in front of King George Square Bus Station (if you're a Brisbane local you would know where it is) and asked strangers on the street to tell him a love story. It's a collection of these people's stories and memoirs and so it's really heartwarming and feels genuine.

            Kind of like a Strangers of New York collection/anthology of short love stories. If that's your thing, recommend picking it up.

            • @tacos4brekkie: Oh okay, that does sound interesting. what happens with all your copies once demands die down?

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                @bakemon0: Good question. An internal collections team pretty much handles the entire circulation around all our libraries. They see stats from the backend regarding borrow rates of any given book etc. If the book that was once popular isn’t getting any borrows anymore, they would take many off the shelves, usually leaving less than 10, sometimes less than 3, to make way for new books. I’m not quite sure where old books go but they may be sold to other libraries or be donated to be sold for low prices at book fairs and such. The exception to this rule is children’s books/picture books. They seem to have much more longevity compared to adult titles.

                • @tacos4brekkie: i guess kids books have more longevity because kids don't really care what's new apart from exceptions of bluey/wiggles/disney so they'll just read whatever they can.
                  thanks for answering my questions btw

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      I use Calibre and load it with pirated books. I realise that this approach may be problematic to somebody who works in a library.

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        @CommuterPolluter lol. I work in a public library where the objective is to provide as many free resources to the community as we can. People just want to survive man, no matter what that looks like.

        Our budget’s limited by our Council’s CEO. We want more budget into community programs and libraries but all the CEO does is fund community sports and recreational centres… There’s a massive imbalance and I’m always aware that there’s someone at the very top with a lot of stuff they probably don’t need… I’m not the book police mate… Just someone who loves reading… :)

  • This looks like a recent paper white, but it's not waterproof? I upgraded to the waterproof one to read in the bath, but was too scared to use it in the bath in the end.

    • This is the regular Kindle, not the Paperwhite. It is not waterproof.

  • Tempting as my old kindles battery is now pretty shyte. But other than that it's fine 🤔

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    Kobo is better. more expensive, but better in every way

    • Why?

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        you probably can't put pdfs on kindle

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          You can do that. You email the pdf to the kindle and do a convert. You can also use Calibre so it changes the file so the Kindle can handle it.

          • @pikapika: Too long a process. With Kobo it’s drag and drop
            I have both and love Kobo

        • Just get the "send to kindle" for PC/Mac and you can right click your PDFs or pirated kindle books and send them straight to your kindle over the internet.

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        Can use council library stuff through “overdrive” - I think

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