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Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Overhead Headphones, Black $249 Delivered (Save $120) @ Amazon AU


Brand Sony
Colour Black
Connector Type Wireless
Form factor Over Ear
Noise control Active Noise Cancellation

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    These had great noise cancellation, but after a year don't seem to do much (yes on NC mode).

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      They work for noise cancellation but they don't work as well as XM4 or probably newer headphones from other brands. The frequencies that they cancel are more limited. So walking next to a busy road you'll still hear the cars, but at at a lower volume, but on a Bus they do an amazing job of removing the low frequency engine noise. Only problem I have with them is how hot they are in summer

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        Had two pairs of XM3 and noise cancellation started out great but eroded greatly, and thats under the same noise conditions.

        • You should return if faulty, that's bad news if they only have a limited life, I had the earbud version and their noise cancellation died

        • I've owned a pair for several years now, haven't noticed any changes.

          The noise cancellation picks up outside noise via outward pointing microphones, runs it through an algorithm and plays a cancelling tone. I don't see how that could get degraded it's just software.

          Have yours become clogged with dust?

        • Mine are fine 3-4 years on. Haven't noticed degradation.

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            @snoopydoop: Seconded, hair can also affect the noise cancelling, a fresh haircut (male) with limited hair gives a great noise cancelling effect, but when your hair is longer it’s definitely worse. You also need to do calibrations every couple of weeks or so to make sure it’s still setup for your current wearing conditions.

            After weighing up the xm3/xm4 I would grab the xm3’s again, got a pair for my partner for $200 on the amazon lightning black friday deal which was insane. Would be hard pressed to move on from these headphones.

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          Maybe your ears have evolved?

          • @lostinsydney: Haha im pretty sure mine did. I can hear my neighbour testing all his v8s and leafblowing…grass? much more now than when I first started using them to block that. My Xm4s are much better though so maybe there is a defect that can cause the xm3s issues.

        • a lot of the cancellation depends on passive sealing as well. The pads would have degraded which would make the ANC capabilities plummet.

  • The mic in these sound like they pick up a fair bit of background noise…?
    Could anyone confirm this please ✌️

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      If you care about call quality get the Bose. Sony's strongpoint is the ANC.

      • ANC?

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          active noise cancellation

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      Yes, great headphones, but using them as a headset isn't a good idea.

  • Xm3 are not good for talking on the phone.

  • I've currently got the bose QC25 from about 6 years ago and they've def done the job. Besides the clear favour of the sony headphones, has anyone got personal experience that can attest?

  • I was actually looking for a set of these or the xm4’s recently. Ordered the other day, delivery tomorrow! Thanks OP!

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