This was posted 6 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Talon Ant Kill Gel 5g $5.50 (Was $8.00) @ Woolworths


Ants take it back to the nest and it kills them and the queen after a day or two

For small brown ants you could try Ant Rid a bit cheaper also on special at woolies now, but does not cover as many Ant species as Talon

For use inside the home. Outside the gel will skin over too fast.

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    Great product
    This thing works

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      Second that.

      Within 24 hours, the trail of ant ingress is gone.

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      The cockroach one works too!

      Don't waste your money buying anything else…

    • Does it work on fire ants?

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    Yep works well. Much better than anything else I've tried

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    Thanks OP. Great product. Can vouch for their cockroach gel too. Amazing.

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    Borax, sugar, water in a jar, toss in cottonballs.
    Plonk cottonballs near the ants.

    Borax is cheap, easy and it's what these ant rid products use. Ant rid is just honey & borax. You can also make borax biccies (flour, sugar, borax, water & bake it) for cockroach bait.

    • ahhh, bake the biccies, that must have been my mistake, my pasty borax combination didn't seem to work and I resorted to Fipronil


    • I tried this for cockroach and it didn't work. I still have heaps of borax.

      Talon works 100%

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      Ant rid doesn't work very well in the first place, so not exactly a thrilling endorsement. The good thing about the Talon stuff is that it is pretty much always effective with the exception of the larger ants - it's just absurdly expensive at $8 for every 5g.

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      Even reading your post takes longer than using the product in the OP.

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    Hi OP, how do you stop ants getting in your car?

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      It's very hard near impossible for ants to get into a moving car so just don't stop driving it.

      • Sounds like the next Speed movie. "Speed, Ants!"

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      At least get the ants to chip in for fuel if they do get in your car.

    • Have same problem; not plague proportions, but always a couple there. Have been considering a borax treatment when I get along to it… Otherwise I guess make sure there is no food/crumbs in there?

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    Does it work with those tiny ants that dig sand out from under your brick paving?

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      Use amdro granular bait for Coastal Brown Ants ( read label) use only when dry and use sparingly

      or get a professional in

      • I hate those ants! Buying an orchid fertiliser from Flower Power has introduced that type of ant to my backyard and now they're ridiculously everywhere. Those DIY tools like borax and honey helped but they come back. I don't know if a single Talon would suffice but prob needs something in the 10s, still cheaper than calling in professional

    • Yes it works on those ants too

  • Works good for me

    • are u an ant?

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        He can't answer; he's dead.

  • This stuff is excellent… works a lot better than AntRid

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    I find it depends on the ants whether it's effective.
    The ones causing me grief at the moment aren't going for Talon gel (or Advion gel or Ant Rid strips) but they like the Ant Rid liquid.

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    Feel sorry to kill ants in this way. Can we not just use something to shoo them away from our vicinity?

    • Lol what.

      • A life is a life is a life no matter how small, but I get it we all need to protect our territories.

        • -1


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      Leaf blower?

      • Too much work with blower. I was hoping there was a product which they would despise the smell of and just stay away.

        • Perhaps get a pet anteater or such, and see if they learn to fear it?

    • Found the vegan.

  • "Outside the gel will skin over too fast." Damn! missed that till now, got a rabid case of "funnel ants" in lawn and have read that only solutions are (a) professionals (b) expensive beyond-the-normal pesticides.

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    Ive tried everything, best has been Surround Termiticide as a barrier around the house.. (5l)

    I've never seen so many dead ants before. I had way too many that multiple talon treatments didnt help much, but they seem to love it. They were living in my brick walls up high. (Gabled roof) I got up into the attic and used a duster to apply permethrin dust killed them all within brick walls

    I apply Surround twice a year. Every single of my neighbors has an ant problem, seems theres quite a few ant colonies around here. Best to use a combination of treatments.. still have ants from time to time but not as bad as before.

    • Thanks might try this, as I get infestations every few weeks lately, the last two weeks i had been battling 6 different armies of ants attacking simultaneously from different locations, some getting into my bed, my study desk and crawling up my leg, 3 locations in the living room, front door and though the power point in the kitchen. I had nightmares one night could feel them crawling all over me. Managed to use Talon and ant rid daily over those weeks to stop them now, only a few singular ones around now. I found they prefer fresh meat, they got into chicken breast, salmon fillet and a steak i had defrosting on the bench on different days. Even after i had some leftover cooked steak left on my plate they were all over it as i didnt throw it away immediately. I think the kids also left super dooper wrappers and empty cans of soft drink around in the bedrooms.

      • Clean your damn house.

        • They can smell through plastic, they are trying to get into my chilli beef jerky, I have several kilos packs.

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      This one has the same ingredients $12 cheaper

  • Kettle of boiling water does the job

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