I Think I May Have Gout

I woke up at 4am with writhing and excruciating pain on Boxing Day. My left ankle was swollen and throbbing as if it was crushed by a car. Pain 10/10! I didn't know what I was suffering from, I thought this was the most unusual case I've ever experienced. The following day, the pain hasn't subsided, my feet turned into a balloon and it was lightly purple! My toes were like little sausages and I was in so much pain!

Then I finally chose to go to doctors and he kind of suggested that I may have gout because all the swelling is from the joint. I read up on gout and as I was reading, it basically described what I was dealing with. :( The only thing that baffles me is the diet part of gout, I am chef by trade and I eat everything under the moon so how does it make sense when gout starts now?

Does anyone here suffer from gout and how do you deal with it?


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    Hi,Namadspam, I have pity for you suffering from gout pain. I once suffered too but have been free since years ago. I am surprised no one mentioned the experience and the way of curing gout as I experienced. It is just avoiding taking nuts especially ground nuts. I was advised by a closed relative not to take ground nuts which I loved so much to chew almost ever day. The pain stopped after taking no nuts after some two to three weeks. I was so heavenly happy being free from pain , but meantime I couldn’t help chewing other nuts such as cashchew nuts, etc. unfortunately sometimes later the pain came back from time to time . Finally I have no choice ( forced by pain) but give up totally eating all sorts of NUTS. Bravo finally that sort of unwanted pain has totally left me …..No more GP visits .I have advised same to many of my friends who had been suffering the same , and they do are free from gout pain. I am an old senior aged 83. Trust me and please give me a response after you stop taking ALL sorts of nuts. Meantime seafoods are ok for me; I love eating prawns and lobsters. Good luck.

    • I don't eat nuts. Each person's trigger is different.

  • Gout is no fun( long time sufferer) . I’m older and after regular attacks I take allopurinal daily and have no issues.
    My advice is get prescription medication (there are some good ones eg.arthrexin) to be taken when required.
    Most importantly, follow the directions re dosage. The pain of gout can cause you to take more than prescribed and this can result in very unpleasant side effects (speaking from experience). Good luck.

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    Some time ago I started to have arthritus-like pain in my finger joints. This was likely gout.

    I began to drink about a couple of litres of water each day and the pain subsided almost immediately.

    Have not had any joint pain since because I continue to drink quite substantial amounts of water daily.

    I drink to a timetable, even when I'm not thirsty, starting with 2 large glasses just before breakfast.

  • My doctor gives me a prescription for 50 x Arthrexin (Indometacin 25mg) whenever i turn up with gout. Last time she did a telehealth appointment, i said "my foots sore, feels like gout again", and she said "Ok, i send the same script as last time".

    It says take one capsule 3 times a day after food.

    When i first get it, i take them 2 at a time, like 3-4 times a day, and usually within 2 days it goes down or away all together.

    I like the idea of these single day solutions people have mentioned however.

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    In summary of what others have said and from personal experience
    Gout is caused by high levels of Uric Acid in the blood and your bodies inability to remove them from your blood stream
    The acid can crystallize in a joint causing pain and swelling similar to a sprain
    It tends to find weak spots - broke your toe or finger once or in your case - on your feet all night as a chef - hello ankle meet gout
    Many people get mild attacks and live with it - but it is likely damaging the joints - better to deal with it than do long term damage

    When you have an attack the usual methods for treating a sprain are advisable - RICE - Rest Ice Compression Elevation - and anti-inflammatory tablets
    Ibuprofen will help but your doctor can subscribe stronger than store bought - just be careful as prolonged use is not kind to your stomach

    Drinking lots of water is a generally good thing and helps the kidneys flush Acid from the system
    Some foods when eaten increase your Uric acid production / levels
    YMMV but tomatoes, pineapple, prawns and lobster and red wine and part are common
    Some foods can be helpful when eaten - anything which reduces acidity in the blood - some suggestions above
    I have a Doctor friend who swears by cherries and cites some research saying that cherry/juice helps keep the acid liquid and not forming crystals in joints

    Once this attack is cleared up go back to a GP for a blood test for Uric Acid levels
    If your regular level is elevated then an ongoing medication may be required
    I take a regular tablet but have a bit of gout in my wrist as we speak
    Rarely have it in this spot but at least I had a good Xmas lunch
    All the best with your journey

  • I get it once or twice a year. Normally at the start of summer. Dehydration is the main cause I think. So having too much alcohol dehydrates and can cause it. Flying dehydrates and did cause it for me. I find it hard to shake as taking neproxin or similar really upsets my stomach. Colchinine works if I take i t very early, otherwise it can stick around for weeks. I don't eat red meat or beer which are claimed to be triggers. Mainly dehydration for me.

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    I don't think so….. think back….have you done something silly like jump over a fence, slip on some steps or anything that may have twisted the ankle

    Or… you may have been bitten by a spider. Look for puncher wounds.

    You should have wrapped the foot by now anyway in a bandage to suppress the swelling.

    Is your foot elevated….. lay on the lounge and place pillows under your foot.

    Massage all the fluid back up out of the foot.

  • how does it make sense when gout starts now

    The underlying cause of gout is poor kidney function, which reduces with age

  • As already mentioned Indocid, (indometacin) it's a prescription med that the doctor might have suggested, works for me. Do try to identify the food causing it.

  • As stated, see a GP and get a blood test for Uric acid levels. You can try your best to control your diet to try and avoid gout but most people fail. The best solution is to get onto Allopurinol and work with the GP to find the right amount of Allo required. It is a life changer. I've had gout for 10 years and Allo really changed my life. I do watch my alcohol intake though.

    If you feel you may get a flair, Colchicine works wonders. Be glad you are in Australia, as I am part of the r/Gout in reddit and the yanks have to pay over $150 for 30 tablets of colchicine whereas it will cost us $7.

  • Get medication. Colgout is normally prescribed and fix the issue in a day. Checking and treating uric acid will help. Ask GP.

    • Colgout can bring on the shits very easily, and hobbling to the toilet can be quite hard in a hurry

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    Oh boy. Welcome to the club.

    Get yourself to a doctor asap as per there prior comments as some of the medications will help end the attack sooner if you address it early from my experience. I get gout if I touch any beer or yeasty stuff within 24hours but most things are ok for me.

    The only things I can say that helped me lifestyle wise was to drink more water, less coffee and try to reduce stress (probably the hardest thing due to your job). Your doctor might put you on ongoing medication to reduce the purine levels to help reduce the likelihood moving forward as well.

    I actually quit my job and went somewhere else with better work life balance and now the attacks are far and few now.

    Good luck.

    Its definitely one of the worst pains from my experience and some episodes felt worst than breaking a bone in some instances. Havent lost a limb so can't compare to that stuff.

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    If getting a limb torn from your body is 10/10 then based on my personal experience I would rate the gout I had in the knuckle of my big toe (large one that attaches to foot) at 9/10!
    Yes to those that have never had gout I can assure you that it throbs with such EXCRUCIATING pain that if you even suggested you were going to touch my toe with a feather I would have punched you!


    1) When I 1st had gout I was told by the GP that the only treatment was pain killers so I was prescribed strong/prescription only Voltaren but this did NOTHING either to ease the pain nor get rid of the gout!
    2) Based on (1) above when I got it again a few years latter I thought there was no treatment other than pain killers so while on holiday in Berlin, Germany I limped around for days in absolute pain. Such a shame since as I found out in (3) below the treatment is cheap, simple and kicks in very quickly… within 1 hour.
    3) About 1 year latter it happened again. I was alone as my partner was OS at the time and the pain was so extreme that I thought I should call an ambulance but ended up just passing out with pain induced exhaustion in bed. The next day I went to a GP thinking that I would get pain killers however to my surprise he prescribed the drug Indomethacin (detailed below). To my amazement after only 1 hour the 1st capsule the pain had dramatically subsided and was gone after about 24hrs.


    Here's the info off the capsules I was prescribed:
    • Brand name: Arthrexin (But get a cheaper generic brand if available).
    • Active ingredient: Indomethacin (25mg)
    • Take TWO caps THREE times per day with or soon after food.
    • Warnings: Do not take more than one aspirin per day while taking this.


    You can google up on it (I have often found spending 15m with Dr Google reaps far BETTER results plus is much CHEAPER than going to GPs) however common triggers include sun-dried tomatoes and seafood… in fact here's the 1st Google result I clicked on that includes a picture of what my toes knuckle looked like: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/gout/symptoms...

  • Indocid to treat an attack.

    Allopurinol (in conjunction with a modified diet) daily as a preventative.

    If your doctor didn’t suggest those two, get another doctor.

  • Yes, it truly is excruciating pain. No quick relief for it either.
    I have been prescribed Indomethacin for it. It works, but takes a couple of days. Also, for some (like me) Indomethacin has side effects. These include nausea, dizziness & stomach upset.
    I’ve been told that there are alternatives without those side effects, but not sure of the name.
    After 5 attacks in 3 years, I’m still not sure what the triggers are. They are different for everyone, but identifying the cause initially doesn’t seem easy.
    Good luck, welcome to the pain club

  • I've had a couple of Gout attacks over the years. The first (worst) one was after I walked around Sydney in 36 degree heat all day, after being at a festival the whole night before and having ribs for dinner that night. It felt like my big toe was broken (not as bad as yours which was in your ankle). It took a week for my toe to feel normal again.

    Things that work:
    - Cherry tablets. Any fruit or vegetable that is blue or purple has anthocyanins in them. Cherry's work great but are hard to get all year around. Chemist Warehouse sells Cherry tablets.
    - Water.
    - A foot spa with Epson salts.

    Once you've gotten over your first attack you'll start to recognise the signs of an oncoming attack. My toe gets a little tender and I start taking Cherry tablets straight away which normally fends it off.

    The only other attack I had started out as bad as the first. I couldn't walk and took the day off work. Had heaps of water, cherry tablets and some nurofen (as I was out of Arthrexin - it had expired). Put my foot in a foot spa for 4-5 hours with epson salts and it ended up resolving itself that day.

  • I had gout really recently, couldn't walk for about a week. It took a couple of weeks more to be able to do push ups on my toes.

    I highly suspect it's because of the latest lockdown, working permanently from home for 6 months. Or getting old. Or both.

  • I got my first gout attack from a massive intake of sugar in one week ($4 750ml cans of V). I was only 29-30.
    Sugar, alcohol and a bad diet is what does it for me.

    To have it confirmed get a blood test from your GP. Then your GP can prescribe medication to help reduce it.

    You mentioned you gained 20kg, so the first thing I'd be doing is managing a controlled diet and exercise, lots of water, and minimising the foods and drink that can cause it.

    If I ever felt it coming on, milk, concentrated cherry liquid and Voltaren stopped the onset.

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    Geezus almost every person has written these crack pot home remedies when there is an over counter drug called allopurinol that costs $5 a month that binds with the uric acid that will allow your kidneys to process it properly. Just get a blood test then a script from your doctor. Yes, uric stones in your kidneys are a real thing and can (profanity) you up for life.

    • I don't want to take a drug regularly that costs $60 a year for an attack that occurs once every 2 years.

      • As I said in another post flair ups are damaging your kidneys.. you need to minimise these as much as possible.

      1. allopurinol isn't over the counter
      2. you don't start allopurinol during a flare it may prolong/exacerbate/precipitate a flare up.
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    But why take allopurinol EVERYDAY when once you know the root cause you can fix the problem NATURALLY simply by avoiding too much of your trigger foods… that's like saying don't worry about drinking too many sugary soft drinks because when you become a diabetic you can just take insulin everyday!

    Still it's not surprising advice since big pharma loves the practice of not fixing the root cause… instead make drugs that are addictive and have to be taken daily so your customers keep coming back! Yes it's sounds like a rediculous conspiracy story but if you do a little research you will see this is absolutely true!

    • Life is pretty boring if we avoid trigger foods.

      Trigger foods are generally what we enjoy the most. Prawns. Beer and wine. Pasta and a pizza with anchovies.. Vegemite on toast and many more!

    • Just shows that you don't understand the root cause if you're talking about avoiding trigger foods. Gout is caused by the kidneys inability to break down uric acid which isn't formed by specific foods, however.. enzymes in those "trigger foods" can cause the remaining uric acid to start a crystallisation process.. hence the gout. The ONLY way to treat gout properly, is not by saying oh it's a gout flair up.. but understanding you have a kidney disease.. where left untreated in many cases will eventually be filled with stones, suffering potential kidney loss. So yeah, do your natural remedy, but while you're eating all those regular foods and the uric acid builds up you're just one wrong step away from having one of those stones lodged in your urethra. Best of luck when that happens lol.

  • I’ve got gout at the moment. It’s been a few days

    I take a progout pill daily. But honestly I only take them every 4-6 days. Hence why I have gout at the moment.

    I find Athrexin is the best for relief. And follow instructions.

    Both the above you need a script from a doctor.

    One trick is a lot of water, litres a day.. help flush the system.

    My causes for gout… red meat, tomatoes and the biggest one that triggers it easy is Corona beer even just one 😐. Seafood also contributes

    I’m a bit of the hefty size and understand my issues and will address in good time.

    The pain is hard to describe. Imagine someone hammering a large nail into the joint of your big toe(or ankle), and the nail is 6 inches long and has rusty shards.

    • progout

      I'm anti-gout but thanks for the tip.

    • if you don't take progout daily it's best not to take it at all. starting them when you have a flare is the worst thing you can do as it may exacerbate the flare. for acute flare ups you have options of indomethacin(arthrexin)/colgout (colchicine)/ prednisone

  • Good description… I can tell you're a genuine gout club member 🤪

  • I got hit by gout frequently last year. GP will most likely prescribed you with Colgout or something similar. Once you take those, gout will completely gone in 2-3 days. But do keep Colgout just in case you got hit by gout again.

    I took Ibuprofen (also recommended by my GP at the time to help with the inflammation), drank lots of water. Like a lot. This will help flush the gout away.

    Keep in mind what you eat that might trigger gout. Losing weights apparently help with reducing gout attack (I have no idea what’s the correlation).

    I stopped going to BBQ buffet and never had gout since. Maybe it was the red meats for me. Lol

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    I suffered from gout for many years. About ten years ago, my mother (through her friends) got wind of a Chinese home remedy that rumored to work very well against gout.

    This home remedy is to get a bunch of Pink Amaranth Greens (also called Chinese spinach), put it into a large pot, filled it up with water and heat it until it boils. Once the water starts boiling, turn down the heat and slow boil it for about 10 minutes. Turn off the heat, wait for it to cool and drink the whole thing (you should be drinking around 2 to 3 liters of it). You are basically creating a vegetable soup and you want to use as much of the whole plant as possible so don't just use the leaves, include the stems and roots as well if you get them.

    When I first heard about this home remedy, I was extremely skeptical as I wondered why those pharmaceutical companies didn't research into this if it actually works. However, at that time, I was suffering from a severe case of gout in one of the foot and with nothing to lose I thought I might as well give it a try.

    The results were amazing! I noticed improvements in about an hour after drinking this "soup". I boiled two pots that day and drank around 4 liters, the swelling was mostly gone the next day and I could start walking. What was usually two weeks of pain and bed-rest was cured in about two days.

    From then on, I grew Pink Amaranth Greens in the backyard and harvest them in the Autumn to keep them in the freezer during the Winter. Every-time I feel a case of gout coming on, I immediately boil a pot of soup and drink it asap.

    If you are a gout sufferer and reading this, you will probably be very skeptical about this home remedy like I was. However, you have nothing to lose in trying it out with the only downside is that the soup doesn't taste particularly good and you have to drink 2-4 liters of it.

    My theory is that the pharmaceutical companies are not interested in these home remedies because there are no profits to be made from them and most importantly, it destroys a great source of revenue from those anti-gout prescriptions that you have to take for life.

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      Big thanks for this. I read today about this Westerner who get a Chinese medicine and after a long read and rather long video, not revealing any thing - most likely need to enter credit card. I tried to find out what was it and you may just making it easier. I'll have this ready in case in the future I get gout attack again. To plant one is also good idea - hopefully a hardy plant.

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    If it's your first attack, try to go for something mild like naprogesic.

    Personally i found Indometachin gave me headaches and I much prefer Colchicine.

    My doctor finally prescribed Allopurinal after a few attacks in the year. It's a long term thing that melts the build up in your body so you will get further random attacks.

    I am off Allo now after a year and happy to say haven't had any attacks, good luck!

  • If you happen to be Black or Asian, Allopurinol may not be compatible and need something else

  • ditto here, gout hit me when i was 36…keen an eye on your diet and you should be fine…. c'est la vie

  • i stopped fish and beer! been ok since! I still drink! I found steroid based meds the best for when i have flair ups. for Pain.

  • I spent three weeks in hospital with gout in my knee. Yes the pain can be excruciating.

    Specialist said, shell fish, oily fish, tomatoes, beer and purines are the main causes. Purine is used as an artificial sweetener in many products particularly low calorie soft drinks and cordials. It's derived from corn starch so anything with corn starch is to be wary of. Also lambs fry and kidney.

    As with most things, moderation is the key. If I have prawns I'll have 6 not 26. I still have couple tomatoes a week. I don't drink beer etc. Have had three times in my feet and twice in my knee. Been three years since my last attack.

    Drinking a couple of litres of water a day helps to flush the uric out.

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    I just exited a 4-week flairup, which swapped feet (toe ball-joints) mid way; absolute pain in the bitch.

    Voltaren 100mg thrice a day, 250ml water every hour and tart-cherry extract (juice or pill) couple of times a day. Stay off red meat, yeasty bread and pastry and sugar/fructose/honey till it subsides, then resume in absolute moderation.

    Also, alternate hot and cold compresses; latter is better in the early, inflamation stages…

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      Please be careful with the above advice. I'm another gout sufferer, using Colchicine and Voltaren (Diclofenac). 2 different GPs have told me that my 50mg of Diclofenac, 3 times a day is 'maximum treatment'… so I'm surprised FittyFitty is suggesting double that.
      As always, talk to a doctor.

      • Hey, thanks for correcting; you're absolutely right - 50mg, three times a day. I couldn't get to the doctor this episode so took to the OTC Voltaren (25mg × 2); must be why I inadvertently messed up the recommended dosage…

        Touche re doc talk.

  • This is crazy guys, i didn't realise how common this is. Thanks for the insightful experiences and advice. I chose to wait and seek second opinion from my family doc to open after new years as the current one wouldnt suggest further testing and just simply claim that it's gout. I'd rather have tests done than simply settle for an observation. My ankle is still quite sensitive and tender even after all the current meds and some of the remedies mentioned above. But seriously most of ya'll are (profanity) amazing. love yall. AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! stay safe.

    • The GP should prescribe it straight away, and then request a blood test. My advice is not to wait.

  • My partner has gout - it really sucks :/

    Watch your intake of red meat, mushrooms, alcohol

    Drink lots of water

  • Sorry to hear you have gout. I've suffered semi-regular episodes of gout for the past 25 years and it's the second worst pain I've ever felt the worst being kidney stones. The sad thing is once you've had it you will likely get it again. Here's what I've found helps to reduce the incidents of gout.

    Drink lots of water. Plain water. Not sparkling, not flavoured, not tea. At least 2-3 litres per day in addition to any water you get from food. Your pee should run very nearly clear. You're trying to flush the uric acid out of your system.

    Get your doctor to prescribe a uric acid reducer like Allupurinol. You will be taking this medication for the rest of your life. Thankfully it's cheap and partially covered by PBS.

    Have some anti-inflammatory medication on standby. Again get your doctor to prescribe something strong. However this medication is for short-term usage only and only to take the edge off the pain.

    I've found that losing weight quickly or exercising to dehydration can bring on a gout attack. I'm not sure the mechanism behind it but you should be aware it might happen.

    Being overweight and a poor diet are the main contributors to gout. But it's not just meat and beer, some vegetables also induce gout, so plan your meals carefully. I consulted Google but you should probably consult a dietician.

    My last gout incident was 3 years ago. I've kept it under control with diet, exercise, water intake, and medication. Before that I'd suffer a gout episode several times per year. So it can be controlled, but it is a lifestyle change. I miss beer.

    • Get your doctor to prescribe a uric acid reducer like Allupurinol. You will be taking this medication for the rest of your life.

      How often did you get Gout that would make you have to take this drug regularly even in the absence of a Gout attack or do you mean you only take it when you have an episode?

      • You just take it "as needed". For me, weeks or months apart.

    • User name seems to fit

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    I get Gout dude. 35. I get it about every 18 months-ish. Hurts like hell, lasts about 2 weeks. Not sure what the exact trigger is but I'm fat and eat a lot.

    For me, it only hurts when I put pressure on it, so if I just lay in bed or sit down all day, I'm pain free.

    I just take Ibuprofen for the swelling. Drink plenty of water and down some Cherry supplements which are suppose to help.

    Truth is, the best solution might be to just stop being fat and drink lots of water.

    Edit. People love avoiding "I'm a fatty" truth.

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      Far out, a 5 minute GP visit and you'll get a medication that makes this go away. Don't just live with it.

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      This might sound counter intuitive, but look into the "carnivore" diet.
      It fully eliminated my gout and the joint isn't even stiff anymore.

      Or go to your GP and they'll test your uric acid levels, and prescribe you with something called Allopurinol which you take daily for life to prevent gout.

      I opted for the diet change instead.

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    Hey mate,

    Hope it gets better for you soon, try fasting (eat between 1pm - 7pm), eating a clean diet - lean white protein (chicken and fish), heaps of green leafy vegetables. Cut out sugar, alcohol and red meat for a few days too.

    • try fasting

      I'm going to counter this and say don't try fasting. Fasting triggers gout in some people as it raises uric acid and c-reactive protein levels.

  • Try to avoid acidic foods and beer.

  • See your GP and get something like Arthrexin. Pop a couple when you feel an attack coming on (as needed) and the problem is essentially neutralised. All the remedies people are mentioning are great, but have some onhand anyway.

  • As a long time sufferer, I feel your pain … literally.

    Mine is triggered by high alcohol consumption, or moreso afterwards. Strongly related to the high uric acid generated from the alcohol and then the body struggling to process it through. Definately diet related but you'll probably need to discover your own trigger. Have used many different remodies over the years, including prescribed, with little outcomes.

    As posted earlier, HYDRATE! Lots of water increases the processing cycle and shifts the nasty stuff.

    As far as treating the symptoms, Panadol Optizorb and Nurofen Zavance (in combination) are the best and fastest symptom managment I've found. I know everyone just rolled their eyes and I agree. I have never used Panadol/Paracetemol for pain relief that worked, except in this case. I read a clinical study a year or two ago that found, subjectively, that combination had the best symptom management results and I couldn't agree more, at least for me. Substitute your brand preference as required, but those 2 will get me walking again in under half hour.

    YMMV, good luck.

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    Go to the pharmacy and ask for Voltaran rapid 25.
    Take 2 with food. This will provide short term relief.

    Then go to your GP and get a blood test form, they'll test uric acid and a few other things.
    When you get your next attack, and before taking any pain relief, get the blood test.

  • I’ve never had gout and can’t vouch for what Ken Berry says, but might be worth a watch. https://youtu.be/95mhn0ry2LY

  • Gouts pretty common in the west increasingly. Listen to your doc and make some changes. A doc thought i had it once but it turned out to be an in growing toe nail that kept breaking off into the skin, he thought it was hard deposits of calcium or something from memory but it got tested and it was literally nail. Haha.

  • I knew a colleague who had it. I worked with him over 10 years, then he died at 38. But it wasn't from gout, it was heart failure.

    He had medication for it. It would flare up randomly but regularly. He limped every time he came to work with gout. It looked painful but he never took days off from it. I don't think there's a cure for it. You can only take meds that help you manage the symptoms. Even then, you'll still be feeling it. I wish I could give you real advice but I'm not a doctor. I'm just telling you what I observed from my former colleague. He told me it's caused by urine crystalls falling into your feet or something.

  • Allopurinol taken each day will kick gouts arse. I think the brand name is Progout. The pain is relentless and it can be difficult to handle.

  • Welcome to OZDoc

  • Try not being so insanely unhealthy.

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