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Apple Magsafe Battery Pack $112.20 + $9.90 ~ $15 Shipping @ Mediaform (Pricebeat $106.59 @ Officeworks)


Was looking for a portable charger for my iPhone 12 Price beat at office works


$9.90 to Metro
$15 to rural.

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    It's showing $9.90 shipping for me.

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    Why wouldn't you just use a regular power bank?

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      Agree. Maybe slightly more convenient attached to the back of the phone. But I’ll stick with the regular power bank at that price.

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      LOL. I got negged for asking a question!

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        The phone warriors from either side take no prisoners

      • And you still don't know why?

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        Not good for the 12 mini.

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          How so?

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            @axcairns: Too big and wide to be a good fit for the 12 mini. I have align it instore. This one or the belkin ones are small enough though.

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              @ChickenAdobo: Was just about to ask if the apple one fits the 12 mini.
              I have the cygnett one, and it works on the 12 mini but sticks out past the bottom of the phone so it very easily falls off any stops charging.

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        I would probably go for this one. It is similarly about half the price but Belkin tends to be a better quality brand. They come in bigger sizes but I would think most people want the smaller form factor because they're convenient to attach to your phone to keep using it. I worry that the bigger ones look like bricks that bulk up the device and might be so heavy that they may fall off while the phone is in use.

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      Why did someone boo him? He’s right? Lmao apple fan boys

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      I thought the same until I got a 12 mini. Magsafe is a game changer. If I need extended battery life I just put the battery pack on the phone and forget about it.

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      The apple one is definitely overpriced, but the concept of a small magnetic power bank is pretty ingenious; just stick on, fits in your pocket and no wires to fiddle over

      • This is the reason. I don’t own one, but it’ll be more manageable in a pocket than two discrete units connected via a cable. If you’re just doing it at a desk or whatever then I’m sure a stand-alone one’s fine. You also don’t get stuck with an oversized case if you go one of the traditional charging case models that you either carry around everywhere regardless of whether you need the battery, or swap cases as you go.

      • In the age of super fast charging. I literally plug the phone for 5 mins while I go do something and it's got a good 20% charge when I get back. Surely people can not touch their phones for this long.

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    Apple really is a modern-day highwayman.

    • Had to lookup highwayman. Worth it. Great analogy

      • Can you explain the analogy to me?

        • Modern day schooling is failing kids in so many ways. Inadequately teaching history is probably one of the biggest of the lot. Here is a 3 minute Youtube video that explains it all through the medium of song and re-enactment. You're welcome :)

          • @Thor Bargain God: Wow, didn't expect you to come for my education ;). I understand what a highwayman is, just not how it's an apt analogy for what Apple does. I assume it's something deeper than 'Apple's prices are highway robbery'.

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          Me too. I know what highway man means, just not why some think it's a good analogy here,
          Guessing it must be android deciples or something tbh

  • But this for $112, charge it, then to use it take off your cover and attach, all while charging slower and getting your phone nice and warm!

    • Yeah. Or otherwise have to buy a MagSafe cover. Crazy.

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      If you have a MagSafe case, which are also available via third parties, then you don’t need to remove your existing case.

    • In my experience, the Apple chargers don't tend to heat the phone up (much). I assume this is due to the magnets holding the device in the appropriate spot to align the charging coils. My Galaxy phone heats up like a mofo when wireless charging, but with the super fast 45W charger I can go from zero to 100 in 40 minutes anyway so I never bother with wireless except in the car.

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    reminds me of the old moto z mods.
    i had the battery magnetic mod
    was great when i was travelling

  • https://www.apple.com/au/shop/product/MJWY3ZA/A/magsafe-batt...
    Compatible with more phones, but the price…. oh well, it is Apple.
    The product page doesn't even claim any capacity figures, other the xx% more for a device!

  • I like the idea of this thing but the implementation and cost leave a lot to be desired.

    I think the only realistic use case is for having a 12/13 Mini with an effectively bigger battery.

  • Really unless you truly think carrying this around in your pocket all day for when you need extra capacity is something you are keen to do I'd go with a decent battery pack with fast charger and keep it in your backpack. Plenty of opportunities through the day to plug it in or if you're backpack has a feedthrough opening for a cable you can just pull it out from the base of one of the straps and have it charging while it's in your pocket it's actually easier and more convenient than you might think and really if you are carrying around a pack anyway the extra weight is hardly noticible plus you have decent capacity (mine is 20k mAh) instead of not even a full charge with the Apple one (correct me if I'm wrong)

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    This is the biggest scam. Charges your battery only half and cost over $100.

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    Don't buy this. I have this.
    This thing doesn't behave like a normal battery pack, it's supposed to be an "extension" of your phone battery as opposed to a battery pack that charges your phone and you are done with it and put it away.
    It doesn't charge your phone past 80% unless you put your phone in power saving mode.
    It doesn't charge your phone when you're using your phone, rather your phone is "powered" by the battery. It's stupid and bizarre.
    It's stupidly small 1,460mAh (I know it's 7.6V) but after calculations it's like 3000mAh.
    If you have an iP13 pro, most cases won't work because the camera lip means the magnets are not aligned… Also you need a magsafe case.

    • Yeah the extra battery will keep the phone at 80% longer. Once the extra battery is dead the internal will start discharging from 80%.

      Charging batteries to 80% is the most efficient.

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      This is the saddest thing I've read all day. Imagine life being boring until a goddamn charging technology comes along.

      The future will be wire-free

      Said by someone who has zero idea about how the world works.

  • Anyone know how this fits on the 12 mini? I have a cygnet magnetic battery pack and it sticks out past the bottom of the phone

    • It should fit all MagSafe compatible iPhones. On the mini it’ll be close to the edge but shouldn’t be obviously past the edge.

    • It a perfect fit for the 12 mini. I was pondering on this or the belkin one. Grab the belkin one for much less. Will grab this one if i have “extra” money to spare.

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    Will OW price beat if I am in WA?

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      Just got OW Fremantle to price beat.

      • Did u get charged shipping. If so how much it says $40 to rivervale…

      • How strict are they with checking the prices for a price match? OP's link now shows as not in stock, does that mean I won't be able to get price match anymore?

    • Did it in Sydney, got charged 106.59 after price beat (they didnt add shipping cost)

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    Reading the comments here:
    Haters gotta hate

  • Got a used one off ebay for around $70. Use it daily with my mini. It is just so convenient. Have it plugged in whilst at home. Take it with me when I go out. 2x battery life.

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