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Auscrown Cast Iron LP Gas Burner Rambo RBC176LP $132, RBC225LP $149 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Good gas burners, suitable for wok cooking (for proper stir-fry Chinese, Thai, Viet,…) are on special at Amazon

Standard version (RBC 176LP) is usually $160, now $132. Recommended wok size Min: 30cm Max: 45cm, 20 MJ/hour heat capacity.
Large version (RBC 225LP) is usually $180, now $149. Recommended wok size Min: 45cm Max: 50cm, 32 MJ/hour heat capacity.

Home-use woks are usually 12'' - 14'', so standard size should be fine.

These are for outdoor use - do not use it inside (smoke from seasoning will trigger the fire alarm, and oil in the wok can ignite easily if it gets too hot).

Works with the usual LPG bottles (4.5kg/9kg). Auto-ignition, 3-stage flame control. Comes with 1.2m hose and POL regulator.

Free delivery (even without Amazon Prime).

Note that this is the famous Rambo burner series, but it works on standard pressure LPG. There are larger mushroom burners (almost flame throwers:) reaching ~55-65 MJ/h or more, but they are more expensive and currently not on special. I reckon this might start a flame war (pun intended) but 20 MJ is enough for cooking for a few people in a standard-size wok, providing plenty of heat for good and quick searing and frying. Large burners on standard gas cooktops are usually ~ 3 KWh which is ~ 10 MJ (some high-end cooktops can go e.g. 5KWh ~ 18 MJ), so even gas burner with just 20 MJ/h is big improvement comparing to kitchen cooktops.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Rambo, First Stir Fry. lol

  • Can you recommend any woks in 50cm range to suit the big one? cheers

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    Flame war :) If you want a wok burner these are actually good. https://nationwideelectrical.com.au/product/high-pressure-tu...


    It's not dissimilar to a rocket engine.

    • +1

      Mine just arrived today. It's insane.

      was worried I made the wrong purchase instead of getting the Rambo.

      Glad to hear someone else can rate

      • +1

        yeah, it's the same as the one from the nationwide website.

        I only got the nationwide burner because it paired perfectly with the stand with splash back as in my previous comment.

        The Rambo wok burner can be had for $209 with eBay plus ($219 without) ..

        I don't think the 10MJs will make a difference. from what I can see having the nationwide burner full ball is overkill anyways. I had to dial it back because was burning/scorching even with with constant movement.

  • +1

    You can get a double ring or triple ring burner from Bunnings for like$75

    • -1

      The first review for them is great.

      • It's because no one bothers to leave reviews when things work out fine. I cook every night on a Bunnings burner outside and prefer it over our inside Mele gas cooktop

    • +2

      These are high pressure burners.. it’s a different beast altogether.

    • I can vouch that the Bunnings ones are great. I cook almost exclusively on the Bunnings one every night because I prefer cooking outside. Have had zero issues with it.

  • Will these roar?

  • Will it guarantee the "wok hei"

  • Do you need a steel cabinet/table for these burners?

    • Yeah any idea what you mount them on?

    • or cement sheet if using a wooden table ….. i have the burner , NE 2A SP when it was on special for $160 … haven’t used it yet ….and was going to buy a cheap stainless steel bench for it ……. so i can use the bench for other stuff e.g normal bbq prep table.

      if you are getting serious and just do a lot of wok cooking the proper work station for the burner would be the way to go, my approach is use the burner and see how serious i get about outdoor wok cooking …..if i get serious get the bench with the burner hole ….if not then just get a flat bench …… the flat benches come as a flat pack ……

      can be a weather thing … raining and i want stir fry ……

  • +2

    These guys are great. They're right near me, so I went in one day to look and they showed me the whole range, narrowed down the models I might be after, and gave me a demonstration of them. Super helpful. Burner is great. No issues since buying it a couple of years ago.

  • +1

    Only 30ish MJ for the larger version. Lame

  • Wish I can use these in my apartment , dishes gonna go wild.

  • +1

    Checkout the video at two minute mark. This burner doesn't mess around. We have one and I'd recommend it, especially if your only other option is electric cook-top.

    • That’s a different burner in the video? Which one are you using at home?

  • Waiting on the HP200LPB to go on sale. Owned one before but the manifold broke when I was relocating it. Great temp control so you can use as much or as little as you like. Only need something like this if your right into cooking asian dishes otherwise I would recommend starting with something smaller like the one op posted.

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    Important FYI: this is not the best option for wok use.
    For wok use, you want the flame to be concentrated in the centre of the wok, not around the outside. Otherwise where the food is sitting won’t be hot, but the sides will be which is not what you want in wok cooking.

    This is far more important than total BTU, read more here: https://www.seriouseats.com/outdoor-wok-burner-review or https://youtu.be/cpoSvprBJpE

    • Thank you. I removed "wok" from the deal title to avoid confusion.

      I reckon this is good enough to be used for wok cooking, but high pressure burner (a few models mentioned in other comments) would be better indeed.

  • +3

    This one is not for wok cooking. The above is more for stock pots and general outdoor cooking. What you need for wok cooking is a high pressure burner such as https://www.auscrown.com.au/products/product/high-pressure-l... - Model No. HPA100LPB

    • Can HPA100LPB be used for anything other than wok?

      • you can just put it on low output otherwise hell shall unleash on your dish/pot/pan.

  • +1

    The Companion Megajet can be had for $130 or so, has 85000BTU, about 90MJ. I use one for wok cooking and it is amazing.



    • Woah, these seem to fit my application a lot better, wok burner with a stand.
      Also, found it the cheapest here so far: $107.91 with free shipping over $89.


      Can anyone else vouch for it? I just ordered a reversible griddle and 37l portable fridge/freezer.
      I think OZB turned me into an outdoorsman, without the outdoors. :(

      Edit: 10 minutes later after tossing and turning in my head, giving up some other vices in the new year and hoping to spend a lot more time refining my cooking skills, I bit the bullet and bought one of these, thanks for the suggestion, am keen to finally season the new wok that's been sitting in a cabinet the last few months too!

      • I can

        • Have you had any issues with it getting dirty in the lines/regulator? Was trying to look up on it last night, found it may just need some cleaning every now and then.

          Also, like the other dude said, would you need a wok ring and if so, any you'd recommend from use? :-D

          • +1

            @DisabledUser415032: Mine sits outside, I mostly put a cover up on it, but often forget. I have had no issues with it at all, zero maintenance. I don't have a wok ring, and don't need one. I have recently found a metal ring, about 10cm widely which the wok can sit on, bit you actually don't know need one. The top of the Megajet has a gap in the middle where the wok can sit on.

            • @bennos: Maaddd, can't wait to get it! I think my wok has a slight flat bit, not completely rounded but worse case I realised they're like $10 on Amazon. Thanks again for the recommendation!

      • +1

        $108 delivered for ebay plus members since the Freddy's one is sold out.


        • Mine arrived and used tonight, it's fantastic. I might get a new wok now, anyone know a good one to get other than local Asian supermarket?

    • Is this design suited for round bottom Woks or do you need to use a wok ring on it?

      • Works with round bottom wok. If you look at the photos of it you can see there is a gap in the centre where the 3 x trivet loops don't meet in the middle.

  • I bought one from Kogan around 3 months ago and has been using it everyday. This is good enough for most household as it heats up your wok / frypan very quickly. You don't need the fire to concentrate just around the middle because doing Asian cooking you have lots of veg in most recipes and this one has enough spread of the heat for bigger area of the wok and in fact make the cooking much nicer, especially it is a large dish with lots of veg. I paid around $115 delivered with my $20 Afterpay discount and I can't fault Kogan's service, in fact I bought another one for my cousin which arrived with cracked legs (which I believe was damaged during transit) and Kogan quickly replaced it for me. This unit is very solid and your wok sits securely on top while you are stir frying away. Highly recommend !!!

  • Used to have a cheap portable round bbq at uni, drilled out the jet and had flames 1m high past the wok, great stir fry in like 3 minutes. Definately out for use only.

  • Always wanted a backyard stove for work and cooking smelly stuff. I have a gas outlet in the back for heating, will these work or are the adaptors differe/too much pressure for regulator?

    I really can't seem to find information on gas outlets

  • +3

    Note that gas burners for use in Australia will be supplied with jets for either LPG or for Natural Gas and that the two jet types are NOT cross-compatible. This offer states they are LPG - as in the 8.5kg "swap and go" style tanks many of us would have for BBQ's and etc that we are used to. So they won't work well if you want to connect them to pipes to your home that supply Natural Gas.

    I live in an suburban setting where there are no gas pipes down the street. And yet when doing a kitchen renovation we wanted a gas cook-top. Our plumber (who had current gas-fitter certificates) advised us that he could put a pipe in that would connect either to large tanks (paying a gas company truck to come and refill them), or to a pair of 8,5kg tanks with a brass tap to switch from one to the other when empty and that we could swap at Bunnings etc. We went with the 8.5kg. The cooktop that we chose after browsing our local white goods retailers, came with jets fitted for natural gas, but in the box it also came with LPG jets. Thus on installation the plumber just switched to the LPG jets.

    I noted the problem recently when camping when a mate brought a portable cooktop that looks like it may have been designed for a home setting, because after cooking it leaves a greasy black soot on the bottom of every pan. I suspect this may be due to it having natural gas jets, which are thus creating a bad mix of oxygen and thus a poor burn when connected to an LPG tank.

  • Awesome! Nice to see flames. Brings home the original elements.
    But since the invention of an extention chord and IGBT transistors, let alone the speaker coil our food gets ready with far less damage to the environment. Negs guaranteed!

    • Luckily we're not California (yet) where the torching mob (oh, the irony) is canceling anything that doesn't abide to their religion, including gas for cooking.

      Damage to environment is far greater due to more land being used to hold swarms of procreating humans and grow food to feed them, it doesn't make much difference whether gas or (still predominantly environment unfriendly) electricity is used to prepare said food.

      • After 3 1/2 years on road we made with the $20 can stove and one induction plate. Gas might look efficient on a wok with zero wind. Cooking with induction the only limiting factor were gales strong enough to blow the cooking pot off the hob! Ok Oz electricity is still dirty on a world scale. Sure there is more room for propellers on the Tas west coast?

    • Nice! Where did you get the trolley?

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