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[Kogan First] Xiaomi Mi Qicycle Electric Folding Bicycle $699 + Shipping @ Kogan


Lowest price ever? Shipping $50 for me.

Equipped with TMM torque sensor and professional electric boosting system, the Xiaomi Mi QiCycle Electric Folding Bicycle can automatically sense your tread power and output the appropriate electrical power to assist cycling.

250W high-speed motor
3-speed gear hub
4 assistant modes
Torque sensor helps magnify your strength
Comes with trip computer
Longitudinal folding design
High-capacity lithium battery
Lightweight and portable
The Xiaomi Mi QiCycle Electric Folding Bicycle is equipped with three-mode derailleur, which makes it effortless to ride even without power. The longitudinal folding design makes it easy to carry with you without damaging the bike frame.

Weight 14.5kg
Wheel Diameter 16"
Screen Size 1.8"
Screen Type 160 x 128 TFT Screen
Material Aluminum
Maximum Load Capacity 100kg
Maximum Speed 20km/H
Crankset 52T x 170mm Aluminum Cranks
Frame Aluminum Folding Frame
Type Xiaomi eBikes
Torque 7.3N.m
Battery Capacity 5800mAh
Battery Type 18650 Lithium-ion Battery
Charging Time About 3 Hours
Rated Power 250W
Voltage 42V

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  • +3

    If you weigh more than 70kg you won't get far on this thing

    • +11

      That rules around 80% of us :D

      • +22

        That rules out 100% of me

        • +18

          This rules out 30% of me.

        • +6

          Just buy two bikes…one cheek on each

      • +38

        I don't think all men can fit on the seat, it's made for one

        • Lol @ someone negging your comment. Some people have no sense of humour haha

        • +2


    • +5

      This looks like it's made exclusively for Easi delivery drivers.

      • +1

        yup, they are the only people I've seen riding these bikes

    • That depends - low assist mode and a bit more input from you will increase your range drastically

  • -1

    What a funny-looking bike. After watching a video of someone riding this, that person looks really silly. Very practical though I got to admit, especially for the prize and size.

  • Range?

      • +2

        That's quite low compared to most other e-bikes…

        Hmm, seems quite obvious why the price is cheap now

        • It's pretty old I think. Model wise.

        • +1

          It's a thin design. Go for a big battery one if you want range and power.

      • Average commute is 15km. Sweet.

        • +1

          battery power in the morning & pedal power in the afternoon

  • Yes great price, actually been this price for a few weeks. I’ve been trying to sell my old one to replace with new as no idea where to get serviced.

  • +3

    They see me rollin'. They hatin'…

    With svelte design lines like that, this thing is a bona fide chick magnet…

  • +2

    Max load capacity is 100kg :(

  • I read reviews saying that the settings are in Chinese only, is this true?

    • -1

      Yes true

      • Thanks. That’s a big no from me then :(

        • +3

          you don't ever really use them. hold power button to turn on/off. press up/down to change power assist. can connect to your phone, but duno why youd want that

        • +1

          Fwiw i can help if you send me screenshots

    • Chinese is quicker to read, so you have more time to watch the road ;)

    • +3

      Not true - I have this (ordered from Kogan) and it is the 'international' version.

  • 190kg here

    • +2

      Maybe tricycle with 20 kg boot space?

    • +4

      Just get two and join em, put one leg on each bike lol

    • Congrats, im also struggling due to the recent chocolate deals

    • +2

      Mate, you need to buy two of this.

      • Nice ID

  • At the present time, "First" doesn't pay for the $72 postage to W.A. on this.

    • First gets you a$50 discount instead

  • +1



  • +1

    5800mAh battery pack? Those freebee power-banks have more. This sounds unreasonably low…No way this is going 17km’s unless it’s mostly pedal power lol

    • +1

      42V at 5800mAh, still relatively low. Unless you're under 70kgs I highly wouldn't recommend this.

  • How easy is it to fold? And what are peoples thoughts on this vs e scooter?

    • At least in NSW, this ebike is road legal. An e scooter is never road or sidewalk legal.

      • Anyone know if this is legal in Vic?

        • It would be road legal across Australia.

          I meant to say, in NSW, e scooters are illegal.

  • Looks like it might be made to a spec that is NSW legal, but I wouldn't swear on it and I'm certainly not a lawyer..


    • The 250W limit is something that is also used in Europe, so that’s why the market has a lot of 250W ebikes. There’s higher wattage ones but they’re generally for other purposes including off road mountain biking, etc.

  • +5

    I’ve had this bike for about a year. Some thoughts (I am 95kg and 6ft):

    Doesn’t look as small as you think once the seat is up, certainly don’t get weird “why’s he on a kid’s bike” looks.

    Battery life / range is adequate but not the longest range as noted.
    An extra battery weighs about 3 kg and you can buy on AliExpress for $250-odd. Basically like a big security torch shape which could fit in a (larger) backpack.

    Folding is relatively easy to fit in a car boot or backseat, but it’s still pretty heavy to lug around, on a train for example.

    Perfectly fine on level ground and mild gradients but can struggle on anything steep.

    You can buy a throttle kit. Got it from a guy from Korea who did a YouTube video (searching Qicycle throttle) ~ $80.

    • Throttle would make it illegal in my state, if you crash this can affect your payout

    • Was it easy to install throttle?

      • +1

        Easy, just attaching a cable extension and mounting the throttle on the handlebar (about 10 min all up)

        The YouTube video shows the whole setup process

  • -1

    I have brought two such cheap folding bikes, I would not recommend it.

    • +1

      Did you buy this exact model or some other bikes?

    • You had two xiaomi qicycles? What happened to them?

  • Do I remember well Mr Bean on one of these?

  • is it safe to assume this Qi-cycle has a Qi phone charger?

  • How is the warranty on this ? Is this direct import where we have to contact overseas manufacture ?

  • I have two of these bikes and they are good.

    Probably one of the lightest e-bikes available which is great if you are in an apartment like myself.

    Also I have a spare unused throttle that plugs in if anyone is interested.

    • is the throttle still available?

      how can i contact you?

      • Yes it's still available,
        Go to:
        "My account" and then "Messages", and enable accept messages.
        Afterwards I can send you a DM.

        • +1

          thanks, done. pls send me a msg

  • I bought this bike from Kogan too.

    Good bike to ride. Works well for me.

    Only thing is that I can't make the Bluetooth connection to my phone.

    Does anyone know this version on Kogan has Bluetooth module built-in?

    • No Bluetooth for the Kogan version as there is no Bluetooth module on our ones :(

      Additionally these ones are set to 25km/h but the overseas Bluetooth models are 20km/h and can be increased to 25km/h through the Bluetooth app.

      I have seen someone online, 3d print a cover, wire up a usb connection and hack the firmware to increase top speed to 29-30km/h

      • there is a clamp that can be used.

        but i dont know.where to buy one.


        it is in chinese and it is the workshop instruction to update the firmware using the clamp connector.

        • I have not been able to find one either but yeah this is what I meant about 3d printing the cover(clamp) then manually stripping and wiring a usb cable.

          With this, you can hack the firmware and unlock the higher top speed 29-30km/h but would still not have access to the app or its Bluetooth features.

          • +1

            @Master P: I just managed to find the clamp from China.

            It is sold from a workshop that services this type of bikes.

            Placed the order today.

            I will let you know how it goes when I get it.

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