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V-Chek COVID-19 Saliva Rapid Antigen Test (Lollipop Test) $14.50 + Delivery or Free Pickup @ Tobe Grab




The V-Chek™ COVID-19 Antigen Saliva Test is a lateral flow immunoassay intended for the qualitative detection of COVID-19 from saliva specimens directly collected from individuals within the first 7 days of suspected COVID-19 symptom onset.

The V-Chek™ COVID-19 Antigen Saliva Test is to be used for self-testing at home or elsewhere.

Easy to use – Results in 10 minutes
Non-Invasive Lollipop Saliva Test
Reliable and Accurate
TGA Registered for self-use
Suitable for ages 2 and above
TGA Classed as “Very High Sensitivity” – greater than 95% PPA – Ranked the highest in the market

Direct Link: https://www.tobegrab.com/product/COVID-19_Antigen_Saliva_Tes...

$16.99 https://www.genxsafety.com.au/products/v-chek%E2%84%A2-covid...
$18 https://www.hicraftsafety.com.au/v-check-covid-19-antigen-ra...

Contact 1300 008 626 for wholesales price.

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    @ Cash Grab

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    How is that a deal? Price jacked.

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    These companies need to stop taking advantage of people with price jacked items.

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    gerry is that you?

  • +4

    Do you have a suppository version? I just don't trust non-invasive salivas.

  • what's the deal here??

      • +16

        This is ozbargain not ozspam

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    3 COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests adds in last 3 hours…..Please go away as sick of repeat of toilet rolls and cash grab businesses.

  • +14

    Price gouging. Get stuffed.

  • +7

    Remember when hand sanitiser was selling for $50/litre? It can now be got for $5.

    In a few months these tests will be selling for a fraction of the price… but that doesn’t help people who need them now.

    RA Tests, the new hand sanitiser.

    No deal.

    • -1

      We are talking ASAP . Of course a few mths where we all know they will be much cheaper .
      I know a lot of biz are trying desperately to get stocks right now hence no supply and of course we know what that does .

      • +1

        Why do you put a space after every period?

        • +4


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          It was the style of the times, like tying an onion to your belt.

  • +2

    Not sure why all the negs - I paid $14.95 each over week ago (before the rush).

    Happy to be corrected but I believe this is the only saliva (not nasal) RAT with TGA's “Very High Sensitivity” ?

    This is the best price I've seen (or would be with free shipping) for this particular test.

    • +1

      i need RAT kit for self testing and thanks for the post they are around $15 each fair priced.

      I feel we are all overreacting a bit these are good accuracy and aren't readily available

    • +1

      It is the highest one, the only other Saliva test is the Orawell and it's rated as High Sensitivity by the TGA.

      Problem (personal opinion) is that like most other TGA approved RATs, the manufacturers have been unable to test and verify that they work with Omicron, some go as far as saying the have high hopes it can, but none have verified it. V-Chek themselves indicate that they will need to test it once they can cultivate the variant. https://v-chek.net.au/faqs/

  • +8

    Rapid tests are no deal unless <$10 each shipped and stock is ready to ship (at a minimum).

  • +2

    Pretty surprised the mods revoked my negative vote. This isn’t a deal. It’s above rrp and they are trying to take advantage of people in need of tests.

    • Shouldn't be a surprise given it's been the same for a decade.

      Voting Guidelines.

      Inappropriate uses of negative vote
      Any negative vote that falls into any of these reasons will be revoked by a moderator. Negative votes for any other reason will not be removed by a moderator. These are verbatim phrases.

    • +2

      I'm not sure why you'd say this deal is above RRP - as far as I could tell for this particular test kit - the cheapest I could find it online anywhere was $13/test but to get that price you had to buy 25 of them. Another place I found you could get them for $13.50 each - but again only if you bought 20 of them. The most typical price was around $75 for 5 tests ($15 each)

      Of course you may find a different test kit (one of the other 15 approved by the TGA) somewhere for under $10 (again typically only if you purchase multiples - e.g. 5 or 7 tests or more) - but they are different products?

  • Do you want my 10,000 allocations next week? 🤣

  • Rip off at sick peoples expense

    Do they need to be TGA approved?

  • Remember when hand sanitiser was like $4 for 50ml? These tests will be so cheap in a month or so.

    • +1

      I hope they will be but its highly unlikely as the gov just wiped out all stock on the market as well as allocations for the next few weeks. That means they will be even more scarce for retails. Test kits are not like masks they are not reusable and highly results dependant.

      • No doubt just like other grants they distributed they will give it to their mates first not were they are most needed .
        Their best mates are big business interests .

  • I don’t think it’s such a bad deal. Sure we’re all pissed off that government has left us in the lurch. RATs are in incredibly short supply in Sydney and suppliers are paying a premium to get them here fast. $15 for one test plus a reasonable $4.99 postage isn’t too bad for peace of mind.

    • Peace of mind? for how long?
      This is not like HIV, if HIV negative, you know you are safe for future as long as you practice safe and you are not going to do any wrong thing.
      But with COVID negative means, tomorrow or within next hour you may get it unless you are isolating. Even with mask or after all safety gears, there is a chance you can get it. Mask is not a condom.

  • Proper cash grab.

  • -1

    No Deal,
    Would neg vote if I was allowed

  • Says $16.50

  • +1

    Can it detect domicron?

  • Price is 16.5 not 14 5? Any disc code?

  • -3

    Even if I owned a RAT kit, I would have had no reason to use it since Covid began. I havent had any flu like symptoms in years, therefore there are no antigens to detect.

    Taking a RAT test without symptoms (mucus, snot, coughing etc) is pointless. You can be riddled with Covid pre / post symptoms and it will just show negative. It needs to detect an antigen.

    Taking these things willy nilly is pointless and they aren't a PCR substitute. Only use one once you feel symptomatic.

    • +4

      I think you are mistaken. You not having any flu symptoms doesn't mean you have no antigens to detect.
      What you are describing there is a different type of test which isn't yet approved for general use in Australia called the "Rapid Antibody Test" which detects if you have been previously infected with COVID19.

      Where as a RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) detects proteins of the COVID-19, these are more accurate (>70% detection with accuracy of >85%) on symptomatic COVID sufferers, but still provides <50% detection rates on Asymptomatic COVID carriers.

      We just need to live with COVID being around (the cat is out of the bag, and it ain't going back), and 1 step closer to living with COVID is to utilize RAT tests. We should do as much as we could to reduce the spread of COVID which reduces the strain on the health system and hospital beds. If EVERY party goer takes a RAT test before they leave the house, we could potentially detect 50% of the "spreaders" before it even happens.

      However, there will always be people who don't take the test, because they think like you.

      There is a reason why all the case numbers have jumped massively over the christmas and new year break, because I suspect quite alot of them are Asymptomatic or think its only a flu (in denial). But they want to now go overseas, travel interstate etc, so they are forced to get a PCR test, which has now uncovered a massive population of undetected COVID sufferers.

      • +1

        Seems we kind of agree. Without symptoms they are far less useful, around 50/50. Better than nothing, but still not as good as the easier solution…to avoid the party or group situation all together.

        Let's face it symptoms severity are determined by viral load carried. So there won't be much viral protein without much virus / symptoms. A few Ozbargainers on here who are positive have reported exactly this. They received negative RAT results on their first 4 days post infection, then a couple of positives, then negatives again by day 7. Most research charts show the same pattern..it's viral load..simple as that.

        This study shows that of all those non symptomatic people who returned a positve RAT, 72% are false positives. This really isn't a good enough test for work / travel in healthy individuals. A follow up RAT should however rule them out. But it's a pricey proposition with large workforces.

        The good side is false negatives in people presenting symptoms is super low. So if you are feeling remotely unwell, a RAT is useful/ a must.

        The study


        Lastly, with all the variant mutation data out there, a predictive vaccine to stop future strains should be on the cards. It won't make $$ sense for Pfizer etc to make one, a government lab needs to step up.

  • +3

    Clearly price jacking based on the hype. No deal.

    • -1

      Haha….. we are complaining about a COVID test here. Nobody seems to complain about the price gouging companies do on Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests…..

      • Haha….. we are complaining about a COVID test here.

        I'm guessing that it's because its a deal on COVID tests right?

        Nobody seems to complain about the price gouging companies do on Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests…..

        I'm sure there would be complaints if after every blackout advertisers came here and advertised price-jacked pregnancy tests or ovulation tests but there are none.

      • +2

        Nobody seems to complain about the price gouging companies do on Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests…..

        Bummer, I wasn't aware of pregnancy pandemic.
        Now I can see why there were multiple condoms deals here in December.

  • Funny how most tests are made in China.

  • Is this a one time use test or is it reusable? Share one between a bunch of mates?

    • +1

      A mate of mine did that with his listerine. Had 1 empty bottle and a new bottle, and every time he rinsed his mouth once, he spat it into the empty bottle. Then once one is full he did it back into the other empty bottle.

      Did it a few times round! As he said "It kills germs therefore it is all good!"

      • +1

        visibly recoils

  • -1

    The owner/s of this business should be given a black eye for price gouging during a pandemic!

  • +1

    This isn’t a deal, it’s just using OzBargain for free advertising, I’d avoid this company on principle.

    • True it’s free advertising but it’s a deal only because of scarcity.

  • This is price gouging, They used to be round $5 from the ones my friends bought. They also ordered again a couple of days ago for less than $10.

  • In the course of 24 hours, they have increased from $14.50, to $16.50 and now $16.90.

  • +1

    Don't order with them, they dont have any stock even though they will give you a pickup date and time.

    • Same, I went to sunshine to pick them up with no luck!

  • +4

    Ordered these and received a text to pickup from a non-existent store in Sunshine (the pick up location I chose)
    Called the mobile number in the order confirmation with no answer.
    Then googled a 1300 number where a guy mentioned the Sunshine store closed a while back and that all tests would be mailed out.

    When I mentioned, they didn’t have my address he asked me to email it.

    Seems strange considering the offer was posted by a store rep 🤷‍♂️

    • Deinitely a scam. I have no answer either.

  • So nobody has had theirs posted?

    • Nope, they dont have my address. Got an email saying come collect from Boxhill and uder that it says we dont have a stock, wait for it to be colleted.
      My order was for Melbourne CBD, have emailed them to cancel, no response.

      • I also emailed to cancel with no response.

      • I've requested a cancellation also. Will wait until Monday for a response, if I don't hear back I'll start the chargeback process.

        • Just got a text saying it's ready to be collected at Melbourne CBD. I called the bloke and he said nah that location is closed, come to box Hill.

          Asked him on the phone to cancel the order. Let's see if that gets through.

          • @abs898: I got a reply within an hour to my email and a further text cancelling the order.
            Refund was on my credit card this morning.

            I don't think they are a scam, just really disorganised :)

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