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[eBay Plus] CyberPower Value Pro 700VA 390W UPS $85 Delivered @ Shopping Express via eBay


Maybe you just bought a NAS to protect your storage. Now maybe you are thinking you will need to protect your NAS to protect your storage.

Has 3 spots to plug in your things and an LED screen to light your room up when the power is out.

Has previously been popular for $90.90 + Delivery , and for $100.62 delivered, now even lower. $85 is price with eBay Plus.

It is also $84.90 at HT

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Is there one half the size again? (yes I know it's already small)

  • Thanks, I got one. I already have the next model up, so it will be interesting to see what (if any) differences there are between them

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      what (if any) differences there are between them

      I'm guessing battery capacity?

  • These can be used on a Router/FIBRE Box for a blackout?

    Or no point considering the DPU/DSLAM would most likely be out of power as well?

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      Yes and you will maintain your internet and network while it lasts

      • How long can we expect this to power router in case of an outage .Thinking to buy as last Victorian power outage caused half a day without internet

        • Yes should last as long as your laptop.

        • You need to measure the total wattage of your router and anything else you connect to it to ensure it is under 390 watts … I am sure there is a way to calculate duration capacity from VA but don’t know it … most UPS units are able to give you a live readout of how much capacity and load they have. My 750VA Eaton lasts around 6 hours if only running my NBN router.

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          I had the same problem and after much research and scouring the web I bought an EcoFlow River Pro solar generator/power station. It also functions as an entry level UPS.

          In a power outage it can run my NBN NTD, router, mini GL.inet Slate router for VPN, DS918+ NAS with 4 x HDD's, and HDHomerun for 2 days with no power input. I have all that running on a power board plugged into one AC outlet. It has another AC outlet and various USB (including 100W USB-C and QC3 USB-A etc.) and DC, car cig lighter outlet etc. AC ports are 600W with 1200W surge. In a power outage you can increase the uptime with 2 solar charge inputs, up to 200W total. Also has car cig charge and AC fast charge. It's the mid-range of their devices, there's also the cheaper River and the top range Delta.

          I do not worry about power outages anymore.

        • I have one of these and during power outage it kept my NBN FTTC modem + the optus modem/router (so 2 devices) up for 2hrs before it gave out.

          Since I have 4G backup In theory I could have only kept the Optus modem powered so it would fall back to 4G on power loss and keep the connection up longer but it would be capped to 20mbit.

          Also bare in mind the unit beeps continuously on power loss so not something desirable to have happen, unsure if it can be disabled but I found it a bit annoying.

    • You can but if the power is out at your ISP's exhange or any of their other servers you'll be without internet once their UPS backups run out anyway.

      • Yea I was wondering about this if ISPs nowadays have some kind of backup power for their Exchange Points. I assume they do…

      • I have never experienced this as most, if not all, ISPs have their own UPS arrangements

        • Has happened to me a couple of times over the last two years

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    $90 for non plus member with code SPSAVER

  • How long would this even power a 4bay nas for?

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      Enough for a clean shutdown

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      I unplugged mine and it says 52 minutes with a DS920+ and 8 port PoE switch (2x PoE items). Probably not a reliable number, you just want it to shutdown gracefully in an unexpected power outage.

      • Is that with writing/reading to/from the ds920+?

      • 52 minutes brand new? then the minutes reduce the longer you have it.

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        Is there a way for the Synology to know and power itself down? Sorry total UPS noob

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          Don't quote me but Synology have compatibility list here


          Also, they have CyberPower VP1200ELCD listed as officially supported by Synology

          This one isVP700ELCD which should work just fine (similar model, just lower volt)

          I believe you just have to connect them together via USB so the UPS will let Synology NAS know when it's being run with backup battery

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          I have this unit and a DS218+. Attach the USB cable, go to Control Panel, Power and something something, UPS and select from USB and the rest is personalised. I set mine to do a graceful shutdown 10sec after to enable continued power to the other networking equipment.

    • Depends on how much power you draw, 1min at full load (390w) and 10mins at half load.

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    is this good for an iMac? samsung 60in tv? can i put both on it, or is that too much?

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    they upped the price by $5

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      This is fking great, in the process of checking out and they jacked up the price, just wanted to neg the seller not op

      • same

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    I still have mine in the box since 6 months ago. :(

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      The batteries could be dead if batteries are left to discharge too low.

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    Buy a surge protected power board to protect your UPS to protect your NAS to protect your data.

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      I know you're semi joking but you're not supposed to use surge protectors before or after a UPS(input or output). I don't know the technicalities but I've read the debates before.
      this is the first link that shows up in google that may explain

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      "Surge strips cannot be installed before OR after the UPS unit. Doing so will void the UPS’ warranty. If you require additional units, please upgrade your UPS to a unit that has more outlets."


      Thanks for that bobvegas, i was about to use a powerboard before my UPS

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    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CyberPower-1600VA-960W-UPS-Value... this one is $203.15 with discount code, 960watts.

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    How long would a 700VA power a 4 camera wireless security system for? (So Homebase, monitor, router) Minutes? Hours?

    • I've timed a 600VA running 8 PoE cameras through an NVR and it managed about 45 minutes. Exclude the monitor and in your case I would hope you'd get over an hour. But to know for sure you'd have to find out how many watts your setup draws.

  • I was thinking of getting one of these for my aquarium system to power canister filter, uv sterilizer, air pumps and lights.

    • Wouldn't last too long.

      A canister filter is like 50w, UV steriliser = ?, Air pumps = 10W, lights = 50W.

      Would probably get a couple of mins juice.

      • Oops I didnt tell you my setup its canister 15w or something eheim 2215, uv sterilizer 13w, air pumps 10 around 10 watts and I would turn off lights, not critical to use in outage could turn off uv sterilizer as well to reduce wattage used. Nevermind its expired I can just use a battery operated air pump if there is an outage, fish should last hihi

        • Ah righto. Yeah at 50w, you might be able to get about 45mins juice.

  • I have a 450w psu on a PC, I assume this would do me too well?

    I just want enough time for it to shutdown properly… If this isnt good, would the model up be much better? Or should I be looking at something different completely?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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      If data corruption is your worry, it's probably a better route to just replace your traditional drives with SSDs - they don't have the same concerns regarding corruption in the event of unexpected shutdowns. These "UPS" units won't last long and are only useful if you are running traditional hard drives.

      • My Sandisk 1tb SSD boot drive was gone due to an unexpected shutdown a few year back. I got a new one from warranty claim but SSD may have a higher risk of corruption when it comes to power lost.

    • Depends what other components you’re running off that PSU too but I’d say for nothing but an orderly shutdown I would’ve thought this is sufficient.

      I use a couple of these for lighter loads eg one for iMac, one for NAS/router/modem as well as a bigger one for my gaming PC.

  • Seemed like I always missed out on these UPS deals :( FML

  • Others are still available, I got this one last night for 203 with this coupon, however can still get it for 227 with PLUSJAN5:

    • But Jack has visited the deal ;( $24 diff can get you plenty in ozb…

  • what type of batteries does this ups use if you need to replace them?

  • Which model in Australia offers more than 4 UPS outlets? Struggling to find any. Same power spec model with overseas plug comes with 5 outlets…the heck

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