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100% HECS Waiver on Selected Undergrad & Post Grad Certificates, Associate Degrees (Up to 4 Course Units) and Diplomas @ UTAS


Just noticed this advertised on LinkedIn.

Just finished my free Diploma of Sustainable Living and it was such a good course.

My Free Things

  • Windows 11 licence
  • EndNote
  • Stata
  • Office 365
  • Edu.au lifetime email address
  • Student discounts
  • Student ID
  • Pooflip

Undergrad Certificates

Higher Learning and Post Grad (Only the first 4 Units are covered by the waiver^)

  • Diploma of Dementia Care
  • Diploma of Sustainable Living
  • Associate Degree in Applied Technologies^
  • Associate Degree in Applied Science^
  • Graduate Certificate in Tourism, Environmental and Cultural Heritage^

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    How can I check if I'm eligible for the 100% HECS fee waiver?

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      Everyone is. No matter of prior studies or level obtained.

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        The advertising material is definitely confusing due to the non-commitmental nature of it. It clearly states that students "may be eligible" for the waiver and that the fee is waived for "eligible students". But when you read more into it becomes apparent that the eligibility lies within the certificate and not the student. So if we stick to their wording, an ineligible student is one who enrols in an ineligible certificate…

        • Hi Sep1,

          Is it possible for you to point out where it says that? I have looked at the website and can't find that under the eligibility section.

      • Where does it say that though?

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        Only for Aus citizens and permanent residents.

        • sure about the PR bit?

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            @kehuehue: You are considered a local / domestic student if you are:

            a citizen of Australia;
            a citizen of New Zealand;
            a dual citizen of Australia and any other country;
            a Permanent Resident of Australia; or
            on a Permanent Humanitarian Visa.

            These criteria apply even if you completed your schooling outside Australia.


            But you also need to have a commonwealth support place. For this you need to be

            Australian citizens;
            New Zealand citizens studying in Australia; or
            permanent residents;

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    utas cancels email addresses after a period of inactivity (i.e you dont re-enroll in something) - mine lasted about 2 or maybe 3 years before being nuked
    Personally I think the utas business model of offering free stuff (free fitbit, etc) while claiming money from the government for everyone joining their "short courses" is a joke

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      Did you finish?

      Graduated since 2014:

      You will have lifelong access to your UTAS email account. Visit the Alumni homepage for more information.

      Graduated pre-2014:

      Contact the Alumni Office at [email protected].

      Finished studying but not graduating:

      You will be able to access your UTAS email for about 12 months after your last enrolment.

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        Alumni email addresses are only applicable to full courses and not to units (i.e. the free units) I believe. I took the science of gardening and completed the units, email address got revoked after a year or so.

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          Science of Gardening is a unit, not a course. Please clarify what you are trying to convey and whether you did a unit, some units, or a course (ie, probably the Undergrad Cert in Sustainable Living).

          • @jacross: did i not say that the email addresses are only applicable to full courses and not units? apart from a plural typo, tell me which part do u not understand?

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              @LurvinOZB: The part where you say "I took the science of gardening and completed the units". My understanding is the Science of Gardening is a unit (a unit I'm currently completing) rather than a course, but the construction of your statement implies that 'Science of Gardening' is a course. given that you state that you completed the unitS, which implies a course of multiple units.

              So I just want you to clarify if you completed a course or not and what that course is. For example, perhaps 'Science of Gardening' is or was a course at some point.

              • -23

                @jacross: jesus, ya that bored early in the morning huh

                • +25

                  @LurvinOZB: Ok clearly you think i'm having a go. This is a genuine question. I'm genuinely interested in the answer, your experience, as I am clearly personally invested in how long I will have the email address.

                  Let me be very clear. I like you. I value you. There are no gremlins here. I just want clarification.

                  • +3

                    @jacross: in Lurvin's defence, I thought it was quite clear he only did units and he's email was revoked. I'd also hazard that if you contacted them and asked for it to be reinstated they'd be happy to help you (they're a marketing dept. after all)

                    • @Jackson: Thank you Jackson for clarifying in Lurvin's stead. I think that makes sense as an interpretation and seems to gel with everyone else's experiences. The units part (while just naming one unit) threw me off as I wasn't sure if Lurvin completed a course or just multiple individual units (I can't remember what that's called…auditing?).

                      Anyway, I feel pretty confident for my circumstances that I should get the lifetime email address which is exciting.

    • Did you claim an alumni email? Universities switched to them roughly 2 years ago

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        I studied at Deakin and the day I finished the course they deactivated my email address. No alumni emails there sadly.

        • +1

          Curtin uni just dumped their alumni email facility. I'm not happy about it but nothing I can do unfortunately.

      • What do alumni email addresses do?

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          they give you an email address with a domain from the uni, usually with 'alumni.' as a subdomain so they can differentiate you from staff and students.

          I don't think (although am not sure) if they are included in the lists of elligible domains for education discounts, but someone else might comment. They really just give you an email address that identifies you as someone who's studied there. Different unis have different policies about who is elligible to have one.

      • I finished studying at USQ in 2005. Just last year I found out the I should still have my email address, asked the ServiceDesk to reset the password, and have it back.

    • How does one get a free Fitbit?

    • Yep the Vocational education space can't even offer free wi-fi as it will be seen as an incentive. Then again a university in Tasmania would need to offer a lot of incentives

    • UTAS is the only uni that seems to have made this work, online courses with large numbers of enrollments for a highly reduced student fee.
      students benefit.

  • +20


    What is this?

  • When does this offer expire? Next month I'm starting a free 12-week course I found through OZ.

    • What course are you doing?

    • Yes, we want to know all the free courses available out there. This is Ozbargain, remember?

  • +1

    Looking at applying, I'm an Australian citizen but grew up in EU will I be able to get in??

    • As an Australian citizen you are eligible as long as you'll be living in Australia for at least one unit of study.

  • Are there any free diplomas?

    • +3

      Check out Free TAFE. There are free diplomas.

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing op! How did you find the diploma?

    • Would like to know the same

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    • -1

      Literally the first line of the post…

      • +26

        I think op is asking the quality of the course…

    • +56

      I have a keen interest in construction, sustainability and energy. Would like to introduce some eco materials and processes at work. It's made me ambitious.

      KSM002 Science of Fishing 1
      Relaxed course and intersting to do. I ended up planning a fishing trip that I am actually going to do at a place I did not know about

      KDA101 Introduction to Sustainable Design for Houses
      Great subject if you are building or renovating. Looks at thermal mass, materials, location and energy efficiency

      XBR117 Energy
      Hardest course of the diploma but one of the most rewarding. A lot of course content but it's worth it.

      KPZ006 Backyard Biodiversity
      Great subject to make backyard enhancements to attract wildlife. If you are making a garden or doing landscaping its rewarding.

      XBR112 Humans: Earth Shapers
      Pretty cool look at how humans have impacted on the world.

      KGA107 Local Lives for a Sustainable Planet
      If you want to be Greta this is the course for you. In saying that if you want to make a difference no matter how big or small it was a good subject

      KAA106 Introduction to Sustainability Literacy
      Hated it but see the importance. Only if you want to be Greta or write reports or work for the UN.

      Didn't like the lecturer.

      • +6

        Thank you for this detailed summary!

      • Were the units ready to go and complete at your own pace, or were they taught within set teaching periods?

        A couple of the courses look interesting and could give great supplementary knowledge but I am currently studying a Masters and don’t want to overload during my prescribed teaching periods.

        • It all gets published so yes you could finish at your own pace but there are due dates.

          Extensions are easy. 1 week no questions asked but had up to 2 weeks as my wife and I had a baby in between.

      • +5

        Thanks for this summary of those units! It will definitely help with picking my electives.

        I just wanted some clarification: your course is the diploma, which has 2 core units and 6 electives, is that correct? I am only asking because you have listed the 2 core units and 5 electives?

        It also looks like they changed one of the core units to HEJ111 'Communicating Sustainability' (which replaced KAA106)?

        I am a council town planner and think this course could definitely add to my knowledge and give me more confidence to try to influence developers to come up with some better sustainable designs (north-facing living spaces and private open spaces are the obvious ones, but there is so much more that could be done, but developers are all about the profit first…).

        • +6

          I have a planning degree but never practised.

          This course would def be a benefit to you. Shows you how to communicate.

          Nothing wrong with rock retaining, some plants, SIPs and PVC fencing for sustainability, energy efficiency, quick build times and biodiversity.

          Hopefully the new NCC will list min 7 star energy ratings soon as well as min LHA guidelines

          One I missed: KDA102 Sustainable Design for Houses and Landscapes

        • HEJ111 'Communicating Sustainability' yes this is a core compulsory unit, hv to be taken as the first 4 units.

      • +4

        KSM002 Science of Fishing 1

        So all the hours I learnt to fish on far cry are a waste of time? 🤨

        • +5

          Nah you're good mate. Others can study theory all they want, but nothing beats practical experience

        • +1

          There something fishy about this course. Why is the author carping on about it? The claim seems to be a bit flakey.

          • @ffhound: Baiting you into other courses perhaps?

            • +1

              @tamerg: If so, some people may fall for this hook, line and sinker.

      • I also enrolled in Diploma of Sustainability but only completed: Science of Gardening I and KAA106 Intro to Sustainability Literacy. I also disliked the latter subject and only just got through the quizzes/assignments.

      • What is the assessment like? How many hours do you think it took out of your week and how long did it take to complete all these subjects?

    • +15

      I completed:

      KAA106 - Introduction to Sustainability Literacy
      OK because it was the first course and I was moderately interested, but it wasn't great.

      KGA107 - Local Lives for a Sustainable Planet
      Ugh. This was a shambles of a course.

      KGA104 - Introduction to the Science of Climate Change
      KGA105 - Responding to Climate Change
      A have a keen interest in climate change. I enjoyed both of these.

      HPP101 - Introduction to Politics and Policy
      Wasn't what I expected but it was OK.

      KDA101 - Introduction to Sustainable Design for Houses
      Got to do a pretty cool project.

      XBR117 - Energy
      Do you like converting joules to the number of square penguins per cubic tennis court? Got to do a personal energy audit which was interesting.

      XBR112 - Humans: Earth Shapers
      The geology part didn't interest me but the rest was OK.

      Overall I found it super easy and I got a GPA of 6.5. I spent very little time on it (simply wasn't a priority as I was only doing it out of interest).

      • Energy audit was cool and a good wake-up call

      • Overall I found it super easy and I got a GPA of 6.5

        what is the GPA out of? 10?

        • 7

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    How long can you use Office 365? Is that the online version?

    • +1

      Until the email address is disabled

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    Hi OP, how much time per week did you dedicate to study for the diploma of sustainability?

    • +13

      Depends on the subject. If I didn't like the subject none at all. Got credits or distinctions for those.

      Or if I had 1 or 2 per semester I did a little extra.

      Started assignments 2 days before the due date.

      Finished with a GPA around 6.5

      Do have a bachelor's though.

      • +1

        The windows for the tutes.. like during the day… do you have to attend those for virtual courses?

        • +12

          Only attended 2 of them. Not compulsory unless attendance is graded.

          There were night time slots.

      • +7

        Do you need to attend classes real time or are they pre-recorded?
        Work is too much these days and forces me to sit in meetings from 9am-3pm

        • +1

          ^^ this

        • +7

          Can't speak for all subjects but with my course this wasn't an issue.

          • +1

            @Korban Dallas: Thanks for letting us know. I’m thinking of getting Applied Tech. I’ll wait and see the comment below how that course go.

  • +6

    I just finished diploma in Sustainability. Most subjects require about 10 hrs per week to read through course notes/papers etc and do assignments. Some subjects are less. The first compulsory unit is MORE ( Sustainable Literacy ). Totally worthwhile though

    and yes I got Pooflip also as well as a Soil PH test kit

    • Did you do it in 6 months or over the year?
      I'm looking to do 2 units per semester to get the 4 done per year.
      Just unsure if I can find another 20hours per week even on that light load

  • +1

    Hi all - does the student amenities fee apply for online learning?

    • +6

      Per the FAQs:
      Do I have to pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)?
      "No. We are also waiving the Student Services & Amenities Fee (SSAF) for units studied in Undergraduate Certificates in 2022"

    • +1

      Isn't it optional? This was the big controversy when I was doing my undergrad degrees in the mid-2000s…

      • Can’t say for all universities, but not to my knowledge. I have knowledge of four universities that currently charge it as a compulsory fee for your tuition. These UTAS courses don’t charge it though as mentioned in another comment.

      • +2

        The student “union” fees which were compulsory back in the day? Or is the amenity fee something different?

        I was nearly expelled for declining to participate or accept the union and therefore the associated fees

        (I was v.poor, living out of my car and working a 38 hr week while having 43 contact hours at uni, that fe hundred bucks made a material difference to me)

    • Not this year. If you click the deal link and scroll to the questions at the bottom it says there is no fee

  • +3

    Too bad. No language course. :-)

  • +1

    Applied Design is another course on that page not listed here, or am I missing something?

  • What happens if i fail a course? Will i be charged the whole free?

    • +2

      No, you just fail. Why bother applying if you are not going to pass (not saying that you are planning to fail). Usually they are not that hard if one reads the notes given and follows along.

      • +3

        My partner wants to do some of these courses, but her English if not so good, so she is worried they might be too difficult for her. Of course her idea is also to practice and improve her English through studying.

    • +6

      Results will go on your academic record so that might affect applications to future academic studies.

    • +4

      I did the diploma of sustainability.. if u fail (which i luckily didnt) you have to pay the fee to repeat each subject you fail. about $800 or so, but if youre struggling just withdraw before census date.

      • Can you just not repeat the subjects and quit?

        • +1

          yes but it's pretty hard to fail this course.

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