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Gainward Graphics Cards: RTX 3070 Phoenix LHR: $1235, RTX 3060 Ghost LHR: $729 (OOS) + Shipping @ TechFast


Hi folks, a couple of Gainward cards (both on hand) up for quick sale today:

Gainward Phoenix RTX 3070 8GB LHR: $1235

# Gainward Ghost RTX 3060 12GB LHR: $729 SOLD OUT

Update on PC builds:

  • Boxing Day 3070 deal orders as good as 100% completed and deals are still active:

    i5 10400F RTX 3070 Gaming PC: $1788 after BOXINGDAY
    R5 5600G RTX 3070 Gaming PC: $1928 after BOXINGDAY

  • Boxing Day 3060 Ti orders now in build (deal ended)

  • Boxing Day 3080 Early/Mid Jan scheduled after these, along with Black Friday PRE-ORDER RTX 3070 Ti (both deals ended)
  • Some outstanding 5600G 3060 builds to be completed ASAP (late this week or early next - these have #1 priority), apologies for the hold up on these due to 5600G delay as shipments were bumped to this year instead of late last (deal ended).


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  • not a bad price….

  • Is $729 a good price for the 3060?

    • +3

      All it affects is mining right?

      • Yes but if you only game on friday/saturday nights may as well make $3.78/day mining (after electricity) all other times and make $105/month (3070 FHR). 3070 LHR would make $79/month. This is based off todays price of ETH/RVN.

        Or put $1000 into a savings account and make $2/month.

        • How much would it be excluding electricity costs? Just hypothetically you know, if I slapped a tower under my office desk and left it running 24/7 haha

          • @roberttimmms: Different websites show different values you're better off being pessimistic

            $5.11 / $4.46 AUD before and after electricity

            $3.72 / $3.07 AUD

            What to Mine


            This is my fav when I'm scouring marketplace for GPUs - https://minerstat.com/hardware/gpus
            Be mindful that most payouts are at 0.2ETH and use a $10 fee to deposit which would be 2 days mining profit with 1x3070. There are L2 payments where you get paid in wETH in smaller amounts with no fee which would be better for solo GPUs.

            • @Jazza2400: Lol explains pretty perfectly why a FHR card is 50% more expensive than LHR.

              • +1

                @incipient: Yep the LHR cards aren't as power efficient. People are still going to mine of them if they can make a buck. Nvidia just made it worst for the environment.

                Honestly gamers could've bought them and mined the cost off within 3 months and score a free GPU. The fact that the release was gridlocked by mass scalpers and broken websites that they couldn't get their hands on one unless they paid extreme scalper prices or got a prebuild. I got a 3080 and that made $20/day back in March 2020 now it makes $10/day thanks to difficulty.

                • @Jazza2400: March 2020? Must have got an early sample. I didnt get my 3080 until November 2020.

                  • @BargainKen: Whoops I did mean 2021, its been a long year.

                    • +1

                      @Jazza2400: Fair enough, thought we might have had ourselves an NVIDIA insider in our ranks :)

        • +3

          Does that include hospital costs after heatroke from mining in summer ?

          • +1

            @vaper: Nah but workcover looks after that as well as black lung

        • +2

          Lol why are people negging this man is speaking fax

      • +2

        Yeah at 90mh @ 280w?
        I'm at 97mh @ 240w on my 3080
        Nvidia just made it worse for the environment lol

        • Good for you… people are getting 110 on 3080ti by flashing to Dell bios but I'm just not game enough to try. Anyway my point was that LHR has been largely defeated not to buy a 3080ti for mining.

          • +1

            @icarus255: Sorry I was in a rush and mightve sound like a dick. I've seen the 110mh on Dell bios update its a win for people with those cards. LHR were always a bit worse for effeciency / wattage but from what I hear it's only eth every other algorithm isn't affected.

            Nvidia never stopped the bulk buyers so they never really fixed the problem having retailers enforce "one gpu per household" instead while the majority goes to mining farms.

            • +9

              @Jazza2400: All g bro. I think NVIDIA was personally supplying the miners with GPUs. Heaps of photos of crypto farms stacked with founders edition cards. With the one hand blaming the miners and with the other making deals with them. NVIDIA are two-faced dogs.

        • I'm getting 46mh at 110w, so mine is slightly more efficient. and paid $950 for 3060 ti.

          3080 ti costs way more than $1900, so 3060 ti is better choice for mining with 2 of them outbeat 3080ti and cheaper.

          but these cards are nothing compared to my dedicated asic at 500mh/s.

          • @non-LHR: How much you pay for the dedicated asic? What's the plan once eth is pos because I hear alot of them can only mine eth?

            • @Jazza2400: asic goes to the bin or garden decoration, as long as it already made roi then its fine.

              • @non-LHR: Can understand that, big gamble! But also less screw around compared with the gpus I've scrambled off the marketplace for my 500mhs lol

  • +1

    Great price for a non mini gpu lol

    • +1

      Lol beat me to it… Dang it woulda got this over the Mini… Hehe

    • How do you know they aren't mini?
      Can't tell till next year!

  • Whats the RRP on these?

    • +5

      A lot less than this

    • +4

      Still way over RRP, but that is the market at the moment.
      3070 RRP is around 850 and in any normal world they would be selling sub 800 by now.

    • +1

      RRP is a fictional number these days…

      its market price now.

    • +1

      3000 series is supposed to be cheaper than 2000 series. I remember when 2060 was < $500, without mining a 3060 would be around $400 on sale

  • +8

    People don't seem to care about the quality of the brands anymore so long as they can get their hands on any 3xxx series card.

    • +2

      I don't know why you got negged for a very valid comment… Beggers can't be choosers is what the current market is.. I bought the Mini in the last deal so agree with u there.

    • Doesn't really matter too much as the processors, RAM, and the majority of components are made at the same locations regardless who sells them. They also have to meet NVIDIA's specs, so outside the shielding, fans, and thermal paste, there is very little to divide them.

    • +3

      I bought a gainward gtx980 back in the day and the card still functions fine. It's no louder than branded cards I've had in the past and I've never seen the temperature go above 80c.
      Would buy one again without hesitation.

      • +2

        80c… my card never goes above 65.

        • That is the primary difference between GPU brands in recent years, but what difference does it make if they still function the same? How much more did you pay for your brand?

          • @FabMan: Lower quality cooler = higher temps = higher fan speeds to cope = louder PC.
            There are always differences.

            If you don't care, then you don't care. But a lot of people do.

            • @CrushJelly: I agree with that, but not for $100's, better off undervolting as far as I am concerned.

              • @FabMan: "But not for $100's" is your opinion, and it's valid. But not everyone has to share the same opinion.

        • My PC is air cooled, full of dust and I don't have air conditioning.
          My previous card was A gtx770 and that got to the same temperatures and it was branded (either ASUS or gigabyte).
          When I saw the gainward 980 and the price it was selling for I was sceptical and unsure of whether it would be a reliable card. Not a single regret.

    • +2

      Gainward is a reputable brand?

      • Yes, they are a tier 1 Nvidia partner, they make to spec.

    • +1

      Gainward have been around for quite a while. I had a Phantom 770 and it was an excellent card.
      They only sell in a few markets, hence why they're not as popular as the main brands (Asus, msi, etc) who sell globally.
      I have the 3070ti version of this card and I have no complaints. It's actually quite a well built card, which surprised me.

  • Hi Luke any chance of 3070tis coming up?

    • There is a chance, no detail on pricing or qty as yet though

      • I'll keep my ears and eyes glued to OZBargain then!

  • +2

    The fact a perfectly 4k capable GPU only got 8gb of vram annoys me. Sure it's borderline acceptable today. But I'd like a bit more head headroom. Especially with amd offering more which devs will take advantage of.

  • is this RTX 3070 a worthy upgrade from a 3-year-old Galaxy RTX 2080 (base) ?

    • +11

      Stick with your 2080

    • not at these prices

    • how about 2070, not super version. For 1440 gaming, on 120Hz monitor?

      • Which games? Cyberpunk 2077 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?

        • these for example.
          actually got cyberpunk since release however 2070 struggles with all the ray tracing goodness, whereas it is one of the games where RTX really shines.
          had to put it off until GPU upgrade.

          • +1

            @yoba: From various benchmark on YouTube, even with a RTX3070, if you play Cyberpunk 2077 with Ray Tracing on, High graphics setting, 1440p resolution, you'll be lucky to maintain average 60FPS. Forget about 120FPS.

            • @edfoo: you are right. Might as well wait for 3080 for good price, more $$ but more fps and future proofing gains with thicker vram. Still no hopes for 120FPS in cyberpunk though, yikes!

              • +2

                @yoba: Even a RTX3090 will struggle to reach 120FPS with those settings I've mentioned.

  • Ordered 3060. Thank you.

  • +2

    Got two. Hopefully one year ROI, lol

    • eth gone in June, you get maybe 40% your money back, enjoy the rest 60% on Cyberpunk.

      • +3

        ETH was meant to be gone long ago in 2021. Look where we are now…

        • +1

          maybe this time for real? if not then I keep mining ethash, no complain here lol.

          • @non-LHR: Neither. I have, however, stopped mining over the summer period. It's just not worth it, in my opinion. I get too sweaty as it is when the PC isn't on :p

            • +1

              @CrushJelly: summer is da best when u have solar. its 16 hours sunlight a day free electricity. just wear undies next to your rig whilst wfh.

      • It doesn't really matter because I have got cpu miners without gpu. With the gpu, it is easier to resell the whole build.

      • +2

        Raven is profitable than eth now

  • Great price for a great card! Hell Let Loose will get a whole lot sweeter with this!

  • Hi Luke, when would these be dispatched?

    • They'll start this week - all on hand. Quite a few to move so shipping might go into next week given the short week.

      • Thanks Luke. Ordered. Get the gf happier with Preimere Pro exports… maybe mine ETH at night time.!

  • +3

    not looking to buy a card but thanks guys for keeping prices relatively reasonable throughout these times

  • I could sell my 2060 on eBay and be able to buy a 3060 with profit alone. Crazy Times.

    • I bought 1070 from 6 years back for $550 and sold for above $600 last month, and made $1200 from mining throughout the years lol.

    • +1

      You wont get 750 for a used 2060, certainly not after eBay fees.

      • List on Gumtree, use their post to eBay link on your listing, pay no FVF.

        As far as i know the promotion is still going, been using for it months now.

    • Really? Nuts!
      I will be selling a 5600xt and I bought the 3060. The 5600xt is a 2.75 size card, and too long for my dell. Popping the 3070 out of the dell for my custom, and the dell with 3060 with go to gf

  • Wow, that 3060 is cheap. That will sell out quick! I need to sell my FHR 3060 for $1500 before I make a new purchase. :)

  • Hi Luke,
    My current order GPU config is 3060ti, I was wondering if its possible to change to the RTX 3060 12GB instead?
    Price difference?

    • That's a downgrade champ for you

      • -1

        More RAM

        • +5

          More RAM is useless on the 3060 non-Ti.

        • +4

          3060 was designed for people who think like u lmao

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