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Buy a Mac or an Eligible iPad for Uni and Get $219 off a Pair of AirPods @ Apple Education Store


This excellent promotion is back again for 2022, slightly different this time :)

Airpods 2nd Generation are free because they're currently $219, others cost the difference.

Stack with 20x Flybuys Points with Purchase of Apple Gift Cards @ Coles & Collect 20x Everyday Rewards Points on Apple Gift Card (Excludes $20, Limit 10 Cards Per Txn Per Day Per Member) @ Woolworths to save even more.

Higher Education Offer 2022 Terms and Conditions

Promotional Period
The promotion begins on 6 January 2022 and ends on 7 March 2022 (the “Promotion Period”), in Australia (“Qualified Country”). The Promotion Period may be changed, terminated or extended without prior notice.

Apple Store locations, Apple Store for Education and 133-622 (each a “Qualifying Location”). Eligible Products and Promotion Products (as defined below) must be purchased from a Qualifying Location in the Qualified Country. Only purchases and deliveries within the same Qualified Country are eligible. Orders of Eligible Products and Promotion Products from a Qualifying Location that are placed during the Promotion Period and ship after the end of the Promotion Period are eligible.

Qualified Purchasers who purchase an Eligible Product and a Promotion Product within a single transaction during the Promotion Period will receive Promotion Savings on the combined purchase as outlined below. Promotion Savings are applied to the Eligible Products of the transaction instantly at the time of purchase. The Promotion Product is not a ‘gift’. This offer expires when the purchase transaction is complete.

Product Category Eligible Products Promotion Product Promotion Savings Cost After Promotion
Mac iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, including configure-to-order versions AirPods (2nd generation) A$219 $0
AirPods (3rd generation) A$219 $60
AirPods Pro A$219 $180
iPad iPad Pro and iPad Air (iPad (9th generation) and iPad mini are excluded from this offer) AirPods (2nd generation) A$219 $0
AirPods (3rd generation) A$219 $60
AirPods Pro A$219 $180

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +2

    Damn , wish mini was included

  • I‘be been looking to upgrade to the M1 iPad Pro 12.9… should I just take the bullet now or wait for the refreshed device? Would that be in March?

    • +2

      Take the bullet because then you'll always be waiting for the latest and greatest again and again.

      • Thanks. I get what you are saying and I’m not that kind of person lol. I’m keen to upgrade within about 3months and that’s the only reason I’m wondering if I should wait for the next gen :)

        • Since pros berely scrape the edge of the M1 as it is, and the 12 already has the mini led screen, I can't imagine the refresh would be much of a leap forward. Can always wait till 2024's version of this deal.

    • +1

      If USB-C transfer speed is NOT an issue, then sure go for it.

      If transferring data is a key requirement, then I might wait till M2. M1 (non Pro and non Max) USB compatibility mode speed transfer is a bit subpar. M2 is more certainly going to fix that.

      However, if you cannot resist this deal, go for it. After managing to purchase AirPods 2 for $99 on eBay, I tend to value it as $99. Also, I have issues with AirPods 2. Great at the beginning, but starts with have issues once I upgraded my old devices to latest MacOS and iOS. Connections don't seem to be very stable.

  • I bought iPad air on 1 Jan, so within the 14 days still. If I buy another one with iPods, just wondering whether I can return the new one using the receipt for the first one? or do I need to return the first one with its receipt? I am already using the first iPad and thought it would be easier to return the second one… but apple could be tracking the serial number so this may fail.. any thoughts please.

    • +2

      From memory, Apple do track serial numbers…

    • A few people above have said Apple gave them airpods as it was purchased within 2 weeks

  • Just bought one before christmas… do you think I'll have luck getting this deal applied retroactively?

    • Return and buy a new one instead

  • Hey guys,

    Just confirming I can use $1000 worth of apple gift cards (purchased from coles) towards this?

    (Gift cards are in $500 increments I guess)


    • +2

      Maximum of 8 gift cards if you're purchasing online.

      • Cheers

      • So if have more than 8 do I charge them up into Apple Pay to buy online ?

  • Can I buy apple gift card using everyday rewards points?

    • No, but there is kinda a way (not that it is worthwhile). Convert the points to Qantas Frequent Flyer points, then buy it from QFF store. It's a big waste of points to buy that way though.

      • Yeah.. It's not that worthwhile.

  • +1

    Can I order online and pick up in store? do they require student ID?

    • Sorry no one has replied yet - I just had a look at that and you can, plus you can select post offices if you don't have a nearby Apple store.

  • Added the 11" iPad pro to cart but don't see anything else for the promo to be available ? Sorry it's been a while between my apple purchases.

  • +2

    Disappointed the new Mini is not included! Been holding out for months waiting for this deal!
    Might end up going for the Air instead. Thoughts on A14 Bionic vs A15 Bionic?

    • iPad Air is at the end of its leg, but still a good deal if you need it now considering AirPods. No idea about A14 vs A15, if anything it won’t make a difference day to day.

      Personally, I am getting a Mini regardless of the deal as I feel it’s a perfect form factor. Trying to time it for TRS.

  • ahhh would love to buy the macbook air, but it only has usb-c ports, no hdmi and sd card which will cost $1000 more in the form of the new 14" MBP :(

    • +1

      I hate to break it to you but I don't see Apple adding those ports to the Air ever. Apple consider HDMI and SD card to be Pro features. With the power of the M1 chip they need something else to differentiate the products.

      That said, the M1 MBP is an amazing computer if you can justify the cost.

    • There's so any dongle options out there - yes, it's annoying.

  • i dont quite understand. is this really a good deal?

    is the iPad air the cheapest thing on the menu?

  • Thanks OP been waiting for this deal to purchase a new 14 inch

  • Macbook Pro 14"/32GB/512GB - $3570 no AirPods (AOC) or $3719 with Airpods (2nd Gen)
    Are they worth it?

    • +1

      Personally, no.
      I much prefer my $50 Soundpeat truengine 2 (by no means premium stuff) to the pair of 2nd gen Airpods that I got for free during last year’s promo, both in terms of sound and fit.
      I’m no audiophiles though so ymmv.

    • +1

      In a similar situation comparing with imac/mini Mac, for me answer is no, given you still have to pay if you compare with AOC pricing.

      If you have managed without airpods so far, may not need it. That's what I am upto.

      Sound peats / Anker can be had for a cheaper when needed.

      • With Mac Mini, I think the Black Friday deal + ShopBack or CashRewards 8% was a better deal. Not to mention it is full legit and you don't need to worry about not being a member of AOC.

    • +2

      The main advantage of AirPods are seamless connectivity and switching between Apple devices (e.g. seamlessly switch connection between your iPhone and MacBook, switch calls between devices while being connected to your AirPods etc.)

      Third party earphones don’t offer this functionality and their microphone quality rarely matches AirPods.

      • +1

        This. I personally have always enjoyed the AirPods for this very reason seamlessly moving between iPhone, iPad, Macbook and Apple TV. The microphone quality is sufficiently good (and not laggy) for video calls/meetings as well.

        There are always going to be better options of similar money for each of the various use cases whether it be music, video calls, ANC (when considering Pro), etc… but even when I have all these options available to me, the AirPods Pro always seem to be the one which I end up bringing with me/having on me.

        On another note, the spatial audio thing seemed so gimmicky at first but it actually does blow my mind how it feels like the sound is coming from my Macbook speakers as I move my head around!

  • -1

    Has anyone tried returning the device on a deal like this? I assume Apple ask for the AirPods back too, or refund you only the difference?

    • +1

      The invoice will list the Airpods at $219 and the device at purchase price less $219.
      So if you return the device only Apple’ll hold on to $219, i.e. you pay full price for the Airpods to keep them.

      • Thanks

      • -3

        Can I only return the airpod to Apple and get a refund?

        • Review the terms here.

          If an Eligible Product is returned, or is exchanged for an ineligible product, the Promotion Product must also be returned in its original packaging or the Promotion Savings will be deducted from the amount of the return or exchange, as applicable, and any remaining difference will be charged to the Qualified Purchaser. If a Promotion Product is exchanged for another Promotion Product and the full retail value of the desired product exceeds the original Promotion Savings, the Qualified Purchaser will be responsible for paying the difference. If a Promotion Product is exchanged for another Promotion Product and the full retail value of the desired product is less than the original Promotion Savings, the Qualified Purchaser will not receive credit for the difference.

  • +1

    So nothing for the Airpod Max?

    • You can find new units on ebay for sub 600 if you spend some time looking

    • I was looking for this as well… better deals to be found elsewhere, but I've decided to hold out for 2nd gen (if they ever make one). I don't really want another HomePod situation!

  • +1

    Since the deal goes til March, reckon there any point in trying to wait for a cashback boost?

  • Is there still an education store/discount for students who are not yet 18? (i.e. primary/high school)?

    • I think it’s for anyone if you order it online. They don’t do any student ID check unless you buy in-store.

  • +2

    Thank you so much, OP. I just ordered iPad Pro literally on the 5th Jan night 😅. I called Apple and they added an AirPods to the order for free. Couldn’t be happier :)

  • just got the call today with them confirming my order did not do student ID check and they have shipped my airpods off and waiting for macbook to be done to spec

  • +1

    Do you guys reckon I could talk to Apple over me returning the AirPods 2nd generation and in return get the AirPods 3rd generation after paying $60? Didn't think much of it but regret not giving a thought about the 3rd generation which defintely seems a lot more appealing to me

    • +1

      Just called Apple, they told me that I need to return the airpods (2nd gen) then they will credit 219 to my account, after that I can just use the credit to purchase apple 3rd gen plus pay the difference.

    • Yes. I just switched my AirPod Pros for the AirPod 3rd generation. They just did a credit to my account for the difference (my AirPod Pros were not opened).

      • Wonder if that works for opened? Hear so much about 3rd gens not fitting well. Want to try on 3rd gens then sell pros of they don't fit.

        • Should work - I exchanged opened Airpods 2nd to 3rd gen + pay the difference, they cannot use existing funds in my Apple account balance though.

          • @alteclan: Thanks for sharing, once there's some cash back I'm pulling trigger.

        • I regret swapping the AirPod Pros for the 3rd gen. Fit is terrible for me and they hurt my ears. Sound is fantastic though compared to my 1st gens, but nowhere near as much bass as the AirPod Pros (which I owned but gave to son when his AirPods died). Going to ring Apple tomorrow and see if I can exchange for the 2nd gen, which for me, are the most comfortable of all the AirPods.

          • @luztra: Switch back? They basically do no questions asked returns right?

          • @luztra: Fair enough, never owned AirPods before so didn't know what I missed. I really like the 3rd gen and it's much better than the 2nd gen assuming they fit you fine,

  • Should I buy now or wait for discounts on apple GC or cashback boost? Also, I just checked, you can technically buy 2 mac airs and also get 2 free airpods in one transaction (i added to bag) but I'm not sure if it would go through? any idea If I can purchase two mac airs and get 2 free airpods under the one transaction. Also, spoke to an apple specialist who stated that the free airpods is limited to one per family which Is kind of odd, lets say if I was to purchase 2 mac airs, one for me and the other for a family member for pickup, how could they make it difficult as per the eligibility for the AirPods, would they ask for ID or anything?? kind of odd considering Im paying well over 2K for them to reject my order as per their eligibility terms.. any thoughts guys?

    • Why not put it through as 2 separate orders. Can even checkout as guest if you want.

    • If you get a Macbook Air with 512GB SSD then you pay $1699 on higher education store. You also get Airpods which are worth anywhere between ~$100 and $219, depending if you manage to get them for cheap on eBay or somewhere else. Assuming $100 Airpods the Macbook would have cost you $1599. If you managed to get 10% off on Apple gift cards and got 1.5% cashback then you would be paying $1699 * 0.9 * 0.985 = $1506.16 - ~$100 = $1406.16 . This does not account for any 'wastage' in extra gift card value, or being short in gift card value.

      If you get a Macbook Air from Officeworks, price beating another store's 10% off sale then you pay $18490.90.95 = $1580.9 .

      If you can get gift cards to use at JB for 15% off (e.g. TCN at 15% off) and then wait for 10% JB Mac sale then the Macbook will cost you $1849 * 0.85 * 0.9 = $1414.49 . This does not account for any 'wastage' in extra gift card value, or being short in gift card value.

      Overall, if you actually want the Airpods then this deal is good. If you don't want the Airpods then JB with path is cheaper, or you could get this and try and sell the Airpods for more than ~$115 profit.

      This deal lasts a couple of months so if you are waiting to see if cashback rate increases then you have time.

      • Love the detail just a note JB are struggling with stock for anything M1 currently

    • +1

      I reckon you should wait for cashback deal. Cashrewards or shopback is bound to do a boost soon

  • Since the deal runs until March, should I wait for a cashback boost in the near future? Would anyone know about this?

  • -2

    To maximize my resell profit for the airpods, should i go for airpods 2 or 3?

    • +3

      Did you read previous comments?

  • If you sell the AirPods on eBay you'll get at least $150, so the 14" MBP works out cheaper than AOC

  • Can anyone tell me which courier they use for delivery please?Thanks

    • I received mine yesterday they used StarTrack (Melb Metro) also need signature as mine were left at Post Off for collection.

      • thanks for the help!

  • I need to pick up an iPad Air tomorrow, if I order online for pickup will they check student ID on pickup?

    • In my experience, they have never checked Student ID on pickup.

    • Wife picked up Macbook Air at Canberra Apple store yesterday, they just asked for drivers license. (She's .edu staff but not sure what ID she'd show to prove that if they did ask - guess she could've shown them her @act.edu.au email address and a pay slip that says she's primary school staff paid by the Education Directorate.)

      • Thank you team - will give it a try!

    • Nope. Bought through edu store, went to pick up at Chadstone store today, only looked at my drivers license to check name.

  • will shopback still work worth this? the airpods won't invalidate the cashback?

  • I have read that if you order online and get the device shipped to you ie MacBook Pro, and select the AirPods for in-store pick up, you have 10 days to pick the AirPods up and if not picked up in this window, you get refunded the AirPods amount.
    Is anyone able to confirm?

    • +3

      sounds too good to be true

    • I have read that


      • Multiple, but mostly tomato. It has been around the forums on overseas back to school deals.

    • I can't see in checkout that that is an option. It's either all pickup or all delivered from what I could see.

      Edit: If you order something which is not in stock at a particular shop, you can get the AirPods delivered to the store and the computer delivered to your home when it comes in stock.

      • In check out choose to add a gift message to the item and it then it forces the product to be delivered. The AirPods can then be chosen to be picked up in-store.

        • Did you get a refund for the airpods?

          • @choofa: Friend tried doing it, Apple cancelled the order since it’s not picked up in time, he didn’t get any refund but ended up requesting Apple to replace it.

            Who wonder this mega corporate like Apple thought of everything.

  • Do the free airpods work with AOC but instore? It doesnt come up online so was wondering if I could do it in person

    • AirPods offer is only through the edu store, not available via AOC.

    • As far as I understand, AOC pricing is not accessible through physical Apple Stores.

  • +4

    I just noticed that Cashrewards has updated the list of ineligible items: Ineligible for cashback until further notice (updated 11/01/22): 9th Gen iPad, New iPad Mini, Apple Pro Display XDR, Gift Cards, Gift Wrap, Shipping, Apple Developer Programs, AppleCare products purchased individually or after applicable product has been shipped.

    The latest M1 pro/max 14/16 Macbook pro has been removed from the list, which means if you are after the latest Macbook Pro, it's better wait for the upsized cashback rate.
    The latest iPhone 13 series are also removed from the list, which makes it a better deal if you stack with the bonus gift card.

    • Thank you sir!

    • -1

      Does this apply for transactions before 11-Jan?

      • No.

        The 10 Jan 2021 update to the exclusion list still listed M1 14” and 16” MacBook Pros. (Yes, there was an update to the exclusion list the day before the current update.)

  • +1

    Can a Uni Student card be used after graduation? Some Uni just paste a sticker on top with the year (2021) which can be peeled offed

    • Same question. My physical student card only shows the year I started Uni, no expiration date or so. I've recently graduated and I still keep my card (no graduated year sticker like yours). I wonder if I use it as proof of student id for on-site payment purpose (e.g. shopping), will people even know?

  • Edit: Nevermind. Silly me. Saw this post from @alteclan about the terms

    I wonder what'll happen if you use Apple's 14 calendar days return policy and purchased both the Mac / iPad and then getting the Airpods. If you return only the Mac / iPad within 14 calendar days will you then have to pay that difference, or do you get to keep it, i.e. essentially scoring a free Airpod for nothing?

  • I just bought a Mac Mini and got yhe headphones free though this deal.

    I noticed on the receipt that it gives a discount on the Mac Mini of $219 as ‘Special Savings’, and then lists the airpods as a seperate line item.

    Does this mean I would be able to return them and get a refund for the $219?

    • +1

      Go ahead and read the whole thread bud.

    • Nope. They only refund if you return the whole thing.

  • +3

    US Apple Edu store now needs verification via Unidays to take advantage of this promotion - I wonder if Aus would follow suit?

  • May be good time for iPad Air.

  • +1

    Off topic a bit. Did anyone get a new MacBook that came out of factory sealed box with battery cycle count greater than 0. In my case it is 5.
    I once bought a factory refurbished MacBook that had cycle count of 1. So I am surprised my brand new one has 5.

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