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30% off Hot Sauces: Habanero, Reaper or New BBQ 200ml $9.79 Each + $6.95 Flat Shipping @ Pepper by Pinard


Ozbargain's favourite Hot Sauce has returned!!! Also introducing our new BBQ Hot Sauce.

Choose between the New Medium heat BBQ, Medium heat Caribbean Habanero or the Extra Hot Caribbean Reaper sauces.

Promo code: OZBARGAIN30

The promo code is for sauces only.

Cannot thank you guys enough for the record breaking day we had last time we did this sale here.
We ran out of stock in a few hours and a lot of you missed out, hopefully you get some this time. Be quick!!!
Also thank you to all the people who reached out to tell us how much they loved the sauces, it really means a lot to us.

We really love our Ozbargain family.

Thanks and enjoy.

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Pepper By Pinard
Pepper By Pinard

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    • Around 18 months best before, but wont last you a week.

      This is per serve (10ml)
      Hab & reaper: 8 calories per serve, 0.1g proteins, 1.9g Carbs and 1.4g sugars
      BBQ: 16 cals per serve, 0.1g protein, 4.0g carbs, 3.1g sugars

      • Thank you

  • Habanero is my go to hot sauce now, it's so tasty and has good spice!

    Highly recommend giving it a shot.

    • Fellow Mortal Kombat, have you tried the other sauces?

      • +1

        I did try the reaper as well. It's fantastic too. But more than one drop had me at fatality. A tad too toasty.

        • +1

          Carolina Repar is the current 'world's hottest chilli pepper' and there are four of them per bottle :o

  • Are these in plastic or glass bottles? After a good hickory or chipotle sauce for mexican too

  • Any recommendations for vegiterian who likes moderate hotness… I hear Reaper is good but not sure if too hot for me

    • Try the Habanero one. Perfect balance of heat and sweet.

  • Just placed my first order, Can't wait to give this to my brother in law ( he enjoys hot chili)
    Hope the sauce is as good as everyone is raving about :)

    • +1

      Appreciate you giving us a try. Thank you.

  • Returning customer here. Love the sauce. Got 2x Reaper last time. It's hot but still tasty - I would be keen for something hotter but I am a fiend for the pain.

    Will try the Habanero for something milder like in my breakfast cereal :)

    • Your crazy!! The Reaper is where we draw the line lol.

      • There's a market for extra extra spicy sauce ;)

  • What's the ingredients in the Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce.

    Also how much % of the 200mls is reaper.

    Once opened, how long would a bottle be safe for in the fridge?

    • Also keen to know shelf life once opened

    • 18 Months Best before even longer in the fridge.. 4 whole Reapers per bottle.

      Reapers, Pickled vegetables, mustards, garlic, tomato relish, brown sugar, lime juice, salt and pepper.

  • Can we stack the 30% off and free shipping above $50?

    • Unfortunately not. The website i use doesnt even let me stack them.

  • Cheers, grabbed a few to try.

  • Bought the habanero and Reaper sauce, love me some spice :D reviews sound great so looking forward to testing it out and helping a small business!

  • Hey OP - am flat out with work but want to check out your sauces and place an order later today - do you have a cap on sales or am I safe to get an order tonight?

    • +1

      Its getting close to capping out soon unfortunately. Heaps of orders.

      Send me a private message later here. I will look after you.

  • Cheers OP, just placed my first order! As a massive Hot Sauce fan, I cant wait to try these! The comments and feedback sound great :)

    • Just got in. Well done and thank you.

      • My god that was a close one! Cheers mate and looking forward to try these on everything haha

  • +1

    And thats a wrap!!! You guys are amazing Thank you so much for all who ordered.

    Now time to pack these orders. Love you all.

  • Just placed an order for Habanero and Reaper keen to try them

    edit: oh man clicked checkout and sold out :( "Coupon not found"

  • I missed it by literally one minute 😂

  • The code doesnt work for me. Says "Coupon not found"

  • +1

    Expired…was just about to order too :(

  • Just yesterday there was someone on the r/Adelaide sub-reddit complaining about a lack of hot sauces available.

    • The guy is an idiot considering Chile Mojo is in Adelaide and has a big range, but that's r/Adelaide for you

  • Grabbed few to try

  • -1

    So I ordered 2 of the sauces, so here is what I get code not working
    Habanero Hot Sauce 1 x $13.99

    Variation: Regular
    Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce 1 x $13.99

    Variation: Regular
    Subtotal $27.98
    Shipping $6.95
    Order total $34.93
    OZBARGAIN30 does not match a valid coupon code or gift card.

  • Will you be getting more stock?

  • Work BBQ's are about to get a lot more spicy. A bit of the reaper into the normal sauce ;)

  • +1

    Looking at the comments, I will look out for this next time.

  • Missed out 🥲 Hopefully you get another sale going OP

    • +1

      Last advertised deal was October last year, the one on July is the best deal for the first 50, about $30 for 3 sauces. I am guessing there will be a promotion in March.

      • Awesome, I'll keep an eye out. Thank you!

        • Ozbargain review is probably the best review you can find on the internet. I don't think I will be persuaded to buy if the reviews were posted elsewhere. Any retailers or entrepreneurs who really think they are making a quality product at a great price would benefit from posting on ozbargain.

  • Just got a shipping notification. Looking forward to trying this out :)

  • Are these anything like the Trinidadian scorpion pepper sauce ?

    • Not sure exactly what sauce you mean. But both my parents are from Trinidad and Tobago and that's where the sauce originates from.

      • I am Trini to d bone , where abouts in Trini are they from ?

        • 😂😂 Port of Spain.

  • Have people received shipping notification yet?
    I only saw one one person who said yes

    • 3 Quarters of all orders have shipped. The remaining quarter shipped tomorrow. Thanks.

      • Thank you

    • +1

      Mine's already arrived!

  • received shipping notification, but mines in limbo with Sendle (likely assigned to Slow-Way) for past few days.
    Delivery from Sydney to Sydney.

    • Received mine. Tried the Habanero, smell was pleasant. Could felt the kick at this heat level, haven't tried the reaper, will be careful with amount I use since the Habanero already hitting me..

  • Just received mine, both super super tasty. Highly recommended

    • Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

  • +3

    My sauce arrived. Haven't tried it yet but packaging was top notch.

  • Had an issue with my order but they replied within minutes and had it fixed asap.
    Really impressed with the great customer service!!! And the sauce looks and tastes great

    • +1

      Love to hear it!! Thanks for the sharing. Glad you are enjoying the sauce.

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