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2SAN COVID Rapid Antigen Test 7 Pack $60 Delivered @ Healthy Life


I believe there’s over 6000 stock - so spread this around!

1500+ stock for this also

Around 1000 here too

Very high sensitivity, 95%.


Qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid antigen in nasal specimen directly from individuals suspected of COVID-19 infection – for screening purposes​. Non-intrusive shallow nasal swab. Results showing in 15 minutes. Convenient storage conditions: 2 - 30°C. * Non-intrusive shallow nasal swab * Prefilled extraction tube for ease of use. * Convenient storage conditions: 2-30 degree. This product cannot be shipped to WA due to government state guidelines.

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    5.5% cashback from Cashrewards , tracked instantly and got $3.30 back

    • +2

      *Traced instantly

      • +9

        Some either lack sense of humour or (like the RAT from this deal) have “Very High Sensitivity” ;)

  • Seems the website is down?

  • Which has better sensitivity this or the Rightsign from Chemist Warehouse/MyChemist?

    • +68

      Nail biting aye? Which one will you choose? Do you wait for a reply or pull the trigger? Exciting stuff.

    • +4
      • +1

        `^ me the only OZ made one on the list has the worst rating .

        • +1

          One made in OZ, Korea and one of the US are the only ‘acceptable’ ratings, which are pretty bad. A lot of the Chinese ones are Very high sensitivity, seems they’re all in Hangzhou.

          • +2

            @ATangk: Yep… just found out the ones I was given to take home when I got my PCR test are the Korean ones, I got a negative result from the RAT but still going to act as though I have covid and isolate until I get my PCR results of course.

            • -2

              @Elision: Yep, we were given the Roche ones too.
              Not sure that's a bad thing though. Don't know if I want it testing me 'properly'. 😉

    • +2

      this one is "very high sensitivity" the one from Chemist Warehouse is high sensitivity

    • 2 for $20 plenty in stock in CWH. no need to stock up. millions have arrived.

      • and people with pension cards are picking them up for free???!!

  • Looks like this one is "Very High Sensitivity". https://www.tga.gov.au/covid-19-rapid-antigen-self-tests-are...

    • @dreamscene Indeed haha. Thanks OP grabbed some of these & will try cancel my MyChemist order. HealthyLife is also giving free express post for orders over $70

  • pity they are a bit slow at actually shipping them out

    • +1

      When I bought this last month it came in two days.. but now I guess everything’s delayed.

      • +3

        I ordered a different kit on Tuesday and they got shipped out last night (express post). Amazingly they arrived about 15 minutes ago (from NSW to VIC)! Not sure how AustPost managed to do that.

        • I don’t understand how people are struggling to buy RAT tests. Like I’ve been telling all my friends to buy them on Healthylife… then the next week they are still complaining they can’t find them.

        • +2

          Express get priority when everything goes to shits. But there’s still no guarantee on express post.

        • +1

          Same, ordered on Tue. shipped last night and delivered today (express post from VIC to NSW)

    • +4

      I ordered a 5 pack from these guys a couple of days ago. It was delivered about 20 mins ago.

    • I ordered on the 5th Jan and it's being shipped out today. I'm in metro Sydney.

    • I ordered a diff one from this place Friday last week. It arrived Friday this week. 7 days ain't bad.

  • -1

    $10 off your first order over $50 also!

    • +4

      exclude RAT

      • +2

        RAT may be ineligible for cashback soon.

    • +1

      Invalid for this item

      • Yeh, just tried given VHigh $50 for 7 sounded decent. But coupon invalid (RAT)

      • oh damn :(

    • Discount is not valid for this order. Bugga!

  • +4

    I believe there’s over 6000 stock - so spread this around!

    so will last 20 seconds in OZB?

    • 5400 still left in their inventory - so one would believe so!

      • How do you work this out?

        • +1

          OZB First Law.. buy first and think if you need it later!

  • +4

    "Due to increased demand, all orders will ship within 4-5 business days from order placement with free express post for orders over $70 - thanks for your patience."

    I predict that by the time you receive your order the market will be flooded and you'll be able to purchase at a discount. 34m free RAT tests have been ordered by the VIC gov, enough to give every Victorian 5 tests.

  • -3

    Edit- Refreshed and they were in stock again.

  • +1

    This mob ships at the speed of drop shipping. My express shipping order from 27th Dec still hasn't been shipped. So much for express shipping.

    • Maybe there's an issue with customs?

  • thanks op bought 2

  • Just purchased

  • +6

    Please help me understand why so much demand for these kits? I see a lot of people call medical clinics as well for these kits. This is what I understand, even if kit will show you are positive, all you will do is get to a covid testing site, get tested, quarantine and by the time mostly when you get results you will be feeling better especially if you are vaccinated.

    Why it cannot be what other countries are doing which is "If you have symptoms, stay at home, quarantine in a room where family or friends will leave things for you to use/eat, have medicine and recover."

    Even people who are coming positive now after both tests, all doctors are telling them is to stay home and recover. If they have cold, fever, sore throat and so on, take Panadol.

    I would understand if someone's health deteriorated a lot and need to go to hospital but where you have just the symptoms and not struggling a lot then why go through all this?

    Sorry just trying to make sense of Australian Medical specialists and their suggestions, I do have a very thick skull.

    • +3

      Some people need it for interstate travelling

      • Only NT still requires it?

      • or for their job

    • +2

      And others need it to just be cleared to work for certain businesses if you're self employed.

      • +1

        Fair enough. However, like the other guy, I was thinking if I'm at the point of testing myself for COVID, then I'm staying at home.

    • +8

      Well I live in Melbourne, the hayfever capital of Australia, where I get to play the game of "Do I have COVID or just bad allergies today?". Also a lot of people hosting small gatherings at their homes are wanting to test beforehand.

      • +4

        Canberra would like to have a word about being the hayfever capital of Australia…

      • +3

        Its funny how many people want you to test yourself before going to their house with a RAT, but they don't do it themselves.

        • +2

          common strategy when vising elderly people.

      • Then use a thermometer, when you have hay fever you actually don't get a fever temperature wise. While if you have covid you most likely would have a fever.

    • +1

      Surely you have some idea….. High demand = $$$$$$$

    • +1

      You need to use two of these after you return to NSW from overseas.

    • +3

      all you will do is get to a covid testing site, get tested

      Most test sites are full before it opens.. hence everyone is looking for a RAT test so they can atleast check if they have covid and isolate with close contacts

    • With thousands of +ive cases, does it still make sense to have those kind of testing restrictions in place unless you are visiting someone who has very weak immune system and infection could be fatal? If you are unwell you just use common sense and stay away from others ?

      • True. But it is about people with family or big households.

    • +3

      A major use is to reduce the likelihood of being infectious prior to a gathering. While one can debate the usage for things like meeting friends, or events like weddings - there are other important use cases, like if you're providing care for someone, in which case it's both important to attend in person and minimize the chances of transmission. Even though sensitivity is less than 100%, there is no doubt that if you test negative before seeing someone, you're less likely to infect them

    • +5

      even if kit will show you are positive, all you will do is get to a covid testing site

      At least in VIC, this isn't necessary anymore. From https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/report :

      You don’t need a PCR test if you have a positive rapid antigen test.

    • +11

      I'd rather pay $10 on a RAT than have to spend 3-4 hours waiting in a queue to get tested. I've got better things to do. I'd probably burn $10 worth of fuel just waiting especially in this 30C weather.

      • Yeah, but be careful because I know through a source working in Medical line that people are coming +ive around 3-4 days after exposure or days of testing with these kits. Either they are not using it exactly how it needs to be tested or something else. I think it is method of testing because most do not take deep swabs especially in nose.

        • Yeah I think if I was feeling sick enough to be tested I'd still be trying to isolate from others regardless 😅

        • Agree - it’s been advised to swab the throat now too for RATs.

    • -3

      because people are stupid.

      • +1

        no they aren't

  • Thanks op grabbed 1

  • Purchased. Lets see how this goes.

  • Thanks OP grabbed one!

  • -1

    can we stop ozbargaining the website pls. https://imgur.com/a/YDGLPV0

    • +1

      Then don’t try to open the website next time

  • Thanks OP! Finally managed to secure some after missing out on previously posted deals.

  • +4

    Clicks are insane. 15 mins. 2250.

    • +3

      Faster than the rate of positive cases in NSW.

  • got some

    • Are we still talking about RATs….?

  • Thanks OP. Hopefully they arrive sooner than an actual PCR result.

  • Thank you OP!

  • Ordered 1, thank you. Suffering from covid atm… Hoping to have some tests for family.

  • Many thanks!

  • Thanks OP, decent price almost about the same as Costco.

  • +1

    Thanks OP- much appreciated. The link for the 7 pack started giving an error, other options can be found here https://www.healthylife.com.au/search-results?query=2SAN%20C...

  • Ordered 1x 7 pack!

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one.

  • Excludes Darwin as well, i cant put in my address.

  • +2

    This is the toilet roll of 2022

    • Its much better not as bulky .

  • +6

    As I’m buying this, Boland nicks Root to Smith. Should I buy another?

  • finally jumped on the RAT band wagon and ordered a 7 pack.

  • Thank you OP

  • OOS be nice if there was a limit.

    Clearly people got greedy here.

    • +3

      6000 in stock and 4700 clicks. That averages only slightly above 1 each

      • +1

        Downvoted for suggesting a limit.

        Don't think a limit would be a bad thing.

        Not everyone who clicked would have got one.

  • +1

    Looks like they're all gone

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