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Wanderer Rugged Cart Beach Wagon $89.99 for Club Members + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BCF


Last November's popular deal expired. Now it is back.
Free club membership sign-up. You will get a $20 discount code valid for 30 days (minimum spend $100). So in theory, add a $10.01 item to get the total to $100 to use the discount code, you end up paying even less for the cart.
Don't forget to activate 3.5% CR and SB cash back.

Large detachable wheels make it easier to pull through rough terrain and sand
Durable polyester fabric and powder coated steel frame
Collapsible cart with telescopic handle, folding into a compact size
2 x drink holders on the side of the cart
Quick fastening straps for beach umbrella standing and transportation
Weight capacity 100KG.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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    How does this compared to Kmart's 2 wagons for $49 and $79? Or Costco's wagon. I'm not sure how much it cost but I think it is only $79. And whatabout Anaconda which has one on sale now for $99. Has anyone got any comments about this BCF's wagon?

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      Wow man do some of your own research

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      What are you planning on taking?what terrain?

      I've got the $79 kmart one with the shade and front compartment, overloaded it past the 50kg limit (esky with 2 bags of ice, drinks, gazebo, tables and bags where ever they can hang) and pulled it across sand on the beach. Good thing it has handles on both ends we were able to push and pull to drag it across the sand (weight was well beyond 1 person can handle).

      Compared to the Costco ones, it was easier to move across sand as the tyres were wider. Costco folded more compact as it didn't have a second handle. Build quality feels abit better too.

      Honestly no concerns about the durability on kmart cart even with only a 50kg rating, unless you're hauling LPG tanks or grown adults it should be fine.

      • +2

        The handle falls off the Kmart one. I’ve killed two.

        Want my next one to have shockies and wide wheels for the kids

        • Mines only had about 20 trips or so, see how it goes

          Would love one with oversized wheels and an electric motor, make trips to the beach effortless

        • it sounds like a plan to build a go kart!

    • +1

      @Lone star Comments in the previous deal may help.

    • I have the blue version of this and its nearly identical. It's much better built than the Kmart one and compared to all other carts that we pass at the beach, this is the best. It gets loads of comments every time we're out with it but that's partly to do with it carrying two small kids.

    • The one from Costco feels very solid, almost bought one, resisted because I don't really need one. :D

      Here's the Costco link (sold out online, $89.99 in store): https://www.costco.com.au/Sports-Fitness-Leisure/Camping-Hik...

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    • This is $10 cheaper 😜
      Seriously they look the same so I suspect they came from the same factory but rebranded for the local distributors.

      • yes i got that feeling. thanks for posting this deal.

        • +1

          P.s. The dimensions and pay load are exactly the same too.

      • +1

        same price now! $89.99 at rebel.

        might bite. as there is no stock at bcf

    • +2

      Rebel and BCF have the same parent company so are likely the same product with different branding.

    • I've got this, pretty good and does well on sand too.

    • Got this exact one from this previous deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/608852. Pretty similar to the Wanderer one. Have taken it almost everywhere and what impressed me the most is how easy it is to maneuver in the sands even with a full load. For currently $10 cheaper, this is a better buy.

  • Blue one better

    • +7

      Red ones are faster 😉

    • +1

      Yes, my brother-in-law bought the Red one the other day & returned it in favour of the Blue one.
      Blue one has:
      * better smoother ride as wheels are better quality with rubber compound and better on hard surfaces
      * better weight capacity (110kg compared to 100kg)
      * better foldable storage (handy when putting in back of car/boot)
      * better steering & handle

      The Blue one is currently advertised for $118.99 at Macpac:

      I got BCF to price match it this morning in which they happily did (now have an upset brother-in-law!).
      Also got the 3.5% Cashrewards!

      • but then in Perth it's all out of stock, does BCF have to take delivery into account for price match? thanks mate

      • How did you get to price match and also cashback together?

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    How are these for moving stuff from one house to another lol? (a few blocks away)

  • I got one of these in the boxing day sales - https://www.repco.com.au/en/4x4-adventure-escape/travel-tour... as had imo better wheels.

  • Is this better than the Kmart one?

  • +1

    Looks OK, but looks like something nobody ever pays the full 170 for.

    • Yeah no one should pay RRP for any of these karts. Wait till they drop below $100.

  • +2

    I bought this one last year. It works great when it’s unfolded and in use. Sturdy, big wheels, and great capacity.

    Major downside is that it doesn’t fold completely flat, because the wheels get in the way. You can take all four wheels off relatively easily, but it’s still a major pain. Also, even when folded flat, the thing is massive and takes up a huge amount of boot space.

    Bought the cheaper Kmart version a few weeks ago and have no regrets. Folds completely flat, fits better in the boot, is lighter for my wife to handle, and is still large enough to carry enough stuff for my needs. Thin wheels not as nice to pull on the beach, but tbh, even with the thick wheels any cart is hard to pull on sand.

    And about the more expensive Kmart version with the canopy - I’m really not sure how much a canopy adds to the functionality other than extra weight and more spiky corners that makes it harder for kids to climb in.

  • How about $69.99 ;)

    I purchased this and added the rain cover to make the order eligible for the $20 BCF discount code.


    I chose to pick up from their Bayswater store who called and said they had none left of the red version but of the more expensive blue version. They offered to replace it in lieu of the red version that is out of stock.


    Better yet, they were out of stock of the rain covers which they refunded back to my card on the spot.

    All up I paid $69.99 after the refund.

    • The wheels in the blue one look way less tough

  • This is more compact than the rebel sport one.

    • It's exactly the same as the rebel one lol.

    • The staff member at BCF said it’s a lot more sturdy. After unpacking it I’m pretty impressed by the wheels. Can’t complain for $70

  • +1

    Got one and have had no problems with it. Heaps better than carting all the crap by hand. Wouldn't pay full price but worth it at this price. My two cents.

  • +3

    I have used all of the different types of these regularly for carting my work equipment around, here is a summary:
    -Cheap Kmart ones are junk. They work for a while and then the wheels start to bend at the welds and break off.
    -These Wanderer ones are my favourite. Sturdy as, and can be loaded right up heavily and still pull along well.
    -The 'quad fold' rubber wheel type are ok, however the steering on them is terrible when they get loaded up (well below their rated capacity). The pivoting wheels get stuck and don't pivot properly. This is not just a one off issue, we've got around a dozen of them at work and lots of them are having this problem now.

    Overall these Wanderer ones are the best in my opinion, especially at this price.

    • +1

      Had a worse experience with two of the blue ones. Once the steering issue arose (a few uses), it stayed even with an empty cart. Fingers crossed this holds better

      • Yeah a few of ours at work are permanently like that now. Must get around to returning them.

  • How do you get the $20 off?

  • Also having issues using the sign up $20 code CLUB20OFF. I tried it on a non sale item as well and it still doesn't work. Might head in store.

    • Just got it for $63. They honoured the CLUB20OFF in store no questions asked. Combined with the Entertainment Book 10% e-gift card.

  • +1

    no stock at all in WA

  • Back to full price

    I even called them to confirm, boo

    • BCF deal is back!

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