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[NSW] Australia vs England Day 5 of 4th Ashes Cricket Test - Gold Coin Entry - All Proceeds Donated to McGrath Foundation @ SCG


My favourite cricket commentator Isa Guha announced on Foxtel that a gold coin ($1 or $2) is all that's required for entry to day 5 of the 4th Ashes Cricket Test at the SCG, with all proceeds donated to the McGrath Foundation. An incredibly cheap day out for the family. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • Australia 1st innings - 8/416 declared
  • England 1st innings - 10/294
  • Australia 2nd innings - 6/265 declared
  • England 2nd innings - 0/30

To win: Australia requires 10 wickets. England requires a further 358 runs.

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  • +65

    As cheap as paid omicron gets 😂

    • +7

      was about to say, with it being basically free and massive crowds, Omicron will be free !

      • -3

        Will there be? watched big bash last few nights and looks like only 1000 people in the crowd

        • Largely because they have been massively rescheduled and have played a few games at neutral grounds.

          • -3

            @peternow: Big bash is a joke, basically a spruced up domestic comp with domestic players. It has gone downhill ever since Chris Gayle and other big name west indies players left.

        • I was there yesterday and it was very busy. I'm guessing any 70% capacity.

    • -21

      The faster the spread the better… the sooner the plandemic is over

      • +11

        that's not how it works

      • +2

        Man are you in for a surprise

        • -2

          Feel free to lock yourselves in your house… others can get in with life

          • @hippyhippy:

            get *on with [their] lives

            Viral infections are more transmissive than others, and usually mutate rapidly. But on the bright side they're easier to disinfect and treat. This compared to outbreaks of bacteria, fungi, or archae.

            So the faster you have transmission, it means sooner it mutates, which can render your vaccines or treatments less effective.

            The real issue comes when you have acute disease, but aren't able to manage it, due to a shortage of staff, supplies, and hospital spaces. So the best way to combat a Viral Pandemic, in general, is actually through social distancing… masks, hygiene, and vaccines help too. As a side note, we had a novel pandemic a century ago we dubbed "Spanish Influenza" and that has undergone many mutations and we have been unable to eradicate it. It is still around to this day, and we now simply call it "the flu". Since the original pandemic, it has caused four separate other pandemics, and is tipped to cause another one. The corona virus is also novel to humans, and draws many parallels to it.

            Other types of outbreaks have other tactics and solutions. Don't listen to your politician or internet crowd, get advice from a trusted doctor (otherwise, you can consult academia experts like an active Professor in a respected University).

      • +1

        The Plague took centuries to stop being a pandemic; it took out a fair chunk of the population in Europe on the way through.

        On the plus side the lack of workers did result in a significant shift in the feudalism system. It might be a way to deal with the casualisation of the workforce.

  • +24

    +1 for Isa Guha

    • +4

      Best voice in cricket.

      • Absolutely, guaranteed an upvote for that TA

      • +6

        Alison Mitchell is also great, both her and Guha have lovely English accents. Better than listening to Scomo thats for sure

        • +2

          oh man. you just made me imagine Scomo commentating.


  • +5

    England still has to negotiate 6 overs to ensure the final day's play. It's not beyond them to wrap it up in that time.

  • +1

    Will it make it to day 5? 😆

    • I’m from the future — the answer is yes

  • Bring a gold coin and an umbrella

    • what about 😷

  • +3

    Pretty awesom value. If the weather permits will either get to see 10 wickets fall or watch England save a test match against the odds.

    • +1

      Given our recent track record in these situations Stokes will prob chase down the runs again

    • All money on a draw!

  • Australians are taking wickets at gold coin prices now

  • +4

    Absolute bargain. Free COVID and another English collapse? The plus side is that the innings might not last long enough to have the virus transmitted to you.

    • -2

      Yes my friends got COVID from the SCG test.

      • No they didn’t.

        • +2

          Sweet misinformation mate. A fit healthy young dude died a couple days ago from Covid.

          You can risk it if you like but I’ll pass.

    • As long as it's under 4 hours

      • Don’t forget this is Test cricket we’re talking about..

  • +1

    Great first post for the year Mr TA

  • +1

    Omicron for a draw

  • +6

    Day 5 of test matches are always free entry.

    • -9

      Nice troll

      • +5

        Without looking over the stats I don't think he's too far off the mark over the last few years.

        • +2

          Thank you! It's basically standard these days, as by Day 5 the result is usually a given.

          • +2

            @zaphy: Not sure why the down votes mate. Ozbargainer's don't know cricket apparently.

            • +2

              @cv05: Ozbargainers down vote the most random things nowadays. Sometimes I’m trying to get down votes and it’s still unpredictable.

              • +1

                @kiriakoz: I may have to stalk you and upvote your comments — regardless of merit

  • Thanks TA.

  • +4

    TA, who’s your favourite player in the Australian XI? Would it be Steve Smith?

    • +4

      Unfortunately the sandpaper purchase eventually tracked. You can rely on Cashrewards, even when you wish you couldn’t

  • I'm surprised its gold coin entry with 10 wickets to left and weather seeming to clear up if anything?

    • +3

      Its always gold coin donation for SCG tests on the last day in recent memory

  • -2

    Why not just say $1 donation. It's OzBargain.. and there is only one clientele

  • Super spreader events are cool!

    • -2

      Nothing in life is without risk. You assess the risk, you manage the risk. It’s a test. And at the end of five days, it’s not whether you win or lose that counts — it’s how you play the game.

      Actually, scratch that. Nobody likes a loser

  • I have looking at multi tasking some things in Syd .
    I should run the gauntlet and fly in .

    • +1

      So you’re an all-rounder

  • Foxtel? $1 or $2? Is the arse starting to loosen up?!

    • On basic package they actually gave me sports free .
      I'm no Space I can't post it .

      • +1

        I see. Sphincter integrity confirmed

        • +1

          Cmon man English is n9t my thing .

    • Next think you know TA might be posting a Harvey Norman Deal. :O

  • +6

    Came here looking for a rapid test, disappointed that this lasted to Day 5

    • Boom boom!

    • Hahahahaha! C’mon now, you know that PCR is the gold-standard for queueing

    • +1

      But you get to see a fair few Covid Drives.

  • +1

    Isa Guha!

  • Bonus free Corona…. And nope, not the beer

  • -1

    McGrath Foundation is just for breast cancer donation, what a way into tricking people to giving more money to only one cause

  • +2

    So irresponsible state Government
    Can't property allocate resources for PCR testing.
    Now opening up SCG to spread omicron.
    Victorian govt not better either.

  • +1

    Cricket is my go to.. for best afternoon naps

  • Tight A has never failed on a post he is the greatest Ozbargainer of all time

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