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[WA] Sonos Atmos Home Theatre Set (Arc+Sub+2xOneSL) $2598 C&C Only @ Intelligent Home


Was just browsing the Intelligent Homes website and noticed their Sonos Arc, Sub and Surrounds kit was marked well below Sonos' RRP of $3176 meaning you save 18% ($577.00). Sonos' product listing and price available here https://www.sonos.com/en-au/shop/surround-set-arc-sub-one-sl

These guys are located in Perth and their website mentions pickup from their location. Unfortunately they're closed weekends so I cannot call to confirm if they offer delivery or not.

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      Yeah except all Sonos products increased in price by at least 10% across the board in October 2021 due to the covid chip shortages.

      So no way you’ll be getting those prices again now.

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    overpriced garbage - can get equivalent sound - samsung set for half the price!

    • +4

      If the Samsung is equivalent, then it would just be cheaper garbage?

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      The Arc is like the Sonos flagship soundbar and they still cheapened out by not having an hdmi inputs switch. It's wasting an hdmi 2.1 port having a soundbar like this.

      • Only reading this thread as I helped some one set up one today - and yes I was shocked there was no HDMI pass though.

    • I think a $200 sound bar might as well sounds equivalent to you.

    • Have you actually listened to and compared both personally, or just basing your opinion off price alone?

  • +9

    Anyone tossing up between this and Samsung… I was in the same boat. I knew Samsung rated higher on Rtings but still chose Sonos in the end (and glad I did). These were my reasons:

    1. Samsung doesn’t support google assistant (which was massive for me).
    2. Samsung has these soft fabric covers which collect dust and seem to look a bit shit after a while.
    3. Sonos just have connectivity down. No screwing around with Bluetooth, no reconnecting anything. It just works perfectly all day, everyday.
    4. Sonos sounded way more impressive in store.

    Totally happy after my purchase, Sonos looks super slick, and the bass is ridiculous.

    And I have a Samsung tv too… so 🤷‍♂️

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      Google assistant is now supported, but it came months after product release. I definitely don't like the fabric covers either, they're really hard to clean.

  • I got the samsung q950a for $1262, I wonder if i should have gotten this instead…

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      Cool story bro

    • +4

      Lol headphones, what a loser
      I am happy with my braille sheets

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    You can get 30% off this set from the Sonos store if you can find someone with an old Sonos device that has an upgrade offer on their account.

    • Up to 30%. Some speakers are 15% I think

      • This specific package is 30% off.

        • If you have an old Sonos device, then yes. I have the Arc and didn't receive that offer

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            @jedimaster: That’s exactly what I said in the original comment.

            • @Jebus: 15-30% upgrade credit depends on what S1 product you registered, not what S2 product you are going to buy.
              E.g. If you had S1 Play 5:Gen1 you'd get 30% credit. If you had an S1 Play 1, you will get 15% credit. Arc is not S1 so you won't get credit for it. If you have its predecessor Playbar, you will get 15% credit.

  • +3

    The Sonos app is hands down much better than the collection of apps of Samsung products. My smart things app for my TVs is trash. The audio app for my previous Samsung sound bar was trash, clunky, and unusable. Sonos for the ecosystem and the services you can use it with.

  • -2

    My friend wonder it’s can play 5.1 tutoriAl clip from pornhub. Just asking for friend

  • How does this compare to the Z623?

  • -1

    I have the Sonos arc with sub and surrounds, I love it for tv/movies. However with my 2021 Hisense TV it was a nightmare to get working, I would always have to turn the tv off/on multiple times before the sonos system would work. I'm not sure who is at fault but my research tells me it happens on different brands of TV. I ended up buying HDfury ($400+) and now it works every time.

    Alos i use youtube music and Google home. Sonos does not play well with either. will only play one song then stop and can not be added in google home as a speaker group even though it has google assistant built in.

    I do feel I have better sound than in the cinemas.

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      You most have terrible cinemas

      • maybe, I dont know but what I do know is I have amazing sound at home ;)

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    2 facts that seem to be ignored by commenters-
    This software measures the acoustics of the room then fine-tunes the soundbar. Supported iOS device required." So no Apple device = no sound tuning.

    True Atmos requires height channels, if the system does not have a 3rd number then it's not Atmos (5.1.2) Your 5.1 system cannot do Atmos

    • This is not just a 5.1 system, this website simply didn't add the 3rd number because Sonos doesn't advertise it that way like Samsung does. It's a very apple approach (e.g. retina display rather than advertising resolutions). You won't find the amount of speakers on their arc page, they simply state it's atmos enabled and will work with both 5.1 and atmos, but you can easily find a picture of the speakers inside the arc with 2 dedicated height channels. Atmos content works and sounds great, though not as impressive as having ceiling mounted speakers i'm sure.

      Regarding the sound tuning you're right, but it's really not that important. More of a nice to have, but you'll find you go in and fine tune the settings anyway.

      • The 5.1 comment was directed at the people who say 'my 5.1 kicks the ass of any soundbar' Maybe, but it isn't doing Atmos.

        • Oh I see, read that incorrectly.

      • -1

        To be fair, it’s virtual left and right, so more like 3.1.

    • So no Apple device = no sound tuning.

      Yeah apparently the reason was that all iphone microphones were pretty similar and of good quality, whereas Android phones tended to range all over the place.

  • -2

    Sonos.. Eww..

  • Surprised how many people commented it's not all about the sound. But that's what speakers are for. So you would sacrifice sound for a cosmetic appeal. You only buy surround to get the best bang for your buck. 90% of people wouldn't even be able to tell the difference and are just keeping up with the Joneses..what a sad life people live.

    • So what do people get who don't have room for a 5.1 set up but want better sound?

      • A new house, or cinema tickets.

        • +2

          That is just plain untrue.

  • I bought samsung set up but bass is too weak. Sonos is amazing at Bass, other than that Samsung does an ok job.

  • I like sonos for its software and ease of use and the number of services it support.

    I have it for about 8 years now and still loving it
    They trying to be the Apple of sound for their ease of use
    And it isn’t too bad at it

    I got surround sound as well as each rooms has sonos speaker so music where ever, when ever with their sonos apps

    All up probably 12 Sonos speakers devices in the house

  • Was anyone able to get this price matched at JB or GG? Assume they would factor in interstate delivery from WA?

  • Offer seem expired?

    • Yep. Cheers, updated.

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