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[NSW] Free Tickets to Australia Vs England Day 5 of 4th Ashes Cricket Test at SCG @ Ticketek


Max 10 Tickets under one booking

The Vodafone Pink Test is one of the most beloved moments on the Australian cricket calendar. The SCG becomes a sea of pink in celebration of Jane McGrath Day on Day Three to raise vital funds for the McGrath Foundation. Australia and England will face off in the fourth Test of the Vodafone Ashes Series at the SCG in the iconic New Year’s Test. History will happen.

Soak up the atmosphere of the Ashes, find your perfect experience now.


  • A gold coin is $1 or $2 in Australia.
  • Free or $0 is a different price than $1 or $2.
  • This deal allows you to book online.
  • Thus this deal is different than this deal.

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    • Is that duplicate for free entry?

    • +3

      Not really a duplicate, this gives you a way of booking upfront.

  • +2

    Beep do beep. I’m a duplicate bot.

    • +1

      Beep do beep. I’m a duplicate bot.

  • Just scroll down 4 deals OP.

  • +17

    ""We got many challenges there …but this is Australia living with the virus…and Australians taking wickets in the virus"

    • Thanks Scotty.

  • +34

    Here we go, omicron is free this time 😂

    • +6

      Omi, OI.
      Omi, OI.
      Omi, Omi, Omi. OI, OI, OI.

      • +1

        this time for africa australia!

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    Isa Guha disapproves this post

  • 90% weather forecast 🌂

    • +6

      yes there is a 90% chance of weather

  • +9

    woo hoo free covid

    • +14

      Day 5 is always free

  • +4

    Covid petri dish oh yea

  • Poms fail.

    • +2

      I think 2 mistakes 1) they should have gone harder earlier leaving about an extra 10 overs .
      2) Should retired around 330 with the extra overs .

      I just don't get how teams at elite level don't employ the best tactics .

      • +1

        Agreed. Team overhaul imminent.

      • -1

        I just don't get how teams at elite level don't employ the best tactics

        What, your tactics?

      • Lol do you not remember what Risabh Pant did with half of the Indian team out chasing almost 400?
        Aus would rather win or draw… not potentially lose with an overly aggressive declaration. (I think you mean declared not retired).
        Not sure where your "best tactics" come from…

      • Nah, 21 overs would be too many. The point of putting them in at the end is getting them out there with a new ball, dying light so it’s hard to see, cooler weather so the ball moves. Give them 21 overs and you risk that they settle in, then come back tomorrow well rested facing a more worn ball.

        The point is there shouldn’t be enough time to settle, make them just block it out. At worst they make a small number of runs, at best you grab a couple of wickets. More overs is actually less beneficial to the tactic.

        • Really how did my best tactics for the elite team go today ?

          They would have been 4-0 .

          • @popsiee: Putting them in 10 overs early would have just ended the day at 0-70 with less than 300 to chase on day 5. An extra 10 overs on a great pitch in perfect light? Then a more worn ball the next morning? Could have lost the test. Bairstow and Stokes looked in great form, they were actually skipping taking runs by the end and there never would have been anything like a close in for bat pad to get Bairstow out.

            You can’t change one thing and think it’ll change nothing else. If only Australia bowled far better they would have won, regardless of overs. Far too many loose deliveries.

  • bring on the block-a-thon…

    100 overs 2-82

    • not with this english line-up

  • +5


    South covid grounds?

    • +7

      Super Covid Germinator

    • Super covid generator

    • +1

      Sydney Cricket Ground

  • +2

    Sweet, you get the beers, il bring the sand paper… 👀

    • +4

      Nah those days are long gone now. It's all about Timmy Paine's ding-a-ling these days.

  • Does this come with free covid?

    • +1

      Yes, and then come home isolate and claim the $750 disaster payment…

      • I forgot that was still goin on how un australian ozbargain of me

  • +3

    That's a lot of reports.

    • +2

      This one is cheaper than TA gold coin donation one hehe :)

      • And will give you a proper ticket, which will let you pass in and out through the gates

    • +1

      salty people

    • angrymob

      • +2

        How do you post gifs!?
        Secret mod skill?

        • You need to sell your soul to the ozbargain Devil, Gerry Harvey.

          • @CJ31: And purchase from amazon and worship Jeff bezos

      • Please reveal your mod secrets.

  • +4

    Mods must be watching the BBL.

  • +2

    Woohoo Free entry to SCG with a free side of Covid. What a deal!!

  • Lots of rain forecast, draw could be likely unfortunately.

  • +4

    Free COVID19 too

  • +6

    There is no loser in this test match. Everybody are winners. Everybody gets Covid-19 Aussie style.

    • You ain't aussie if you don't got covid

  • +5

    New boo: How to organise a super spreader event. Author NSW govt. Co Author Cricket Australia.

    • Wait for the tennis. Packed like sardines into a windless bowl, new set of Covid sufferers/catcher's 4 or 5 times a day.

      • That would be Victoria's way to get herd immunity.

  • +1

    Free 2 week Rona holiday at home to go with it.

    • +3

      Only 1 week now. Gerry complained to Dom crying too many of his slaves are getting 2 weeks paid sick leaves.

      • Usually takes more than a week to recover from the rone.

    • +1

      also get paid by the government if you catch covid, win-win.

      • Not if you have sick leave, but yeah.. And damn, what a game to have watched for free!!

  • You will be seeing the two young lads running with the covers tomorrow. Pass!

    • The two lads challenging each getting the covers on and off other is a spectator sport in itself!

  • +1

    Free tickets in the virus!

  • Hey I heard you guys got some more covid

  • +3

    England vs Australia… or do we have the same variant? 😂

  • Given how slow cricket is over 5 days you'll have a high chance to get covid, but I guess that wouldn't be possible with Australias unpredictable restrictions we can always have Novak portition for us.

    We have delta goodrem so it's delta Vs the queen(rest in peace prince Phillip he loves cricket, even tho I'm not into the monarchy shit)

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