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[NSW] Balgowlah Tennis Club Yearly Membership $120/Year ($10 Join Fee) Includes Unlimited Social Doubles + Court Hire


How is this a bargain? It is 3-5x cheaper than other Tennis Clubs in the area and prices are set to increase $20 to $140 a year in February. Also as Court Hire is $25/hr if you use the courts 5 hours in 1 year you will break even!
Ridge St Tennis World North Sydney: Adult: $600 a yr ($300/6months)
Bareena Tennis Club: Senior A: $380 + $130 joining fee
Chatswood Tennis Club: Seniors (18 and over) $354 p.a + Joining fee: $100
Collaroy Tennis Club: $300 (18+ years) + Joining fee: $100

We are a small Tennis Club with 2 courts, but in a prime location in a park with Floodlights and friendly members of varying levels from Low Intermediate to Advanced, even Australian Ranked Juniors! Membership was a well kept secret, I have gotten permission to advertise as we need more Low Intermediate and up players for Saturday Social Tennis. I'm a regular member of the club, I do not sit on the commitee but volunteer to design their website so ticked Associated.

How much does it cost?
$10 one off Joining fee
Adults: $120 per year with individual memberships $120 per year with initial joining fee $10
Juniors (under 18 years old): $60 per year.

Floodlit courts for night play
Organised Doubles Sessions every:
Monday Evening 7-10pm (Intermediate+)
Wednesday Evening 7-10pm(Intermediate+)
Saturday 2pm-5pm(Low Intermediate+ can hold a rally, serve and play doubles)
Members 1 Court Reserved Thursday 7-10pm
Free Court Hire outside of Coaching hours by texting coaches for confirmation

Club Championships with Trophy and name on the Balgowlah Tennis Wall of Fame every October
Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Men's Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Women's Doubles competitions
Yearly Tennis Northern Beaches interclub and weekly advanced competition

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    Do you have to be vaxxed? Asking for a friend

    • +4

      The NSW Government Roadmap indicates that as of 15 December 2021, all persons, regardless of vaccination status, will be able to engage in activity, including community sport.

      • +1

        Some clubs impose additional requirements, I assume that's what this question is getting at?

        • Yes until recently unvaccinated could only play singles, but now we followed Tennis NSW directives and they can play doubles

    • +52

      If you don't, you'll be labelled a No-vac.

      • nice one. winner of this thread.

      • It's Novax, or Novisa.

    • Hope your NoVakx friend isn’t planning to sue federal government!

  • +1

    Lol my mates all have 3 month Ridge Street memberships, will definitely show them this one when it expiries

  • +10

    Do I have to be an Australian citizen to join?

    • +5


    • -1

      What if your name is ScoMo, allowed?

      • +7

        All races, colours and creeds welcome

    • Looking for a court mate?

      • Looking for a court date

  • +6

    Organised Doubles Sessions every:
    Monday Evening 7-10pm (Intermediate+)
    Wednesday Evening 7-10pm(Intermediate+)

    Are you strict on the end-time, or can it be tennish?

    • If there are people who are willing to play longer you are free to do so
      10pm is the time it generally finishes but there are no bookings afterwards

    • I see the pun and your username. Well done.

    • +2

      You can play after ten, but you may have to bring your own lights. Depending on your skill level, this may or may not make a difference

      • +1

        I have a few tennis mates from the Chernobyl area, light sources are fine…

        • +1

          You know what they say — it’s better to have shone brightly for an hour, than to have glowed dimly for a lifetime. I think there’s an important lesson there for none of us…

  • Age range for the organised doubles?

    • +2

      We have several good junior players inc Australian Ranked 16-18
      I am 25
      Majority of our members are 35-70 with the Saturday session comprising of most of the older portion
      Most of our younger members play Monday or Wednesday Social Doubles Session

  • this is excellent value. if i lived closer I would absolutely take it up.

    • One of our members still comes from Rose Bay after he moved

      • +7

        He sounds tight, is he an Ozbargain member?

        • +2

          he lives in Rose Bay - so yeah he be tight

  • This is a fantastic deal! I'm not a tennis player by any means but costs to hire a court is pretty steep these days so for a casual "wannabe" like me, I'd jump at the chance if I lived nearby. I hope you get a lot of members out of this deal.

  • That's an excellent deal. Thanks for posting still considering it despite a 50 minute drive its that cheap

  • what's the membership fees for a couple?

    • 2x$120 so $240. We don't currently have any family memberships.

  • +1

    Where is jv asking what is the normal price?

    • +1

      He’s busy right now picking up his balls

  • +1

    How’s the parking situation?

    • +1

      There is parking along the strip along the park and in the local area. There is also covered parking across the road at Bunnings/Harvey Norman

    • As a local its fine, you will find it.

      Might have to do a cheeky 3 min walk/park at the bunning/harvey norman across the street but you will find it.

      Also has a bus stop right across from it

      Also is close if your coming from the city on the b line (prob a 10ish min walk?)

  • FYI for anyone who is closer to this location for per rental (for courts) and not planning to join the club etc from memory it is about the same price/cheaper to rent the courts at Wakehurst Tennis Centre

    (looking at the site again it appears to be 26$ and hour for booking and has multiple courts)

    Been a long time so someone else whos a local might correct me.


    And I really do realise im pinching pennies here but have to say it.

    • +3

      Yes, this deal would be suitable for those with tennis as a hobby who play tennis more than 5 hours a year

      • +3


        Kudos on the herculean restraint in your response

  • +4

    Strange that one of the most affluent areas of Sydney or Australia for that matter, has such an affordable membership fee.

    • You know what they say — if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is in Sydney

  • +1

    As a member, how do you book a court? Online? Call? How long in advance? Asking because I have a friend who became a member in Collaroy and it was so hard to book the courts that he ended up giving up…

    • If you want to attend Social Sessions just write in the Whatsapp group
      Thursday 7-10pm is members time first come first served
      Outside of these times you text the coach who hires out the courts, if its not booked and outside of coaching hours they will let you know if its available and book it for you.

      • Thank you.

      • The courts are not too far from me and im keen to join. What are the usual coaching hours on the weekends (so I can figure out which time slots are available for member use)? Thanks

        • Usually after 8pm every night and the sessions I have listed. The weekend is often booked out, so will have to text early to book.

          I have talked to the committee and they are unwilling to accept new member applications who will not play Social Doubles sessions (especially Saturday) or socialise with the club. If you only want to play by yourself this may not be the club for you.

          • @DisabledUser184253: I see. Im too beginner to attempt social. Maybe join at some point when im better at the game. Thanks.

            • @KaTst3R: If you unsure, you can come for a test session on Saturday, we can judge your level or recommend a very good coach. Jeff Carroll is an ex Semi Pro Player from Rod Laver's era. He was $60/hr when I got coaching from him, but he is very analytical and fixed my serve in hours of lessons. He is now the secretary of the club.

  • +1

    The only problem is that it is in Balgowlah… so will appeal to about 5 people on Ozbargain.

    • Within driving distance for most people in Sydney

  • "cheaper than other Tennis Clubs in the area" like rich expensive areas next to manly

  • Great deal for regular social players though with only 2 courts you might be waiting a while if it gets busy.

    How many members do you have and how many attend social sessions?

    I left the last club I was at as they only had 3 courts and it was a struggle to get 3 sets in without sitting around for extended times.

    • We actually are lacking players thus the recruitment. Saturday's we are trying to make up 4 for 1 court now some weeks we do not get 4. We have at least 4 players for 1 doubles court Mondays and Wednesdays. So there is always space for new players to join social sessions.

      • Sounds good, we have 6 courts but Saturday socials only averages 10-12 players, 80% male. With more players its easier to make up competitive matches, so its hard to make it challenging for the good players and welcoming/non intimidating for the beginners.

  • +1

    Anyone aware of any tennis clubs in south-west Sydney? Currently a member at Sydney Olympic Park but pretty steep at $30 a week.

  • Anyone know of any good value tennis club memberships in or near the East?

  • Does the membership fee include the social sessions or is there an additional fee for that?

    • +1

      Social sessions are included in the membership fee

  • The tennis court at Collaroy Plateau Park is free to use fyi. No perks, just a tennis court. You might have to wait tho.

  • If I come and become your best player, do I just get to whatever I want and flaunt any other rules? ;)

    • +1

      No you don't sorry

  • how far is Balgowlah from Little Bay (on a bicycle)?

    • 1 hr 43 min (27.7 km)

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