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[NSW] Free Rapid Antigen Test (Sydney Metro Only) from Zoom2u (Couriers)


I don't need it so not registering myself but yeah for those who are in desperate need: Free RATs


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  • As generous as this is, your Name, Mobile, Email and Address, what else could one ask for short of a full identity theft waiting to happen.

    Most here are smart enough but you get more than a free RAT test, just saying, bargainer beware !

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      Drivers licence, DOB and Passport

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          I didn't even neg you

  • Sorry all tests have been taken. But if more become available we'll send them to you!

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    Using RAT tests as promotion material when needy peeps can't access them is in pretty poor taste even if they are free.

  • they have free RAT kits in sydney? Whats the point they have most likely 100,000s of cases in there, is there really any point in monitoring the situation any more.

    • yeah i agree, if you are symptomatic then you are sick and you should stay home.

      • yeah yeah if only everyone has the same conscience.

        even simple social distance and mask are no longer there from what I saw in the last few weeks.

        in my area, awareness is very low.

  • Is there a point of knowng if you have covid or not.

    Just stay home when sick there aint med for the symptoms!!

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    Literally 10 tests. Cheap promo gimick.

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