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Artist LSPSTBB Beginner Acoustic Guitar Pack with Small Body - Blue $129 Delivered (RRP $169) @ Artist Guitars


We've just launched a clearance special on our LSPSTBB Acoustic Beginner Guitar Package.
RRP$169 Now $129 (24% off)
The package includes an acoustic guitar, gig bag, strings, picks, strap and has an inbuilt tuner.
This includes free returns for 100 days if you change your mind + 3 years warranty.
This special is due to a purchasing error and we are now way over stocked!

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  • I have fat fingers, would you recommend getting the classical guitar with the wider neck for a beginner?

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      i would just get whatever style of guitar fits the kind of music you want to play the most, you'll figure out how to make it work

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    Not sure if it works for everyone, but i can see 10$ off on ebay



  • They are cheap for a reason If you are serious about learning guitar then research better alternatives Cheap guitars can make the process such a painful and tedious experience

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      i don't necessarily disagree, but it depends

      my friend had a sub $100 aldi acoustic which was way more playable out of the factory than my $300 yamaha. it also didn't last more than a few years which is to be expected, but the point is that even more expensive beginner guitars often still need a setup from a luthier ($70)

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      I've just started learning on one of Artist's acoustics (one of their dreadnoughts, the LSPCEQNTL). It's no Maton, but it sounds nice and it's easy to play for a beginner like me. They're specifically set up with low string action so they're easy for beginners to play. There's a few small cosmetic imperfections on mine, as you'd expect on a guitar this price, but nothing that affects the playability.

      It will be a long time before the guitar is the limiting factor in my playing, rather than my lack of skill.

      So I'd say they're great entry-level guitars for someone who is on a budget, who wants to try guitar playing but doesn't want to spend much in case they don't stick with it, or someone who wants a beater for round the campfire etc. There's certainly lots of alternatives, but you could easily spend twice as much and not be sure it's 'better'.

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        I started learning mid-2020 or so, on an Artist electric. I've now got two more guitars, also from Artist, including an acoustic. I'm very happy with all three of them.

        I don't have any guitars from other brands, so I don't have any real point of comparison, but agree that these guitars aren't going to be the limiting factor in your playing for a while. I certainly haven't reached that point yet. That said, I'm thinking of buying something 'nicer', not because I need it, but just because I feel like I might want something that says 'Fender' (or whatever) on it, because I can and I've gotten through enough to know it's something I'm sticking with.

        When I was first looking for a guitar, I came across Artist and initially wrote them off without looking into them, assuming they'd be cheap junk. I kept coming across them and was so glad I took the time to look into them, including reading and watching quite a few reviews, rather than getting sucked in to buying one of the way-overpriced Squier or Epiphone starter packs.

        • I’ve still got my squire from 1994 or thereabouts (made in Japan) could do with new pickups but a great buy at twice the price

          • @Appleboat: I'm talking about the 'starter pack' type things currently being sold, which are more comparable to these Artist guitars in price, though still somewhat more expensive and by most accounts I found, far worse value for money.

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              @nullAndVoid: Yeh I could be out of date and heard good things about the high-end artist guitars from China a few months ago. As someone noted above, whatever a beginner does, buying only on price can impact you continuing on guitar so choose carefully! It could be these are a good buy at a low price point - you should always go play first. Generally go as high as you can afford without being silly for a good learning experience.

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              @nullAndVoid: And just an extra note on Artist's starter packs, I think it's a fantastic deal if you're getting into guitar playing from scratch. They give you everything you need to get started; a stand, spare strings, a gig bag, picks, a strap, a capo, etc etc. All perfectly serviceable quality stuff, that if you had to buy individually you'd spend way more on and probably not be sure what you actually needed to get.

  • How good is the action? I find cheap guitars have high action and kills your fingers and then your enthusiasm.

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      We have all our guitars set up in the factory and the action is not like other cheap acoustics.
      If you take a look at the reviews on the product listing you'll get an idea of what to expect.

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        Thanks. for a beginner, IMHO this is what matters most. The rest only matter if they continue to play for more than 1000 hours.

        I recently played a Taylor $1600 guitar and the action is SO LOW!!! How low can you go? I don't know but it ain't low on $500 Yamaha yo!!

  • It says it in the title but just be careful if you change colour (black or natural). Only the blue is on special.

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      Name checks out

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