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Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard $49 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Was looking for a TV keyboard (with trackpad) that connects via bluetooth. This one connects via Bluetooth and a Logitech Unifying receiver. Uses 2 AAA batteries and lasts 12 months. I already have a K400 but wanted a bluetooth connection so that the receiver isn't taking up a USB port.

It has a special mode to connect to LG OLED TV's:

Select your system to optimize the keyboard. Press the combination from the list for 3 seconds:
fn + 4: Samsung Smart TV
fn + 5: LG Smart TV
fn + 6: Android TVs
fn + 7: Windows
fn + 8: macOS
fn + 9: iOS
fn + 0: Chrome OS

RRP $119 but usually around $68.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • -1

    All LG even the old 3d led smart tv from 10 years ago?
    Edit it says 2016 and above so not mine.

    Also why we need keyboard for tv?
    I have chromecast with google tv, remote is slow when typing but i dont search often

    • +11

      You answered your own question?

      • Only an assumption. Considering you can search by speaking to the assistant, would be keen to understand the use case(s) too

        • +9

          …speaking to the assistant,

          "Show Harry Bowles" 🤣

        • I use it for my pc plugged into the TV

    • +1

      Things like youtube and other net media browsing are loads easier with a keyboard and moose.

      • +12

        am keen to understand the use case(s) of a moose..

        • +4

          That's arcane knowledge.
          It will require travel to the icy tundra of the far north and attrition for all the 1's and 0's you wasted downloading things you shouldn't have downloaded.

        • +2

          Some people connect a HTPC (computer) up to their TVs

        • BA?

    • Also why we need keyboard for tv?
      I have chromecast with google tv, remote is slow when typing but i dont search often

      There are others that may actually use the functions / apps in their TV considerably more than you that may benefit from this type of device.
      E.g. Internet searches, YouTube, searching other app content, entering app email & passwords, etc.

    • If you have elderly.parents a mini pc hooked up to the TV makes for easy emailing, zoom contact and the occaisional banking. Big screen for bad eyes.

      And HTPC

  • Can I price beat at ow?

    • Beat it with bing lee price

    • Confirmed price beat from Bing Lee just before

  • +5

    For anyone considering this.. it doesnt have mouse keys in the trackpad. you have to us the top left two buttons for mouse clicks. I personally think it is crap, but others might like it. The K830 was a much better keyboard as it had physical buttons below the touchpad and was backlit. It is a pity Logitech cancelled it

    • +4

      That's OK. You can still buy it for a low, low price of $281.00 :p

    • That does sound crap. I use Rii i4 which works well for HTPC.

    • +4

      I own this keyboard. You can push in the trackpad for left click.

    • +2

      I've got a K830 that I bought about 4 years ago for my HTPC for $99, which at the time I thought was expensive. My brother's been looking for a wireless backlit keyboard with the built in trackpad and couldn't find anything other than the k830, which are selling for $180 if you look around. Crazy times.

    • I prefer This design. Easier to move the trackpad and click with the other hand.

  • +9
    • Free delivery with eBay plus, so also only $49

  • +1

    I have this. It does the job. I use it with my PS4 to type in game chat in GT Sport.

  • Looks like OOS on Amazon. Managed to order one while 3 are left, but they can’t give an estimated delivery date…

  • Can use with Roku / Telstra TV2?

  • +1

    The main image shows a Spanish keyboard. ¿Es esto un error?

    • Donde esta la biblioteca?

  • Sounds a great product for me to programing on my TV~!

  • Anyone tried the rii RT518S? Looks like it has bluetooth, wireless and also backlit.


      • Shipping…
      • $15 shipping doesn't seem too excessive?

    • Would also like to know if anyone's tried this, seems like a better alternative

  • +1

    OOS :(

    • Don't worry fam, this looks just as good/better:

      • Lacks multi device support, the logitech can connect to 3 things at once and quickly switch.

        • Yes, it's not the same. Some people, the quick switching is great, but most of the time you won't use it or for most people.

          This is more similar to the Logitech K400, which I prefer for its larger trackpad and mouse-buttons. But between the three, you can't go wrong for a lightweight couch keyboard.

  • +7
  • My biggest complaint with this keyboard is two finger scrolling on a windows machine. It's too sensitive and often ends up mistaking it for pinch to zoom, so everything on screen changes size.

    • +2

      Turn off Pinch to Zoom - I have - it's in the settings somewhere.

      Agreed though - it was very annoying :)

      • Fair call. Hadn't really bothered to go hunting for it (Windows settings are a PIA these days, spread all over the place).

        Aside from that, I'd say it's a great keyboard.

  • +5

    Few of my observations after owning this keyboard for around a week (thank god for 28 degrees price protection).

    1. I use this connected to an LG TV and an Nvidia shield. When set to LG tv profile, it cannot turn the tv on. However when I have it connected to the shield, it can turn on the shield which then turns on my tv using HDMI-CEC.

    2. The back button does not work on my LG tv. I have to press the escape key, which mostly works as a back button but not reliably. The keyboard is set to LG TV mode.

    3. On android, the d-pad centre button does not send a d-pad centre command. It instead sends an enter command. This is mildly annoying as some apps it is easy to pause by hitting centre on the dpad, which this keyboard does not do as it sends enter instead. All the other d-pad buttons accurately send d-pad directions. You can also hit the start key and do a search by typing which I also find handy. Hitting the search button opens up the voice search command, which is mostly useless as the keyboard doesnt have a mic.

    4. Power off turns off the tv and the shield. Volume controls also work with both (the shield controls volume of my amp over hdmi-cec, although it is unreliable and sometimes requires me to switch inputs on my tv to get it working again).

    My main uses on the shield for this have been running sideloaded apps which do not support remotes eg. my security camera application and google chrome.

  • +1
  • +1

    Great timing. I spilled beer on my K400 on NYE and now half the keys don't work XD

    • Get another K400 much better keyboard

      • K400 plus seems to be expensive now, any good prices?

      • Interesting. Why do you say that? The K400 was perfectly fine but I wouldn't have raved about it.
        Looks like the K600 has a backlight, the ability to switch between my LG TV and TVs PC, and a longer range than the K400.
        Is there something about the K600 you don't like?

        • +1

          Are you sure the K600 has backlighting?

          • +1

            @MisterTree: You could be right!
            I was going off this comparison site: https://productz.com/en/logitech-k400-wireless-touch-keyboar...
            But judging off the Logitech site there is no backlighting. Good pickup, thanks :)

            • @solidsnek: It looks like you have to hold the Fn button on the bottom left, then hit F5/F6 to change the Brightness… which I assume is for the keyboard's backlight.

              Though it doesn't look like it has backlight, I have been surprised before.

              • +1

                @Kangal: it is not for the keyboards backlight, it adjusts brightness on an ipad or your windows display settings. The k600 has no backlight.

  • Good find!
    Would it be multi device?? ie not having to create a new pair for each TV and easily toggle between each TV?

    • it supports 3 devices.

  • Does this work with Hisense Smart TV?

  • Now amazon is taking pre-order at the same price

  • Amazon is accepting pre-orders again.

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