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InnoScreen Rapid Antigen Home Test KIT 2 Pack $15 + Postage @ Rapid COVID Response


OP unpublished it.
(They found it on finder.com.au)

If you need this product, I suggest using PayPal and share here how your delivery went.
For those that ordered based on the image of 2x kits, potential PP dispute depending on what you get.


ABN: 44 795 689 337

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  • Just received my refund through Paypal. Was going to dispute the transaction if they didn't come through on Friday but seems quick enough. Hopefully everyone else gets their refund too.

    Negging as I think the seller has been shady and removing a original 2 pack and selling it as a one pack is just dodgy. He is also likely selling this stuff above the 20 percent mark-up.

  • Got my refund yesterday after sending a reminder. I too thought advertising 2 packs, taking the money then saying they were in fact 1 packs was dodgy. Wouldn’t use this seller again

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    I received a refund without even asking for one…

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      Same. I had emailed to clarify if it was still InnoScreen, since they said they used a “stock image”, but when they said it was I said it was fine.

      They must not have been able to secure stock, or just didn’t want to deal with the mess and refunded everyone.

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      Same here. I always thought it was 5 tests so didn't have an issue and never replied. Sounds to me it was human error and they are doing everything they can and decided to refund everyone on the safe side. I hope they list them again.

  • No refund still on my CC.

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      you used gpay
      i'd wait 7 business days tops; but still ask them ETA on ur card refund

      • I have NOT received my refund either, I have emailed the seller several times and he now stops responding. This is clearly a scam, I hope everyone else got their money back.

        • Defintely time to go through your credit card/Paypal.

        • I will be chasing again tomorrow.

          • @boxall: Tried their 1800 number. Out of service. I am screwed. Next time Paypal only for dodgy merchants!!!!

  • I have two names of people who look like they were part of the whole fiasco. Not sure if they should be listed here or not.

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    Mine is all sorted. CC refund processed.

    • received now?

      by the seller or other channels?

      • Seller.

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