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$50 Weber Store Gift Voucher via Redemption with Purchase of BIC Mega Lighter (From $5.60) @ Coles


Seems like a pretty incredible deal, purchase a lighter for $5.60 and get a $50 Weber Store Gift Card.

I took the liberty to call the Weber Head Office number in the terms and they confirmed that it's redeemable on BBQ's, Accessories and pretty much everything that the Weber Store sells (either in-store or online).


To enter customers must purchase, in one transaction one (1) participating promotional product highlighted in Coles (including Coles Express). The customer needs to retain the receipt as proof of purchase to register online. Participating products in the Promotion mean BIC Multipurpose Lighters including:

Product Description EAN Current Price
BIC U140 Fluo Megalighter 1pk; 3086123341852 $5.60
BIC U140 Fluo Megalighter 2pk; 3086123566385 $9.45
BIC U110 Flex Multi-purpose Lighter 1pk; 0070330633445 $8.05
BIC U110 Standard Multi-Purpose Lighter 1pk 0070330616998 $7
  • The customer must register at www.bicbuyandwin.com.au, where they will need to upload their Proof of Purchase (Receipt) and their contact details. Prizes are an instant win and will be allocated when the registration is verified as valid on the promotional website. A confirmation email with details how to redeem the reward voucher will be sent to them within three (3) business days.

  • The Instant Win Prizes are Weber Store Gift Card vouchers, valued at $50 per product. Total of up to 199,995 vouchers can be claimed during the promotional period against equal no. of products. The prizes remain subject to availability.

  • A person may enter the Promotion as many times as they like, with multiple receipt numbers and can be eligible to win multiple times during the Promotional Period, provided they meet the requirements for entry in respect of each entry made.

  • Entrants who make a Qualified Claim for each Instant Win Prize will also automatically receive one (1) entry to the Weber BBQ Prize Draw (“Weber BBQ Prize Draw Valid Entrants”), as outlined in Weber BBQ Prize Draw below.

  • The instant win prize will be allocated once a valid claim is verified, the reward is revealed and customers simply follow the prompts to redeem the reward, a confirmation email details how to use the voucher will then be sent to the customers via email: [email protected]

Key Dates:

  • The Promotion is open for Qualifying Purchases made by customer during Purchase Period.
  • The Claim Period opens between 12.01am AEDT on 5th January 2022 and 11.59pm AEDT on 8th March 2022 (“Claim Period”).
  • Customers must upload their receipt within 30 days of purchase or before 8th March 2022, whichever is earlier.
  • The Weber BBQ Prize Draw will take place on 16th March 2022 at 3pm.
  • All reward access codes will be valid for 2 (two) months upon issuance or up to 8th May 2022, whichever is earlier.

$50 Weber Store Gift Card Terms

  • Each Weber Store Gift Card is provided to you as a code and PIN, which must be applied in the payment section prior to placing an order.
  • Each Weber Store Gift Card is redeemable instore at all Weber Store locations and online at Weber.com
  • Each Weber Store Gift Card must be used in full in one transaction and is only valid for a maximum of one code per transaction. Any remaining value will be forfeited.

As always, enjoy :)

Mod 17/1: No issues using gift cards on accessories according to comments.

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      • Yes I just submitted my reward access code and nothing yet.

      • Same. Submitted reward code a few hours ago but no sign of GC email yet

  • Confirmed. BIC form is working now.

    • great, hopefully they can focus on verifications now.

    • Not for me.

  • anyone getting "Receipt already used" error when submitting a new claim?
    It appears that it's only accepting one claim per product type and email address.
    Looks like they are not even aware of this glitch.
    Yet another glitch in their system, it seems.

    • +1

      Looks like the "receipt already used" error has been resolved now and the claims are going through fine.

      • I'm getting it now

      • +1

        I still have this issue :/

        • Very erratic system! I managed to put through 7 claims fine this afternoon.

  • weber deliveries are quick though.. next day delivery for me

  • +1

    has anyone been waiting more than 3 business days or even 4 or 5 to get a confirmation?

    • i think most people have

  • +1

    Got one of my GC.

    Can confirm it is a regular weber $50 GC. No bbq restriction.

    • as in, received just now?

      • +1

        Received and now spent

    • I'm still waiting for mine, been a week since submission.

    • Will be interesting to see if you get more than one voucher presuming you used same email, lighter type, etc.

      • +3

        I’ve received a few of the gift cards now. Have always used same name, email and bought the same lighter type (the $5.60 one)

        My receipts even looked identical. Same store, same time. Only thing that was different was the receipt number.

        Though I highlighted the receipt number before taking a photo to highlight that it was different.

  • I bought a few but couldn't register more than one transaction in a row:

    "You have reached the maximum limit of registration, please try again tomorrow."

    • I tried using a different name/email to register and then it says Receipt already used. Zz

  • Keep getting receipt used. Bloody annoying

    • Same here… Not sure what is going on 😢

  • I wonder if they are going to ask people to resubmit their receipts and limit it to 1 per day as damage limitation.

    • sshhh.. don't give them any ideas

  • +1

    Current status : can't make new claims.

    Error "receipt already used".

    • Yep still getting it this morning

  • I submitted a few a week ago now, but haven’t had anything back yet. Should I just resubmit?

    • a few week? promo only started on the 5th

      • +1

        A few a week ago

        • got ya, fridays and comprehension.. not a good combo :)

          • @SBOB: it was early too, probably before coffee ;)

  • Until today I have been getting the "data of promo code not found" on 5 of 8 reward access codes issued 17 Jan. From this morning I've been able to redeem the remaining five, but the emails containing gift cards have not arrived after some time. Trying to resubmit the form shows the reward access codes have been redeemed. Anyone else having the same issue?

  • +1

    Receipt already used still happening

    • +2

      Same for me this morning. I called the number and a very nice person took my email/phone details and undertook to let me know when their technical issue was resolved.
      In parallel, I changed my .jpg file to be a .pdf file, and that was successful in submission.
      Probably coincidence.

      • -1

        All the people ringing aren't the Smartest Cookies around . Drawing attention to the deal and of course discouraging others from posting deals with these people killing them . For what a voucher with a market value of $10 .

        • +2

          companies can't just pull the promotion "because people have called up about the value of the deal/tech issues/any other reason". These promotions are heavily regulated. the way it works is:
          * bic has a marketin budget and decided this is how they will promote it
          * bic contacts weber, gets to buy 5x bbqs at half price and the $50 vouchers at half price
          * bic sell lots of products, bic gets your contact details
          * the discussion between bic & weber would have been "but we only have gift cards for use on all products." "don't worry" says bic, "in the instructions we will tell people you can only use it on BBQs". "ok great"
          * weber get a ton of cash. weber know 50% of people don't redeem gift cards so are they happy to issue gift cards with PINs. the outcome is the same sell for 50% less and only 50% redeem
          * weber gets exposure because they know people who get the bbqs will be showing their friends, be able to promote, sell more accessories
          * weber gets more exposure from people using their $50 vouchers on bbqs, some small % using it on accessories only under $50

        • +1

          Why wouldn't I call? The registration site had a number and email to make contact.
          I haven't drawn 'attention to the deal'; the contact details were on the page. It is a legitimate advice to BIC that their website has an issue.

          BTW, I claimed for one purchase only. I do intend to use it on accessories rather than a BBQ (as was the intention of the promotion), and I'm happy with that outcome. I'm not scamming beyond that.

          Whoever created the promotion will suffer, but that is their problem.

          • -2

            @GG57: Biggest scores for those who have never had them is from huge strikes with no attention .
            A lot here will never have the privilege .
            I know it takes too much strategic thinking !
            If you don't see ringing them , causing attention as a issue you will never get that big score .

        • If it's so worthless, what are you still doing in this deal?

      • +1

        Hey that JPG to PDF worked and was accepted

        not sure if they didn't like JPG or the file was too big or the filename was a repeat


  • +1

    Redeemed my Weber code at about 1:30 yesterday afternoon. Still no GC.

    • same

    • yeah minimum 3 business day wait but then I'm hearing 1 week + now

      • I got the redemption codes, that was Monday. I've tried to redeem one of them and it's been 22hr and no gift card.

        • What do you mean you got the redemption codes?

          If you already received an email from them the gift card is on that link

          Dear XXXX,

          Great news, your Buy & Win with BIC registration has been approved!

          Your Reward Voucher Code is: https://xxxxxxxxx

          • @Poor Ass: I got an email with a Reward Access Code - it sent me to a Bic Buy and Win claim form - I filled the form with the reward access code and the same details I used in the receipt claim - and the page told me I would be emailed a gift card, which I haven't received yet.

            • @DianaOfAmazonia: oh yes… after that step you should get that email I mentioned above but I guess there is a delay now?

  • So has anyone received their code from Tuesday onwards, or are people just able to submit their code (with mixed success for the actual gift card)?

    • submitted Monday night & Tuesday morning, still waiting for the claim codes.

      With the issues they are having on the site it's no surprise it's taking a while for the claim codes to come through.

    • I received reward access codes on monday and tuesday and successfully claimed giftcards and used them to buy accessories from both Weber online store and physical store.

      Since then I have received 1 reward access code which I have claimed successfully but the giftcard email hasn't come through yet.

      Apart from that I have submitted additional claims successfully but nothing received yet.

    • I submitted mine this morning but but not getting the gift card.

  • +1

    Called up just now. Took a while to get through and even hot hung up on. Apparently processing will take at least another week

    • When did you lodge yours?

  • keep getting weber emails this morning but it's only BCF's sale ha ha ha

  • New error:

    "There has been a critical error on this website."

    • critical fail!

  • Tried the PDF method. New errors :

    timeout-or-duplicate | action-mismatch | score-threshold-not-met


    You have reached the maximum limit of registration, please try again tomorrow

    • +1

      Update : Changed my name and ph number and one went through. Now to do the rest, and then wait for GC's

      Edit : it appears that you just need to change your email / add the + modifier to change the email data input and it will submit successfully. Just take note of what you've entered as you will need it for GC claim.

      • -1

        I think you should have kept it to yourself .
        I have no doubt they are watching this thread .

        • +1

          What's the problem?

          It's good that they are reading this thread so that they can keep up to date with all the issues.

          • -1

            @kickling: The problem is they will phone in and kill it as well.
            Not too many strategic players are on this thread .
            I guess it the prize . Not to liquid and not worth much reselling .

            • @popsiee: Kill what? Who are they making a phone call to?

              It's a hot day today mate. Have a lie down. Take care of yourself.

            • @popsiee: facepalm go easy on whatever you are smoking because you are really losing it.

              Strategic? Lol
              Says someone who claims this promo is not worth it because you are paying $6 for a lighter that's really worth $2 lol
              Do you sometimes have a read of what you actually write and wonder if you are sane?

              • @dji1111111: Main point not going into your garbage is they make another adjustment .
                Is it only me that believes they are reading the thread too ?

                • @popsiee: Of course they are reading the thread. So many on the fly adjustments to the T&C can only come by being aware of what's happening. They could've used a better front end dev though, as it looks as if they are barely out of HTML school 🤣

                  • @DukeNinja:

                    Of course they are reading the thread.

                    With a huge bag of popcorn

                    • +3

                      @popsiee: I'm sure they're chowing through that popcorn trying to decipher whatever it is you're trying to say.

      • +1

        Why is there even a need to change your name and phone number - the terms and intent is for users to be able to submit multiple orders (even prompts you after submission).

        You are just going to make it more painful for yourself in terms of records management…

        • I just noticed that there is now a limit of one per day in the T&C. That must be a new addition..

          • @kickling: Surely it's not legal to keep changing the terms.

            • +1

              @DukeNinja: I guess they can do what they like, but it's not fair play.

              They must have realised (amongst other things) their system can't handle so much traffic or something so they need to restrict the flow.

  • Just had one email with giftcard come through so it looks like they are working through the backlog. This one was approved on 17th and I claimed the giftcard using the redemption code on 19th but the email didn't come through immediately unlike others prior

    • also just had 1 of 2 arrive (reward code received 17th, but redeemed on 20th after errors cleared out)

  • Voucher received!

  • Receipt submitted last Thursday, nothing came through yet… nada
    Anyone submitted same time and got theirs already?

    • Yep I have Thursday about 3pm i uploaded

      • I'm in the same boat

  • So only 1 registration per day? It encouraged me to go register another one lol.

  • I submitted 4 receipts, got a code for one of them a few days ago, got the voucher today. haven't heard back at all about other 3.

  • -2

    I submitted 2 receipts last Friday. It's been a week and have heard nothing from Bic or Weber. Starting to think this is just a scam.

    Called the support line, they just put you on hold for about 10 minutes then hang up.

    • +2

      It's not a scam, I have received 2 of 5 orders so far.
      I think the phone line is named by 1 person who works from home at I can hear kids playing in the background

      • OK well they can have my vote for a totally unprofessional implementation.

        I'd say BIC outsourced it to some promotions company - and that company has 1 staff member who is inundated and really doesn't give a flying one

        At least you got 2 of 5. I am none from two.

        • +2

          I'd say BIC outsourced it to some promotions company

          Considering how poorly the ts and c's are worded and the overall implementation, I think they overpaid for the outsourced company :)

        • Same here, am over this one now. All this drama for one $50 voucher.

    • +1

      Take it easy. It's being handled very poorly but it's ridiculous to call it a scam. I have made multiple claims over 3 separate days and I have claimed giftcard for all claims I made on day 1 so it's absurd to think it's a scam.
      Whoever they hired to build the website and the coding behind it is obviously incompetent.
      I'd say they are still working towards resolving the website issues and have not been able to focus on reviewing and approving the claims

  • -1

    I do wonder how close they are to 199,995 claims

    Ozbargainers are likely to have lodged at least 100,000 by now - some people in this thread have made 30+ claims….

    And given claims aren't being resolved in chronological order it is quite possible that early claims will miss out and be told "we've run out of vouchers"….

    • There's no chance we are near that number

      • I agree with you on that as a lot of the big hitters haven't even fired .

    • 800 Coles stores around Australia. That means they'd have to sell 250 per store (and each one of those be claimed). From memory, I think they only had maybe a dozen qualifying products on the shelf at my local (when I visited last Saturday, and submitted the receipts same day only to hear crickets all week).

  • Submitted 4 codes over a week ago and no response yet. Starting to lose hope.

    • Me too.

      • Me three.

        But I only submitted one claim.

  • Still can't get it too work. Lol

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