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Ergohuman Fit IOO Office Chair $399 + Delivery ($0 to Limited Areas) @ Duke Living via MyDeal


Limited areas appear to be eastern metro postcodes.

Plus $10 off first order (newsletter subscription) and potential 4.2% Cashreward (may not qualify if using signup code).

Sold and shipped by Duke Living. Not as good as a previous $349 + delivery deal, but this time includes free shipping.

This one appears to be the budget "Weight Balance" model (lack of recline tension adjustment dial, hence "auto" balanced): https://ergohuman.com.au/ioob-weight-balance-by-ergohuman/

There is another "High Back" version with aluminium base: https://ergohuman.com.au/ioo-high-back-ergonomic-chair/, the armrests and seat mechanism look completely different, so it is not just the aluminium base. It is also on sale at MyDeal, but not as attractively priced, and shipping is not free.

Link to all variants: https://www.mydeal.com.au/brands/ergohuman

2022-01-14 Update: try this $10 code "JESS10" if you don't want to subscribe to newsletter. Thanks websalad for this info.

2022-01-14 Update 2: if you are not sure about this one and want to check out other alternatives online, pay attention to the seat adjustment mechanism. A run of the mill task chair would have a tension adjustment knob at the bottom (centre) and a lever on the side for high adjustment, sometimes the lever also doubles up as tilt lock. This kind of design has been around for like forever and there's nothing ergonomic about it. Manufacturers may make them in fancy shapes, or wrap them in fancy looking mesh/fabric, and give them fancy names, beware.

2022-01-15 Update: if the numbers are correct, 700 units were sold up until 13/Jan, then increased to 800 units on 14/Jan, then 900 units this morning. As of 8:30am, 11 units left, lets see if they get cleared out today. Meanwhile I'm still umming and ahing, undecided. :D

2022-01-15 Update 2: this particular chair has since been removed from Ergohuman AU website (page not found). Possibly discontinued, hence the price drop, and likely last chance to purchase. Cached product page is still available from Google.

2022-01-15 Update 3: out of stock at around 12pm.

2022-01-20 Update: chair was delivery earlier today by Border Express to Sydney metro. Took 15 minutes to assemble, if you have access to 4mm (for headrest) and 5mm (for armrests and back) hex bits and a ratchet they can really speed things up.

  • The chair comes with a 4mm hex tool to secure the headrest, I didn't try it but I can imagine it would be difficult to use due to limited clearance. So, if you don't have access to hex bits and ratchet, get a 4mm allen key ready. All bolts have blue thread lockers, so they become pretty tight and can be difficult to secure all the way.

  • Overall quality is quite good and comfortable, back is a little bit wobbly due to height adjustment mechanism, but not a cause of concern.

  • Didn't used the included castors, transferred the fixed feet from the old chair. Don't like chair rolling around, and also for floor protection. They are around $22 from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B097YTCCZV/

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      • The Matchspel looks really nice but the lumbar support on the jarvfjallet is swaying me more towards that.

  • I bought this last May for WFH (about 50 hours/week) for $429.
    I have a big frame, but find this plenty wide enough.
    I also have terrible lower back problems & was worried about lumbar support.
    In my case everything has worked out well & I can sit in it for long periods comfortably.
    Wish I hadn’t bothered with the headrest as it barely get used (guess I stoop forward a bit).
    But for $400, this, for many people, would be a good deal.
    But try before you buy (unlike me)

  • A lot of comments are saying "everyone's different, try before you buy", but where?

    Is there somewhere in Melbourne I can actually try the chair in this listing?
    Alternatively, anyone want to invite me over for a coffee and a sit?

    • +5

      Alternatively, anyone want to invite me over for a coffee and a sit?

      Yep. You're invited. Also, I don't have this chair.

    • Even more of an issue in Tassie - there is almost nowhere that even has demo office chairs, and the places that do only have a couple of crappy ones (office works, harvey Norman, jb)

  • User feedback, I have the all mesh model and unfortunately I would go as far as saying it is not comfortable. My wife's IKEA Markus chair is way more comfortable.
    Everyone tastes and feels different, but my recommendation is get the padded seat version.

    • Agreed… I wish I got the padded version. My tailbone is in a bad way when using this chair for more than 4 hours.

    • I think this is where having the opportunity to try the chairs is important; I have the Ergohuman Elite v2 and it's very comfortable for me whereas all the Ikea ones I've tried I could not get comfortable (even less so now that I've sat in my Ergohuman for a couple of months).

  • +1

    Is there an office chair that has a similar control to a car with electronic lumbar adjustments (lumbar "knob" up/down/deeper/flat) plus the standard height / depth adjustment?

    • something like this may do the job?

    • Office chair? No. The closest would be like cinema chairs but you're asking about lumbar support. The main issue is it needs power, which means needing a cable and that's just not great on something that rolls around. The chance of rolling over it's own cable is too high. A better would add unnecessary bulk and who the hell wants to recharge their chair?

      You might adjust the lumbar once or twice and not need to touch it again, so it doesn't really make sense. Electronically controlling recline would be cool though.

  • Good price

  • +1

    I have the same chair without the headrest. I purchased it roughly 6 months ago and have used it 10 hours per day / 5 days a week. MyDeal were excellent and provide decent online support if needed.

    - Excellent build quality and certainly hard to beat for $400. I was looking at a Steelcase which would have set my back $1300+
    - Excellent lumbar support, the flexible arm presses the backrest firmly into your lower back. This does wear in and become less pronounced. I have no issues with pinching as some people have mentioned.

    - Whilst the mesh version is cool in summer the mesh becomes quite uncomfortable after a few hours of use. If I had my time again I would have gone with the padded version, I have chronic tailbone pain and this chair often makes it worse, although it's still a lot better than my last cheapy. After purchasing I noticed a number of reviews made the same comment.
    - The upper back is too reclined for task use, if you are working on the computer it can become uncomfortable as you will have no upper back support. The headrest may resolve this issue as you could get some neck/shoulder support.
    - Be careful if you are less than 6 foot tall. I am 6.1 and have the chair at the lowest height setting.

    • +1

      Definitely a height thing with the chair not getting very low. My wife (above average height) finds the lowest height setting a little too high and made a foot rest to bring the floor up since she couldn't get the seat lower. It's odd that is wasn't designed to get lower most people are her height or shorter. She also added a flat seat cushion as extra padding (not a mesh fan), that's working nicely.

      Overall she's very happy with it, likes the back support and is enjoying the chair compared to old chair

      • Hi, just wondering what the height of your wife is? I'm on the shorter side (around 160cm) and was wondering if I'll have a similar experience as her.

        • 5'9"

  • How'd this BlitzWolf chair for $127 compare? - https://au.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-BW-HOC4-Office-Chair-Ergon...

    • Have you read the reviews? Sounds like the mesh is poor and will only get worse with time. You can expect build quality to be pretty poor as well, landfill in a few short years. Can't expect too much. But it's cheap, and if that's your budget then go ahead and find out for us.

    • -1

      This chair looks exactly like this BltizWolf Chair which I purchased


      It's good. A tad wobbly, had to re-tighten screws after a few months. Otherwise very comfy and good quality for the price

      • +1

        This chair looks exactly like

        They absolutely do not look alike.

  • This chair is absolutely awful. Do not buy. The back leans back too much.

  • My brother recommended this chair to me. Just a heads up Honey found a discount code that takes $10 off. Code JESS10 in checkout. Unsure if this is someone's personal referal code or another promo.

  • been looking for an office chair. just bought one thanks OP

  • I found this just now. Is this cheap or even a good ergonomic chair anyone?



    • Is a $150 kogan chair a good ergonomic one? That's a funny joke.

  • Got one, thanks Op

  • +1

    Still using my Ergohuman I bought for $560 nine years ago. It's held up well given how old it is. The front plastic lip cracked but it doesn't affect anything so I only recently noticed it. Could have cracked years ago for all I know.

    Tempted to get this as a backup.

  • I have this ergonomic gaming chair from IKEA and it feels, looks great with my matching desk.

  • For anyone that bought it previously, how long did it take to arrive?

  • Pulled the trigger. My first ergonomic / non cheap chair, hopefully it surpasses expectations.

  • Was thinking and thinking until just then, missed out. Kept an eye on the thread and was hoping it would still be in stock but supposedly sold out around an hour ago before it was marked as sold out?

    Anyone got any other recommendations around this price range?

  • Hi, Iv'e had one of these for many years and love it.
    Bought another 3 recently for the rest of my family, great support etc.

    My only annoyance is that I paid over 200, and they are now 149 delivered, this is a bargain.


    • Would this suit a bigger person (190cm 120kg)?

      • +1

        I would say it should be fine as it has a 120kg max weight. Unfortunately the price has jumped up to $199.

        • I took the risk and bought it when it was still $149, thanks for the reply anyway (and for your initial suggestion).

          It looks pretty much exactly like the one in this YouTube review, where the guy says he's had it for 8 years and still loves it:


          • +1

            @retailsaver: Well done, I'm sure you will be happy with it.
            My original one is around that age and that's the reason I bought 3 more, would have loved to have got them for 149 but who can predict these price changes.

            • @noddypiper: Does yours squeak like the one in the video above (the guy said that's his only gripe about it)?

              Or perhaps something like WD-40 might fix that anyway.

    • This one "ErgoDuke Jackson High-Back Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair with Headrest" is back to $149 again.

  • Anyone had any installation issues with the chair? The back won't lock and just stays in its default height and there's next to no room to screw in the headrest, so it's not stable.

    • I have just updated the main post. I didn't use the included tool, if you have access to a 4mm hex bit and a ratchet it would be easy.

      The back has 3 height positions. There's no lock, but 3 steps, then reset to the lowest position.

      • The back thing i'm getting is like this, where if I lift it a bit or a lot, it just falls back down.

        • It should work like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_WwyDo67Xw&t=42s

          The tab/lever thingy doesn't do anything, just something to hold on to.

          • @browser: Thanks, oddly enough I can hear the clicks now. Not sure how it fixed but seems to be good now. Just gotta fix the annoying wobbly head rest and it's all good.

            The back feels great though, major upgrade from the dx racer.

  • Well I took a punt on this chair, and as others have said; that bloody protruding lumbar support really pinches the back - doesn’t matter how high or low I have it.

    I’ll stick it out a bit longer in case my back adjusts, but if not what’s the best place to pop this up on sale? Gumtree?

    • +1

      Interesting feedback. Hard to imagine how the lumbar support can pinch your back, it's perfectly fine in our case. Well, I guess that just proves that everyone is different.

      Try Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace, chances are it will be a cash and carry deal, so no point paying high fees to go though eBay.

      Or you can try OZB classified, people who missed out may get a second chance and helping you out at the same time.

  • Still waiting for my chair to be delivered in Metro Melbourne.

    Has anyone else's shipping been delayed this much?

    • Still havent had mine either its crazy

      • Got mine refunded. Dud company and service in my opinion

  • The split plastic half way up on this chair really concerns me, how can you not feel the horizontal plastic bars digging into your back ?

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