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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G + Galaxy Buds2 Bundle: 128GB $699, 256GB $799 Delivered After $300 Trade In Bonus @ Samsung


Just bought S21 FE 5G using the samsung tradeup ($300 off). Got the olive color with same color buds.

I also stacked $50 newsletter code and loyalty voucher ($100)

Currently Samsung Buds2 is free with purchase until 31.01.2022.

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    Bit meh deal compared to the other Samsung trade in deals recently. I think those deals will come back soon with the S22 release coming

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      waiting for it already

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        I got a couple of S21 128GB for $399 without sending the trade-up devices in.
        Bit of a hassle to get a couple of stackable codes though

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        if you were lucky enough to get the device.. Telstra mucked it up big time and sales support was non-existent.

        • When marketing promo backfires

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        Ah, the troubles where Telstra bungled up with the wrong addresses. Swore myself off Telstra after that experience!

        • did you get your money back?

          • @AussieMark: Not OP but i had to do a complaints to Telstra CEO department to get my refund back

          • @AussieMark: Yeah, but it took more than a month and 2 complaints with almost daily follow-ups for 2 weeks!

            • @ozprash: Lol I'm still blocked from buying anything in store from Telstra

              I gave them $4000 for 5 or 6 s21 on Telstra day

              Paid upfront and got fraud locked. Even contacted them before I placed the orders and they said go ahead no limit.

              Then later got told online limit is 5. In store no limit.

              3 months of complaints and calling TIO and they finally unblocked my online orders but still blocked from purchases in store. The guy showed me the big do not sell red warning

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    any code can stack for this deal?

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    Not in this price bracket, but FYI for those who haven't heard, a reliable leaker has said the S22 Ultra will be using Snapdragon worldwide after the Exynos chip did not meet Samsung's expectations. S22 Ultra is also basically the Note coming back, since it has an S-Pen built into it (but this is old news now).

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      You mean the cat

    • +1

      Thank god

    • Now will the S22 Ultra have a sdcard slot?

    • how about normal s22 and s22+, which chip will it get?

      between the choices most would prefer the snapdragon
      unless Exynos has AMD gpu

      • The Exynos does have the AMD GPU, but it has been underwhelming from all reports, the chip overall is just not on par with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, reports are it's 20% to 30% slower than the snapdragon chip in both GPU and CPU tasks.

        S22 and S22+ will very likely use Exynos in Exynos regions like Australia and Europe, probably too late to change plans for them now. They should still perform better than last year's chips, it's not like these are slow chips either way. The problem is for the S22 Ultra, Samsung really wants to make a statement this year, since it's basically a top looking design + brings back all the Note features and they want it to be TOP specs, so they are switching to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip worldwide for it to make sure its performance is consistent.

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      Can't wait for the Note 22 / S22 Ultra

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    Just a heads up there is no longer an SD card slot in the S21 FE so was a no-deal phone for me…

    • Same, 128fb isn't really enough these days

    • +3

      Same here, I'm now waiting for the S20 FE 5G to go on sale :-)

      • Yep, I'll be getting a spare.

      • me tooo

  • I’m still getting the error message when trying to enter trade ID.

    Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

    If other people are using their trade IDs, is Samsung blocking my IP or something?

    • It means you are using a phone that was previously used for a trade in offer.

      • But I’ve generated a trade ID only once with this phone and haven’t used it yet :o

        • Did you choose trade online and enter credit card details?

          • @akte: Yes

            • @Lionchu: If thats the case, do as sidozbargain said. Reinstall app and get new ID.

      • I’ve used the same phone to trade-in twice and had no issues - have to wait out until they charge you the no return cost though before reapplying for trade-in.

        • Does this mean you save the imei and somehow use the tradeup app or do you get the trade in code and sit on it until they charge you the non return fee?

          • @OZcheepsk8: Sit on it until they charge you the non-return fee. But I’ve kept the phone I’ve intended to trade in with me the entire time. You need to install the app on the phone trading in to check that the is phone applicable for trade in.

      • Makes no sense, same issue for me but I have owned the phone brand new from day one. From Samsung…

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      Uninstall trade-in app and do a fresh install to get a new trade-in ID

    • entering an invalid (or possibly used IMEI) also gives that error

  • Sucks for anyone who bought it earlier than that.. 😅

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    Has anyone successfully used the trade-in app on iphone?

    Went through all the tests and was approved for the $300 but keep getting 'credit card not validated' errors, I've tried 3 separate cards and have given up

    Looking on the app store reviews it seems i'm not alone with this happening…

    Good way to put me off buying Samsung again, shit quality control

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      I had the same error a few months ago when I bought a phone with a trade in credit. I found applying the trade in credit code… before applying other promo codes… solved the issue. Good luck!

      • +1

        Thanks for the tip, but I haven't even got the credit code yet! I'm still stuck in the 'trade up' app…

        Cheers anyway!

        • Hey did you solve the credit card not validating error. I'm having same problem and am keen on completing my check out and get the trade in bonus.

          • @totally munted: I did!

            I uninstalled/reinstalled the trade up app and probably 3 times, for some reason on the last try it worked and I managed to finalise it all

            Maybe try doing the same?

            • @squiz: Thanks for prompt reply. Yeah was thinking of trying that….but will now for sure…as you seemed to have had some success. Cheers..👍

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    Price is ok if you wanted the Buds2, but also be warned I was charged the Admin fee for late Dec trade-in (but they did not charged me in Oct), so one may need to factor that in as well moving forward for all trade-in cant remember exactly as have not checked my credit card, but I got email saying it was $60 fee or $75 included the $15 trade-in.

    • why do you get charged the fee?

      • Because you haven't held up your end of the deal of sending a phone in for trade-in.


        Device Non-Return Administration Fee means a $60 administration fee which will be charged by
        Asurion in addition to the Device Non-Return Fee.

  • -1

    This phone is a flop out of the gate. Waiting for s21 sales.

    • +3

      It is a very minor upgrade but still an excellent value proposition like the all-rounder S20 FE. AND release was this week, more discounts are to come. The fact is not much improves in a year anymore.

  • How is S21 FE 5G compared to A52S 5G?

    • +1

      I would say there isn't much of a difference in day to day usage.

      Both have:
      - 120hz screens
      - plastic build
      - decently similar screen


      The main difference would be the chipset. Maybe also longevity of updates since you are buying a semi-flagship vs a mid-ranger.

      • Thanks @hellousyd
        I prefer A52s 5g, under epp its 519(-50 newsletter discount)

  • also add $60 admin fee for not returning trade up phone.

    • -2

      I'm yet to heard of anyone actually being charged this fee.

      • +5

        I have bad news

        • -6

          They definitely do not charge the $60 fee even if you do pay the trade in value

          • +1

            @zilver: They are 100% charging the non return fee.

      • +5

        I was charged this fee

      • +3

        I have been charged. Twice.

      • +1

        Did a trade in for December just before the bonus value dropped to $300, and also got charged the $60 admin fee on top of trade-in value. They are catching on

      • +1

        I was charged $60 admin fee. When I bought the S21 5G phone last month, I thought they will only deduct the trade-in value but the additional $60 admin fee came as a shocker :-).

      • I have been charged.

  • +1

    just a thumbs up for the fe 20 in general. I mean maybe you could get this phone cheaper before but .. free galaxy buds!

    anyway. good deal. love you guys.

    • Is this the S21 FE?

  • +3

    If you are ordering, use FANEDITION to get $50 off accessories.
    Accessories must be ordered with the phone for this to work.

    • did that stop working? I just tried applying that code and it says invalid code

      • Trying this evening and it stopped working. Damn it. It was supposed to be valid until the end of January for those that registered for FE email updates.

        Voucher code gives you $50 off the RRP of eligible mobile accessories when purchased in the same transaction with a Galaxy S21 FE 5G (Model Nos.: SM-G990ELGEATS, SM-G990EZAEATS, SM-G990EZWEATS, SM-G990ELVEATS, SM-G990ELGAATS, SM-G990EZAAATS, SM-G990EZWAATS, SM-G990ELVAATS) on the Samsung Online Store from 12:00am (AEDT) 11 January 2022 to 11:59pm (AEDT) 30 January 2022, unless withdrawn earlier. See here

        The $59 convertible wireless charger also sold out sometime this week. Which was the only relevant product that would cover the voucher.

        Edit: Just spoke to Samsung live chat (tech support), said it shouldn't be happening. Emailed promos at Samsung AU and waiting now. They're hopeless.

  • +3

    How can you guys still get the 100$ loyal code ? I chatted with them and they said 100$ promotion ended?

    • +1

      just say that you saw a great trade up deal on s21 fe and wanted to buy but your phone isn't eligible for trade up, like A52. "can I get a loyalty discount instead?"

      that's it, I got it in 2 minutes

      • When did you get it? I tried last week and they said it ended.

        • yesterday. I guess try again

          • @shabaka: You are right! I just got one! Thanks mate!

  • +2

    What a great deal - with all the bundling, was able to get it for less than $450!!
    Thanks to all the contributors that allowed it to work.

    • may you please elaborate more?

      • +1

        $150 trade-in for my current phone, then the $300 bonus, plus the extra $100 from the Samsung help chat. Didn't get the newsletter bonus though.

  • Is everyone's trade in code working? I'm constantly getting an error saying trade in has errors

    • I’ve been getting that error for like 2 months lol

      • I had the same error when the S21 ultra had that great deal before Xmas. Super frustrating.

  • +3

    $100 Loyalty Voucher instructions below. Process still works I received a code for my S3 and S5 in the last couple weeks. Samsung chat will not offer any help.

    "Samsung Australia offers Loyalty Vouchers as an alternative option for physically damaged or out of warranty units that would incur repair costs.

    Voucher Guidelines and Reminders:
    Loyalty voucher codes are valid for purchasing products from the Samsung Online Store only and are not applicable in any other Samsung stores.
    Loyalty vouchers are applicable to certain models only.
    The voucher is only valid for 7 days upon issuance.

    Requesting a Voucher
    Please send the following to [email protected] to request a voucher:

    Subject title: Loyalty Voucher Request
    Name and Contact number
    Model and Serial number
    Proof of purchase
    The photo/s should show the front and back of the device with IMEI

    Our support team will get back to you within 2-3 business days."

    • +1

      For an S3?
      Good work! I must dig mine out of the back of the drawer.

      • +2

        Still got Proof of Purchase?

  • +1

    Does this have dual sim?

  • waiting for a good deal on buds pro

  • +1

    Do you guys trade in your S20s? how come $300 trade in offer?
    Will my S7 be like that?

    • +2

      S7 isn't valid for trade in. Minimum Samsung mobile is S8

  • Worth it to trade in S20 FE 5G?

    • No.

      • Agree $185.00 last time I checked but the phone has a fkd screen for sure.

  • +2

    Used to get the error trade in service unavailable..
    Now I can't even get the credit card details to validate in the app.

    What a dumpster fire of a system

    • Same, trying this afternoon. Wondering if I was doing something wrong.

      System might be down.

      • Possibly which error did you have the verifying the card or the trade in service not available

        • Card verification for the $1 hold.

          • @Techie4066: Glad it's not just me. Let me know when it works for you

          • @Techie4066: so I managed to get the card to work but i still recieve the same "service unavailable error"

            • +1

              @creesy: same issue , i cant even get tradeup to charge $1 says unable to verify credit card

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