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20x COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests $139.99 in-Store, $149.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Back in stock. Cheapest tests atm with high sensitivity.

Mod: TGA - High Sensitivity - Clinical sensitivity greater than 90% PPA.

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    It shows in stock online on my computer, but not on my phone - seems to be a bit erratic, worth trying a few devices and refreshing IMO

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    Looks like it just sold out. Managed to get one 10mins ago.

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      lol can't believe you got negged

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    looks sold out too

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    Sold out in under 4min

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    And it'ss goooone

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    This can't just be a live, ongoing thread topic?
    12 of these a day for the next 3 months?

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      feels like so

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    Sorry, there is insufficient stock for your cart.

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        If it saves me queuing for 3-4 hours, then yes.

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        We get it, you don't need to post it 13 times in one thread.

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    available again now !

    • -1


      • it is available from my end….I just placed the order, and I can still add it to my cart

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      No stock cannot add to cart

      • strange, it is available both on my PC and mobile, if you don't mind, you can get a temporsary password and I will place the order for you

        • Both PC and mobile "Sorry, there's insufficient stock for your cart"

          • @Bid Sniper: same here, probably I am just lucky to get a cancelled order

        • +1

          would be risky to do that, you'll then get partial access to his payment and membership and personal details.

  • That was quick.

    • Anyone notice no limits .
      That is why biz buy the whole jolly lot .
      I know its hard for the Govt to regulate limits .

      • In the listing:

        Note: Unfortunately there is a limit of one per member and can't be shipped to WA.

        • Yeah the listing said 1 per member card, I reckon they will check it as it's high demand

        • Hmm why not WA they are now legal here.

    • -1

      That's what she said

  • -2

    Oral Fluid

    Well that explains why they're taking the piss.

  • Available 1 hour ago, tips, set alert for it. Costco will send you the message

    • +1

      I had an alert set and got no message from Costco…doh

      • hmm, there are two testing kit at costco. Did u have online account with them ?

        • Yep. Have an online account and had setup alerts for both…oh well. Next time….maybe

          • @sotko: yep same, got nothing

            • @vandelay: It keeps coming up as available to cart at the moment. Assuming people bought more than 1 and Costco are cancelling orders

        • Set alerts for both, didn't get message for either. It probably sold out as soon as it started sending messages out

    • I didn't get any, it goes the same for all my costco watched items.

    • +7

      No, the market price is $7 each. The SCALPER price is $17.60 each.

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    Probably good to create a new section under Deals -> RATs

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    If people buy this to resell, I'm going to boycott those companies.

    • 1 pack per member so i dont think they can resell lol

      • Huh? There’s 20 in each box so people could resell individual tests

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      You'd boycott Costco because of the action of it's consumers..???

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    Why even bother testing, unless you need it for work or something else. if not well stay home, limit your outdoor exposure, should get better in few days.

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      "Why bother testing unless you need to bother testing?"

    • In Victoria people just want to know if the runny nose is hay fever or COVID.

      Then there are those who do have it and daily testing so they can get back into the COVID fray. Nothing like catching it more than once in a season. It is competitive out there!

  • I purchased these early December, and posted a couple to my daughter in Victoria.
    She was a close contact and 6 people that she closely worked with had positive PCR tests.
    She had covid symptoms too and had a negative result using this test kit.
    I don't have faith in this test kit's accuracy.
    Either that , or somewhere in the 2 weeks Australia Post had it they left it in the sun.

    • AusPost unfortunately do leave/transport packages in an uncooled truck so that’s highly likely

      • That's something that the regulators will need to look closely at since there is more reliance on RAT test to report positive cases.

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    Had a false negative on one of these - had all the symptoms 3 days in and tested negative. Went same day to get PCR and got positive. But overall good price for a 20 pack.

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    Gov't just got in 80 million for the price of $72m, so about $0.90 a unit.

    How on earth are these retailing for $15 a pop minimum?

    • -2

      It's definitely not '$15 a pop minimum'.. I mean even the one here at Costco is $7 a pop.

      • +1

        They are selling at $30 for two retail, normal price, though I've seen them @ $30 each on findarat.com

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      By the time when its hits Aussie retailers, it's around $3 so it make sense when you ordering bulk directly from the manufacturer.
      When you paying $15, government already making money out of GST 🤣

    • So the government can use your GST money to cover their order!

    • +1

      You mean when are they going to stop engineering chemical weapons? lol.

      There has been quite a few medical papers and scientists who analyzed COVID19 strains and have said there is a near impossible chance that COVID19 was a naturally occurring mutation. They have noted that some of the proteins within the virus have natural properties to repel each other, therefore unless it was forcefully put together it would be highly unlikely it occurred in nature.

      Although everything is highly circumstantial around where the origin of the virus came from, it does indeed point to a leak from a lab (which coincidentally is well known for studying Coronaviruses).

      • Citation neded

        • Plenty of scientists have spoken out, just do a google.
          However the problem comes down to science is a game of guessing and testing, nobody will be able to get to the bottom of it.

          The powers at be, has decided to wipe away all evidence and probably killed off / disappeared the people who knew about it. There is a reason why they stalled the investigation and made it so bloody hard for WHO to even go and investigate and in the end had to pressure and control the WHO's narrative to make them look innocent.

          • @lplau: We just need to build a required consciousness. There are many such evidences out there that tells that human and animals should be left alone.


            You might be right that covid may have originated in the lab, but also no one dare to close such labs running in the name of so called scientist, who proud more than the nature, yet they cannot even produce a blood of their own. Thus, some things should be left as it is.

            Back to the deal :-) Hope we don't need such deals in the future.

            Best wishes.

  • Does Costco deliver other stuff? I thought they only did business delivery. I see the COVID tests have a delivery icon but a quick look at other products like TVs shows no delivery icon.

    • it depends on where you live i think.
      Like they do deliver big things like Fridges.

    • The TVs I looked at had delivery icons. I though they delivered everything on the online store. I don’t think they do the in store.

  • Did anyone see how long these were expected to take to ship, or know from previously?

    Bit worried it could be a while as my order's status is currently 'Submitted to WMS/Dropship'.

    • +1

      Mine has been shipped, have auspost tracking

      • Yeah I just got an auspost shipping notice as well, due by Tuesday.

  • People are still playing Pandemic?

    Why would you even bother getting tested if there's no such thing as asymptomatic spread of the virus

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