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Pay with Qantas Points & Get 30% off on Select Full Priced Items + Delivery @ Qantas Rewards Store


48 hours flash sale.
Use points and save 30% on full priced items sitewide from Apple, Garmin, R.M.Williams and more. (Only on marked items)
Good for people having Qantas points to spend, ends on midnight 16 Jan 2022.
Discount automatically applied at checkout.

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    Anything worth while? Have always found these sales to mediocre compared to actually purchasing flights / upgrading flights. I can, however, see the appeal of using points to purchase these items due to current travel apprehension appetite.

  • -1

    Can we buy the MagSafe battery pack and get it 10% cheaper at OW. I know qantas used to have a pop up store in Melb airport

  • +1

    Worth getting the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GB from here?

    257,602 points for it

    And I've got 600k points to burn.

    • +12

      I mean 280k points is a return ticket to London in business… or two in economy… seems like a waste

      • +9

        Don't think I'd be doing that sort of traveling anytime soon with Rona around.

      • +3

        Agree here. It's a tough call. Pointhacks value a Qantas point at 1.9c so even with this sale taken into account, a Google Pixel 6 at 173K points for $999 value equates to 0.6c, taking a big hit. Back in October, I was super excited to have nabbed a business class JAL to Tokyo in Feb with QFF pts which is now effectively vaporised, and who knows how the supply & demand of premium seats will play out in the future. If anything its more people with points, less seats and more demand for those seats and everything is working against you.

        However even with that taken into account, redeeming for flights still outweighs products, I think.

        • +3

          With the discount the pixel 6 comes down to 121000 points which is a bit more appealing I suppose.

          Bit gutted as I just bought $1000 worth of JB gift cards to go and buy the Pixel 6, may well have opted for the Qantas option given the discount offered as I have 500k QFF points.

          Oh well, I will just keep churning cards and amassing points for when travel does eventually settle down.

          • @jollster101: ah, didn't realise the 173K was before discount - thx for the heads up.

      • If we ever get a proper vaccination for future strains then the competition for seats is going to be huge. Supply and Demand …the costs will go up significantly.
        The days of 280k point flights is only here now for those who have been infected by Delta and Omi …and roll the dice on IHU and the next strain not being in circulation by the time they travel.

        • +1

          I think these points sales are a way for Qantas to reduce their points liability because with credit card signups easily giving a bonus 80-120K, I can't see how Qantas can have enough seats to fufill flight redemptions before people get really frustrated. Even with the points sale these product redemptions are still 'expensive', but a certain proportion of people would still opt to cash in now and reduce the pressure on flights later on.

      • Can you transfer points?
        I'll buy you that phone if you give me the 260K points for it.

      • where do you get this? I just tried searching around Sep-Oct this year for Business Class to London and they're all around 560k points for a ticket.

        • +1

          You need to find a classic reward!

    • +2

      I'll buy you the phone and take your points

    • Couldn't you sell them at 1c each? It'd still be 6k

      That's easily First Class around the world, what's that 350k points? 15-18k flight.

      • You can legally sell them can you?

        Only family members transfer…

        • Definitely don't sell your points. My mate's account got suspended few months back for transferring points to someone he works with.

          • @Hoarder77: People do it all the time with no issues tho?

        • Whilst technically not allowed, it does happen a lot on the Classifieds forum here. Myself I have sold 2 sets of large amounts of points to people I don't know and my account is still ok.

  • -1

    what i can buy from 1000 points ??

    • +2

      a red frog

      • hahaha, good one

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing op! Is it possible to do split payment for the most value or has that feature been removed? Might start tinkering if that’s the case

  • +1

    Store.qantas.com is struggling hard to keep up with us bargain hunters haha

    • +1

      15 minutes in and the site is toast!

  • +1

    Haha just got a 504 website error. Site be getting smashed!

  • +2

    Got a pair of a RM comfort craftsman using 2.5k points + $411.

    • +3

      Doesn't seem like a good deal when they routinely get under $450 without the required points. Been under $400 a handful of times.
      I mean if you need them and you've got points to burn then it's probably the best deal you'll get at the moment but I'd guess most people wouldn't class a $600 pair of boots as an urgent purchase….All that said, I got some for my birthday last week and they're amazing.

      • Yeah true, I was worried with the recent ban on a few of the sites selling it online (Allingtons), we wouldn't see sales on the shoes as much anymore.

    • I got my RMs for $397 from a deal here. Good times.

  • How much is one point worth these days? 100 points is $1?

  • Have they previously cancelled orders if it's too good of a deal?

    There are some things on there that never go on sale normally but are heavily discounted….

    • No, very rarely.
      What items?

      • +1

        Springfree trampolines never go on sale and are at 30% off their website price.

        • Yeah, if it’s too good to be true it usually is. I would expect cancellation for sure, once someone sees how good a deal you got.

        • Thanks for the headsup. See how we go.

  • Samsung have 20% off currently thus does not apply. 30% off would be better.

  • +1

    Bought the Vitamix E310, equal to $352 worth of points plus 1800 points for delivery.
    The cheapest deal in OzB was $331 so I think it's not too bad to burn my points. (No international travel this year anyway :( )

  • Buy wine that you can resell via auction.

    There's also plenty of wine with bonus pts, so may work out OK.

  • +2

    On apple products, they jacked up their prices. Eg i got apple watch in the last 20% off and now sale price is same as 30% off.

  • Isn't applying at all with points club 10% off… Only getting the usual 10% off. Guessed it wouldn't stack but getting only the 10%, not the 30.

    Almost checked out not realising 😪

    YOU SAVED 6,939 PTS

    Edit: only specific items are included, despite it saying all full priced items

    • +1

      (sorry for neg just want to make sure people don't fall for this, I almost did. It's only items which specifically say "30% flash sale" which are eligible, not "site wide" or "all items not already on sale)

      • Also unlike my memory of previous sales, where you got both the once off X% off and the points club bonus 5% off (or whatever yours was), you only get the 30% off here I think, at least on the item I just got.

        • +1

          Yeah correct, doesn't stack :(
          I expected that though. Noticed now it's actually only specific items even eligible

          (Revoked neg, better to have title updated instead to reflect "selected items")

  • Thanks OP. Needed a phone, got a free phone. Tried to go away already and traveling is too much effort right now so this is great

  • +1

    Some of the iPhone's aren't too bad rates, ie approx ~0.82c/point if retail price is considered accurate (which is consistent on newer products)

    • Thinking of getting the Iphone 12 Pro 128gb!

  • For Dyson products they jacked up the points required, it's a false sale to fool the inexperienced. I ordered a hairdyer in November and cost the same amount of points after discount this time round.

  • -2

    Using points on qantas shop is TERRIBLE value

    I will never upvote anyone who supports using points to pay for anything other than classic reward flights or upgrades.

    This is a qantas scheme to get people who have shite loads of points saved to burn them at poor rates. so are the qantas auctions they have atm, bad value.

    • +2

      It's better than usual though, some stuff gets to around 0.8-0.9c here if you're really lucky, agreed though better to use for flights if you can.

      If no where to fly, this is probably your best option beyond selling?

      • Qantas points never expire but, just save them until travel recommences at a risk level your happy with.

        People with large points balances, selling points imo is too high risk. I know Krisflyer have a pretty well oiled system for catching out people who amex points and transfer them to other peoples krisflyer accounts (if the amex account name doesnt = the krisflyer account name they cancel the transfer - I am talking from experience on this one).

        • Isn't just when travel recommences - some people have far more Qantas points than they could use on flights.

          Tax is also kinda ruining the flights value, especially for flights which aren't business or first class. Return to London is like $500 in taxes and fees alongside the points, when a return flight outright gets down to $900-1000. That's $400-500 for 100,000+ points.

          Still good value in business class, AA flights (no carrier charges) and some domestic routes, but if you don't fly often or don't mind economy it gets difficult to use them

          • @Username456:

            Return to London is like $500 in taxes and fees alongside the points

            Is that correct ? With the likes of Royal Brunei you can just buy an outright return to London for just a couple of hundred more 🤷🏼‍♂️

            • @Nom: Yeah it's quite silly. I did find last night Manila has a law against carrier / fuel surcharges, so if your flight starts from there it's cheaper. You still pay taxes, but no extra surcharges.

              Trick is to book a one way flight there, then a Qantas round the world trip with TWO itineraries in one via multicity.

              IE Manila > London > (home)
              then on the same ticket, but six months later
              (home) > next destination > (home)

              It still bills under the OneWorld reward pricing table (approx 132k economy, 315k business from memory) and fees are more reasonable (still about $800-1300 for the above example, but that's a lot better than almost $800 for the London return alone)

              Note there's various rules, ie can't visit same city twice, and can only transit same location a maximum of two times. Also has to come out to usher 35,000 miles, so you usually need direct flights for the above

              Tl;dr: two holidays for ~132k economy / ~315k business + $800-1300 + one way flight to Manila (cheaper if you avoid the UK, their tourist tax is literally $160, not Inc airport fees)

              • @Username456: Pardon my ignorance on this but neither qantas or any points partners seem to by flying to Manila in the near future so I’m trying to understand how this factors in. Do you mean booking a completely separate flight to MNL that is not via QFF or Oneworld?

                • +1

                  @turkz1: Just an example as it's the cheapest by far (they don't allow any carrier charges)

                  I don't think you'd have much luck flying anywhere right now

        • According to Qantas Frequent Flyer's points expiry rules, if you don’t earn or spend Qantas Points at least once every 18 months, your entire balance of points will be lost.

          • +2

            @naruto128: It's impossible to not earn Qantas points for 18 months unless you're in a coma.
            You're earning them on at least Woolworths and your Credit Card.

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