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[Back Order] Maped 468010 Essentials 17cm Scissors with 60% Recycled Handle $0.90 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


This is the lowest price since Sep 16, 2019 according to CamelCamelCamel.

Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

Maped 468110 Essentials Green Scissors 21Cm also on sale for $1.50

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  • +3

    This is why I love ozbargain

  • +1

    First bargain of 2022! Thanks op!

  • A dollar.mightve been too much, but for this price everyone needs an extra pair of scissors.

  • +4

    Couldn’t say no at 90c. Now trying to figure out what random things around the house I can cut to justify the purchase.

    • I got some in last deal and over the break I was doing some recovering of footrests for the wife's classroom. Asked her for scissors and she brought some rusty monstrosity, so I said "where are the new ozbargain ones?"

      Made a huge difference. Buying more now!

    • +2

      Dont recommend circumcision

  • +2

    Why are these so cheap? Is it not as good in cutting? Are these scissors for students?

    • +1

      i have several pairs of these scissors, they're amazing and cut extremely well for what they cost (<1dollar), i tested them on tape and hard plastic wrapping and they cut clean through, highly recommend as a spare or for arts and craft

  • +5

    Found these for $1.50 if your budget permits 😂

    Limited-time deal: Maped 468210 Essentials Soft Scissors 17Cm https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00TLF4HNG/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

    • Soft ergonomic handles
    • Shock absorber rings for added comfort
    • Quality stainless steel blades
    • Useful for everyday and repetitious situations in the home and office
    • Thanka op ordered 21 cm scissor

    • 21cm still available!

  • Ok why not ta

  • +9

    I ordered one just to give their delivery guy some work

  • +2

    Ordered 5. Can never have enough lying around the house. Yes I'm ballin today

  • +1

    Finally after months of seeing this deal pop up on ozbargain, decided to pull the trigger. Thanks OP!

  • +10

    Thanks heaps OP.

    A little over budget but Valentine's day gift sorted.

  • +4

    Pretty poor reviews, not worth buying such cheap scissors imo

    • +1

      Yes these are cheap quality. I bought two last deal.

    • Indeed just buy some Fiskers and they will last a lifetime

  • Free masterchef scissors at coles with just 10 master chef points.

    • That requires outlay of money at Coles and they are kitchen scissors

      • And IF there are any left

        • And to get a single point you need to spend $20 minimum in one transaction, meaning the scissors still have a $200 spending fee associated with them

          • +1

            @SpainKing: If you buy at coles you spend it anyway. You don’t need to spend $200 at once. You collect points.

            • @callthespellpolice: I'm aware of that spellpolice, If you buy at Woolies though you won't have any MasterChef points and they won't give you any scissors so they're not free. Payment still has to be made. You have to choose to spend that $200 at Coles which requires you to have $200 in the first place (or $100 for 5 MasterChef points and $5 to cover the other half). That's fine as it's a supermarket so you can spend $200 in a couple of weeks very easily.

              However, other factors such as opportunity costs aren't being taken in to account. If you decide to go to Coles instead of Woolworths as a result of the promotion you may:
              - Have to drive further using more fuel
              - Miss out on specials at Woolworths that would amount to significant savings (perhaps even $5 worth you could use to cover the other half of the MasterChef points if you'd collected 5)
              - Spend 10 MasterChef points that could have been used for other products in the promotion
              - Have people look at you funny for having Coles shopping bags
              - Join a cult of personality that is Coles and never be able to shop at a Woolworths again because it'll make you SICK to your stomach
              - Get asked for charity by someone waiting out the front at a kiosk and feel awkward saying no so you give them money

              Most of these are very real dangers and I'd advise you to be careful around those scissors, they're sharp and could cut your finger open leading to severe nerve damage and lifelong pain that wouldn't have been there without having bought those scissors.

              Everything comes with a cost. Hopefully this has helped you see my point of view

              • @SpainKing: Thanks for your explanation! Are you really from Spain? I thought they have only Spar supermarkets there?

  • Ordered 1

  • +3

    They are not very good and pretty small

  • +1

    These are worth $1. Cheap quality.

    • cost 10% less than their value then. I'd take that for every purchase as a base

      • Yes good. If you buy 10 then you save a dollar 😎

  • Don't forget to use discounted gift vouchers.

  • +1

    Left handed people, stop using right handed scissors in your left hand or get a left handed pair of scissors.

    It'll change your life.

  • Thanks OP didn't need one but ordered anyway!

  • +1

    Secret Santa for the Cutters Christmas Party sorted! Thanks OP…

  • Price beat at OW!

    • My local OW won't price match Amazon Prime.

      • This deal doesn’t seem to be restricted to prime members

        • Non-prime members will need to pay for delivery. My local OW has no need to price match it once the shipping cost is added. Not sure how willing my local OW is on the first item free delivery.

  • Thanks OP, finally snagged one of these bargains.

    And this time I actually wanted a pair of scissors too!

  • +2

    rubbish, I had one

  • Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

  • +6

    Bad quality. Don't buy. Couldn't bother returning it for 90c, and it went directly to the bin.

  • +1

    If you got big hands like me, don't buy these because your thumb WILL get stuck.

  • +5

    These are awful scissors.

    • Excellent, maybe no one will steal these

  • +1

    Sad that they are made of recycled plastic, but because they are garbage scissors, they will be going straight into the red bin…

  • +1

    Tried it today seem fine for a basic paper scissors

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