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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 Vision OC 10G LHR Graphics Card Rev 2.0 $1999 Free Shipping @ Umart


Seems like price dropping a bit for 3080 LHR 10GB version with the coming of 12GB version.

Shows free shipping to Sydney metro, might check if applicable to your postcode.

Single fan edition available: https://www.umart.com.au/product/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-3080-t... for the same price

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  • +32

    Crikey. What y'all do for work? I'm doing alright, but damn.

    • Wait till June… your wallet will thank you. A lot.

      • +1

        unless they sold out again by miners.

      • Is that the release of 4000 series?

      • +3

        End of mining eth

        • People still mine Bitcoin tho? So I don't get it

          • +6

            @Adelv: Bitcoin mining stopped being profitable a long time ago.

            • +1

              @dogsryummy: And so will ETH.

              Crypto isn't going away. But mining is.

              • @UFO: I hope so

              • +7

                @UFO: When ETH mining becomes unprofitable the next coin of the moment will rise to popularity and the cycle continues. Mining pools jump coin all the time.

            • @dogsryummy: When? People still do it.

          • @Adelv: Not with GPU's they don't

          • @Adelv: No. Bitcoiners use specific CPUs built just for mining.

        • source?

        • Sauce, please.

        • +5

          Hasn't that been basically confirmed it's years away now?

        • +1

          Oh yeah bro, 2.0 just around the corner.

        • +4

          I think it will last longer. You cannot trust ETH developers with deadlines.

      • +5

        Thats what they said last year.

    • +23

      That's what you guys said this time last year as well…….

      • -3

        Except prices are already dropping, and will continue to do so.

      • +2

        And the year before, crypto was a mistake

        • I'm not talking about crypto viability. Crypto is here to stay. I'm talking about miners thinking they can continue to make money from mining. That's changing this year, and retailers are already acutely aware of buying too much stock at overinflated prices only to lose potentially hundreds on the transaction.

          • +1

            @UFO: Yeah, try to remember that it's perfectly viable for the gpu miners to pivot to heavily mine another coin and that some cryptos will deliberately target being that coin of choice because of the obvious rise in prominence. The last wave of mining was done on lesser known coins like zcoin, not on eth (amd was ok eth though)btc. Not saying it will happen but there's a lot of hardware and ways to keep it going.

            • +3

              @f23lda: except eth is most of the market cap of coins mineable on a gpu..

              you don't just mine coins you also need to sell to someone willing to buy

              • @abctoz: exactomondo!

              • -1

                @abctoz: Mcap doesn't mean anything in this market.

                It's not tradeable and just an indicator of the last traded price times the available supply.

                • +1

                  @rektrading: your statement is true but how is it relevant to what i said lol

                  • @abctoz: Your comment implies that Mcap has something to do with liquidity.

                    It doesn't.

                    Liquidity is what affects traders ability to trade.

                    • +1

                      @rektrading: what i'm saying is eth, the #2 coin by mcap for years, provides a significant chunk of mining revenue for gpu miners. if that goes gpu profitability will be significantly affected

                      the argument that if eth goes you can mine small coins has been around for a long time, i'm not sure people understand eth is like 50%+ of the revenue lol

                      i don't understand why liquidity is relevant to what i said…

              • @abctoz: I feel like you're missing my point, a coin can become legitimised by the fact it suddenly becomes a minable coin. I am not saying it will but honestly gave a toss about the sh.itcoins we were mining in the first big mining wave? Zcoin, zcash? Their value went up because of the mining.

                • @f23lda: it bring interest for sure, is it going to make up for the hole eth creates, sounds dubious

                  I can see zcash doing well, chart+ fundamentals look good, might be the hot shit next round

          • -1


            .Crypto is here to stay. I'm talking about miners thinking they can continue to make money from mining.

            I don't think you've thought this through. Crypto requires mining to be profitable for there to be miners. No miners = no crypto.

            • @1st-Amendment: It's not 2009.

              • @rektrading:

                It's not 2009.

                True. Did you have a point? I guess not…

                • @1st-Amendment: Mining is only needed for PoW.

                  Neither PoW nor PoS is going away.

                  • @rektrading:

                    Mining is only needed for PoW. Neither PoW nor PoS is going away.

                    Right so let's think this through. The comment I replied to referred to miners being in it for the profits. And that crypto will stay while mining profits won't. Well since profit is the fundamental law of economics is that drives everything, if you take away the profit you will have no miners. No miners means no way to transact so your crypto is effectively useless.

                    You said 'PoW is not going away' so it seems like you agree that for-profit miners will have to exist and will make profits for PoW crypto work?

                    PoS works on the same concept. Stakes have some profit motive behind them to validate transactions, otherwise why would you do it?

                    So the logic is the same for all crypto to work. ie transaction processors (whether PoW Miners or PoS validators) need the carrot of profit for the system to work. No profit means no transactions means no crypto.

                    So if that is agreed, tell me where 2009 comes into it?

                    • @1st-Amendment: ETC prices have been in the dumpster for years. LTC, DOGE and XMR are in the same boat.

                      They're OG PoW and isn't going away just because Ethereum is trying to go PoS.

            • @1st-Amendment: So do we need to stop GPUs mining to be able to get rid of crypto? Crypto is pretty much useless in a real world sense. It hasn’t really improved any real world process. It was created a lot of hyperbole, used a lot of electricity and pushed GPU prices up.

              • @snooksy: The ketchup doesn't go back in the bottle. People trying it will only make a mess.

                The network is decentralized enough to make it censorship resistant.

            • +1

              @1st-Amendment: "Crypto requires mining to be profitable for there to be miners. No miners = no crypto."

              Umm… did you forget to put a ;) or something at the end of that sentence?
              Surely you can't be serious?

              • @UFO:

                Surely you can't be serious?

                Is that what passes for an argument where you live?

                How do you think Crypto transactions occur without miners?

    • +3

      Some of us have few other hobbies outside of gaming. Some people spent a lot of money on rims for their car, or holiday overseas, or camper vans, renovations, or just the hobby of making more money by buying investments. Also if you buy a top GPU now it'll stay a top GPU for years. If you buy a budget GPU now it'll be a sub-par GPU from the get-go.

      • +9

        No, tech gets surpassed with new gen. When the next 4000 series cards come out, your 3080 won't stay top GPU for years.

        • +1

          It won't stay the top GPU for years, but it'll still run all the games on ultra settings with a smooth frame rate for years. And that's all that really matters.

          • +11


            if you buy a top GPU now it'll stay a top GPU for years

            It won't stay the top GPU for years

          • @AustriaBargain: That only happens if you only plan to play games currently available now at your current resolution, FPS and graphics settings. You think you can still maintain that for new games coming out in 2-3 years time?

            • +3

              @edfoo: It'll come close. My 2080 kicked butt in every game except for one's that used lots of RTX features. It's still a totally viable gaming card if you're not using those features.

              I got lucky enough to get a 3080 and honestly? I don't even know if it's worth overclocking. I mean I did, but it cuts through every game like butter. I think it'll totally be viable in 2 or 3 years time. Most games are multi platform and the current gen consoles aren't as powerful as current gen cards, so that helps also.

          • @AustriaBargain: Preech, my 980 still kicks but I am due for an upgrade

    • On Centrelink

    • It's the way of the world now. Everybody is out to show-off and impress others and will pay exorhorrant amounts to do so and have the best. Even if it's something they will not fully utilise.

      • +1

        What do you mean "now"?
        Showing off has always been the way things worked

    • y’all? I thought this was for aussies

  • +2

    Isn't the 12gb version just a bit more (not that I'd consider a $2000 GPU a 'deal')

    • same price from techfast plus shipping. but lower hash rate due to new driver (maybe).

  • +1

    Your username is non-LHR but you made your account in 2019 wut O_O

    • +5

      you can change name

    • +3

      His username is future proof!

    • You can change your username

  • -2

    Shouldn’t these be $699? Why are they still charging $2k?

    • +1

      because miners still buying them, and selling them to 2nd hand buyers for inflated prices.

      • +3

        When will crypto die? I thought people learned their lesson after losing all their money in 2017. Bitcoin needs to go to zero soon, bloody mining degenerates.

          • +5

            @non-LHR: hes just flipping coins for profit now

        • +4

          Crypto is here forever. Mining as a viable income source is not.

          • @UFO:

            Crypto is here forever. Mining as a viable income source is not.

            These two statements are incongruent.

        • +1

          It won't any time soon. Better keep up or get left behind

        • +5

          Crypto will crash soon enough. When even your ethnic grandma is telling you to buy Crypto through one of the many apps that let you do it, you know the jig is up, the scam has gone as far as it's going to go and crypto will fall out of investor favour. And unlike gold or houses or stocks it won't recover, it'll be more like Beanie Babies.

          • @AustriaBargain: So you think when something hits the mainstream its time is up?

            When the market is bigger than it's ever been and continuing to grow, thanks to Granny putting her extra dollars into crypto?

            • -1

              @Sxio: Crypto is just ones and zeros. But gold and houses will always be gold and houses.

              • +1

                @AustriaBargain: Oh yeah for sure bro ones and zeros have never been worth money and will never be worth anything. What even is code dude it's just like ones and zeros it doesn't achieve anything lmao.

                Gold on the other hand is shiny and heavy and trace quantities are used in electronics it is the only thing with INTRINSIC value.

                • +2

                  @Koppeldread: You can turn gold into jewellery, but bitcoin needs to be sold to actually do anything with it. Houses can be lived in and rented out. Shares of a company pay dividends and match what a proportional share of ownership of a private company would be worth. Even Beanie Babies can be played with and decorate your room.

            • +1

              @Sxio: Eventually there will be a saturation point where new people able to put money in run out and throngs of people who lost burn out. Then it stagnates, and as a non-productive, non-existant 'thing', it will be quickly abandoned. That's years away though. A decade, maybe more.

            • +2


              When the market is bigger than it's ever been and continuing to grow

              All Ponzi schemes require new suckers to create the growth that keeps the charade alive. At some point you will run out of new suckers.
              Grannies are usually a good indicator that you are near the end of the line, since they have no understanding of what they are buying into and are simply doing so because everyone else is.

        • +1

          Bloody gaming degenerates keeping cards from miners hands

        • -1

          But they've quadrupled their money since then so maybe the lesson wasn't what you think it was.

          • -1


            But they've quadrupled their money since then so maybe the lesson wasn't what you think it was.

            And you think this growth will simply continue forever just 'cos?

            Tell me how crypto is any different from this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponzi_scheme

            Every Ponzi scheme makes huge profits until one day it doesn't. Just make sure you're not the guy holding the bag when the music stops playing.

            • @1st-Amendment: No, it's because i know a little bit about marketing and it's primed to expand by a lot right now.

              But you can believe what you like. I'm not going to lecture someone on an Australian website who uses a nick like '1st amendment'.

              Time will tell.

        • +3

          I was actually trying to explain web3.0 and the importance of it. Then I realised why bother as I'm anyhow going to get negged for it. So hate the crypto today so you can hate yourself in another 5 years time.

        • Fully agree! It’s not worth anything. It’s .com boom 2.0. Where does it actually improve the real world for the vast majority of people. The Internet brought services, products, people and places online (search, social media, etc.) then a few companies have come to dominate - Amazon, Google, Facebook. These companies monetised big data and online shopping on top of the Internet. Where is this happening with block chain? . I don’t see any utility in my life so far from the silly Ponzi scheme that is blockchain and especially Bitcoin. All this huff and puff about needing decentralised finance. Why? It’s simply not how the real world works. I don’t doubt there maybe some niche uses of a decentralised ledger such as perhaps real estate settlement between banks. Other than that where will it improve my life or offer something useful to me I don’t already get with a credit card, a mortgage, a bank account or PayPal all using traditional ledger systems and working fine? Sure some people may want to say they “own” a gif or texture or model in a game. Wow life changing stuff… not really. The proponents all say it’s coming. We’ll if it’s coming then how can you price at bitcoin at $40,000 ? It’s not worth shit, only what some other fool is going to pay for it. What exactly is coming? What kind of business with real world benefits and applications is coming?

          • @snooksy: It makes a big difference for people that are looking for work.

            The crypto space has been experiencing a hiring frenzy, and the trend likely is set to continue.

            Crypto-related job postings in the U.S. surged 395% in 2021 from a year before, a sign of the industry’s expansion, according to a recent analysis by LinkedIn. Companies that range from tech giants Meta Twitter Amazon to Wall Street firms JP Morgan and Fidelity have all posted open spots for crypto talents in 2021.

            The growth rate of crypto hiring has outpaced that of the broad tech industry, which saw a 98% increase in job postings in 2021, according to LinkedIn.

      • That notion will fall on its face shortly, when prices keep coming down and miners are left with overinflated rigs they are trying to flog.

        All it takes is additional available supply, which is already occurring, and market forces will sort the rest out.
        Web3 is a reality, ETH as a mining option is over within months, and miners can already see the writing on the wall.

        Increased supply + reduced demand = lower prices closer down to 'normal' levels.

        You can hype it as much as you like, but facts are facts. Anyone buying at these prices in early 2022 deserves the reality check that hits them mid year.

        • +1

          Will Normal = RRP end up? dont think that will happen …

        • +1

          We all thought covid will bring down house prices. Some times logic just doesnt work.

          • +1

            @John Doh: It would if government didn't throw all the stimulus around, keep interest rates low and make inflation high.

            So now the rich with assets get wealthier and other people suffer with inflation.

          • +1

            @John Doh:

            We all thought covid will bring down house prices. Some times logic just doesnt work.

            Haha spot on. I remember there was a couple of months of panic that rents were dropping and things weren't selling. The expectation was a crash but then I distinctly remember in December 2020 a house around the corner of mine sold for 30% above the market and you could here a collective WTF from everyone. From that point on it was a frenzy and prices have jumped 50-100% since Covid started. If anyone predicted that, I haven't heard about it.

        • I mean no disrespect but you really shouldn't talk in such absolutes. Obvious you're in the crypto game so you should know "no one knows shit about (profanity)". ETH 2.0 has been coming for years, your benchmark of June means absolutely nothing. Even saying Crypto is here to stay (I believe this) is just silly. You don't know anything, mate - just like the rest of us.

        • Web 3 is not a reality. It’s an idea without actual business ideas that work in the world world. You’ve been drinking the Kool Aid.

          • +1

            @snooksy: The devs are seeing the value and are committing their valuable time to buidl.

            Developers that are participating in the creation of Web 3, which enthusiasts refer to as the next generation of Internet, reached an all-time high in January, with more than 18,000 monthly active developers committing code in open source crypto and Web 3 projects, according to a report by crypto venture capital firm Electric Capital. 65% of active developers in Web3 joined in 2021, the report shows.

            • @rektrading: shhh… it appears snooksy has 'alternative facts' we should all be listening to instead. Quoting factual information is drinking Kool Aid apparently.

    • +2

      699 was US RRP, they were always going to be 1150-1200 AUD before the chip shortage/scalpers/miners buying them all inflated prices.

    • $699 huh, you geniuses are beyond parody.

  • +1

    Not bad, been eyeing this particular model for a while, one of the prettiest gpus

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