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[Back Order] Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed Wireless Mechnical Keyboard - GL Tactile $239 Delivered @ Amazon AU


The GL Tactile version of this keyboard is currently on sale at $239 vs the GL Linear and GL Clicky at $277.90.
Although its not as cheap as the previous $219 for the full size version of this keyboard, some of you might prefer using a TKL like me.

Really a shame since my GL Linear just arrived and I can't get my gift balance refunded, but oh well.

Mod Update 19/1: Available on back-order. Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Just got the 219 full size tactile in the mail. Highly recommend.

    I came from the g15 v2

    • G15?? WHAT YEAR IS IT?? (Admittedly I've still got my g15 in the cupboard and used it until a few years ago)

      • +1

        lmao you too. What am I gonna do with my old G15 v2? Don't need it no more.

        • is it backorder discounted?

          • @capslock janitor: Seems to be back to a 2-5 week delivery time frame. That is effectively back order for me.

      • Haha, yes i had the v1 for many years. I preferred it because it had volume wheel, instead of buttons… But it drowned one day. Oops.

        I still think the g15 is a great keyboard, but happily upgraded now

    • haha Im still using my G15, I think its been 15 years or so

      • Great keyboard. Is it v2?

    • Yeah, still using my G15 as a backup keyboard for my G510. :-)


    • FYI, I cannot seem to find a 219 model. Was that a typo?

      • I should clarify, it's the g915 model which was $219 in a recent sale.

  • +9

    I’ve been ruined by custom keyboards man, can’t go back now

    • +11

      ruined how? financially? ;)

      • +1

        For me, it’s the sound. I now notice all the rattles and pitches

        • +1

          Same. I've got 3 corsair K95 XTs, a K70, blackwidow and a g512 laying around that I can't get rid of so I've spent the better part of the past week desoldering, lubing and soldering on other switches (u4ts & t1s), clipping and lubing stabilisers, foam modding, and just rebuilding all these pre-builts to what they should have come out like from factory.

          Coming into custom keyboards is now just decimating my wallet, latest addiction being rebuilding prebuilts. I think I've spent $700 on u4ts and $300 on keycaps in the past month alone and I'm not even going to use these boards lol.

          Someone help

          • +1


            Someone help


          • +1


            $700 u4ts and $300 on keycaps

            Damn, you sure you don't have those the wrong way around? U4Ts are 'only' $8.70 per 10 pack locally

            • @grackfight420: I have bought.. what I was hoping to be a lifetime supply but probably won't be.

          • @Evanlet: I would have just gone and grabbed one of the many hotswap boards before going to all that effort 😅 or at least install mill-max sockets

            • +1

              @GUYANDSON: I did! I also bought a Mountain Everest Max that I also threw boba u4ts which I'm using as my main keyboard at the moment. Thankfully I only needed to relube a couple stabilisers and all is well with this one.

              • @Evanlet: ooh the everest is my current grail [pre-built] kb. what were your thoughts on the stock switches?

                • +1

                  @tdw: I just snagged the one with reds on PCCG because it was the cheapest one at the time. I replaced them as soon as I opened the box so I couldn't tell you how it was with the standard switches… :(

          • @Evanlet: Cant get rid of? Sell them….

            • @Woody982: You wanna buy one?

              • @Evanlet: No, I have a corsair K95 Platinum XT that I'm happy with.

                • @Woody982: I've got a Corsair K95 Platinum XT with Boba U4Ts, bandaid modded, foam modded as well as lubed & clipped stabilisers for sale… it'll turn you from happy to ecstatic….

                  • @Evanlet: For sale? Why would I not just do it myself for (I'm guessing) a better price then buying yours and then selling mine?

                    • @Woody982: Like I said, can't get rid of them

                      • @Evanlet: Lol sure. Might be a good idea to actually advertise and not offer to someone who already has the same kb

    • +1

      Same, lockdown brought me down this rabbit hole.

      I used to think spending over $200 for a keyboard was insane. Now I can’t even get just the keycaps for $200

    • I've been wanting to build a custom one, but the wait times for a PCB are insane.

      • why not start with GMMK Pro or the Keychron Q1?

    • +1

      I agree, once you realise the rattle & scratchy noises, you cannot unheard them

  • This is a beast of a portable keyboard.

  • Any good cases for this?

  • I have this exact keyboard, and I LOVE it. I've never been a fan of the number pad, the tactile feel of the keys is just right without being too noisy. Great build quality. Highly recommend.

  • +2

    Genuine question from a battler. What makes this keyboard worth 5 slabs of VB?

    • It's pretty and the volume roller feels nice, so there's that.

    • +2

      What makes a slab of VB worth their asking price?

      • +2

        it isnt.

      • It's what I use as currency mate. That's like me asking you, what makes a dollar coin worth $1. We've all agreed it's worth $1, we live in a society, stop causing chaos.

  • The full size is only 249

  • what is TKL stand for?

    • +3

      Ten Keys Less - Means its missing the Num Pad

  • +1

    It's good that the TKL comes without the useless and utterly annoyingly positioned macro keys. The full size version has these keys along the left side of the board.

  • I tried this out at a store and didn't like the feel.

    The keys felt very loose.

    Although it was missing a bunch of keys, so I'm not sure if the board was just damaged.

    Unfortunately given it's a pretty expensive item it's hard to find a store with multiple setup. I really wanted to compare the tactile and linear switches.

    Since if I don't like it it's a pretty hefty chunk of change.

    • I have the same predicament. Moved from Cherry Reds to the GL Linear thinking they'd be somewhat similar. The Linear switches offer no feedback at all, so I think the Tactile would be a better option.

      Unfortunately I don't want to return it as I used $100 Amazon credit which cannot be refunded, meaning that I'd have to pay an extra $60 if I wanted to exchange it for the Tactile.

      • Oh that's good to know. When I was trying them out I really liked the feel of a Cherry Red keyboard there.

        So I thought I might like the linear version of this instead. But maybe not going by what you said.

        It's a shame, my local JB doesn't have display keyboards, so I need to travel further to try any out.

      • Can confirm - I have tried both, and yes, linear feels very loose. The tactile switches are much better. Closer to a Cherry Brown.

  • My ($189) GL linear version from PLE arrives this week! I hope the feedback is similar to my cherry Reds

  • I've got the 2 of white version (one for home and one for work) of this TKLG915. I would highly recommend it for the all round versatility.

    Hard to find a TKL with good multimedia/volume keys & the battery life is fantastic. With no RGB I get a year out of a single charge.

  • This claims to have 40 hours battery life. Is that accurate from anyone here having experienced using it?

    I'm contemplating moving to this from the ducky sf

    • It lasts for a very respectable time. I have been using mine on battery and swapping between home and laptop without charge worries. I have only had to charge it once in the last 3 weeks and even then it still had 20% left

    • Yep. I have the RGB on the second lowest setting and only charge it about once a week, probably last a little over a week (I work from home all week and game on it - probably about 60 hours of use). The UI when I’ve charged it on G Hub says about 100 hours. It helps to make the RGB timeout quickly, I have mine set to the lowest which from memory is one minute.

  • This. Or a new gaming headset. Decisions. (I already have both)

  • at this price range i would spend a little more and get a metal custom mechanical keyboard.

    but beware of the deep dive into the black hole.

  • thanks ,grabbing this. already have 2 of the full sized tactile, this would be a good portable. i was using the microsoft surface keyboard, but the keys were too soft.

  • How's the key wobble?

    Lots of reviews mention it and the keys feeling cheap which makes me a bit nervous about the durability for something so expensive.

  • Is this refundable for working by tax claim?

    • Should be as it's <$300, so you can immediately deduct the full amount.

  • I got this one from one of the sale around June last year and I'm so much in love with it. If you want a mechanical keyboard with Macro keys, this is the best choice.

    • I don't think the TKL has macro keys

      • oops, didn't read the title correctly. You were right, the one I bought was the full size keyboard.

        • How do you find the macro keys and the size? I'm not sure if I'd use the extra keys though or if the extra space for them would throw me off.

          I'm trying to decide between the full size or TKL.

  • Will this work with ps5

  • hey guys, would you get this over black widow v3 pro from razer?

  • -1

    Bad experience with Logitech G boards; owned the G810 and the G613, both chatter like crazy.

    Logitech's so called 'tactiles' feel linear in comparison to other switches.

    Personally would avoid all mech keyboards from gaming brands, eg. Razer, Corsair, Logitech - build a custom instead. You can get a decent board with decent switches with decent stabs and lube for the same price as this.

    • Ok, but what about the 90% of people who can't be stuffed "building" a keyboard?

      Terrible advice. Also, my K95 XT Platinum feels great.

      • -2

        If you think Cherry Blues, Browns or Clears feel good (whichever one you have), you really haven't tried any other switches from other brands, have you?

        • As in the switches themselves? No, only the razer proprietary switches.

          As stated 90% of people can't be stuffed "building" a custom KB. Me included…

  • +1

    Ended up buying this with an estimated delivery date of 11 Feb 2022 to 1 Mar 2022. Been using my G510 for my main PC and the G15 for the work one but decided the flexibility to switch between PCs with the same keyboard was too enticing. My preference would have been to get a g915 full size but when I thought about it, I never really used the number pad and if I ever go back to games like WoW, I'll reuse my G510 (as I used most of the 18 macro buttons).
    Assuming that Amazon will send me an invoice for just $239 (as it was 30% reduced from $3xx), I'll just claim the full amount in tax, otherwise depreciate it over 2 years.

  • FYI not on back order anymore. I just got my shipping notice and the Amazon website shows it as available. I do note that it says 5 in stock but there is apparently more on the way.

    • Hmmmm, cannot seem to do an edit but there are now only 3 in stock now for those who want one still.

  • Back in stock. Picked one up.

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