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VIOFO Dual Dash Cam, 2K 1440P 60fps+1080P (A129 Plus Duo) $195.50 Delivered @ VIOFO via Amazon AU


Slightly cheaper than lightning round but not an all-time low. Grabbed one as the heat in Perth killed my three-year-old dodgy Gator.

Amazon Description :

(2K 60fps+1080P 30fps Dual Dash Cam) A129 Plus Duo is the upgraded version of A129 Duo dash cam, front and rear camera shots road ahead at 2560*1440P 60fps and road behind at 1080P 30fps at the same time. Much more details can be easily captured including license plate and signpost. 140° wide angle is enough to cover the whole road and will not distort the image.

(Super Night Vision) Both front and rear camera is loaded with super high quality Sony Sensor which has better night vision than any other sensors. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, provide clearer view than most other car cameras in low-light conditions for nighttime driving.

(Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS) By connecting to wifi, you can view real-time video, transmit video, etc. on your phone at any time.. With GPS logger, dash camera can log the current speed and GPS location, also automatically correct the time by synchronizing with the satellite. Timestamp can be embedded in the video. Real-time speed would display on car camera screen in KM/H or MP/H.

(Parking Mode) Parking mode will be able to record events leading up to an impact / motion that has been detected. This is an excellent feature and completes a true parking mode as there can be a lot of vital information in the lead-up to whatever triggered recording. To use parking mode, it is better to buy VIOFO HK3 hardwire cable separately.

(Ideal Choice of Dash Cam) G-sensor, motion detection, auto start/stop, loop recording, time lapse recording, built-in microphone & speaker, mobile APP, support up to 256GB SD card, support optional CPL and Bluetooth remote control, one year warranty. A129 Plus Duo is the ideal choice for your dashcam.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    How hard to install those? Are they 12v plug?

    • +1

      Easy as, I will plug it into the 12v plug and run the cable around the C pillar and onto the windscreen and rear window.

      I am thinking of installing parking mode but that will be at a later date.

      • Is the rear camera just a USB cable, or does it require power too?

        Can it be used as a backup/reversing camera or is it just used as a dashcam for the rear?

        • Cable.


        • Its a Mini USB cable but not sure if its standard or just uses the connectors.

          You could theoretically have it to assist reversing as the screen on the main unit can display the rear camera's feed however not sure how useful it would be given it will be at the top of the rear window and not near the number plate as most cameras. Probably not the best angle or position to really assist.

          • +2

            @Scotty99: I have this and was looking forward to using it as a reverse cam.

            It displays the rear camera footage, but honestly the screen on the main unit is so small that it's basically pointless.

            • @Twirlypiglet: Yes that too. Similar size to the cheap mirror screen systems.

              I've installed 3 of them for family. Need to get one myself when my Blackvue FHD (way over priced these days) finally kicks it.

      • Thx just order one. The parking mode looks a bit difficult cheers

        • There's a bug with the parking mode,
          so it got removed from the firmware

    • Took me 40 minutes max and considering I pretty bad when it comes to DIY, did it easily. I paid for 1920 version ~150 and quality is amazing. I will wait for that to come down to buy for my other car.

  • +32

    Tip: Consider turning the GPS speed off. It will just give insurance companies another reason to reject your claims if you're accidentally a little over the speed limit.

    • -1


      • +3

        It was information shared in a post from an ex insurance worker.

      • +11

        No need for a source Oblivianz is correct, insurance companies are trying to get out of everything these days, it’s well know. There are a few documents on APH’s website about the Government reviewing complaints.

        My next door neighbour is fighting GIO at the moment after an accident he had. Driving around a bend at night a black car, no lights on, doing a three point turn and side on to him, he cleaned the car up in his 4x4. Police advised him that he was totally in the right and the car shouldn’t have been in his lane, yet the insurance company is requesting documents for the past 20 years. Phone records, business records, driving history, banking, vehicle service history, third party interviews etc. when he went to a solicitor, he pretty much got told that they keep digging and digging to find something to get out of paying. If you fail or refuse to provide information they advise that you haven’t provided what’s required, not paying.

        So take that comment how you will, but giving insurance companies as little as possible would be my advice, as even if your 100% in the right, to them, your costing them money.

        • +3

          Thanks for sharing. They are really finding every reason to deny a claim. I recall GPS coordinates on the dash cam is another thing they can use to deny a claim as it's not hard for them to calculate speed.

          • +1

            @oblivianz: Interesting. However, I doubt about the accuracy. My tom-tom tracks speed based on GPS and alerts users if it crosses speed limit marked for the specific street. It also shows current speed it has worked out based on GPS data as a reference. But I have noticed that it's not accurate enough. So yes if your speed is way off from current limit, then it would be a valid datapoint but if you are only couple of kms +/- I don't think speed tracked by GPS units is accurate enough.
            Having said that personally I don't have any first hand experience with any insurance provider on such grounds but just something I have observed out of my own curiosity.

        • -3

          So take that comment how you will, but giving insurance companies as little as possible would be my advice

          hence, watching what you surf online about,
          deleting cookies, turning off adverts, talking on social media about anything, etc. etc…
          … they are all data-mined for insurance company's sake as well.

          • +1

            @whyisave: Which insurance companies do that

            • -2

              @asa79: There are also data brokers who sell to any private company, eg. insurance, etc…

              Basically, any information that can be gleaned from you, IS is useful to somebody who will pay $$$ for it.

              eg. medical insurance companies recommend installing smartphone apps,
              so that they can observe how healthy you are and ask you to do steps or exercises, etc.

              Sure, it's really good for your health, but they mine that data,
              to build a profile on you, your habits and the people around you.

              Insurance companies are in the business of 'betting' on the future,
              so the more they know, the better their bets are, …and against you.

              • @whyisave: which companies are doing it?

                • -2

                  @asa79: i do not know,
                  nor would i list any company's names here either.

    • +1

      Yep, you can turn the speed watermark off the video but still see the speed on the UI of the machine which is handy for checking speedo etc.

    • +1

      I find it handy sometimes. If I just crop it off post production, can they do much?

      • +1

        Perhaps they could query why the final video resolution is not standard?

        • Crop, then resize?
          …or do they have CSI levels of "enhance" magic?

  • Is this stick on the windscreen? I have pretty much all stick on pads failing after a while in the QLD sun…
    Any advice from people having this for a while?

    • +1

      The pads it comes with aren't too bad but you do want to make sure you clean the spot properly before attaching. Some previous comments also say that if it falls off, you can just grab some replacement pads from Bunnings and stick it back on

    • +1

      I've had pads from other cameras come off in the heat but these have never failed me

    • +1

      I have 2 older model viofo's units and not had any issues with the stickers coming off. Have more issues with the Toll ones falling off

    • +1

      It should come with electrostatic stickers too (at least my A119 v3 came with a pair of those). I use those as it makes removal very easy and clean job. my previous 70mai unit lasted quite strong for about 3 yrs on such stickers.

  • How do these compare to xiaomi 70mai?

  • Does anyone know if Viofo make a single camera model with built in wifi?

    Looking for a new system for a vehicle with a canopy on the back, and have no use for a 2nd camera.

    • +1


      Go to the viofo website or Amazon Store and choose 1CH

      WiFi is slow AF though.

      • Thanks, I see it there now. Its a pity we never see deals on the 1CH

        • I suppose you can buy the 2CH and sell the rear cam separately. Or keep it in case you change cars?

          What kind of vehicle out of interest?

    • +1

      Don't buy this because of WiFi, it is not practically unusable. It takes 10+ minutes to download a video, during this time you cannot switch app, or it would start over again.

      Also, menu is disabled when WiFi is enabled, you have to go through some sequence to disable WiFi to get menu back.

      • Yep, I'm returning this for the same reason.

      • +1

        I've had the A129 Duo for a couple of years, and yes the wifi is really slow when trying to view videos but if I want to see lots of video clips I just remove the SD Card and play it in my laptop.

      • This device has a Dynamic Setting.

        Menu is disabled when Wifi is connected because of security. It's not disabled if the Wifi is ON but not connected. They want you to use the Official Viofo App, and change the Settings there. Otherwise, you could change Settings from both places at the same time, and probably crash or brick the device and/or the memory storage. You also cannot change ANY of the Settings when the camera is in function, hence, why it stops you from doing so until you hit the Stop Recording button.

        Overall, this is not a reason to return the device. It works as intended.

      • you have to go through some sequence to disable WiFi to get menu back.

        What sequence? It's pressing one button?

  • looking for a cam that will beep if you if you go over the speed limit on the current street. does anyone have one, an confirm it has this feature?

    • I have this Viofo A129 Plus Duo
      and it does not have the speed warning 'beep'.

      I want this feature too,
      but if you really want just that feature,
      there are small gadgets that you can buy online,
      that is designed ONLY to give you a image (or audio?) warning,
      if / when you breach a speed limit or especially a school zone.

    • this does not have that feature.

      i assume (never looked) that would be an uncommon feature for a dashcam. the primary purpose of a dashcam is to record video. your desired feature would require loading of speed limits for all known roads in the region where the dashcam was to be used. you're more likely to see this feature on a gps nav system, phone app or dedicated device

      • I'm using a dash cam brought from kogan 5 years ago which has this speed alert feature. displays the speed and beeps when you go over. no need for any add ons. I guess they don't make them like they use too.

  • Does this kit include the hardwiring kit, or is that an add on ? If no, is the hardwire kit even necessary?


    • No and no.

      • Is the hardwire kit needed to make the device turn on automatically when the car is started?

        Also - do you have to use the genuine hardwire kit?

        • If plugged into the 12V "cigarette lighter socket" it'll start when the car starts. The hardwiring kitll is for parking mode. It'll monitor movement and keep a buffer going so that if your car moves (due to something hitting) or someone walks in front of the camera, it will begin recording, and it will have a few seconds prior to the event recorded too.

          Here's a better explanation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC4K-rp_fh4

          Any kit would do, I think.

          • @neme: This one doesn't have buffered parking mode.

            Best to use the viofo one I assume.

            • @John Kimble: Oh, that's a bummer… Love the VIOFO cams, hopefully they will add it

            • +1

              @John Kimble: In the description it says it has the parking mode:

              (Parking Mode) Parking mode will be able to record events leading up to an impact / motion that has been detected. This is an excellent feature and completes a true parking mode as there can be a lot of vital information in the lead-up to whatever triggered recording. To use parking mode, it is better to buy VIOFO HK3 hardwire cable separately.

                • +3

                  @John Kimble: Apparently, it was too much for the processor. Buffered Parking Mode means it's always recoding and always deleting that footage. With two cameras it adds more complexity. And the "Plus Duo" model has two processors, spread across both camera units.

                  A lot of people compalined about videos pausing, or getting corrupted. Not sure if it crashed the unit itself.

                  So Viofo did the responsible thing and removed that feature. You can use Auto-detect Parking Mode… it's basically the same as Buffered, but you don't get that initial 30sec of recording before the Event is triggered. This could be a big deal in some instances. But for an "affordable" solution, I think this is a fair compromise.

                  The other thing to note is that Parking Mode uses electricity/power. Buffered uses even more. So a car with a small, old, or weak battery can get drained. There are solutions to this like using a Portable PowerBank to power the unit instead of your Car's Battery. Or actual "Black Box" kits which also include an External Hard drive. I wouldn't go that far unless my car was significantly (> $40k ?) valuable.

  • is it wifi gps or bulti in gps

    • Built in. What's WiFi GPS?

      • +1

        use your connected phone as the gps, like smart watches do

  • any benefit anyone has seen in going to the 4K version https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07RXQJ148/ref=twister_B081FCVS...

    • +2

      IMO, I believe the 4K front camera is worse quality.

      2K Duo front camera is better in two main ways:

      1. Better exposure (f1.6 on 2K front camera vs f1.8 4k front camera - lower is better)
      2. 140 degrees wide angle front camera on the 2K vs 130 degrees wide front camera on the 4k
      • you are probably not going to notice/need a 4k dashcam either would you? sounds kinda overkill

        • I agree, 4K dashcam is overkill. I think image quality and wide angle lenses are more useful features than downright resolutions.

          • @DeeTrance: .
            The 4K still is the better image though.
            And that's even when considering the higher frame rate of 1440p-60 versus 2160p-30. However, the image quality really isn't as big as people expect.

            But anyone reading this should skip the "Pro Duo" 4K model, even if it was the cheaper model. The 4K model has a newer faster processor, which acts as the brain for both cameras. The problem is that it gets hot 🔥, and in the Australian sun it causes problems. Could be minor like auto-shutdown, or worse like memory corruption, or bad like bricking the system. Though I doubt it becomes a safety concern like the Samsung Note 7 did. The "Plus Duo" has separate processors in each camera module, and this means it doesn't get as hot, and is less to overheating issues.

  • +1

    Installed this for a month now and the WiFi stopped working after a week. And searched online this is a common problem, and I tried refresh the firmware didn't work. Looks like you are selling a defect product.

    • Why not submit a warranty claim then?

      • +1

        If this is a repetitive issue which so many have experienced then what's the point to claim the warranty. It's up to the vendor to fix it. A dashcam is essential for many ppl which needs to operate continuously. Keep returning unit does not do it!

        • +3

          You could ask for a refund and then buy a different dashcam.

    • Same thing. Returning the product.

  • +4

    For those needing a microSD card this is on sale:

  • This is a great price OP thanks!
    Any benefit of waiting for a sale on the Pro over this? 4k vs 2k, but people seem to favour this one overall.

  • -1

    need a good memory card to go with it, any recommendations on sale?

  • Does it need one or two sd cards?

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