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[Presale] Clungene COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Nasal Test Kit (Set of 5) $49.00 + Shipping from $6.99 @ Johnny Boy


This is a Presale Only.
Third Round

Estimated arrival time 28th of January possibly earlier same as second round.
Managed to secure more.

This lot is available for postage or pick up from our warehouse in
Ringwood Victoria.

We will notify you as soon as the items are ready to post or pick up.

These are Very High Sensitivity
For Self Testing
Box of 5
Nasal Swabs
ARTG # 333341

Thank you

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Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy

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  • +2

    Australia’s best Covid rapid antigen tests as rated by the TGA


    Lungene seems to be missing from the list?

  • has anyone used it? I mean is it worth buying?

    • +144

      Not worth buying if someone's already used it.

      • +1

        Lol imagine people jumping on to buy used RAT swabs.

        • Sounds like a fetish some people buy other people's farts.

        • I'm in. Can't wait to get some gamer girl swabs and RATs

    • +1

      dude its a preorder, how could we have used it. TGA tested is good enough no?

  • +13

    Seriously, how the (profanity) is this even here.

    Preorder with no actual ETA for $10/pop. Seriously.

    • +8

      ETA end of Jan. Can you please provide info where I can get RAT for less than $10 a pop???

      • +23

        Can you please provide info where I can get RAT for less than $10 a pop???

        Free at gov. covid testing hubs.

        • Just say you have symptoms

          • +5

            @King Steuart: That would be fraud.

            • +1

              @jv: Not if I go around and give him a big NOVAK kiss.

            • +1

              @jv: The symptoms are so vague you probably have them anyway. In fact I'm feeling fatigued right now.

        • +4

          Free…. if you wait around covid positive people for hours.

      • +2

        You can buy them for $10 each now without having to wait two weeks.

        • +1

          Where? Pm me a link if you have one please

        • If you can also link to me please

        • No link no deal

          • -2

            @leiiv: it was on the news lots are coming soon.. i don't really see the point in preordering them.

      • -3

        go visit your local independent chemist - you'll find one that isnt price gouging

        • +2

          In what country?

  • +1

    $14-16 for postage

  • Thanks OP !! Postage for me $8.89

  • +14

    If you are believe you are in close contact, go to the test HUBS and get them for free, got 8 this morning for a family of four.
    I was in the queue for about 30m.

    • +4

      same in ACT - rock up and you get 2 single kits of the 2SAN brand (v.high sens)

      one for asap first test, with other for Day 6 test

      • +1

        one for asap first test, with other for Day 6 test

        A bit of a waste if you have no symptoms, considering you need to isolate for the 7 days anyway…

        • +1

          it was meant to be for people who have symptoms…. but PCR testing is so far behind in ACT (up to 7 days) that the RATs are being used to alleviate pressure on labs

      • +2

        Only giving one tomorrow

        Due to RAT supply constraints, people will only be able to pick up a single kit per person when they attend Kambah (rather than the 2 per person previously available).

    • Where?

      I went near Melton, Vic and they were all out

    • which state?

    • +6

      Are you sure? Which state are you in? In NSW, Hazard and Chant were recently telling people NOT to go to the PCR stations unless they have both a positive RAT and severe symptoms.

      I also know of people going to their local PCR station and being told that because they are symptomatic they only qualify for a RAT and that because the PCR station had run out of RATS, they were sent away and told to go and find a pharmacy or other store to buy one from.

      I can only speak from a NSW perspective. Maybe other states have different rules?

      • +5

        They had no issues giving me the test kits as soon as I told them one of my kids tested positive, they thanked me for not asking for PCR.

        Anyway, the VIC Gov will flood these test HUBS with RATs in due course, Andrew rocks :)

        • +1

          Yeah it's coming. Heaps of them.

          At gate 7 melbourne showground. just rock up and they'll give you 2 test kits per name on the medicare card.

          Seems like they prefer people to use rats. Saves them time and money.

          • @plasmoske:

            Seems like they prefer people to use rats. Saves them time and money.

            A RAT is sub $10 a test compared to $80-100 for a PCR…… So yep of course they want you to use a RAT!

            • @JimmyF: $10 is the retail price…the cost price is $3

              • @wangsk: You do know what 'sub' means right?

        • I am only thinking about sheer cpi will be in 6 months time. Inflation inflation inflation.

    • Some people don’t/can’t drive?

      • -1

        How do they go anywhere then?

  • +3

    Showing earliest pick up from Feb 12-13. Wow.

  • Bought one, hopefully get it sooner!

  • +9

    Estimated arrival time 28th of January possibly earlier.

    possibly later

    The race is on before private/govt stocks flood the market .
    They be $5 very soon . Don't forget also in the race is the peak is soon expected lol .

    • +1

      Watched a snippet of the news today and apparently a government official expects the approximate price of RATs to be around $10. I hope it's lower but that's what was said.

  • $13.99 postage to WA.
    It kills the deal considering priceline pharmacy are taking waitlist for kits coming in by Friday at $12 each as they have hundreds coming in

    • Agree the postage is bad but mine to Perth was just over $10, so about $12 each.

      • its 10 bucks to QLD as well.

        they are the same price cost.

    • Can you please advise where in WA as our local priceline have said no one is taking orders at their WA stores.

  • +7

    RAT tests costs like $1.50 overseas =( and some places can be found in vending machines…

    • Not everywhere overseas they are ‘like $1.50’

    • +6

      ok let me fly overseas to get some RAT

    • +2
    • yes but this is Australia, we have the highest living cost in the world. They have berrista made espress in europe for $1, we pay 4 to 5 bucks or more here for example and the copy over in europe is so much better.

      • berrista made espress

        Sounds like a weird off brand only worth $1. They also don't use dollars, they use euros/pounds etc with a lower minimum wage

        GYG does barista made coffee for $2. Many local coffee shops are $3-$4.

        Btw we're 14th not 1st in living costs
        Or by city, Sydney is 13th and Melbourne is 35th

        • -1

          it was ment to say Berrista made espresso, thanks to a stupid unreliable on screen phone keyboard.

          $2 is a rip $1 in italy, France and many other places. in Europe and the coffee is 10x better because they know how to make it properly over there, unlike here make a rubbish coffee and charge 3 to 4 bucks or more for it. They actually have high standards for food and coffee in europe for many of the countries. unlike alot of places here that seem to take pride in serving you crap

          • @kungfuman: It's barista for a start. If you want better coffee you could always make it yourself otherwise continue paying what the local coffee shop charges.

            Everything takes longer to be imported here too which doesn't do wonders for freshness.

            Funny I just looked up the Top 10 most expensive places to buy coffee and 6 were in Europe.

            • @DisabledUser413626: I do, as a lover of espresso I have a proper espresso machine and freshly light roasted beans of my choice. cafe's here need to be taught how to make espresso because only a few know how to make a good espresso. I will never pay a high price for a rubbish espresso but many will, and it will never change.

              • @kungfuman:

                cafe's here need to be taught how to make coffee

                Most of the time the problem lies in either
                a) the owner starting a coffee shop with no formal training and being the barista
                b) a "barista" who worked at a large chain (like McD) and claims they have proper experience
                c) Cafes not sourcing fresh enough beans

                Australians drink flat whites. You can't expect a true authentic experience if you go to a white coffee shop lol. The main problem is that Australians teach Australians how to make coffee, not Italians.

  • Even the US gives it from free…..!!!

  • +3

    "We will be back in February 2022. All online orders will be processed then as well".
    +$13.40 postage to Sydney.
    Yeah no thanks.

    • +1

      They've gone to get their stock 😅😜

  • +13

    Thanks OK. Not sure if it's intended but coupon code TAKE10 gives you 10% off. :-)

    • Where did you put this code in? I couldnt find a spot.

      Or are you pulling my leg here? :P

      • On the desktop it was in the 2nd step, after you put your address details in, top right of the screen IIRC. HTH.

        • Looks like they removed the Coupon code box from their checkout lol

          That's dogging the boys

  • Trying to pay with AMEX and getting message invalid merchant. What does that mean?

    • Means AMEX is not accepted?

      • Thanks. Got it working by paying with AMEX via PayPal.

  • Which country is it made in?

    • Hangzhou Clongene Biotech Co Ltd (China)

  • that 's the instructions and all the details

  • Postage to Sydney was $10.67 for me

  • -3

    These things can save your life! Source: last words of dead people

  • What's the expiry date on this?

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